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Chubby s/o with RFA+V headcanons?

I’m chubby myself so tbh I enjoyed this one a lot. Thank you so much for sending it in. <3 


  • constant compliments. he’d compliment your everything because he loves u and wants you to love urself
  • honestly he’d think you’re the cutest most attractive person ever ??? in his eyes your chub is a part of you and therefore it is Good. 
  • he’d love you so much and if you felt insecure he’d remind you of just how much he loves you ok 
  • don’t hate the body that i love. 


  • he’d still love you 
  • tbh if you were insecure about it, he’d offer his private gym and instructor to help get rid of it 
  • but he’d remind you that you’re perfect with it and always will be. 


  • he himself is chub so he understands the insecurities. 
  • but man he loves you so much he cant understand how you see yourself as anythign less than gorgeous. 
  • but he’d offer for the two of you to maybe start walking daily, as a way to spend time together and also man im so unhealthy, all i do is sit in front of a computer screen.
  • but trust me he would adore the chub with every bit of him and kiss it nd it would honestly?? help him learn to love himself a little more because you know maybe chub isnt so bad. 


  • he’d be fascinated
  • hes a twig himself lol but hed think ur so cute??? 
  • like omg mc ur so warm and cuddly its so good 
  • he would adore it hes small nd thin so he gets cold rly easily 
  • he wouldnt even understand it if ur insecure bc omg mc its the best thing like. u never get cold nd ur so cute !!!!!! 


  • she’d think you were perfect the way you are. 
  • but she’d invite you along on her daily run with her, so that maybe you could start feeling better about yourself. 
  • and offer to get you started on the diet she has. it gives me a lot of energy, and helps me feel really refreshed. 
  • she’d take a very practical approach to it, but she’d still remind you that you’re wonderful as you are. 


  • you’re gorgeous in my eyes. 
  • he’d photograph you constantly. he wants you to see how amazing you are in his eyes. 
  • he’d also constantly compliment you. 
  • he’d probably say something really cheesy and sappy, like comparing you to the moon or something
  • it’d be cute and he’d look so earnest, so sincere while doing it, you couldn’t help but believe it. 

This was cute and good to write. Thank you for the request. <3

Can you imagine how tempted Bucky would be to just hold Steve and pepper his face with kisses and never let him go

Like he’s fully aware that Steve is this smol, sickly little shit that has enough anger in him to fuel like ten suns, and goddammit he ain’t cute, Buck, but holy shit Steve just looks adorable all bundled up in Bucky’s big fluffy sweaters. All of Bucky’s sweaters are much, much too big on Steve, even the smallest ones. Steve is pretty much swimming in them, but goddamn he looks as cuddly and warm as he feels.