it's so shitty but i'm so happy!!


Grace,look at me.Fuck these people.Fuck ‘em.I need you to be all right.I need you,Grace.I need you.  Damn you, Tommy Shelby.

Me watching the fourth season of Bojack Horseman
  • Episode 2: Oh shit already this dark? How can they top this?
  • Episode 6: Wow. I feel so shitty. They can't top this.
  • Episode 10: Please don't top this, it's too much-- oh wait, episode 11 is next. Crap.
  • Episode 11: *tear eyed* This is it, this is the worst this show has made me feel. Damn.
  • Episode 12: *incomprehensible ugly sobbing* I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY

half thank-you and half get well soon feralmau5 doodle thing for my art dad @s-quallos!!! I’m still fawning over that beautiful art you did for me ; ; and I hope everything with your transition goes well!!! Chin up!!!


1 year with Pentagon!

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since Pentagon debuted. I remember watching the very first Pentagon teaser (come into the world) and thinking how I would just keep an eye on them but fast forward to now and they’ve have become such an important part of my life. I watched them go through that shitty survival show, their debut, showcases, and comebacks and the one thing that astonished me the most is how fast they grew in one year. These guys were able to accomplish SO much and I know in time people will finally realize what gems pentagon really are. The one thing I want to tell them is continue to do what they love because seeing them happy makes me happy as well. so happy anniversary my loves! i wish you even MORE happiness, health and success!

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Okay, I know it's not the best etiquette with artists, but I had a really shitty day with work and college and online relaxation afterwards on MtGO being plagued by complete fuckass trolls, and I'm honestly just ready to cry. Can you doodle something small just to make me smile? I'm sorry to ask, I'm just so sick of everything being awful today. :(

Aura doodles make me happy, so I hope they do for you too.

Today is Mother’s Day in Belgium. I was sitting at the table working on MEL stuff when mom asked me what I was doing. So I started explaining what “lore” is, how related to worldbuilding it is (she didn’t know the term) and what we’re trying to do with MEL. It was basically a five-minute long explanation of the Mass Effect universe and why we’re analyzing it.
She stared at me when I was finished.
“Go on,” I said. “You can tell me it’s a waste of time or that it’s ridiculous. I won’t get mad.”
“Honey, why would I tell you something is a waste of time if you like doing it?You should always do things that make you happy regardless of how pointless it may seem to others. It’s your life, isn’t it?”
Mom is always encouraging me to get my work noticed (actual irl work) so I thought she would say that I could do better things than spending hours on MEL, you know? But she was just supportive, even if she didn’t entirely get it. It’s nice. I’m lucky to have her :)


She should have been firm. She should have told him to go. It was a bad idea, him being here in her room. What if Lily had a nightmare and came looking for Mummy? What if Harry did hear them? Or worse, what if Ron did? But she was tired, dammit. She was tired of her own family acting like she was the villain. As if she’d broken poor Harry’s heart – which she bloody well hadn’t, thank you very much. Never mind her own heart, which had been ignored in the process. And with Draco… Merlin help her, but he made her feel that spark she’d been missing – only it wasn’t a spark at all. It was an inferno burning hot. She might go down in flames with it, but selfishly, she didn’t c a r e. [x]

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Do you know all those doodles you called shitty, with a lot of faces/poses? They helped me like hell! It's the same style I'm trying to achieve! Thank you so much!!!!

!!!?? f-for real? u mean this  awful thing??!!  (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ !!!!

UUuuuUUh u- u made mah night !thanks  A LOT !!!

When i look at it again, i find SO many mistakes ! I should maybe draw new poses and faces… hm . 

That thing reached like 3000 notes’s still a mystery for meh 

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Hi, i just wanted to say that i've been feeling depressed lately and drawing your oc's really makes me feel better, bc like how can u draw them and think abt death at the same time u know (if i could draw you would be flooded with doodles all the time but trust me - i can't for shit). Anyway I love you and i think you are a gift to this world <3 also i love your oc's and if u had time i would like to know more about your lovely children. Sorry i'm so chaotic, it's late i just wanted u 2 know ily

I’m glad my smol OCs made you happy! And I’m sorry you have to feel so shitty. I really hope you feel better soon and just know that if you need anything I’m here and I’ll do my best to help!
Anyway, here is some info abt my kiddos. I didn’t have time to draw more cuz I have to leave my house in 5 minutes! Hope thiss helps a bit <3

I updated my theme and header image and
  • Me: *edits blog theme*
  • Me: omg I'm so happy. These new colours are so beautiful. They go so perfectly with my new header image. I'm so happy
  • Me: *gets a heart attack every time I open my blog* WHY IS IT SUDDENLY DIFFERENT oh yea right I remember now I did this it's fine

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I just want you to know that this youngjae blog gives me happiness. Is it weird to say that whenever i see sunshine my day gets better and my life right now is so shitty but seeing him and this blog makes it all better. Ugh i'm getting emotional. Youngjae doesn't even know he has this impact in my life and its ok with me so long as i see him so happy and hear his adorable laugh. I love you, this blog, all ahgases and youngjae and got7. Shout out to you and them. ❤

Hi dear,

I think all Youngjae fans feel the same way. Choi Youngjae has this effect to all of us, fans, every time we look at him. I called this as ‘Choi Youngjae effect’ aka sunshine effect. kekeke I totally understand your feeling dear as I always feel emotional when seeing Youngjae all grown up and being the person he always dreams to be. Seriously, his laugh is the best remedy to all the sadness. Whenever I’m sad, tired or not in the mood I’ll just look for my Youngjae’s video collection and I’m feeling good again. Seriously, our Youngjae needs to know that he has this impact to all of us and I’m sure he would be happy when he knows about this. Thank you for loving my blog dear. I love you too  ❤

I hope these make your days better ^^ 

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Watch our cute adorable sunshine ^^ 

Watch this Youngjae’s laughter collection & laugh together~ hahaha

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Ok i'm happy for you that you're dating someone but also i'm fucking laughing so hard cus the only thing I know about woody collective is the takeover of shitty people's urls and people saying "pardner". It's like you're dating a revolution itself

I’m so mad this anon actually thought I was dating the fucking woody collective and was happy for me because I’m SO ALONE

I’ve seen some yoi appreciation posts and I’d like to try this for once (゚∀゚)━!
ok first of all, 
@followers I love every single one of u, if u started to follow me because I posted yoi stuff and then you found me, thank you very much for the follow! <3
If I made you watch Yoi, I hope you haven’t regret it omg ಥ﹏ಥ 

I’ve found so many nice people ever since I’ve entered in that fandom and I???? Just love y’all so much?? and sorry if I forgot to tag someone, I have a shit ass memory ;;’

@tokiyasstar  you’re so sweet and your ideas too I love u so much omg, thank you for share them with me! I love them all, when I read some I really feel calm when I’m stressed. Please, never stop writing!  (´ ꒳ ` ✿)

@sleepy–lamb I have to say I love them I see u in my notifications! I can’t believe that you even read some of the things I read too, like ‘‘FOOLS’’ and ‘‘Given’’! You’re such a cutie omg I wish I could hug you (´・ω・`)


@felicitatem  I’m so glad I could talk to u oh God I felt blessed that day lmao 
You’re a really nice person I wish I could hug you at least once! Also you’re so???beautiful??? I love your instagram photos I can’t jdjfsdjkfjksfjsdf 

@otasucc um I think that you’re really cool?? I wish I could have a nice talk with u but also I don’t know what to say so yea btw I’ll send ‘‘have a nice day’’ to your askbox because u deserve it lmao i lov u and I’m sorry for being shy


also a big shout out to the people that I watch from afar or/and are honorable mentions  @moonmei @icetiiger @otayuriism @iamatrashfan @yurisucc @crescendotayuri @fullofotayuri @officialotabekaltin @stammi-ravioli @merryclaus @candy-crackpot @nordicsymphony @word-spielen @big-bro-tiger-festival @fuku-shuu @yeolxloey 
edit: I just remembered of some people so here we go and just in case i’ll let the note here 

I’m writing this while I’m really sleepy so yeah my memory is 3x shitty now sorry if I forgot someone again ;;’’