it's so underrated it's not fair

Its so sad that Vixx is do underrated. They literally killed the game this comeback and only had 1 win and then to top it off theyre being called Nugus and the thing with sbs was just out right disrespectful. “And vixx” its not fair to them and theyre five year vets

sh1nee  asked:

Misconceptions of us for the album ask thing

Favorite Track: UM punch drunk love/hitchhiking/orgel/excuse me miss/ BEAUTIFUL and spoiler aj;dlsfkja;sldkjf
Least Favorite Track: i dont under sstand
Underrated track: girls girls girls a;ldskfja;slk the live is so cute :c <3
Overrated Track: dream girl? only bc its not my favorite of their singles like its honestly not even fair for me to put this heere i take it back 

signs from libra perspective
  • aries: you scare me a little bit but you're okay just calm tf down pls
  • taurus: you are SO cool and chill and funny and i will make you cookies anytime
  • cancer: you protect me from the bad things about the world ily so much please dont stop being the mom we need you
  • leo: where do i even start you are actually the bomb dot com and why are you all so hot how is this fair
  • virgo: youre super funny but i can never tell how you feel and it freaks me out
  • libra: omg hiiiiiii you are so great dont let anyone ever tell you that you're boring
  • scorpio: i'm lowkey scared of you but you have kind heartrd motives most of the time
  • sagittarius: frienD CRUSH pls be my friend youre so cool
  • capricorn: so underrated like you guys are so intelligent its not even funny
  • pisces: please stop crying i dont know what to do to help youre too sensitive and its annoying just punch your enemies in the throat and move along with your life