it's so weird to hear him say that

okay but tbh lgbt etc people are more likely to come out in moving vehicles (i would know) so like… trans percy coming out to sally on one of the car rides to their special place, that beach where she met poseidon.

its fugliano’s shitty car and percy hates it, of course, but his mom is there and its so easy to forget all the bad things in their life when its just him and his mom. theyre talking, just catching up because hes been at school, and he says, suddenly, “mom, can you ask you something weird?” and she nods her consent.

percy asks “if i was a boy, what would you have named me?”

its a pretty standard question, lots of kids ask it, so she doesnt think anything of it. she thinks for a long time about it, going through the names she considered before the sex reveal, trying to decide, but then says “perseus” and he hears the name and he loves it so much. he asks her why and she explains, tells the story of perseus the hero, the tale of the hero that survived. when the story finishes, all thats left is the sound of the tires on the road, the wind rushing around them from speed. its a comfortable silence, mostly, but percy is fighting to find resolve and sally can kind of tell.

suddenly, he asks, in a voice so quiet she can barely hear him, “will you call me perseus?” and his voice still breaks and it surprises him more than it surprises sally somehow, who looks over with wide eyes before looking back at the road. she agrees, no matter what, but she asks why. he tries to explain, but he doesnt have the vocabulary beyond “because im a boy.” she agrees again, says yes, of course, anything for my baby boy, and then suddenly percy is crying and hard too.

percy’s tears startle a wet laugh out of her and her voice is thick when she says “oh baby no, no crying, we’re okay, i love you” and percy cant find the voice to tell her thats hes just so fuckin happy so he just smiles as big as he can, laughing too.

im just. really emotional rn

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Sterek + "it's you, it's always been you" thanks! :)

Stiles woke with a start, his heart racing. He wasn’t sure what had woken him, but he was surprised that Derek hadn’t put a calming hand on his chest and told him to go back to sleep. He rolled over to face Derek only to find an empty spot that was still warm to the touch. 

He strained his ears but didn’t hear anything in the bathroom so he hauled himself out of bed to go find him. It was weird for Derek to leave without saying anything and Stiles wanted to make sure he hadn’t had a nightmare. 

There wasn’t any light coming from under any of the other bedrooms, so he was extra quiet so not to wake the rest of the sleeping pack. They all had to work in the morning and Stiles didn’t want to face Erica’s wrath if she didn’t get her full 8 hours of sleep. 

The light in the kitchen was on and Stiles walked toward it, expecting to see Derek drinking a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Instead he found Derek digging the cookie dough chunks out of Stiles’ pint of Ben and Jerry’s half baked. 

“It’s you, it’s always been you!” Stiles whisper yelled from the doorway. 

Derek dropped the spoon that had been in his mouth, eyes wide as he looked at Stiles, the pint of ice cream still in his guilty hand. 

“You said that Isaac was eating my ice cream. You lied,” Stiles said, pointing an accusing finger at Derek, “I started stealing his Lucky Charms Derek, I was getting revenge on the wrong werewolf.”

Derek slowly put the lid back on the ice cream and put it back in the freezer before speaking, “In my defense, you’re very protective of your ice cream and it was kind of funny watching you plot revenge on Isaac.”

“Well now I’m going to have to get revenge on you,” Stiles said with a sigh, “We’re married dude, why didn’t you just tell me you were the one eating it.”

“You can do magic and you’re kind of scary,” Derek said with a smile. Stiles knew that Derek was buttering him up, but it was working. 

“I expect you to replace all the pints you’ve eaten,” Stiles said, “And from now on stop picking the cookie dough piece out, that’s just evil.”

“Okay,” Derek said, stepping toward Stiles and pulling him into a hug.

“And I’m still going to extract revenge on you,” Stiles said, but he hugged Derek back, enjoying the warmth of his body, “And you owe Isaac at least 4 boxed of Lucky Charms.”

“Fair,” Derek said, kissing Stiles quiet. He tasted like cookie dough which should have been nice but instead it served to remind Stiles that he had married an ice cream thief. 

“Sleep with one eye open Hale,” Stiles said as they walked back to their room.

“Around you I always do,” Derek said with a laugh as he flopped onto the bed. 

Derek didn’t sleep with one eye open. The next morning both of his eyebrows had been dyed bright pink. Stiles refused to change them back for two days. It was a fair punishment for Derek’s crimes. 

  • Me: *shows husband Yuri on Stage fanart*
  • Husband: I don't understand any of this
  • Me: look it's very simple. They are drunk, Yuuri says Victor isn't as flexible as a shachihoko which is a mythological fish with a lion head which is can be a statue on buildings. Victor mishears him thinking it's a ex. Kinda like hearing Gayle or Gary instead of Gargoyle. So to prove his love he scales the castle and does naked stretching to prove his worth and his love
  • Husband: You watch a weird show
  • Me: this wasn't in the show. It was a dramatic reading with the voice cast
  • Husband: still you watch a weird show
  • Me: like you wouldn't watch that. And like you can't imagine that happening on Brooklyn 99
  • Husband: ...
  • Husband: Damnit I can completely imagine Peralta being arrested for that and it would be hilarious

i love the fact that lotor is in this limbo right now. like, theyre obviously gonna have to cut so much of his original backstory and personality because he was too dark, so the person he’ll be in vld is gonna be a completely new character for all intents and purposes. and we know so little about this new version, that he’s pretty much a blank slate. 

so basically you can say or headcannon anything about lotor at this point and there’s literally no way to disprove it: he wants to be allies with keith caus theyre both half-galra. he invites haggar over for space tea on the weekends and they discuss her research. he hears hunk call keith “Galra Keith” so much he assumes its his full name and refuses to call him anything else. he’s a fan of the Champion and watched all his arena matches and has custom made shiro merch. lance convinces lotor he’s “the king of earth” and, knowing literally -11 things about earth, lotor automatically believes him. lotor also knows allura and when they face each other again she just says something along the lines of “why arent you dead yet.” he meets pidge and is like “wow you look exactly like this other human i met. weird.” he has a pet yupper pup that he keeps in his back pocket and it growls whenever voltron shows up

like you can literally say anything and theres no way to disprove it i love it 

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Tony and Guardians return to earth after 4 years and the avengers found out one by one and there reaction that Tony and Peter are married

Welp. I made it cute. I’m not sure you wanted it cute or you wanted some sort of fight. Also you can clearly see how i wanted to make this short and it worked at natashas part but then … :D



Tony can’t help it. He giggles.


Peter shushes him and Tony rolls his eyes. They get caught anyway.

“Yes here.” he says and kisses Peter one last time, before he rounds the corner and sees Natasha on the old couch.

“What are you doing here?” She doesn’t sound angry, just surprised. Its a sound he has never heard from her before.

“Just visiting this hellhole again. Also wanted to show Petey his supposed-to-be-home the horrible earth.” answers Tony and shrugs. Peter laughs a bit at that and stands beside Tony.    

“Its really you.” says Natasha and now she sits up.

“Course. So what did i miss?” he says and looks at his phone. God he has already a thousand emails from Rogers and the others. Good thing that he disconnected his phone in space.

“You were gone for four years.” answers Natasha and she raises an eyebrow. But Tony can see that she is nervous. Before that she had never shown any sign of something like that.

“Yeah i had other things to do.” says Tony and shrugs. He deletes all the mails.

“What things?” asks Natasha.

“Me.” says Peter and Tony laughs loudly.

“I hate you.” Tony giggles and then kisses Peter on the mouth. Peter the bastard even pinches his cheek.

“Love you too.” whispers Peter and they start laughing again. Gosh they are like teenagers.

“You are married.” says Natasha then and Tony breaks the kiss.

“Yeah. Three years.” he answers and for a moment Natasha’s gaze is fixed on Tonys wedding band.

When she looks up again, she smiles.

“I’m really happy for you.” is all she says, before she stands ip and leaves. Not without kissing Tony on the cheek.

“So we have her blessing then?” laughs Peter and Tony kisses him speechless.



The next morning Tony is already in the kitchen and he makes breakfast for him and Peter.

He always liked to cook, since Jarvis taught him when he was a little kid and since Peter can burn water, its also safer for everyone.

“Pancakes?” asks Peter sweetly and Tony nods. Everything for his husband. Gosh he loves to say it.

“I even have some whipped cream for you.” says Tony and puts the bowl on the table. Peter purrs at that and takes a spoon to nibble a bit of the cream.

Tony pouts.

Peter chuckles and holds his spoon up for Tony who lets him feed it. Tony closes his eyes and hums a bit. Tastes so good. Peter takes his chance and greases a bit cream on Tonys nose.

“Hey!” says Tony and tries to lick it away with his tongue. Which doesn’t work at all.

Peter laughs so hard, that his tummy hurts.


Tony turns around with the cream still on his nose and sees Sam in the doorway.

“Wilson.” says Tony but he smiles. He isn’t angry at Sam anymore and he knows how strong the friendship between Sam and Rhodey is now.

“Man its so weird see you again.” says Sam and then he comes over. He even hugs Tony really tight.

“Seems like you lost a few pounds hm?” says Tony then and Sam laughs.

“And seems like you found them?” answers Sam cheekily and Tony gasps.

“Peter did you hear that?” he asks and lays his hand on his forehead.

“I heard it babe. Gonna say it might be true. Maybe because you finally settled down.” giggles Peter and Tony turns away from him.

“What - you? Really?” asks Sam and Tony tries to pout even harder.

“Hi sorry. My name is Peter. You are Sam right? One of the Bird-Brothers?” asks Peter and Sam nods.

Bird-Brothers. Sure. Nice to meet you and congratulations!” says Sam and shakes Peter hands.

“So we have your blessing?” asks Peter and Sam nods. Then he hugs Tony again and when Peter kisses Tonys nose (and licks the cream away) Tony stops pouting.

“Of course you have!”



“Ohhh remember this?” asks Tony later when they sit in the living room and he shows Peter pictures on his projector.

“He was so excited that he nearly forgot our rings.” answers Peter and they both laugh.

The picture shows Groot and his little basket with the rings. Groot is smiling and waves towards the camera.

“Do you know what my favorite moment was?” asks Peter and then searches for another picture.

It shows Gamora and Drax trying to dance. Rocket is laughing behind them.

“Gosh i think they hate us for that.” laughs Tony and Peter hums.

“Its good to blackmail them.” says Peter and the next pictures shown him and Tony dancing.

Peters arm is tight around Tonys hip and Tony looks up at Peter. They are both smiling and Peter is pretty sure that Tony had tears in his eyes the whole time.

“Aww the picture doesn’t show that you had to stand on your tiptoes.” says Peter sadly and Tony shoves him.


They both turn around and this time Clint is standing in the doorway. Mouth open and ew is that chewed food in there?

Tony waves.

“Birdbrain.” he says and then turns around to switch to the next picture.

In this picture Peter dipped him during the dance and they are kissing. Tony remembers Yondus loud whistles and Rocket gags.

“What the fuck.” says Clint and the next picture shows up.

Tony and Peter and the cake. It was even bigger than Tony and Gamora had spend hours on it. Tony had kissed her for that. Peter had, too.

This time you can clearly see that Tony stands on his tiptoes.

What the fuck!” says Clint again and then sits down next to Tony.

“You already said that.” murmurs Tony and Peter strokes his hand. He knows that Tony is nervous.

“You are married.” says Clint and this time he switches to the next picture.

It shows Groot and Rocket when they scattered the flowers after the ceremony. Groot is smiling and Rocket well… he seems to think about who he will murder first. Peter or Tony. Maybe both.

“Aw.” says Clint and looks at his lap.

“That all?” asks Tony and Clint smiles sadly at him.

“No man congratulations. I’m happy for you. Seems fair that you married without us.” says Clint and then he pats Tonys thigh.

“Thank you. And uhm thats Peter, my husband.” says Tony and Peter shakes Clints hand.

“What a good looking husband you have.” says Clint and Tony nearly glows at that.

“I mean you are the lucky bastard who has a good looking husband.” laughs Clint and Tony shoves him off the couch.

“Go away!” he mutters and Peter laughs.

Seems like they have Clints blessing, too.



Tony whistles when he sees Bucky the next day in the gym. Bucky is working out without his shirt and Tony has to say its a nice view.

Bucky jerks at the sound and turns to him.


“Ugh. No. Stop calling me that. I’m Tony.” says Tony and Bucky seems to think about that for a moment. Then he nods once.

“Bucky.” he answers at that and Tony sighs.

“Thats a dogs name. But sure whatever works for you.” he says and goes over to the treadmill.

Bucky watches him.

“You were gone.” says Bucky and takes his gloves off. Tony nods.

“Yeah four years. Can’t believe somebody noticed.” says Tony and shrugs. He isn’t sure what to do around Bucky. He has forgiven him mostly because he knows now that it wasn’t really him, but you know it hurts anyway.

“Everybody missed you.” says Bucky quietly and Tony snorts.

Its better than crying.

“I doubt that. So hows the arm?” he asks and changes the subject. He made the arm nearly two years ago after Rhodey told him how much the old one squeaked and leaked.

“Really good. Thank you.” says Bucky and when Tony looks at him, Bucky even smiles shyly.

“Not a problem.” answers Tony and blinks a few times. He can’t cry.

“No really it…means a lot. I can’t thank you enough.” says Bucky and Tony laughs. It sounds watery.

“I told you it wasn’t a problem and now put your body to a good use.” says Tony and starts his treadmill. Bucky laughs.

“Checking me out?” he asks and Tony shakes his head.

“Married, sorry.” he answers and Bucky looks up.

Wow! Who is the lucky lady?” he asks and Tony shakes his head again.

“Not sure about the lucky part. But very sure that it isn’t a lady.” answers Tony and Bucky doesn’t seem shocked at that.

“Maybe i am a lady?”

Tony laughs when Peter shows up and stands in front of the treadmill. He kisses Tony when Tony runs fast enough.

“You would make a pretty lady.” answers Tony. Peter smiles.

“Now they hello to the Wintersoldier.” says Tony and Peter goes over to Bucky.

“Hi i’m Peter. Tonys husband of three years.” says Peter and Tony giggles. Seems like Peter loves to say it, too.

“Nice to meet you. I hope you make him happy, he deserves that.” says Bucky and Peter gasps.

“Tony did you hear that? The Wintersoldier thinks you deserve to be happy.” says Peter giggles again. Bucky seems confused but Tony laughs.

“I heard that. And maybe one day he will be happy, too.” answers Tony. He takes the treadmill to the next level.

“Thank you.” mutters Bucky before he puts the gloves back on.

Peter sits down on one of the bench.

“Don’t you wanna train, too?” asks Tony and Peter shakes his head.

“I’m not the one who found Sams lost pounds.” answers Peter and Tony nearly falls down at that.

“Oh you asshole.” he huffs and Peter giggles.

“Remember what the Wintersoldier said. Be happy.” says Peter and lays down.

“No he said you should make me happy!” screams Tony back and Bucky smiles.

Peter grins. Seems like they have his blessing, too. One left.



Steve is in the kitchen, when Tony finds him two days later. He was on a mission before and looks a bit exhausted. Tony tries to calm himself down.


Luckily Steve is alone. Steve turns around at that and he looks so relieved and he smiles. Tony is a bit shaking.

“Tony! You are back! You … you live.” he says and with two bigs steps he is right in front of Tony and hugs him. Tony smiles and he cant help the tears this time.

But its okay because Steve cries, too.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Steve murmurs over and over again in Tonys hair.

They stand like that for a while and then Tony breaks the hug.

“Happy Birthday Cap.” he says and smiles shyly at him.

“Oh Tony thank you.” Steve is still smiling and Tony can’t believe that Steve missed him and that he isn’t angry.

“I’ve g-got something for you.” says Tony and shows Steve his present. Its at the corner of the room.

“Is that?” asks Steve because of course he knows the shape.

“Yepp. It… it doesn’t belong to me. Doesn’t feel right.” says Tony and shrugs.

“Thank you.” breathes Steve and Tony knows that Steve means more than that.

“Look i don't… i cant forgive you that. And i’m still angry but… i hope we can be friends again. Someday.” says Tony. He practiced that with Peter. And his husband was so proud of him.

“I know Tony. I know i don’t deserve another chance and i know what i did wrong. It was my fault and not yours. I should have told you and i regret that everyday.” says Steve and Tony nods.

They should talk another day about that.

Steve goes over to the present and unpacks it. The Shield looks the same. Steve smiles and pets it softly. Then he sees the card.

“Happy Birthday from Tony and Peter Stark.”

Steve opens his mouth. And then closes it. His shoulder shakes and then he is crying again.

“Cap?” asks Tony.

And Steve sniffles a bit.

“You are married.” he says and Tony nods. He doesn’t like that Peter has his name, too. The name Stark is stained and Peter is too good for that. But Peter insisted.

“Yes. Three years in 7 days.” answers Tony and Steve smiles.

“How is he treating you?” asks Steve and Tony blushes. After all that Steve looks still out for him. Maybe one day they really can be friends again.

“Good. Very good. I love him.” says Tony and Steve nods. He seems so happy.

“When will we meet him?” asks Steve and Tony shrugs.

“How about now?” he pushes a button on his sunglasses and a second later Peter shows up. Ohh fucker! He sure was eavesdropping!

“Captain America.” says Peter and shakes his hand. Steve smiles.

“Peter Stark.” answers Steve and Peter nods.

“Well but everybody calls me Starlord.” says Peter and Tony snorts.

“Nobody calls you that besides our team!” says Tony and Peter kisses his temple.

“Shut up, darling. I’m trying to make a good first impression.” says Peter and Steve laughs.

“You make a very good one. I’m happy Tony found someone who he could trust again. I wish you all the best.” says Steve and Tony grins.

“So Peter…” says Tony and Peter grins back.

“Does that mean we have the blessing from the real Captain America?” asks Peter and Steve laughs.

“Of course!”


Tony breathes slowly in and out. He had done this over 30 times. He can do it one last time.

“Ready?” asks Rhodey and Tony nods. He closes his suit jacket and leaves the room. Rhodey follows him and takes his hand.

“You are trembling! Like the first time.” laughs Rhodey and Tony sticks his tongue out.

“Stop being mean to me on my own wedding.” says Tony and Rhodey hugs him.

“Seriously why are you nervous. Obviously he is going to say yes. He did it 34 times.” says Rhodey and Tony nods. That isn’t why he is nervous though.

“Its the first time in front of my family.” says Tony and he wipes the tears away that are already in his eyes.

“Aw.” says Rhodey. He was there at the first wedding with Pepper, Happy and the Spiderling. They are all there today, too.

But this time the avengers are there, too. And of course Peters family, who is also Tonys family now.

They enter the big hall and everybody is there. This time the guardians are sitting without anything to do. Tony waves at Groot and Rocket. And he can see Drax and Mantis. Even Gamora and Yondu are there again.

Tony would have to cuddle them later.

Before him its Clint who scatters the flowers this time. He looks happy and even wears a flower crown. Tony chuckles. Natasha sits on the piano and plays Tonys favorite song.

Bucky and Steve are waving at him. Tony had made a bet with Peter that this time they would force them to dance together this time. And he knows Bucky made this awesome cake.

And then Tony sees him. Peter stands at the end of the room and smiles.

He is beautiful as always in his dark suit. Tony wears the matching white one.

“Ready for wedding number 35?” asks Peter quietly when Rhodey gives Tony over. Tony nods.

Whenever they would visit another planet they would marry again and again. Nothing fancy. Just the two of them and they even make their own speeches. No pastor or anything. Just them and their love.

Sometimes their friends and family.

And when they say “I do” again and kiss in front of their friends Tony feels like the happiest man on the world. And in space.

And he know he is.

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I just want you to know that this youngjae blog gives me happiness. Is it weird to say that whenever i see sunshine my day gets better and my life right now is so shitty but seeing him and this blog makes it all better. Ugh i'm getting emotional. Youngjae doesn't even know he has this impact in my life and its ok with me so long as i see him so happy and hear his adorable laugh. I love you, this blog, all ahgases and youngjae and got7. Shout out to you and them. ❤

Hi dear,

I think all Youngjae fans feel the same way. Choi Youngjae has this effect to all of us, fans, every time we look at him. I called this as ‘Choi Youngjae effect’ aka sunshine effect. kekeke I totally understand your feeling dear as I always feel emotional when seeing Youngjae all grown up and being the person he always dreams to be. Seriously, his laugh is the best remedy to all the sadness. Whenever I’m sad, tired or not in the mood I’ll just look for my Youngjae’s video collection and I’m feeling good again. Seriously, our Youngjae needs to know that he has this impact to all of us and I’m sure he would be happy when he knows about this. Thank you for loving my blog dear. I love you too  ❤

I hope these make your days better ^^ 

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Watch our cute adorable sunshine ^^ 

Watch this Youngjae’s laughter collection & laugh together~ hahaha

Okay but more on the Evan and Zoe thing. Right before she kisses him she says “you gave me my brother back” and Evan like takes a second before he kisses her again because its a weird thing to hear but does it anyone because he wants that connection. But like when they kiss Ben/Evan intentionally reaches over with his cast so we can clearly see the Connor written on his arm. Its again Evan hiding behind Connor, and using Connor’s voice to express his words. But like also Zoe using Evan as a proxy for the brother she lost.

Am I the only person that loves the way Elias says Sana’s name?? I weird for going through each clip he’s in just to hear him say ‘Sana’ (with a slight questioning tone)??
I can’t tell if it’s the way he says it or just his voice???? Idk ignore me

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UF US and SF bros react to a s/o who has an Australian accent/ uses Australian slang?

Mild headcanons on accents Underground: They do have them in some cases, inherited from Surface ancestors (The brothers both have a mild Brooklyn accent, although the energetic brother will always repress it more, that has been passed down in their family for a while, the goat family have an edge of british, and the Undynes all have the slightest hint of Russian). But in general they’ve all lived together so long that unless your family was pretty determined to hang onto it the accents all settled into a pretty homogenous sound. The different regions (Waterfall, Hotland, etc) all develop slightly different intonations (think the difference between Northwest and Midwestern America) but in general no one has a particularly different accent from each other.

UF!Sans: Accent’s cool enough (if a little unintelligible) but the slang is….what? What the hell is an “arvo”? He doesn’t know what a “slab” is but why do you keep asking if he wants to pick one up. It frustrates him a bit but once he gets a handle on it it’s fine. You humans pick weird regional terms, though. Big shock, he likes the terms with a more dirty edge. “Dry as a nun’s nasty” is a personal favorite.

UF!Papyrus: SPEAK ENGLISH, DAMN IT! He is convinced you are confusing him on purpose and is perpetually frustrated, both by the accent and the slang. Sans, on the other hand, finds his frustration hilarious and so starts having you teach him terms so he can harass him

US!Sans: He really likes the accent but he thinks you’re making up words. Normally he doesn’t mind but if he’s frustrated or just in a weird mood he might pout a bit. “IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SPEAK REAL WORDS THEN I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!” Once he figures it out just a little bit though he kind of likes it, and may use them himself. Although its a bit odd to hear him saying “MWEHEHE! JAPED AGAIN BY MY PUZZLES, HUMAN? BUT OF COURSE! THE MAGNIFICENT SANS IS AS CUNNING AS A DUNNY RAT!”

US!Papyrus: Neutral on the accent but he LOVES the slang, its just so bizarre and colorful. I assume you use slang the normal amount, only when appropriate, but he starts googling everyone he can find and jackhammers them into every sentence he can. It annoys the hell out of everyone at Muffet’s and that pleases him immensely.

SF!Sans: Like Boss, it annoys him, but he also has a really bad accent mimic going, and so while he’s yelling at you to articulate your words more he’s slowly devolving into an accent himself. The two of you arguing is hilarious becaause you both get increasingly more Aussie as it goes on.

SF!Papyrus: While you run into a similar issue with Sans’ accent mimic, he actually adores the accent. He loves the sound of it, and also how laid back it sounds. The slang is interesting but he doesn’t really go one way or another on it. May pick up a few terms through osmosis, and every now and then he has to laugh at the weirder ones. 

Watch on


Eppie 16 DUB!!

LOVE that Eighteen calls Krillin, ‘honey’ ♥. LMAO at Krillin’s “Oh come on! I think you’re enjoying this!” 

 But I wish they kept the sentence of him being an example to Marron in the English dub. In Japanese, Eighteen says “you’re a dad now”, right before it cuts to Marron and Goten. BTW Marron’s voice is not bad!

Boy Next Door

can you do one of a neighborhood crush? pls 💞

Hey can you do an imagine where like you and your crush and some friends are having a sleepover and you guys are just friends but he has to sleep in your bed and you like talk then kiss and stuff like fluff maybe even like you just had a fight or something if you want a little more drama hahaha thank you!! xx

Could you write an imagine where you guys have been friends for awhile and your over at his house hanging out and you guys end up kissing (like major make out scene) and he confesses his feelings!!

You sat in your room, working on your latest music playlist. Your computer was hot on your legs as you moved songs around into a perfect order only a person like you could love. This particular playlist was actually just for you to listen to in the shower. Adding one last song, you quickly hit save and then pushed play.

Stripping all your clothes from your body, a chills came across your body only making you more eager to jump in. You felt the water with your hand, it was warm enough so you just stepped in letting the water fall down your body. The music just poured into your ears, bringing you to a world of music.

You stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel to soak up all the water. You wrapped it around your body and stepped over to your drawers for some clothes.

Your last drawer held all your bras and underwear so you bent down, immediately hearing a whistle from outside. You grasp your towel in shock and look out. Of course, from straight across your window was framed another of which none other than (c/n) lived.

“looking good babe” (c/n) yelled across the houses. Fixing your towel a little more, you slowly walk over to the frame, “(c/n) why don’t you go find yourself a magazine instead of looking through my window all the time”.

(C/n) lived next door for who knows how long. You liked him for who knows how long. With your windows aligned constant looks have always been shared between the two of you. You looking at him when he’s shirtless or him looking at you when you’re in a long t shirt with no shorts.

“now what’s the fun in that (y/n)?” He says leaning out on his forearms, biting his lip in the process. You grabbed your pajamas and held it in your arms. You open your window a little more so you don’t have to lean, shrugging your shoulders after. “Now if you excuse me, I need to change clothes”.

You strut to your bathroom and turned around, giving him a wink before closing the door. You quickly changed into clothes and took a deep breath. You looked in the mirror one more time to make sure you looked okay and stepped out. Grabbing your phone with one hand and the door with the other, you stepped out and once again looked through the window. He still stood as it window, but on his phone. You mimicked his posture on your window, he still didn’t notice you. You coughed, causing him to jump, and hit his head on the frame. He rubbed his head on the spot and clutching his phone while you giggled at him.</p>

“So any reason why decided to look through my window at this time?” you ask playfully while watching the blush disappear from his cheeks. 

“Well I was playing video games until I heard just some awful cat screeching from your room,” he says. Its your turn to blush as remember not more than a half an our ago you were blasting your music not to mention screaming and dancing to the words. Your curtains were closed at the time so he luckily couldn’t see you.

“Hm thats weird must’ve been my sister,” you lie to him to hide from this embarrassment. He looked at you like he knew you were lying but didn’t say anything. “Hm okay (y/n) let’s pretend I didn’t hear you replay the same song over and over again”

You guys continued talking until you decided to go grab a drink. “I’ll be right back,” you say sitting up and stretching. He nodded and stretched a little bit too, letting out a yawn. You walked down stairs grabbing a bottle before quickly heading back up, in hopes that he doesn’t walk away from that window anytime soon. You haven’t talked to him for this long in a couple months, and you were really starting to miss it.

You walked back up, closing the door behind you just to make sure your parents wouldn’t complain about you being up and talking with a boy. You looked through the window, weird. (C/n) wasn’t there anymore. Your shoulders slumped and you were about to go into bed when all of a sudden a voice made you turn around, “don’t pout”. You yelped in shock and turned around. (C/n) took a step towards you and turned you around, pushing you towards the wall. You continued shyly talking over him about how he shouldn’t be in here and that your parents would get mad but he did nothing but put a finger over your lips and shushing you.

“Please stay quiet or I might just have to make you,” he said while taking one more step towards you so your bodies touched and your lips were closer than ever. You nodded your hands got sweaty and your lips got dry as you tried not looking into his eyes. After a few minutes when your breathing calmed a little more he let go and took a step back.

“What are you doing in my room exactly?” He shrugged his shoulders and looked around in your room. You stood there nervously waiting for a reply. You eventually just flopped down in your bed out of boredom from his silence.

He finally spoke, “I noticed how small the spaces between our houses really were.” He plopped down on your bed next to you and continued, “I didn’t like being so far.” You shifted farther away just to keep your legs from touching as you both sat up in your bed. He left his arm on your leg, having only his fingertip touch your skin. Goosebumps rose and you guys kept talking about school and sports.

“I like you (y/n), if you haven’t noticed,” he said looking up at you, “I see the signs when we look at each other, you like me too.”

You sighed, that lifted so much off your shoulders for him to just clear the waters and agree. You nodded and smiled at him. “I’m glad you feel this way,” you said, grabbing his hand. He moved your hair, pushing it behind your ear and kissing your temple. “Can we try something else?” He looked at you confused but agreed nonetheless. You took his hand out of yours, and placed it on his jaw. You turned it towards your face. He slowly understood what you meant and followed direction. His empty hand was placed on your neck and rubbed his thumb back and forth. You finally leaned forward, starting the kiss.

You both still lay in bed, he grazed his hand along your leg for the longest time and you didn’t want it to go. Your clock read 12:00AM but you felt like right now was never ending. “Do you have to go back?” He chuckled and stretched a little. “We can do whatever you want.”

“Can I kiss you again?” You ask him shyly. He nods quickly and places his hand to steady himself. His lips squish against yours in a sloppy manner earning a giggle from you. He smiles but fixes his lips to better align with yours.

“I think I gotta go,” he says and looks at his watch. He stifles a yawn and leans his head against your shoulder. You mumble out, "mhm just another minute.”

“I don’t know I think we’re gonna have to glue these windows shut from now on (crush mom)” You hear a little clearer as you barely open your eyes to see your mom leaning out the window talking to whom you see is (c/n)’s mom. “We may just do that, I don’t want these kids sneaking in and out at night, and I definitely don’t need some grand babies yet.” You heard (c/n)’s chest rumble a little beside you. Your eyes were closed once again but you could tell his chest was to your back. Your head rested on the pillow so you must have fallen down a little so you weren’t sitting up while sleeping.

"Should we wake them up (mom/n)?” You heard (c/n)’s mom ask. You could sense your mom was looking at you guys and it was clear nothing had happened except the two of you guys clearly holding hands and still fully clothed.

Your moms left you guys about ten minutes later and that caused you to eventually fall asleep. (C/n) shifted down so his head was lower and more against your shoulder. He wrapped his arm around your waist and held you tight against his body.

Your eyes fluttered when you felt his lips placed on your shoulder. You stretched and looked at the clock, it was 8:00.

"So uh, as my girl, can we do this more often,” he says to you. Nodding, "sure thing neighbor.” He rolls his eyes and climbs back up to your lips, giving you a big kiss.

Today i heard a woman yell at her son “No you CAN’T dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween. She’s a girl and you’re a boy”
I later turned out had to ring her out so I asked them her son,
“What are your plans for Halloween?”
The mom turned to him and said angrily
“Yeah! Go ahead tell her YOUR ideas! She how she feels about IT” So he tells me politely that he wants to be a banana or Harley Quinn. So I said happily to him “go ahead and be Harley Quinn! She’s a great character and it’s cool seeing young boys wanting to dress up as female characters without feeling judged.”
the mom then went on to say “Well…its just..she’s a girl character he could be any character but her.”
I went ahead and said to her
“Well, lots of girls dress up as male characters, so why is it weird if a guy wants to dress up as a female one? He doesn’t have to wear a skirt or dress, but still representing a character they like is great!”
So the mother goes on to say
“Well…its not weird…but im the mom and its really weird if he does it, but again its not weird!”
and im just staring at her cause im like

regardless her son was really happy to hear someone support him in his decision and i really hope he does dress up like her for halloween.

Same Genin Team/Same Age AU headcanons (part 1)

○ I imagine that Kakashi looks down on Sakura at first because she’s emotional and physically weak and honestly not a very good kunoichi. He doesn’t really pay much attention to her at first but he does get irritated by her and he starts telling her everything she’s doing wrong like “shinobi don’t wear perfume” or “shinobi arent supposed to show emotion” every time she cries. He’s sort of like Sai in that he’s really blunt and tactless with her when she does something wrong. Of course she gets really irritated by him whenever he tells her what she should be doing because “Nobody asked you Kakashi!”. Kakashi also gets annoyed by her constant attempts to show off/flirt with Sasuke
○Kakashi acknowledges Sasuke as someone on his level and vice versa; they actually dont bicker that much because of their similarities. When they compete with each other it usually ends with Kakashi beating sasuke much to Sasuke and Sakura’s chagrin. Sakura is usually the one who starts dead conversations when they’re on missions, along with Naruto.
○ As a sensei, Naruto sees himself in Sasuke and Kakashi a lot because of their tragic orphan backstories lmao, and while he cares about Sakura, she usually gets put on the back burner for them.
○Naruto has more trouble with Sasuke because while both he and Kakashi can be arrogant brats, at least Kakashi doesn’t call him a dobe or insult him outright. ○Naruto also worries about Sasuke because of his strong desire and desperation for vengeance. While Kakashi has all the same angst, Kakashi channels it into being a smart ass stickler for the Shinobi rules because of what happened to his father.
○On one of their missions, they get into trouble and Kakashi is left alone with one of the enemy nin while Naruto and Sasuke are fighting the others. Being the cocky kid that he is ,kakashi tells Sakura to run away with the client because he got this. ○So Sakura runs away with the client but Kakashi was wrong and hes overpowered and completely worn out. Sakura, hating herself for not being able to help them, comes back to get Kakashi. Just as she arrives, the enemy nin is about to attack Kakashi fatally and Kakashi is so tired and slow, she pushes him out of the way but ends up taking the blow.
○She wakes up a few days after being close to dying. Naruto hugs her and tells her she was brave but also to never do that again and that she and kakashi should have waited for him to come and defeat the one enemy nin, even Sasuke looks slightly worried about her. Kakashi doesn’t say anything to her really except, “I could have handled it.”
○Sakura is pissed off, of course. After the incident, Kakashi competely ignores her presence and it irritates her more than anything. She eveN tries to be nice to him but even that doesn’t work. And she thinks,“Whatever, Sasuke is here anyways so I couldn’t care less about that asshole.” But compared to Sasuke, at least Kakashi talked to her, even though it was mostly him being a smartass.
○ So she tries again and asks him straightforwardly,“What the fuck is your problem??!!!” because he should be thanking her for saving his life and stuff not being a prick. And he tells her,“You shouldnt have come back for me. Because of that we failed the mission.”
○And Sakura cant help but feel so frustrated and angry to the point of crying, but also lonely because, for once she thought that she had finally done something useful to the team after saving Kakashi and she doesnt get him at all or why she’s so bothered about him ignoring her. Naruto sees her and talks to her, explaining what happened with Kakashi and his father and how his dad killed himself
○Sakura confronts him one last time and shouts,“You idiot! You’d really put a stupid mission above your own life?!” And she screams at him that she doesnt regret what she did at all and that she’s not going to say sorry for fricking saving his life and hes going to have to deal with it because “your life is way more important than a dumb mission, dumbass” she starts bawling. Kakashi looks at her stunned, partly bc he doesn’t know what to do with her crying so much but mostly bc he didnt even think she cared that much about him or anything other than Sasuke. So he awkwardly pats her shoulder to comfort her, feeling remorseful for ignoring her
and being a tool to her because of his own feelings of inadequacy. she hugs him, crying on his shirt and its so awkward but he cant help but feel a little moved and they spend a long while just like that. Kakashi apologizes and she says its okay and she teasingly says “you know for a genius, you can be really stupid.” And he frowns but she laughs at her own joke and his heart skips a beat at the sound and after a few more awkward moments, Sakura makes him swear not to tell anyone about this because shes incredibly embarrassed but she excuses it by saying “I wouldn’t wanna get Sasuke-kun to get the wrong idea.”
○and so the next time the team meets up, Naruto notices that they made up and they still bicker but its more teasing now, mostly from Sakura because she realized its actually pretty fun to tease Kakashi. Kakashi doesnt particularly enjoy the teasing or the annoying way that hearing ,her laugh makes him feel weird in a not so bad way.

Found Not Lost

A sequel to @preciousthingsareprecious​ ‘s story Lost Not Gone

Found Not Lost - AO3 Link

Tim Drake-Wayne has been back from the dead for only two days and they have been exceptionally weird days, even for him and the kind of weird he’s lived with. And he has to keep reminding himself that he is back from the dead because, from his perspective, he never was dead.

Just missing.

Missing for so long.

So long.

Tim isn’t sure at this point what precisely would even top the list of weird details, but there are a few contenders. At least a couple strong ties for the lead.

And so much crying.

Dick wasn’t really a surprise, honestly, but Alfred– now that had rattled him a bit.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” he had to keep saying.

Bruce collapsing in the Cave was pretty high up there. And by that point, Tim was so glad to just be home and not in hell that wasn’t Real Hell (because, again, wasn’t actually dead) that Tim had just joined him right there on the floor and cried with him.

The hug he had gotten from Jason was tracking up in the single digits, too. It was tight and long and Tim had just needed it so much that he’d sagged into it, until the moment he realized he was running out of oxygen and had to mumble, “Okay, Jay, if I don’t breathe I’m going to die for real,” prompting Jason– Jason, King of All Drama – to pull him back and say sternly, “Don’t joke like that, Tim.”

Way up on the list of surreal, contending for top, was standing in the Manor graveyard with his hands jammed into his jacket pockets and looking at his own tombstone through his shaggy bangs.

He needs a haircut. He doesn’t have time for a haircut. He is too busy assuring people he is alive, for real.

Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne the tombstone read in letters carved into the granite. It was real and cold and hard and he ran his fingers along the top of it.

He let his eyes trail the tombstones after that, and right up there with staring at his own grave was the startled realization that he was standing at the end of a line of broken tombstones that had read before they were demolished and left in pieces:

Jason Peter Todd Wayne

Bruce Robert Wayne

Damian Thomas Wayne

Richard John Grayson Wayne

And now,

Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne

A whole row of empty graves.

A whole row of sons come back to life, hooked at the other end with Thomas Anthony Wayne and Martha Kane Wayne, who never would.

Bruce had come out behind him and put the sledgehammer in his hands, looking far more composed but still close to emotional, his hand on Tim’s shoulder, his eyes on Tim’s face.

“Go for it, Tim,” he’d said.

And Tim had.

But the thing that probably tops the list of weird?

The thing Tim honestly and genuinely didn’t, in all his months of captivity, anticipate?


He had been in his cell again, after a long day of forced work and experiments, trying and failing as usual to sleep.

(Those first days had been close to Real Hell, with the terror and the lack of coffee and the migraines that followed the absence of caffeine.)

But he had been trying to sleep, insomniac even when exhausted, and there had been a noise. An unusual noise.

Tim had lifted his weary head and Damian had been there, right in front of him on the other side of the cell, one hand to the synthetic glass and pushing back his hood. When Tim had stood across from him, they were the same height.

(How long had he been gone? At that point, he didn’t know. There had been drugs involved at some points and he’d lost track.)

Damian opened the cell and Tim, desperate and lonely and desperately lonely, had clung to him.

The weird thing was, Damian had clung right back.

“We have to get out of here,” he said, his voice cracking a little. Was his voice changing? How long had it been?

(It had been eleven months. Tim had missed a birthday. And the start of college. And so much. So, so much.)

And Tim would have gone with Damian anywhere, even though his senses were returning and he wasn’t entirely sure Damian didn’t have plans to drag him off and finish the job, to finalize things with no one the wiser.

(But no, that was cynical of him, even where Damian was concerned. He felt the poison of the last year all through him, like a virus he couldn’t shake.)

Damian had brought him home.

Damian hadn’t left his side.

Damian had pressed a Red Bull into his hands and brewed coffee for him in the kitchen while Tim hugged Alfred and Dick and phone calls were made.

Through Bruce’s breakdown, Jason’s hug, the tombstone and it’s demolition, Damian had been right there next to Tim.

Every so often, even two days in, he will reach out and touch Tim’s shoulder or elbow or walk close enough to bump into him and he just keeps staring.

Tim understands. Tim brought Bruce back from the dead, after all, and he knows the inclination, the impulse, the need to keep proving that it’s real. But even if he understands, it’s Damian and that’s just plain weird.

He has an apartment but he doesn’t have the heart to leave the Manor yet.

So the entire second day he is home, he does things with Damian next to him. He’s hardly spoken to him because he doesn’t know what to make of the change, doesn’t know what to say.

But honestly, he’s been alone for so long he’s drinking in the company like a man staggering out of the Sahara drinks water. He just needs somewhere there and he doesn’t know yet if Damian is there because he senses this and feels obligated or if Damian is there for himself for some reason Tim doesn’t yet fathom.

Evening finds them in the den where Tim is starting a movie after wandering around the Manor in such aimless loops that Alfred gently suggested he sit down and do something normal, just for the practice.

Tim picks something old and familiar from childhood, hoping it will be pure nostalgia and trigger-free. He expects Damian to scoff at the low-brow cartoon.

Damian doesn’t scoff.

Damian cuddles up next to him on the couch, leaning on Tim’s arm, and Tim still can’t get used to the fact that they are the same height when they stand.

(Maybe that in itself should be its own category on the Ranking of Weird, if he’s sorting things anyway.)

The movie is only five minutes into the story when Damian says, so quietly Tim almost doesn’t hear,

“I missed you.”

Tim looks over at the younger boy.

Damian’s eyes are full of tears. He’s got a finger wrapped in the hem of Tim’s shirt.

Tim has never felt like an older brother. Maybe it’s because Jason and Dick fill the role so well, maybe because Cass always feels like an equal, maybe because Damian made it very clear early on that Tim was a rival and not a sibling.

But tonight he sees himself as an older brother.

With a younger brother who missed him and fought to bring him back home.

And Tim knows how lonely and isolating that fight can be, to bring someone back from the dead, someone who isn’t dead but is deeply and thoroughly gone while everyone else is frowning worried frowns and glancing toward a grave.

So Tim lifts his arm and wraps it around Damian and pulls him close. Damian pulls another Red Bull from his hoodie pocket and hands it to him, but Tim tosses it aside on the couch.

“I missed you, too,” Tim says and Damian’s shoulders shake under his arm.

(And he did, he missed everyone, everyone, everyone. He just didn’t think they’d all miss him the same way.)

The movie is still playing and Tim keeps his arms wrapped around his little brother, his little brother who brought him back, until Damian’s cried out and they are just sitting and watching the movie together.

Together they fall asleep before the movie is over, Damian still held in Tim’s arms.

Together, when Tim cracks an eye open to see Jason with a finger to his lips, throwing a blanket over the two of them.

Together, when Dick sneaks in and takes a picture.

Together, when Alfred comes in and turns off the TV and pats their heads.

Together, when Bruce creeps in after patrol and from behind the couch, leans forward while he thinks they are asleep and kisses Tim’s head, and then Damian’s, and leaves again.

Together, when Damian stirs around four in the morning and Tim wakes from his light dozing and expects his brother to jerk away from him and pretend they hadn’t spent most of the night curled up together.

But he doesn’t.

“Are you awake, Tim?” he asks, and it strikes Tim like a thunderclap that Damian didn’t call him Drake.

(That, more than direct insults, had hurt him over and over: it was like being reminded You aren’t a Wayne, you aren’t a Wayne.)

“Yeah,” Tim says, his heart in his throat. He swallows. “I am.”

“Several musicians you enjoy released albums in your absence,” Damian says in a whisper, though there is no one else in the room. It is dark and that makes it feel secret and maybe it is why Damian hasn’t bolted for the door yet.

“I made a playlist,” Damian says, slipping his phone out of his pocket. He doesn’t move the blanket off of them or sit up, away from Tim’s arm. “Would you like to listen?”

Tim missed music and now he’s the one with tears in his eyes. It’s stupid to cry over this, of all the things he has to cry about these days, but the fact that Damian– Damian – made a playlist trusting he would return…

“Sure,” he says, his voice husky. “That’d be awesome.”

He doesn’t move and Damian tucks an earbud in Tim’s ear and one in his own, then pushes play. They sit together, still together, listening.

“I do not know if they are good, or what you would consider good. I have not listened to them yet.”

And Tim can hear what his brother did not say:

I was waiting for you.


So, some stuff got talked about in the stream :3c

@kirbychan234 and @arthur-tristan-kingsmen hand a heavy hand in coming up with this (also thank you tristan, for the donation. I will see about doing the game stream tomorrow.)

So Ive heard ghost stories before about calls coming from abandoned buildings and discontented lines before. So ghosts can pull some weird stunts with phones.

So what if Tagalong!Lewis decides it would be a good idea to mess with Arthur and calls his phone. Arthurs call ID shows that its Lewis and he picks up and hears nothing for a while. Then maybe, because Lewis is a dramatic fuck, Lewis says something ominous/spooky to try and scare Arthur. Instead he gets Arthur trying to talk to him and begging him to tell him where he is, wanting to bring him home.
Lewis hangs up because he has no idea how to handle this. Arthur is devastated. He keeps trying to call him back, but the line says its disconnected. Arthur tries calling the phone company and they confirm that that line hasn’t been used for months.

Arthurs left upset and Lewis is just confused by how Arthur is acting.

anonymous asked:

Could you write the prompt, where they leave messages on a table and then meet? With Alex summers 😍 ?

Alex Summers + this prompt list

A/N: College AU (again) (shh they’re great I love writing them leave me alone)

Honestly, this whole situation was something of an inexplicable, happy accident. You picked up the geology class for the semester as a weird extra. Something to fill an empty space in your otherwise literature based degree. If someone had told you that in a few weeks, you would be jogging to get there early and secure a spot, you would have laughed in their face and asked them who their dealer was, because they were clearly getting some of the good drugs, yet here you were. Almost ten minutes early to a class you weren’t all that fond of to begin with because you were exchanging notes with your desk partner and you were dying to read the note they had left you this time.

You quietly push open the door to the lecture hall, entering when you find it almost empty. There’s one person still leaning over a desk, finishing some notes, you assume, but as you get closer, you realise two things. One, he’s sitting at your desk, and two, he’s not writing in a notebook, he’s writing on the desk its self. He looks up at you as he hears you approach, and you quickly realise that three, he’s really hot. Like, criminally so.

“Is that-are you-” You gesture at the desk. “Are you the one leaving notes on my desk?” You say and he looks apologetic, so you rush to reassure him. “No, it’s fine. Great, actually. You’re really funny. It’s just kind of weird to actually meet you, I guess.” You know you’re blushing, but he looks almost as flustered as you feel as he extends his hand to you.

“I’m Alex. I’m in the geophys lecture just before this one,” He introduces himself, smiling sheepishly. “I was just-” He motions to the desk “But I guess you figured it out. You’re really smart, by the way. I like writing to you.” He says, flushing a little, and there’s something about the juxtaposition between his staggering good looks and his dorky, endearing personality that makes you a little weak at the knees, so you take his hand and smile back at him.

“I’m (Y/N). I have class now, obviously, but,” You pull one of your notebooks out and scrawl your number on the corner of a page, tearing it off and handing to him, “maybe we could actually like, hang out sometime, or something? I mean, if you’d like.” You suggest hopefully and he takes the scrap of paper from you, his sheepish smile broadening out into a heart stopping lopsided grin.

“Yeah. I’d like to.”

  • Everyone is sprawled out across the living room, when Taehyung sits bolt upright, eyes trained on his screen. “Guys, do you think this is real?“
  • His eyes flitted to Jungkook for a moment, before looking back down at his screen. Hoseok and Namjoon looked over his shoulder, as he pressed play.
  • The video was a little shaky, and there were a lot of screams, and they could see small flickers of themselves walking to a car. But a voice interrupted, and it made the rest of them turn to Taehyung too. There eyes all widened when a female voice said, "are you Jiminie?”
  • Jungkook moves so that he can see the screen. As soon as he hears the voice, he knows its him. Without Jimin even actually having to say his name, he knew it was the older boy. A lump grew in his throat, but he forced himself not to cry.
  • The was a weird noise, and the camera suddenly turned to show a boy clutching his cheek, while a girl facing him looked very angry.
  • Then there was a big commotion, another girl stepping in, screams echoing. All the while Jungkook sat, his hands curled into tight fists, shocked and angry that someone would just punch somebody like that.
  • The video stops suddenly, cutting off and they all turn to Jungkook.
  • “Kook, are you okay?” Jin asks softly, reach out a hand. Jungkook doesn’t answer, eyes still fixed on the phone in Taehyung’s hand.
  • “This is my fault.”

BTS FanChat #1


Hobi-Hope: do i even need to explain it?

dancemonie: please do i’ve been lost from the begining

Hobi-Hope: Well, I don’t know how Jimin got there, but he’s in a crowd while all the fans are trying to get pictures of Bangtan. From watching the video, we can kinda of peice a few things together. There was a girl who asked him if he was ‘Jiminie’, and he said his name was Jimin. She then punched/slapped/hit him on the cheek. Another girl stepped in, telling her to back off.


mrs.seokjin: why is it acceptable to hit anyone is the real question?

StuffInfiresMe: this girl needs to be punished!

tonguetechnology: how can she think that this is okay?

chOngJojUnbAlsa: poor jimin though, he must be so confused. he probably doesn’t even know what’s going on

dancemonie: i don’t even know what’s going on


mrs.seokjin: i don’t know. i feel so bad for him though, he doesn’t deserve any of this

StuffInfiresMe: maybe we should just wait. i mean we’ve already interfeered enough don’t you think. those people on twitter and that girl have taken this too far.



mrs.seokjin: I believe in all of us. let’s unite!




So, as I was waiting for my grandparents to come home and make me dinner, I carved this water pumpkin idk y I named it that but Anyways I left it on the kitchen counter. So as I’m sitting in The washroom with door closed and the bathroom&kitchen are like one thing. my cousin, he’s 17, he walks in- I didn’t hear him cuz I was plucking my eyebrows. and I hear this weird splat thump crash noise and I freeze. I had no idea he was there. Then I hear him saying something , the walls are really thin, it’s a condo, he whispered “this is not fucking Halloween and its a god damn watermelon who the fuck? It’s summer. Summer.” I keep listening& he continues. “Halloween means minions, what the Fuck is with those yellow dildos.” And I walk out and I look at him and he’s just staring blankly at the splattered water melon and I just didn’t know what to do, and there I am, with my 17 year old male cousin who is all about being a “manly man” losing his shit over a fucking carved watermelon, and me being the person i am, play an audio clip of a minion singing the banana song. if anyone hears about a mysterious death in Toronto on queen street and River, please show the authorities this. That will be all.

Small Blessings

Prompt: “I wish you could write a fanfic where Tadashi has a mental breakdown due to the stress of school, taking care of baby hiro, paying taxes, etc. and baby hiro finds him and doesn’t understand what’s happening but he knows Dashi is upset so he wants to help”

Words: 2.2k

AU: Baby Hiro

A/N: I’m trying to get around to some of the prompts in my inbox, and I now have a one-shot collection for the baby Hiro verse on to add them to, if you’d prefer to follow them over there :)

Tadashi considers himself to be pretty well put-together. He’s good at being patient (and getting better by the day) and long-suffering—two traits that might be the only things that’ve gotten him this far. Between looking after Hiro and looking after his friends, it would’ve been impossible not to cultivate them in order to cope. The fact that they come naturally to him anyway is a fortunate coincidence.

Keep reading