it's so weird to hear him say that

after seeing sufjan live and hearing him say “i heard the voice of god and it sounded like this” and then playing a keyboard solo reminiscent of the noises on the age of adz and enjoy your rabbit was i feel like that was such a key part in truly understanding his music and why it sounds how it does. it just made everything hes made have such a powerful context to it? like, him having that element of electronic noise in his music isnt random or Weird its just him incorporating The Voice Of God into his work in a way ive never seen or heard anyone do that before which is why i really love enjoy your rabbit and age of adz So much…..

Okay but more on the Evan and Zoe thing. Right before she kisses him she says “you gave me my brother back” and Evan like takes a second before he kisses her again because its a weird thing to hear but does it anyone because he wants that connection. But like when they kiss Ben/Evan intentionally reaches over with his cast so we can clearly see the Connor written on his arm. Its again Evan hiding behind Connor, and using Connor’s voice to express his words. But like also Zoe using Evan as a proxy for the brother she lost.


So, some stuff got talked about in the stream :3c

@kirbychan234 and @arthur-tristan-kingsmen hand a heavy hand in coming up with this (also thank you tristan, for the donation. I will see about doing the game stream tomorrow.)

So Ive heard ghost stories before about calls coming from abandoned buildings and discontented lines before. So ghosts can pull some weird stunts with phones.

So what if Tagalong!Lewis decides it would be a good idea to mess with Arthur and calls his phone. Arthurs call ID shows that its Lewis and he picks up and hears nothing for a while. Then maybe, because Lewis is a dramatic fuck, Lewis says something ominous/spooky to try and scare Arthur. Instead he gets Arthur trying to talk to him and begging him to tell him where he is, wanting to bring him home.
Lewis hangs up because he has no idea how to handle this. Arthur is devastated. He keeps trying to call him back, but the line says its disconnected. Arthur tries calling the phone company and they confirm that that line hasn’t been used for months.

Arthurs left upset and Lewis is just confused by how Arthur is acting.

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also imagine sleepy lukas?? he'd be like an Irritated sleepy. and philip would think its really cute bc he'd be like half asleep and trying to be mean in a sleepy voice and saying weird insults. lukas seems like the kind of person who would be like half in his dream/half awake a lot and philip would ask a lot of questions to hear him be weird


why yall so upset with johnny being dj johnny leave him alone if thats what he wants to do let him do it like.. he’s gonna debut in nct… just not right now… i hope he doesn’t read comments like that honestly… it’s really discouraging to hear yall be like “………..anyway when is he debuting in nct” that’s not all there is to johnny just be supportive and wait patiently… johnny wouldn’t like to see messages like that… he’d wanna see supportive messages for whatever he decides to do

oh shit but what about ushiasa argument hc’s?

-the first big fight they have is over something really stupid like asahi getting a pimple and asking ushi if it looked bad and ushi immediately replying “it looks awful. its a pimple. do you want me to get some medical cream’ and asahi just getting so wounded because cmon you’d at least sweeten it up a lil

-ushi ignoring asahi for literally days because asahi accidentally but dialied him once and ushi over heard asahi saying he was ‘really weird’ but cause it was muffled he didnt hear the full convo which was actually asahi telling noya that hes worried ushi will think hes really weird once he gets to know him. ushi never finds this out cause hes so stubbornly adamant in ignoring him

-asahi literally cannot resolve an argument without going to find ushi because jesus christ does he throw his phone in the ocean or something???

-make up sex because ushi saw it in a movie once and thinks itd be a great way to over come the fact that he doesnt really no how to express his feelings verbally, so he just turns up to asahi’s house like ‘this argument is petty. can we engage in passionate sexual intercourse instead.’

-asahi getting noya to talk to ushi about their fall outs cause sometimes ushi is just too damn intimidating 

-ushi getting surprisingly startled by noya shouting at him from across the street about how asahi didnt like that ushi lets his dog walk mud into the house

  • me: *begins every dan praise sentence with "i hate dan BUT"*
  • me: hold up! is that fair at all, to me or to dan? i dont hate him in the slightest, so why must i claim hatred as a defense mechanism to make my caring for this person sound more socially acceptable? i am so proud of him, of his outstanding kindness, and i really actually want him to feel supported and comfortable and secure!! for years with every bone in my body i have wanted this person to feel happy. my affection for this person is good natured - therefore why should i be ashamed of professing it? is love not stronger than hate? how weak of me
  • me:
  • me, 2 minutes later: i still hate him tho ;))
  • me: fuc