it's so true

okay but the more i listen to sweet creature, the more i think that harry is so…young? like he’s just 23 years old and he’s been in a relationship for 7 years now, he was only SIXTEEN and they are still there, together, and it only got stronger, i just…he’s so YOUNG and he talks about love in this deep and /real/ way already, i don’t know how many 23 year-old would know how to talk about love the way harry does… i’m impressed. 

everybody knows and jokes and complains about how hands are hard to draw, but the real enemy?? feet

see with hands it’s just drawing them over and over for years so at some point it becomes a lot less hard, but feet are usually drawn with either shoes or socks on, so when a rare occasion comes up you’re mortified that you can’t fucking draw feet, but you draw them so rarely every time is like being stabbed in the back by yourself