it's so obvious how do you not notice it

idk i just wonder if nonblack ppl notice any linguistic patterns in the words they unknowingly acquire from black people and how it lines up exactly with aave grammar

like… im not a linguist so i cant fully articulate what i mean. but if you speak aave and pay attention to language patterns, its VERY obvious how most the “popular american teen slang” is aave because it just sounds unusual when translated to fit in with standard english but makes complete sense when used in aave

but most nonblack people do not realize how weird they sound trying to use aave words with standard english grammar because they dont speak aave

for example, youve probably seen black people jokingly say things like “that fuccboi finna to be shook af when he hears this deadass bop”

and alot of nonblack people will laugh and think its a jab at “modern slang” when actually, we’re laughing at nonblack people who use our slang incorrectly

idk im just thinking about this cuz i see nonblack ppl just discovered “shook” and im like oh lord here we go now i gotta listen to them say shit like “i made them shook af” for the next year

i miss larry alot but not just the cute obvious things like the fond and the tattoos and the next to you™ but lately ive been missing the (sometimes way to perfect its creepy) mirroring and how they would finish eachothers sentences flawlessly and the way they would do simple small domestic things without noticing like when one is getting water they would bring a second one just in case the other wants it, etc. it was the little things like that showed how strong their bond is and i miss seeing it so much somebody bring them back to me.