it's so weird that i not only like how this came out

I was feeling too lazy to make a fic rec but these fics are too good to resist

On the Booze With Brahms - anonymous until reveals

Word Counts: 46,500
Side Pairing(s): Sehun/Minseok, Junmyeon/Boa, past!Chanyeol/Yixing, Krystal and Victoria preying on a willing Jongin, Jongdae trying to get it in with Red Velvet
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Lots of unnecessary swearing, sexual themes, dick talk
Summary: Chanyeol has never heard someone say puppy like the asshole violinist next door does.

“He’s into everyone,” Chanyeol replies, stress-chugging his beer only to see Wendy looking at him wide-eyed when he tips his head back down.

“Well he asked me about you. You should have heard the guy go on and on about how weird it was that you were so nice, how someone so bowlegged like you shouldn’t be so hot, asking me how long I’ve known you for, your dick size—”

THIS IS THE REASON I MADE THIS FIC REC. It’s been so long since I found a fic that I thoroughly enjoyed reading that I was kinda sad when I reached the end of it. One of my all time faves now as in if someone asks me to name a good baekyeol fic this is what I’ll recommend. All the characters are likeable and the progress between baekhyun and chanyeol is just so natural. I didn’t know I wanted that flirty baek until I read this fic. All the entendre! odg. How can this be so sexy when it’s just PG13. I don’t know. I don’t feel like I can descibe how much I like it enough to give it justice. JUST GO READ IT

When You Play With Fire (It Burns) - anonymous until reveals

Word Counts: 32K
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): mentions of abuse, mutilation, sacrilege, sex with minor, underaged drinking, violence/blood, character death.
Summary: Baekhyun’s running from his life, for his life. Chanyeol, a dog and a bucket list are unexpected additions to the plan.

His gut tells him that Chanyeol is the kind of person who would reach for his hand in the nothingness of a vacuum. His hand would be the one to take his and keep him company in any maze.

Chanyeol came as candlelight. Now he’s wildfire. Bright, consuming and everywhere.

Another work of art from baeconandeggs. THIS FIC BROKE ME. That one scene made me sob inside. I missed the warnings when I read it. fml. I don’t want to compare because they are completely different, but the vibe at least, reminds me of brilliant fics like Purgatorio For Two and rldforyou’s baekyeol wip int he sense that they take me to a place where the intimacy between baekyeol is just so present even with darker and less common themes are woven into the story. CANDY ;;;;;;

Finding Me, Finding You - noonaofdarkness

Pairing(s): Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Side: Jongin/Kyungsoo, Past: Kris/Chanyeol
Rating: idk like PG-13 (for language, frequent references to sex and brief description of Kyungsoo thrusting)
Genre: Romance, angst.
Word Count: 13,000~
Summary: Baekhyun takes an internship in Paris for six months, Chanyeol stays in Korea.
Warnings: conventional and cliched, with lots of failed humor.

“I’m not asking for you to dedicate all your time abroad to me Baekhyun, I’m not stupid. All I wanted was for you to give me the time of day, and maybe, I don’t know, make me feel like you still love me when you’re thousands of miles away.” His tone turned dark, “Obviously I’m asking for too much.”

TT~~~TT  This is baekyeol story made me feel a different kind of sad because I see myself as Chanyeol who always has to say “It’s okay”, while at times, I’m also Baekhyun who’s always so busy. I read this months ago but I still remember it I guess cause it shows that once you get together, that does not mean it’s a happy ending already and you stop putting effort in the relationship. This fic is super cute though! I just highlighted the ouch part the stayed with me the most cause I’m a masochist like that. *cackles*

We Are Tonight - happyxings

pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol
rating: nc1769
length: 16.2k
warning: rly shotty writing and lots of bad porn. lots.
summary: over the course of the week, baekhyun ends up on chanyeol’s cock more often than he’d like to admit. not that they’re exclusive.

“Maybe it was because then I could say you named her,” Chanyeol says against his skin, “so she could be, well, sort of ours.”

SQUEALS. XD Sorry of the porn the fluff is most memorable for me. :)) WHAT IS HOT? Chanyeol the horny shameless flirt who has a shy side too. He reminds me of carter from alwaysraininghere

Can You Hear Me? - the-maknae

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Genre: Postman To Heaven!AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1500 words, ~6100 cumulatively
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters.
Summary: It is said that if you drop a letter off for a lost loved one at the Postbox Field, it will eventually find its way to heaven. Baekhyun comes to the Postbox with a letter of his own, and discovers that heaven may be a little closer to Earth than he thinks.

“Hey. Hey. Are you crying? And is that…Squirtle?”

“No, my eyes are just irritated.” Baekhyun blinks furiously to hide his tears, but his pathetic sniffle gives him away. “And yes, this is Squirtle.” He holds out the card, discreetly wiping at his eyes with the other. “A sister bought this pack of Pokemon cards for her little brother because he loved collecting them when he was still alive. She’s worried that he’ll miss them up in Heaven.”

It’s so sad but I like it. Idk. The feeling is close to the longing after watching Spirited Away. This made me realize things too. About life and regrets. The scenes in this story are very ghibli in my imagination. Looking for something to quote, I almost reread the entire thing because it’s so fluid, and now my heart is shattered once again.

The Boy Who Played With Fire - the-maknae

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Genre: circus!AU, Romance
Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2170
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, just the plot.
Summary: In the circus, there is a boy. He will fall in love, and then a certain death awaits.

What was that saying again? “Curiosity killed the dog”, or something like that?

“Screw this,” Baekhyun mutters, and then he takes a deep breath and enters.

It’s like I’m reading a dark fairytale. I’m a sucker for unique AUs like this.In my mind it matches like a story version of a creepy music box tune. How innocent chanyeol here is makes my heart clench.

Honey and Lightning - printedapples

Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: total ~50k
Pairing: BaekYeol
Genre: hurt/comfort, heavy melodrama
Summary: Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

“It’s like that story,” Baekhyun starts, nudging Chanyeol towards the shower. “The one about Samson, and how he lost his strength after his lover cut his hair.”

“Are you going to leave me weak and defenceless,” Chanyeol plays along, chuckling when Baekhyun starts to take off his shirt. “my Delilah?”

“Well that depends on what we do after this,” Baekhyun smirks, letting his teeth graze along the contour of Chanyeol’s now exposed ear, hand trailing dangerously low on his abdomen.

“You are my sweetest downfall,” Chanyeol whispers into his mouth as he turns to kiss him tenderly.

“I loved you first.”

Some people are just so good with words that it makes me just gape here in awe of their skill. One of my most respected fandom authors for a reason. It’s amazing how in the beginning it’s so vague and then they developed from strangers to two people who find comfort in each other. Also, this fic increased my love for dogs. It does not feel that long of a read because it’s just so absorbing.

Neighborhood Watch - KaiyahKiyowo

Baekhyun is just moving into his new house with his mother who is a single parent. He’s forced to make new friends as a freshman, go to school with people he doesn’t know, and try to fit in as much as possible. After walking home everyday after class he would stumble across his new neighbor outside taking a smoke. Those alluring eyes would catch his and taunt him. His hair was pitch black and his gaze was set to kill. Baekhyun would take out the trash and run into him outside on the hood of his black audi hanging with his friends, or check the mail and catch him sliding into his car in all black.

Everything about his new neighbor was dark. It was mysterious and dare he say…f—ing hot.

“ I want you. ”

“ You don’t know what you want. ” he whispered teasingly. 

Mystery is sexy. It’s really about the buildup that makes it hot. Chanyeol is so dominant in this.

And The Rose Said to Me - fliuor

Kyungsoo starts to work in the Blooming Daisies and falls for the beauty of the orchards, the perfume of afternoon teas and the melancholy of the seven siblings who live there.

Genre: Angst, Mystery, Romance and Fictional Memoir

Rating: R

Pairings: Jongin/Kyungsoo (main), Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Luhan/Minseok, Yifan/Tao

“The first thing you’ve got to know, is that there are seven siblings in that house – seven. Keep track of that number; sometimes, it will seem to you like there are less. The second thing you need to know is that none of them are real brothers, in spite of what they say. They are not related by blood. They don’t even share the same last name.”

“Why do we call them siblings then?”

“Who knows?” the young man shrugged carelessly. “The neighbourhood has forgotten. No one cares, it seems like they just grew up that way.”

From the author of  Spare the rod, and spoil the child! This is one of those fics where I take a pause and just admire the words and smooth transition. If the prologue were a performance, I would give it a standing ovation. The narration is so eerie and captivating that one moment I’m reading about one thing and the next, the story has shifted to focus on another character without me noticing it. Like listening to a storyteller who was part of the experience. The story is long and rich because even with only few sentences, the author paints pictures. The climax got my heart racing. Lovely. Creepy, Artful. WOW

Waltz - bluecoins

Baek Hyun has been getting relentless calls from a strange number at the strangest times and he decided to post the contact number on some gay dating website for the calls to stop. It was supposed to work, goddamnit.

Pairing: BaekYeol

Rating: nc-17

Length:  Multi-chapter

Genres: Romance

Dinner was a silent affair, and it was 2.15am when he sent Chan Yeol to the door with conflicting feelings because it was fucked how after last night, he just can’t look at Chan Yeol in the same light anymore. Chan Yeol was not just a mindless and faceless stalker now. Chan Yeol was a person. Chan Yeol was alive. And Park Chan Yeol was one hot dude.  

END THIS FIC REC WITH ANOTHER NEW ADDITION TO MY ALL TIME FAVE LIST. Slow, steady, and chill and then lots of sexual tension with funny moments here and there. A PARK CHANYEOL WHO TAKES CARE OF YOU WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT. I really enjoyed reading this. I can’t wait for me to forget what happened in this fic so I can allow myself to read it again.

anonymous asked:

Exactly! like it directly ffects how other people perceive transgender people for example I came out to one of my coworkers n he straight up asked me if that means I will become a futa because chicks with dicks are fucking hot and like fuck you??? Thats even more out there because I am ftm so like why in the world who the fuck WHAT EVEN ._.

YEAH FUCK thats exactly what im talkin about

like its one thing to reclaim slurs, but like this aint the case

cis people still make and see trans porn as a niche fetish and treat us like weird oddities that only outer rings are are attracted to

fucked UP

Alright listen up. Everyone wants Nat to be represented in Avengers merch including myself. So I was at Walmart in the boy’s section looking for some clothes because the girl’s section a) is more expensive and b) has weird ass sizes. Anyways I came across the Avengers shirts and of course they had all the men. The Hulk was apparently the most popular. Hawk Eye seemed to be the least popular. Anyways, while searching through the clothes I found this gem. There were only two left and one was in my size. It has not only Clint who is often left out as well but Natasha! This shirt was like 6 bucks. And after I found it nothing else mattered anymore. I went directly to pay for it and left. Basically what I’m saying is we need more Black Widow on merch. One shirt at Walmart isn’t enough. Do the people who market this not realize how much more money they can make and how much more merch they cal sell by including Natasha on it? Hell if this shirt was a little more expensive I still would have bought it just because of Natasha.