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Q’s Honey Cardamom Milk

Bond likes to give this to Q at bedtime, to wean him away from his Earl Grey and towards their waiting bed. It’s also good for oogie tummies when someone’s been working himself into an anxiety attack.

  • 2 cups milk
  • 8 cardamom pods, cracked open
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2-3 cloves*
  • 6-8 slices of candied ginger*

*Optional – if you do use candied ginger, you might want to reduce the honey a bit to keep it from being too sweet. I know it seems like a lot of spices, but since you don’t boil them, it takes more to get the same flavor as in tea.

In a small saucepan, heat everything but the vanilla, stirring constantly. Once the milk is steaming hot but not boiling, remove from heat, add vanilla, and cover. Let steep for 5 minutes, then strain out the spices and serve.

I usually add the ginger back to the cup before serving, yum.


sooooo i kinda failed on staying away from the sims and downloaded it again but that’s totally fine :)))))))))))

posts will be starting soon, and i’ll be starting a new legacy since all my old saves r gone - but i won’t tell u what the legacy is hahahahhashduahdofuhs

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mariahmaru  asked:

May I request how Reiner would act with his lover being chubby?

Reiner would be the most protective boyfriend ever. He’d act as if his s/o is a doll that’s easily broken which can be really sweet at times and also very frustrating. He would insist that he do small things for his s/o like giving them massages or thigh kisses.

Literally Reiner is so territorial over his s/o. He believes that his s/o is for him only and for no one else to have.

Booty worship from him is the best. He always has his hands on your bottom because its so soft and just YUM.

He absolutely loves his s/o’s curves. He thinks they’re wonderful in every single way possible.

After all what do they say? More cushion for the pushin? ;)

gaydean gaydean  uh so ive. never been…

omg tbh the skin thing is…kind of neat? but im also a gross person who wants to peel off all my skin. i know sunburns can really hurt but as long as it doesnt really hurt Its Kind of Fascinating.

steve-rogers uh so ive. never been sunburnt until about six…

peeling it off is the best part

novaks uh so ive. never been sunburnt until about six…

that’s pretty normal but also u have to resist the temptation of peeling ur skin off trust me dont do it

im so torn JUST KIDDING I ALREADY DID IT i love to shed