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hiya! do you have any more fake dating aus? I've read all the ones in the tag! if possible with pining lance or lance pov but if not thats fine (also id prefer if its completed but i understand it might be hard to find one that is so its totally fine if not) thank you guys so much for this account i appreciate it so much!

thank you for being considerate <33 slightly unrelated, but I love seeing an old post getting a random note, like how did you get there??
- Vallie

Return to the Space Mall by SharkGirl (2/2 | 6,988 | Teen and Up)

“So…what I’m hearing is that we’re due for another trip to the space mall.” Lance grinned, excitement bubbling up in his chest. “If you need volunteers, I’m down for some reconnaissance.”

dynamic by kagshina (4/4 | 17,772 | Teen and Up)

“So, uh,” Keith starts, and Lance notices the way he shifts, like he’s not quite sure how to say what he wants to say. “How are we gonna…do this?”

Before answering the question, Lance makes a quick list in his head of things he should never do:

Ask the boy he has a huge crush on to be his fake boyfriend for the sake of proving a point (even if Lance thinks he’s going to say no, because apparently he might actually say yes!)

this ship is taking me far away by skyestiel (7/7 | 7,335 | Teen and Up)

“But Lance is hung up on something else. ‘Partners in crime. Like… space range partners.’

‘What?’ Keith squawks.

‘Us.’ Lance gestures between the two of them. ‘Klance.’

‘Oh my God, Lance, please stop.’

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I just taught myself to do a foreign country's sign alphabet with my non-dominant hand so I, a person with No art experience, could do a project

Hahah go you!! More power to your non-dominant hand. I couldn’t learn sign language with my dominant hand if I tried,, so I’m jealous of your skills

- here’s a leorai fic i wrote because our tag is much too empty. this is set in an alternate world where they’re human, and karai works as a bartender. can’t decide if i want them to be secret ninjas or not, so that’s up to you while you read haha -


“I’ll take another one.” He lazily waved his hand, while his other one worked to hold up his head.

“Here ya go.” She passed him his drink, and smirked a little as their hands touched.

“You’re a very beautiful woman.” The words came out jumbled together. His mind was fuzzy and things weren’t quite making sense anymore. In other words… Leonardo was very much wasted.

“Thanks sweetheart.” She cocked her hip and watched as he took another sip, some drops missing his mouth and sliding down his chin. The tucked in button-up he walked in wearing now had a few buttons undone, and one collar completely up in the air. His hair was ruffled and his calm demeanor gone. She wondered what must of happened to him. But judging by the way he chugged his drink, it was certainly nothing good.

“You’re only talking to me so I’ll give you a good tip, aren’t you.” His blue eyes stared right at her.

“That’s right.” She spoke bluntly.

This caused the man to chuckle to himself, and as she watched him, she realized she was thinking how cute he was.

“Yeahhhh. Of course you are. I mean, I guess I’m only talking to you because you’re distracting me from Chloe. I mean, I would’ve, you know, probably talked like this to ANYBODY that was behind that counter tonight. Seriously. But damn… did I pick a great night to harass a bartender.” He let out a huge grin and put the empty cup on the counter.

She let out a genuine laugh and watched as his smile only grew larger at the sound of it.

“This Chloe girl your ex?”


“Break-ups suck.”

“Yeah. Yeah they do. Also sucks when your dad won’t leave you alone with questions about the,” hiccup, “break-up.”

“Yeah. I definitely can’t imagine it would.”

“Can I have another-”

“Nope.” She placed her hand on his. “I’m cutting you off.”

“Wow. You must care about me then, huh? You know I’ve found in life it’s always the things people do that make you angriest, that show they care the most. It’s when you wanna, you know, just get so pissed off. That’s when you know they’re doin’ you a favor.”

“I guess yeah. I could agree with that. Not the only reason I’m cutting you off though.” She winked.

“What’s your name?”

The random and abrupt change in conversation took her off guard for a moment.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because I think you’re really cute. And I’m just so embarrassed that you’re seein me like this. I mean, what a fucked up first impression. And I wanna come back and meet you again when I’m not acting like a douchebag flirting with the beautiful woman behind the counter.”

The gesture was sweet. And normally, she wouldn’t of given a guy like this so many chances. And normally, she wouldn’t even think twice about not giving him her name. But something about him, maybe it was the way he dressed, the slight messiness of his hair, or the look in his eyes; made her drawn to him. And gave her a good feeling that he wasn’t just another ‘douchebag flirting with the beautiful woman behind the counter.’“

"Hey you got somebody to bring you home?”

“Yeah. Yeah I called my brother he’s gonna come get me. Dammit I’m such a mess you must hate me.”

She smiled and walked around to the other side of the counter.

“Here, lemme walk you out. You got all your stuff?”

She put her arm around his back, noting the strength of his muscles. He grabbed on to her tightly, but she was surprised by how gentlemen like he was with touching her, given his mental state at the moment.

As they exited the building and approached Raphael’s car, Karai stopped walking and turned to face him.

“Thanks so much. You’ve been so nice-”

“My name is Karai.”

He stared blankly for a moment, and then his face immediately turned into happiness. He smiled again and she couldn’t help but giggle as his cheeks turned red.

“Thank you. Seriously thank you. I’m definitely gonna come see you again I mean it I-” clearing his throat “I’m Leonardo. And it’s been such a goddamn pleasure to meet you.”

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Hey! Random question here cuz you're somehow the only (lgbt) Canadian I'm following ^^ I plan to go to Canada next year and wanted to ask, how are Canadians and/or the lgbt community there towards foreigners? Like, is it easy to get to know new people? I've never been outside of Europe before so I'm a bit scared cuz I don't know the people there ^^~ thx and have a gay day ♡

yo downtown vancouver is where its at.

It’s super LGBT friendly! We legalized gay marriage 10 years before America and it’s not uncommon to see LGBT couples everywhere (sometimes with dogs and kids!). 

That feeling when you’re reading a book and maybe it’s a love scene, or maybe it’s a character learning something about him or herself, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always thought but never knew anyone else thought or felt that way too, and your whole body grows warm and tingly and there are tears in your eyes… that. That’s why I read. To feel. To connect. To understand. To have my whole body warmed while I forget to breathe.

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do you ever think about how when even was manic he said 'we're so going to get married' and then when he was depressed he said 'in another universe we're together for all eternity' and cry

I cry more about what that turned into actually??? They started off talking on such a grand scale, “man of my life” and “married” and “eternity”, and while that might be romantic… I feel like that didn’t serve Even particularly well? If you’re living life as a film, you might make the big gesture and let the curtain fall. If you’re living life thinking of all the parallel universes, you can comfort yourself that one of them is getting it ‘right’. What I really loved about season three was that it wasn’t too precious about anything, Isak and Even enjoyed all the talk about the infinite and du er mannen i mitt liv but it wasn’t what ended up actually meaning the most to them. 

What wound up being the most important thing was you and me and this bed and now. And then ‘move in with me because I want you and your dirty socks and your elbow next to mine on the kitchen table’. The everyday, every day. The “now” means more to me than any hypothetical forever and they’re giving everything they could right at this minute. That’s what gets me more than anything with them, seeing them take such good care of each other because they aren’t counting on anything else. Because life is

twitter bios

speak your mind even if your voice shakes

tell me a lie

you were a masterpiece, but then everyone saw you

I smell autumn

yes I function with out a heart

my mom won’t like you

please do not touch

there are so many types of art but {name of idol) is my favourite

seize the day

fragile, handle with respect 

I was the perfect roe that drowned

happiness is a great colour

you eventually will run back into it 

keep your heart closed but mind open

qualified meme-ster


s/he was so artistic painting smiles on every face but her/his own

did s/he forget to love

ask no question and you’ll get no lies

people change quicker than you think

society is an ugly burnt ass cracker

how many secrets can you keep

only fools fall for you

meme queen

everything I ever loved, I lost in the magic

seek joy, embrace joy, share joy

if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

autumn kills summer with the softest kiss.

no tears for the creatures of the night

you will let go

the colour yellow is really under-appreciated

im a petty bitch

Im a golden thread; fragile but valuable 

a little bit of sugar, but a lot of poison too

confusing reality with dreams

and I will fight even if I break 


fuck im broke

give me a sign

you’re one of a kind and no one understand

make your life a story worth telling

in conclusion, im bitter

but one day I’ll stop falling

(idol name)’s the tear in my heart

im soppy and emotional so stay the fuck away


have I fit into society yet?

is this any better?

create you’re own path to an adventure 

I let you out, and everyone saw

send memes

glazed donuts 

late nights, red eyes

entertain my faith


sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind

I’m Fiji water, you are toilet water

see good in all things

we rise by lifting other

oh no, not you again

you still have Facebook?

you make me emo

just keep going

but do you know my aesthetic?

wheres the leak ma’am 

be like spongebob, create fire in the ocean

can life go back to when I didn’t understand it

How do I silence my sins

I will burn again

did I give you permission to break my heart?

red blood, black heart

dear society, do you accept me now?

a thornless withered rose

a touch of gold

fuck you I don’t care I failed

aesthetic mind

my brain is 80% song lyrics

im at the top but I still don’t see you

left me in the dark

stars fall and the world goes blind

sorry mom I promise to never be a a bad bitch

if you’re lost just look for me

dismayed mind

fuck of weirdo

home is where the art is

keep your dreams close to your heart

teach me your contour blending ways

find a way to be yourself

first you find yourself

let me glow bitch

I don’t want seconds

take on life like a swan; calm and serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneather

(idols name) fills my heart

mom can I be savage now?

do ya thang

neither lost nor found

have a positive mindset

im honestly a troubled kid looking for dank memes

don’t look back, chase whats in front

no thanks, I don’t want leftover

I want to create

a black cloud in a black sky - nobody notices

oops sorry I spilled out my heart

I found the heart, but its empty

did I leave a stain on your heart

I thought this was eternal

buy me food pls

I asked for the word, and you bought me a carrier bag

sorry only dark humour is accepted 

you made it this far kid

you’ll probably love me 

too lazy to socialise 

I found my happy ending


This went REALLY well last time so I thought I would try it again (idc if this failed miserably its 2am)


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what should I do/make next? 

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so i heard about team voltron’s favorite animals

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

Read the fic here

(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)

things people in my theatre class have said

“look guys i vandalized george washington”

“i fucking HATE that note” 

“that was so beautiful im crying how does she even hit that note??”

(off-key screeching) “i think thats a little flat”

“oh my god your voice is so good why are you in the ensemble?” “i can’t act” “THIS IS??? A THEATRE CLASS??”

“i love (random musical)” “fight me”

“everyone shut up and give me attention”

“and thats why its called a triple threat” “im not even a single threat”

“how was ur audition” “im dead”

“why do they make the orchestra play under the stage??? its like a fuckin horror movie in there”

(while walking backstage) “holy FUCK theres so much stuff in here”

“why is there a brownie on the side of the stage” “dont question it its always been there”

(incoherent screaming about the tonys)

“you wore that shirt yesterday” “shhhhHHHH”

“i had a dream about kiwis yesterday.” “…” “the fruit and the bird”

“theater is the place and theatre is the profession” “wait really”

“You would not believe your eyes…” 

I saw my first fireflies for the year, and it made me want to try and paint something :’>