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@natvanlis: Tickets for @ClexaCon are going fast! See you in Sin City next weekend kitties. ✌🏻

“Hey everyone!  I just wanted to send you this quick video message to tell you how excited I am to be attending Clexa Con, the very first Clexa Con.  I’ll be there next weekend in Las Vegas of course on Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th.  Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram @clexacon and check out their website so you know when and where exactly to find me.  And I will see you in Sin City.  So many queer ladies under one roof.  That’s going to be a wild trip.  Byeeee!”

Inktober day 1: Huntswoman (and I picked my fave goddess: artemis, bc I have no self-control at all)

punstoppablechatnoir  asked:

Could you draw some Adrienette? From your sketch post, I believe it's still open Thanks

“I’ll still be right here..”

Sketch Requests Info Post :) 


fangirl challenge: [1/5]  villains → Tom Riddle 

“i’m going to kill you, harry potter. i’m going to destroy you. after tonight, no one will ever again question my power. after tonight if they speak of you, they’ll only speak of how you begged for death. and how i being a  m e r c i f u l  lord obliged.”




Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (東急プラザ), located on the 6th floor.

Photo: @junepurrr | Artwork: @maddox-rider
Characters: @danisnotonfire​ & @amazingphil

Suga sent a flower pot for the opening of his mom’s new restaurant. 

Jimin sent one too.

(The flower pots were placed inside the restaurant.
The first one is Jimin’s,the one next to it is Yoongi’s.)

cr. ILYSB_jimin


I redrew a picture from my trip, this wild coloring is pretty fun.

(Commissions open!)