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In a coastal town, small and quaint, there’s a story that’s told during the days when the mists along the shorelines are too thick and the waters are too difficult for the fishermen to navigate. It’s a tale of a fair maiden falling in love with a great being of the sea, beautiful and tragic in the way these sort of tales always are.

How they met varies from storyteller to storyteller- Some say she fell into the waters when exploring the tide pools and the mermaid rushed to their aid, pulling them out from the tides and dragging them to the safety of the shore. Some say she saved the mermaid when they were caught by the fishermen’s nets, the foolhardy woman jumping into the water and helping untangle the great thrashing beast without pause or fear.

All agree that the meeting always between the two ends with a kiss, sweet and full of promise.

Though the woman was a known beauty, she never married. She didn’t even let anyone court her during her time alive. She would turn down all advances and proposals with a smile on her face, claiming her heart and hand had already been taken. When asked where the lucky person was, she would merely laugh as she confidently pointed towards the sea.

By all accounts they were a happy pair. It’s said the woman would wake up to find trinkets and treasures laid outside her cottage each morning. It’s claimed the mermaid would swim by her boat when she went out to the waters to keep her safe from other mermaids and pirates. It’s even speculated the woman and the mermaid had… relations with each other. Why else would the woman return to town from her trips to the beach soaking wet with a happy limp to her step, her smile vibrant and her face flushed? Why else would she rush back to the beach every early morning and return to town late in the evening? It was clear to all those who knew and believed that the woman and the mermaid were in love.

So it must have been such a pity to let the woman go.

Did the mermaid know what they were getting themselves into when they feel deeply, madly for the woman? Did they feel a sort of quiet pain to watch her age? Be reminded that the time they had was limited and twenty, thirty, forty years would not be enough them, never be enough?

Did they cry when, one day, she never returned to the beach?

Story goes that on the day of the woman’s funeral, something strange had happened but what that is exactly varies from storyteller to storyteller. Some say it was the woman’s body disappearing, the only thing inside the coffin was a collection of seashells and pearls. Some say they heard the most sorrowful song to have ever been sung in their life as the villagers passed by the beach to bury the body, the tune so sad and full of so much pain that even the hardest of hearts broke and wept.

All agree that the months leading after the woman’s passing were difficult for everyone, the waves rough and the storms unforgiving.

The accounts soon became stories. The stories became legends. The legends then became mutters told between the townsfolk on misty mornings when the waters were too dangerous to ride.

Centuries later, a descendant of the woman decides to heard to this town as part of a project. They had heard stories of this strange ancestor of theirs - along with the rather eerie knowledge that they look so similar to the woman if the old photographs and painting are anything to go by - and thought their final thesis on family lore could use this interesting bit of trivia in it. It was also an excellent excuse to see the beach during the school year, the poor thing wanting to some peace and quiet from the bustle of city life. So the weather is poor and supposedly a bad time to visit the town- They’ve dealt with worse things in the name of their grade.

As they take pictures of the tide pools where her ancestor supposedly met their mythical lover, the student realizes that someone, out in the mist covered waters, is singing a hauntingly beautiful song.

And that they’re also getting closer.

My buddy!  My friend!  I don’t even have the words right now to express how much I love this!!!  Holy frag that was so beautiful!  And read just like a classic fairytale!  And it’s so wonderfully written!  I just!!!  AHHHHHHHH!  Come here and let me love you you gorgeous, magical star fish!!!  ^3^  <3 <3 <3

Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1

Like with all the Warehouse 13/Korra talk can we take a minute to talk about a fluff piece.

You just know Claudia watches the show and of COURSE she links Asami and HG right away. “Duuuude she is YOU. She has the HAIR and the tinkering and kicks all SORTS of ass” and she entirely wants Myka and HG to do couples fancy dress for Halloween because of it. (“Hey it’s even better cause you dated Pete and HG here kissed him and then you TOTZ got together instead so it’s totally legit. He’s the Mako (and well Bolin too lets be honest) but anyway for all intents and purposes at this moment THE MAKO of our universe! It’s PERFECT.”)

Myka isn’t really sure but HG entirely goes all out for it and well. Poor Myka.

There is a small but significant part of me that wants to pick up Reverse Trio AU Danny and drop him in Space AU because I wonder if it’s possible for a small boy to die of sheer excitement.

Like the portal he accidentally fell through has closed itself behind him, and he’ll panic about that in a sec, but first he’s on an actual spaceship. In space.


The entire time that I was gone, I could never completely trust someone. And when that goes on for so long, you stop seeing people for people. You see threats or targets. And when I decided to come home, I just didn’t know how to turn that part of me off.

Dear Daisy Ridley fandom

With Daisy joining the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, the little Poirot fandom on tumblr says hi and thinks you’re just wonderful and would love to be friends if that’s ok, you know, if you want to, we’re super chill here, just thought we should mention it and introduce ourselves since we’ll be crossing paths, and we do so love meeting new folks, and can’t wait to see the awesome new graphics and gifs of the movie coming from all of you Star Wars fans, yes, just imagining the boost and the new blood we’re getting soon makes us happy and excited, it’s going to be magical, thank you so very much, hope you’re having a lovely day, give us your hand now, please:


Am I crazy not to like this guy? Among some of his Facebook likes are George W. Bush’s Decision Points, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and the music of Josh Groban. Must I really justify myself any further?


This is the cutest, happiest video….in the world!

Elementary and civil liberties are not friends

I’ve had growing discomfort with Elementary for a while now; those of you who read them may have noticed that my recaps have been increasingly late or absent. There are several reasons for that, but “All in the Family” really brought out my distrust of the show’s politics beyond the realm of representation. So I figure I’ll talk about that one.

I am very uncomfortable with the politics of civil liberties–in particular racial profiling and surveillance–endorsed in “All in the Family.” Initially I was holding onto the slim hope that they were setting up some things to be examined or called out later, but then…that didn’t happen. That this was a case of the week, essentially, and not a longer plot thread seems like absolutely the wrong choice (also because I’m dissatisfied with the resolution of Bell and Sherlock’s conflict–but that’s a different point). Bringing up these issues so casually and not addressing them is not good enough, for me. It continues to normalize and in some cases endorse them.

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Curlicuecal MADE this thing!  It is the size of large postcard.  Do you know how big those tiny little blossoms are?  REALLY FUCKING SMALL.  Look at how three dimensional it is, look at those shadows!  It’s frickin’ amazing!

I showed my mom, whose response was, “Oh my GOD!”  She was highly impressed, as is only right.