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Christmas Kisses - Klaus Mikaelson Oneshot

Word Count-  990

Requested by anon.

Authors note: Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have all had/ will have a wonderful day with the people you love! Happy Holidays everyone!

It was that time of year again. The leaves on the trees were well and truly a thing of the past, the roads were icy and cold and before you knew it the 25th of December had once again rolled around. Christmas day. Not that you ever payed much attention to Christmas in the first place but since you had moved into New Orleans you had not acknowledged the holiday at all, save the exchanging of gifts you partook in the previous evening with your closest friends in the city, the Mikaelsons. So here you were, christmas morning, sprawled out on the sofa of the flat you were renting just outside of the french quarter, cup of tea in hand. Just a normal day; that is until you got a knock at the door which, with a sign, you hauled yourself up for your comfortable spot to answer .

‘I swear to god if it’s more christmas carolers i’m going to kill them.’ You sighed to yourself as you opened the door, still clutching your cup of tea.

'First of all, I am no choir boy, love, however if you are intending upon committing the most heinous of murders on this joyous day I would very much like to witness it myself.’ It was Klaus Mikaelson. One of your closest friends and well, if you were being honest with yourself ever since you ad come to New Orleans you had found yourself attracted to the hybrid, despite all of the horrible crimes he had committed and the danger that came with being associated with him, you had a soft spot for the man and it was almost impossible to hide.

Klaus Mikaelson what of earth are you doing in my home?’ You questioned, arms folded, a scowl on your face as he invited himself into your home which he had been in many times before.

'Well, you mentioned when you were at our home yesterday that you would be alone for Christmas, an well, we cant have that now can we,. Not even the grinch was alone for Christmas so i’m sure even you shouldnt be either.’ Klaus smirked before entering your living room, throwing himself in the space you had previously occupied.

'So, can I get you anything?’ You asked Klaus, your back turned to him as you headed to your kitchen.

'How about some festive cheer love, your house has not one morsel of festivity or a solitary tacky christmas ornament in the whole building. Honestly you should be ashamed.’ The hybrid almost shouted, sarcasm ringing in his voice.

'Well then what do you suggest we do?’ You flared your arms up in the air, pretending to take offense at his critique at your home decor.

With this you saw Klaus’ signature smirk make its reappearance. ’ You do have Christmas decorations don’t you?’

Within a matter of hours your house was so festive it would put the north pole to shame. Tinsel and holly allover the walls, around photo frames, from the ceiling, wreaths adorned on every door, candles and snow globes on every horizontal surface. It was your own personal grotto.

'Happy now?’ You glanced at Klaus, raising an eyebrow at the lengths he had gone to to create a personal winter wonderland in your flat.

'Almost, we’re just missing one fundamental piece of this display.’ He replied, clicking his fingers, enter two men, hauling in the biggest christmas tree you has ever seen.

'What the hell Klaus! There is no way that is going to fit in my house! How did you even get it here?’ You questioned him in astonishment.

'I may have compelled a couple of people to call in a favour and collect a magnificent tree complete with the finest decorations money can buy. Shall we?’ Klaus asked you, gesturing towards the tree and a stack of decorations.

Once your tree was decorated the two of you had both agreed to settle down with a glass of mulled wine and watch your favourite christmas film, 'The Grinch’. You sat on your sofa, with your feet up and your head rested on Klaus’ shoulder for the duration of the film. It wasn’t until the film finished that you moved for your position. For a few minutes after the film finished you both enjoyed the comfortable silence between the two of you, before you finally broke the silence.

'Do you really think im the grinch?’ You asked him, jokingly.

'Well love, whilst the grinch and yourself do share certain attributes, a hatred for christmas for example, you have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met, you are so caring and compassionate, and of course you put up with me which is better than most.And then theres the fact you’re not green, Obviously.’ He chuckled, looking into your eyes, it was in this moment you were sure, he felt it too. Just as the thoughts in your head were being processed about what Klaus had just said to you he spoke once more.

'Oh and one more thing.’ He stated.

'hmm’ You hummed, still thinking about what had been said moments ago.

'Look up.’

For a second you were confusing, however when you looked up to the ceiling, sure enough there was mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Just as you looked back from the ceiling back to Klaus, his lips touched yours, taking you no more than a second to react you placed your had on his cheek as the kiss heated up, passionate, but not hungry. Klaus pulled you onto his lap and held you by your waist before you eventually had to part for air. Your eyes looked into his as he spoke softly too you.

'I love you Y/N, I have done for a long while now.’ He smiled down at you, gazing into your eyes, awaiting a response.

'I love you too, Niklaus’ you smiled before kissing him once more.

rishwrites  asked:

Hi tumblr mom! So in the middle of stressing for my first final tomorrow, the glitter for Carrie part of today completely slipped my mind, and it's 10 pm my time :( Do you think I could do it tomorrow? It wouldn't be the same, but I still want to participate in some way!

Aw honey, you can absolutely do it whenever! Ever since I learned about Carrie’s love of glitter—a love I shared but one I suppressed because I was worried people would find it tacky—I came to the realization of “fuck other people” and started wearing glitter every day, sometimes subtle, sometimes not. So you do whatever you want however you can.

And good luck with your finals!  ✨💖✨💖.

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I've just recently noticed human versions of transformers and now I'm slightly obssessed. Your human Bee is just PERFECT and I love your KOBee art! Well actually all your art is great but I love human KOBee and Bee stuff the most. But I was wondering, what does human Sideswipe from RID look like to you? Could you draw it?

and little KOBB too (with Sides on the background)

  • Feyre: so what do we do now?
  • Rhysand: well, we could go see a priestess, make it more official if you like. I was thinking a Summer wedding, in the evening on top of the town house, wouldn't that be lovely, Feyre darling? Who would you want as your bridesmaids? I mean Cass and Az would be my groomsmen but do you want your sisters? Or Amren and Mor? I guess you could have all four, although the wedding party would be lopsided. I'm also thinking we have a sit down meal, not a buffet, those are so tacky. Do you want a band or a DJ? It's up to you. Also how do you feel about incorporating a dance routine into the ceremony?
  • Feyre: I meant about the King of Hybern lol
  • Rhysand: oh, kill him I guess?
  • Feyre: I love you :)
  • Rhysand: I love you more :)))

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Top five articles of clothing you own 🎓

I was going to put in pictures, but I brought a lot of that stuff home because it’s more wintery and I only have a month left here anyway. Oh well.

1. My faux fur winter coat. It’s big and glam without being too tacky and it’s enabled me to survive off-water winter winds for the past four years.

2. My tweed and leather shift dress. This one is kind of hard because it looks bad with any layer on top of it, so there are approximately 10 days of the year where its cool enough to justify tweed but warm enough to not need a jacket. But it’s really cool looking and I love shifts.

3. Any of my 453324 slouchy sweaters. One of them and skinny jeans and ankle boots is my go-to look and since I have the heat retention of an anemic gecko, I probably wear it for a plurality of the year.

4. My red platform slip on Doc Martens. Idk if this really counts as clothing but I love these, they’re so badass and tough looking that I always feel a little more take-no-shit when I put them on.

5. My Fire Nation symbol/lantern charm necklace. Also stretching the definition but I love it. The lantern charm I got in Williamsburg with Chelsea and Tess so it’s my nerd necklace and I wear it pretty much every day.

Send me a Top 5 List!

This initially started out as just Pining!Keith stuff, but then it turned into Modern!HighSchool!AU stuff where Keith has basically gone an entire week trying to write a letter for Lance, and, in that time, Lance has managed to basically tag an entire wall with his desperate heartfelt pleas to ask Keith to prom.

Needless to say, it’s cliche and tacky and adorable

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okAY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THIS AU I'M. also 1) please tell me bokuto is an utter fashion disaster because "if it's expensive it obviously looks good, right kuroo?" "no" and 2) i love akaashi's scarf so much but it seems colorful compared to the rest of his outfit. was it a gift or is that his true style showing through the business clothes??

1) y e s he’s a fashion catastrophe most of the time. Kuroo tries his absolute best to make Bokuto dress fashionably but Bokuto’s love for tacky/colorful clothes is too great. Tbh I really want to draw a comic where Bokuto and Kuroo go shopping together.

2) I want to think that Suga the coffee shop owner hand knitted scarves for both Akaashi and Daichi (their most loyal customers), and they both wear their scarves almost daily. Daichi ofc thinks his scarf is the most beautiful thing in the world. Akaashi was a bit surprised that Suga knitted a scarf for him too. He doesn’t really care about the bright colors or design but he still wears it because it’s “warm and practical”.

wow i just made this voltron sideblog and i have no idea what to do with it 

like i want to put on my main blogs ‘hey follow my side blog’ :) but blog #1 is full of my irl friends who don’t even know i watch voltron OR even know that ships mean anything other than sea vehicles and my friends are soo ,,, not fandomy so if they ever found out i like m/m stuff they’d disown me AND if they ever read my writing i’d evaporate like so thats a HUGE NO and  on blog #2 i just feel like that would be tacky

but its ok! i made this for myself anyways! 

I’ll just… look back at it and be like wow this blog rules!!

that’s like lonely as hell but whatever i love this sideblog and i love klance and i love keith and i love lance i do i do i do 

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Can I request Relativity Falls Candy comforting Fidds? Fidds B4 and Candy D4?

Old Lady Chiu bout to knock someone’s teeth out :^)
just for reference in dan’s version of relativity falls, candy takes the place of fidds as the old person that lives in the dump. tate is fidds’ dad and he’s kinda neglectful so candy kinda,,, took fidds under her wing and helps take care of him and makes sure hes fed. its v sweet and i love it a lot

also fidds loves his tacky sweater vests leav him olone

from this emoji meme
requests are closed for now


this is so fucking extra i love it

i love when all the valley money makes these crazy ass box houses