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au where jeongguk is a freelance photographer and his specialty is landscape photos. he likes taking them because it’s definitely a lot easier to frame the photo when the subject is something that doesn’t move, plus he has a valid excuse to travel so it’s a win-win situation for him. he first meets park jimin through hoseok at one of their group hikes. he’s not going to lie, jimin is probably one of the most attractive people he has met in his life, but he thinks nothing of it, deciding to concentrate on photographing the lush greenery. at least, he thinks nothing of it until the end of the day when he’s reviewing his photos and realises that 70% of them include jimin in some way.

“what do you mean by you’re the lucky one- i’m the lucky one here!”
“um, no i’m pretty sure i’m the lucky one??”
“can you guys please stop bickering over this it has been like five minutes.”

Heidi spent nine months in the pound gnawing on the bars of her kennel and, as of today, she has spent nine months gnawing on everything in my house. From this day forward, Heidi has spent more time in a home than she did in the pound. And that’s honestly wonderful.

Friendly reminder that we weren’t crazy two years ago when we all walked out of the movie theater feeling a deep connection between Kylo Ren and Rey…

And that wherever it may lead it is now canonically there.

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I spent so long searching for labels and tbh I’ve found the greatest peace with accepting that sexuality is a long and confusing spectrum with each individual’s experience often unique to themselves. I mean, it’s really validifying to find a label that fits but who knows how long that’ll take, or if one even exists yet. Personally I identify as demiromantic but I usually keep that to myself nowadays. It’s easier to just go with my heart and not spend so much time worrying about it.

me, literally with only today and maybe like an hour tomorrow to do anything productive before the week becomes Retail Heck: oh i have to write the hug list 

me on an intellectual level: there are deeply problematic aspects of moira’s design and blizzard is full of shit as usual irt that. however, i’m still suspicious of what seems like backpedaling on how “”””evil”””” she is. exactly how she does what she does and how much she does is still so vague that it’s extremely difficult to stick a real moral compass on her. 

me on surface level: yeah i’d like her to smash me and i think she and mercy could get together