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what was the first kiss for the professional au like?

(awkward, to say the least)

Hello! This is for the s/o being turned into a skeleton ask awhile back. I imagined if the s/o is female that she would just want to wear just hoodies being cause she misses her hair and just not use to being a skeleton.


Omg this is so lovely!! I love the little heart on her skull <3 

Aww, poor thing, I hope she finds a cute wig or shawl to wear on her head or some extra soft hoodies if she want’s to keep the hoodie look for longer.

okay but trans girl cosette 

  •  cosette knowing that she’s trans since she was a tiny child and fantine being a cool mum and getting her dresses and stuff with the little money that she has
  • one of the reasons that fantine left cosette with the thenardiers is that when fantine was talking to Mrs thenardier she was showing eponine off like, ‘look at my super pretty daughter, you would never guess she was born a boy' 
  • fantine feeling confident that the thenardiers would look after cosette and didn’t mind paying the money that they asked because she thought that he little daughter was in safe hands 
  • the thenardiers being horrible people and upholding eponine of everything good and feminine whilst being transphobic to cosette, like I just imagine then being oh look at the little //madam// but still using the correct pronouns and name because then they can bring up some of cosette’s hope whilst crushing the others 
  • valjean being told that cosette is trans during the waltz of treachery the scene as one of the reasons he shouldn’t take cosette but being completely unfazed and still takes on cosette 
  • valjean being a great father and helping her pick out clothes, braid her hair and everything else that a little girl wants to know how to do
  • cosette being brought up in a convent/school run by nuns with terrible sex education, like actually terrible and for the longest time not actually realising that she’s trans because no one told her what genitals girls should have and it wouldn’t happen in a convent 
  • cosette going through puberty and not knowing why she isn’t developing like the other girls in the convent until she starts explaining it all to valjean completely distraught and valjean carefully explaining that she’s trans and what that means and just generally being a great dad 
  • cosette needing time to take this in and valjean being super careful around her and helping her do research into transitioning and tucking etc. until it gets to the point that she’s comfortable and even proud of the fact that she’s trans 
  • cosette sort of coming out to people in the convent because she feels like it’s important information and she so happy that she’s worked out what’s going on and just generally being proud that she’s trans and the nun’s reacting really badly so they leave 
  • cosette starting to go out and meet people and learning to live with the stares that she gets 
  • cosette getting hrt and that helps her bloom into the lovely young woman which she’s described as in the brick
  • marius being completely blown away by this transformation because he didn’t see cosette for like 6 months 
  • cosette meeting eponine afterwards and eponine being jealous of that fact that cosette now has a loving and open father and has been able to transition whilst she can’t (idk how the French medical system works but I’m imagining it like the British one where you have the free NHS and private sector as well, so cosette has gone via the private sector for her transition whilst eponine is stuck in the public health service) 
  • cosette being lovely and making friends with eponine and convincing valjean to fund eponine’s transition as well as hers
  • I just like the idea of cosette being a trans girl okay?


Heavenly reminder that you two fricken dated  and it doesn’t matter why you did you’re going to have to live with it forever.


One of my upcoming projects, The Inventor’s Daughter’s Husband, is set during the (end of the) Belle Epoque, and that got me to think a bit more deeply about how they would visually handle the transition from Steampunk to Dieselpunk, if such a thing existed in the early 1900s, and how these past social-economical factors in turn influence the fashion choices of the protagonist. It’s really interesting to see conventional steampunk fashion (gears in hats, extremely weird cuts, gears in everything) but personally I think it’s really impractical and almost nonsensical, if you really want to set your story true to actual fashion history as close as possible.

I kinda made up a few designs, starting from what I assume will be in the first part of the Steam Revolution, when being mechanical and practical are becoming the in thing. They are all based on the decades’ respective silhouettes.

Rosie’s fashion is supposed to echo some of the design elements of the Steampunk/Victorian age, while keeping the grace and sleek lines of the Dieselpunk/Edwardian (with the most radical of dress: a pair of pants!). She does a lot of work so her style is freeing. I am still working out on the details of the transition; mostly avoiding putting gears on everything. I wanna research more into Art Deco for the accessories part later on!!

hello everyone!!!!! im super super excited to have reached 3k followers!!! (๑•́ω•̀๑) ive had this blog for almost exactly 5 years now, but its rly been picking up steam lately and im so happy that ive met so many new people!! since i reached a milestone, ive decided to do my first follow forever! :’) thank you so much to everyone who’s followed me or talked to me, i love you all and i hope my blog can make you all as happy as it’s made me!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

:: super special thank you to @ao-kun, my very best friend and very first follower!!! i love you, girl ♡

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instagram is such a double edged sword fr me cause on one hand, by some miracle i get the most attention there, on the other hand that attention (in the form of comments) can have the absolute worst stuff in there,
ranging frm ppl asking you to check out their pages, 5 different people telling the same unfunny joke about something your art says or looks like, those people who will @ a popular person who vaguely looks like your oc in one aspect, the same ppl asking for the millionth time if an oc that looks nothing like markiplier, is in fact, markiplier

Me: *givs commissioner their commission*

Commissioner: *replies with anything thats NOT a variation of a keysmash or in caps or like OFIFGDHJD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! ♡♡♡♡ 💞💞*

Me: they fuckign hate it nd r tryign not 2 hurt ym feelings also i am a Failure

This is not an Independence Day.

We have not thrown off shackles of a tyrannical dictator or empire. We have not claimed back our rights from some entity that so cruelly stole them from us. We have not made ourselves an example of democracy and freedom for the rest of the world to follow.

We have crippled ourselves financially for years to come. We have lost the respect of our former allies. We have fractured the values that hold our very country together at all.

We may have had an empire that stretched the world once, but even then the country at it’s centre was so, so very small.

It still is and it looks ready to crack and break, to eat itself while the whole world turns away.

I hope it was worth it.