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AU MEME | ANGST | GTOP [G-Dragon X T.O.P]  | Doctor Who | G-Dragon as G-Doctor and T.O.P as Oh Jang-Beom

“G-Doctor, the time traveller that through time vortex to get back at 11th August 1950 to fight together with 71 soldiers from an attack by North Korean forces. During the Korean War, he met Oh Jang-Beom, person that will changed his life forever.”

we’re not mad that supergirl isn’t an angsty gritty dark show, we’re mad that the ONE tv show centered around a woman is sunshine, giggles, and soft crooning country music. it’s because those are not the kinds of shows that are taken seriously. and yes that is an issue for society at large that we need to make feminine things more acceptable, but the fact is that nobody would ever consider making a tv show centered around a man that featured rom-com music in the trailer. it was an intentional choice to make the only female-centered superhero show feminine and cute and non-threatening. 

and there are plenty of legit criticisms as well, like the complete lack of any women of color on the show, an attempt to reclaim the word “girl” despite the fact that it has a history of being used to demean and condescend women, and the casual lesbophobic moment in the trailer. 

i want to support this show and root for it’s success in the same way i wanted it for agent carter, but until we also openly acknowledge the flaws in them, the conversation for improvement goes nowhere. 

Killian and his appreciation for Emma's hair.

Just a really random drabble, because I’ve been struggling for writing inspiration lately, and I was hoping this would help kickstart my brain a little. *shrugs*

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He liked it when she wore it swept in a perfect, tidy bun, softening her features, leaving the porcelain skin of her neck and shoulders exposed, emphasising the youthful glow in her cheeks, the twinkling tiara tucked perfectly on top of her head.

He likes it when she ties it up in a loose ponytail when she’s cleaning or cooking, some of the beige-blonde strands always falling free, framing her face, the way her lips curve into a smile when he tucks them behind her ears.

He likes it when she just gets out of the shower and it’s dark and damp, the strands twisted together, jewelled with the dewy evidence of her shower, rivulets of water trickling across her skin and onto the floor.

He likes it when she has just woken up and it’s fanned out across the pillow, inviting him to comb his fingers through the tangles that have formed, tickling his face when he rolls over, or when he gets a bloody gob full of it (although he doesn’t mind so much).

He likes it when she wears it loose, free for it to flutter in the breeze, swishing around her shoulders, flowing out behind her in ribbons, easy for his fingers to weave into when he presses his lips to hers, tugging gently – playfully, the way he knows she likes.

He likes it when she wears those adorable woolly hats, pulled low over her ears, her nose and cheeks tinted red from the icy winds, hair cool and damp from the frost.

He likes it when she wears it in those perfect, spiralling curls when they go out, (Gods above, those curls), draped over her shoulders, bouncing, merrily with every turn of her head.

He likes the way the sun dances across the golden surface, shimmering in the daylight, or gleaming in the starlight in the evening, where the moonbeams bounce off it.

He likes the way it feels under his fingers; smooth and soft and silky and Emma.

He likes the warm, comforting scent of vanilla shampoo that envelopes him when he buries his face in her neck, a curtain of hair falling around his face in a way that he could never tire of.

It makes him feel like he’s home.

(She likes it when as soon as he sees her, he pulls her body into the warmth of his own, nosing at her hair in silence, just staying there, breathing her in – and she lets him.  

It makes her feel like she’s home.) 

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I’m With You

Heya loves!  My final entry for Fairy Tail Fluff Week!  Can also be found on my fanficiton account here.

Day Seven – Serendipity

Summary:  Sometimes the worst moment of your life, Lucy Heartfilia finds, can lead to the most amazing of discoveries. For Fairy Tail Fluff Week Day 7 - Serendipity. Based on the song “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne. Modern AU Oneshot. Naluish

I’m standing on a bridge

I’m waiting in the dark

I thought that you’d be here by now

Lucy finally came to a halt from her desperate running on a bridge, panting and steadying herself up against a bus stop station.  The ubiquitous brightness of the city reflected off the murky water, bathing her in a rippling light.  

Her backpack over her hoodie and down, winter coat ached on her shoulders, and she shrugged it off with a thump to the ground.  Lucy had managed to fit in everything she thought she’d need… at least for now.  Just her laptop with all her writing, its charger, two changes of clothes, toiletries, canned food, a filled water bottle, a blanket, an old book of fairy tales her mother used to read her, and the little keychains that her mother used to collect.  The money Lucy had earned herself that she’d just withdrawn was shoved in a wallet and down the front of her shirt to avoid thievery.  

In the back of her mind, she knew, she’d been planning this for a long time.

She hugged herself tightly, still too much in shock of what she’d just done to think.  Lucy had actually done it.  Actually run away.  After all the years of oppression and neglect of her father, she’d finally had the guts to leave.

In the back of her mind, she knew, there was that one, hopeful, weak part that was hoping her dad would follow her.  But if he had, he would be here by now.

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THF Random Read!

Hey friends!

As you know there are quite a few stories here on THF, and there are a few of late that are really taking off, deservedly so.  Absolutely deservedly so. 

But what I’d like to challenge us with this this. 

See that “random” button off to the side there, beneath the gorgeous shot of Tom in the icon, beneath the links to the fics, and the “Follow on Tumblr?" 

You do?  Cool.  Here’s the thought.

Click on that button until you see a story come up (if asks come up first, which they may… just hit random again).  Once you hit a story, read it, or a chapter of it; and if you like it, either let us know, add a note to the story, or EVEN BETTER….send the author a surprise ask on his/her blog telling how much you loved it. 

Let’s dig into the library a little bit and see what gems we can come up with!  Never know, one or two may inspire YOU to write something, something that can be the next big hit around here.

Or maybe something that will remind us of a story we once read here and loved, and want to share with others.

This will not only inspire others but will help Kris and her league of volunteers to get the archives completed!  In fact, Kris tells me that she’s going to be adding on a BUNCH of archived stuff tomorrow so look forward to that.

Now, here’s the COOL PART.   Ready for this?  Are you sure?  Okay.

Those who send in asks based on the RANDOM READ or who like this entry will be put into a RANDOM drawing for three RANDOM participants to win a very very RANDOM three paragraph drabble from one of the admins of any pairing of their liking and any first line they can come up with.

Let’s do this thing!  Get random!

This Random Read will end on August 14.  Two weeks from today.

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self indulgent Egor and Akabayashi from Durarara!!

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