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Following the exciting news, fans have rallied around the star and seem genuinely excited that Cumberbatch has found his match, but according to the newly engaged celeb, the only support he needs is from his bride-to-be.

"It is," he said when asked if it’s nice to have such strong support his loyal admirers. "But the only support I really need to be honest I need is the woman I love who I proposed to."

—  Benedict Cumberbatch on his engagement to E! Online (x)

The absolute best part of the entire Blindfolded Portal video is where Dan is trying to explain to Phil how to operate the Xbox controller and mentions something like, “Use it to look in different directions!” And Phil responds, “One Direction.”

You can see how pissed Dan was for just a second before he breaks down laughing at the joke and they are so fucking married.

  • Them:So what did you do this last year
  • Me:Oh you know. Just stuff.
  • Them:What kind of stuff?
  • Me:Watched countless hours of television, fangirled over British shows, cried over Doctor who, spent a lot of my time shipping Sherlock and John, screamed Moffat's name pointlessly to the sky, and spent nearly all of my free time on tumblr.
  • Them:...
  • Them:So I'm guessing your new years resolution is to stop all that.
  • Me:
  • Them:
  • Me:
  • Them:
  • Me:Why the hell would I want to do that.

I think we all know deep down that when it’s late at night and all of the 5sos guys are in their bunks with their curtains drawn, one of them starts a group message and they all lay in their beds, sending random and pointless messages and the smiley face poop emoji to each other. They probably giggle and carry on like little girls at a sleepover because that’s exactly what they are. Then you’ll have that last message be sent from a grumpy, sleep deprived Michael saying “SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS ISNT PUNK ROCK”

you know what’s funny.. that harry “lothario” styles only ever has rumors about him sleeping with random girls when he’s not publicly paired with a famous girl. when he is, those rumors magically cease to exist. are we supposed to think that a womanizer like harry would just stop sleeping around because he’s casually talking to someone? and supposedly hooking up with them? is that how a lothario operates? pretty sure that’s a no. 

So many people tell me, “Your character reminds me so much of my wife.” I think that people can relate. My character is fairly unique in the world of television. You haven’t seen many female characters like this — the kind of socially awkward, brilliant at science, but not very modest. Lacking in tact sometimes, if you’re putting a negative spin on the character. I think people know people like this, and they love seeing her get into funny situations with Booth and seeing these two kind of opposite characters grow. People want to believe that love conquers all and that differences can be worked out, and I do believe that, too.
—  Emily Deschanel (x)