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you know what's fun? uncalled for hatred. getting it because of the shit with mark. but you're community seems to stay so goddamn positive it's wonderful. don't mind me slipping back in here for a bit. wowie it's all nice and warm and cozy. what did you do here to make it so nice?

I have so much love for this community. You all are so nice and welcoming. It’s not me that makes this community great, it’s all of you. So thank YOU for making it so wonderful!

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Pleasepleasepleaseplease write a friends-to-lovers with Hobi if you have enough free time! Your other ones are so amazing, you write the boys so well and just OH MY GOD I CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTENESS. I really love all of your imagines, and that Tae friends-to-lovers one has a special place in my heart. YOU ARE SO AMAZING, I HOPE YOU'RE FEELING WELL <3<3<3

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi | taehyung 

  • you meet hoseok at a party,,,,,but the thing is you’re not supposed to be there 
  • like literally,,,,,you don’t know whose party this is it’s just that you’d heard music from downstairs and when you’d checked it out the door was open and some tipsy girl had let you in
  • and inside it was dark, messy, and crowded but you could smell free food and possibly free drinks so. why not
  • but you didn’t expect someone to go “ive never seen you before, how d o you know jungkook?”
  • and banging your head on the roof of the fridge as you stood up you saw a boy,,,,with a smile that radiates like the sun looking at you
  • and you,,,,with your hands full of a stack of pizza slices, an unopened bottle of cola, and three popsicles went: “oh i know him from college”
  • “jungkook isn’t in college.”
  • “,,,,,we meet at summer camp in the 8th grade.”
  • “jungkook’s never been to camp.”
  • “,,,,”
  • “,,,,”
  • you’d contemplated just making a run for it but that’d be awkward to push back through the crowd so sighing you just admitted. you had no idea who jungkook was. you were trying to get some free food. you are a good person just a broke good person right now.
  • the boy’s smile had only widened and he laughed out loud because honestly,,,,,this isn’t even jungkooks party. it’s taehyungs. he knew you were lying from the start 
  • you’d got embarrassed and went you tricked me!!! and he was just like hey you’re the one holding all of my friends food and you don’t even know him so -
  • and you were like good point ,,,,, and that’s when he’d introduced himself as hoseok and helped you carry the rest of the pizza back up to your apartment 
  • and,,,,since then hoseok had become sort of a friend,,,,
  • his friend taehyung lived in your building so you’d see him around frequently and every now and then you two would chat or whatever
  • and hoseok always,,,,has this good vibe around him
  • like this positive energy that makes you feel comfortable and at ease even though he’ll call you pizza thief on occasion and you’ll be like SH what if taehyung hears and hoseok just laughs because he’s pretty sure taehyung doesn’t remember what happened yesterday,,,he probably wont remember pizza you stole months ago
  • and it’s not like you and hoseok are super close,,,,,you don’t text or hang out you just know each other because of that one incident 
  • and you mutually like each other as people so it’s like ,,,, really casual friends
  • until one day you’re walking home and it’s poURINg RAIN 
  • given it’s summer so it’s warm outside,,,but still the rain is coming down and ur flimsy umbrella is about to break so you’re thankful that you’re almost home
  • but as you pass to the front door you see someone standing out in the rain,,,,hair and clothing drenched and you realize that it’s hoseok
  • and you’re like dude??? come inside i have keys
  • but hoseok just smiles and shakes his head and is like the rain is nice and you’re like ????
  • hoseok chuckles and is also like taehyung isn’t home yet so i thought id wait outside,,,,it started to rain but i kinda liked  the feeling,,,,,its freeing you now??
  • and for a split moment you think that his smile,,,,warm like sunshine,,,,and his prefrence for standing out here in the rain,,,,it’s really something
  • but you just shrug and you’re like suit yourself- when hoseok reaches out and pulls you back and he’s like “i bet you’ll enjoy it too?”
  • and you’re like hoSEOK and he’s like “c’mon what do you have to lose?”
  • and for some reason,,,,hoseok’s charming voice and face are enough to make you close the umbrella and the rain on your skin,,,,,doesn’t feel so bad 
  • hoseok takes both your hands and starts twirling you around and you’re like giggling but you’re also like what are you doing??
  • and hoseok stops just to slip his hand around your waist and the other lifts your other hand up and you realize he’s leading you in a dance
  • and you’re like “what is this ,,, dancing in the rain???” 
  • and hoseok is just grinning,,, at this point both your hair is plastered to your faces and your clothes are heavy with water
  • but none of that annoys you like it usually does,,,,, just being with hoseok makes it totally fun and enjoyable
  • and you’ve never realized it fully but hoseok’s got some sort of magic in the ways of making weird situations feel good,,,,,doesn’t he?
  • and as you’re laughing,,,,swaying in the rain with him 
  • hoseok suddenly pulls you in close and your noses practically touch when he mumbles that even the rain cant make you look bad
  • the wet hair, the wet clothes, the little goosebumps on your skin,,,,,,you still look gorgeous to him 
  • and you’re stunned at the sudden words,,,,but you can only say that you feel the same way
  • that even now,,,,he looks handsome 
  • and the dancing stops but hoseok’s eyes flicker between your lips and gaze and it doesn’t take him long to slip a hand onto your neck, tilt your head a bit so he can kiss you under the rain
  • and it’s,,,,,,more romantic than you expect,,,,breaking away from each other you ask what it is that made him want to kiss you
  • and hoseok shrugs and says that maybe it’s because you’re the only person he’s ever met that willingly danced in the rain with him 
  • and also the only person he’s ever met that came to a party just to steal food,,,,,,
  • you shove him playfully and tell him that isn’t a reason to start liking someone but hoseok begs to differ,,,,,,he thinks it makes up your charm hehe
Mein Apfel

and it’s done! this was a great project to work on. i really enjoyed scoring this, it was quite an intricate job. this version is the reduced cut, so expect a full length version of the main theme at some stage 8) 

                                        Collection highlights

I post a lot about my collection, but I don’t think I ever got into too much detail about the origins of some of my specimens and how to properly care for them. So I thought I would share with you all some cool specimens I’ve collected over the years and tell you about what makes them so great and how to get your hands on a specimen from the same locality. All specimens are unique so while you may not get one that looks exactly like the ones you see here, you WILL get a similar (or better) piece!


Chemical formula: PbS (Lead Sulfide)

Color: grey

Hardness: SOFT (2.5-3)

Crystal system: Isometric

Occurrence: common

Health risks: Contains lead which gives it its unique density, but also makes it toxic. Wash hands with warm water and soap after handling.

Wow factors:

- Can often be highly lustrous! Polished specimens can shine like a mirror.

- Very dense. Galena is much heavier than it appears to be. This particular crystal weighs 1 ½ lbs (0.68kg)!

- Forms in nice cubes or octahedrons, but can also dodecahedrons in rare      cases!

- Can grow to impressive sizes (note: larger specimens are often expensive!)

Care tips:

- Galena is a toxic mineral. Do not ingest or eat around galena specimens and w ash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water.

- Please note that galena is not only very soft, but very brittle. It can often flake off in tiny cubic pieces or cleave into smaller cubes when dropped.

- If you drop a specimen, it’s important to wash it immediately to get rid of any loose particles that could be accidentally inhaled or ingested.

- Galena tarnishes overtime when exposed to oxygen. To keep galena specimens looking shiny, you can wash them with warm water and mild soap (like alcohol-free liquid hand soap) and rub gently with a wash cloth, sponge, or your fingers. Do NOT use abrasive scrubbing tools for it can scratch the softer crystal. Galena becomes very slippery when wet. Be careful not to drop your specimen when washing. Rubbing a crystal too hard can result in flaking or cleaving.

- Can be stored and displayed anywhere. Best to be displayed under some kind of light source to make it shine!

Locality of this piece:  Sweetwater Mine in Reynold’s county in Missouri, U.S.A. Sweetwater is known for its enormous, well-formed crystals of galena and golden calcite. Missouri also contains many lead mines where they harvest raw galena. There are also other mines in the Tri-state region, but Sweetwater is the most known due to the size and quality of the crystals there. Galena is lead ore and can be found in lead mines all over the world.

Price range: The price of galena specimens depends on mainly size, but also shape and quality of the crystals. Galena is a common mineral so smaller specimens are easy to come by and very affordable ($5-25). Larger ones like the one seen in the photo can cost $30-50 depending on the shape and luster. More perfect or shinny cubes will often be priced higher than ones that are a little misshapen or don’t polish well. Larger specimens from localities such as Sweetwater can reach a value of $100+!

Written By: cc-da-wolf

  • Alec, walking into the loft: Magnus?
  • Magnus, appearing in front of him: Hello, darling, would you like a massage? It's been a long day for you. Come lay down over here
  • Jace, appearing out of no where: And I'll make you your favourite food for dinner, anything for my parabatai
  • Magnus, glaring: Well I'll run you a nice warm bath so you can relax even more
  • Jace: I'll make sure I clean all your weapons so they're as good as new
  • Magnus: Well I-
  • Alec: Alright! What's going on here?!
  • Jace: I'm nicer than Magnus, don't you agree, Alec?
  • Alec: no. You're really not
  • Magnus, smugly: Told you so
New Beginnings Part 2 (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 5,341

Warnings: Swearing, Fluffy Goodness, Sweet Kissing

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans. 

Part 1 

Chris rose his glass to the center of the table, “To new beginnings” he toasted.  

Raising your glass to meet his, you clinked them together, “To new beginnings.”

You took a long sip of your champagne, the bubbles tickling your throat as the liquid made its way down. Champagne was always a nice little treat and this one tasted so good.  

Chris’ phone rang, “Sorry, I have to take this.  I’ll be right back” he said as he hoisted himself up and walked outside through the backdoor in your little dining room.  

Most of the time, if someone answered their phone on a date it would have annoyed you to no end.  The romantic in you would…wait…no, this isn’t a date.  Snap out of it Y/N.  This is just Chris being nice, being warm and inviting.  Helping you celebrate by getting a new home here in his hometown. But there was something in the air between you two; a sort of energy feeling that felt as if you two were connected. It was a really strong feeling and you’d only ever felt it once, with your last boyfriend.  

Your ex was a great man, a true gentleman, and a romantic like you.  It was probably why you hit it off with him so much.  Spending junior and senior year of high school attached at the hip. He took you on romantic dates, watching the sun rise early in the morning on the roof of his house, cuddled in blankets.  That first year of college was rough, he went one way, you went another.  Long distance relationships was difficult for anyone, but it put more pressure on the both of you.  By the second year of college, the two of you decided to call it quits.  It just hurt too much being away from each other. It was a very hard decision, but you ended it on good terms.  He was still one of your greatest friends. 

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Hugs for Padparadscha must be so amazing 

‘Cause she’s permanently fixed in her own timeline, almost? Like she knows she’s behind but that doesn’t matter to her- she just wants to help and take care of her friends. And they’re all talking around her and she knows it’ll come to her eventually, all she has to do is be patient, when suddenly it’s quiet. Why is it quiet?

And it slowly hits that she’s been asked for permission and hugs? Yes, hugs. Of course she would like a hug. Hugs are nice. 

And then she’s off the ground and she feels it but she trusts them to hold her until she can see it too. It’s warm and comfy and it feels like forever, and even when she’s been set down she still feels like she’s being hugged.

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I had... a TERRIBLE THOUGHT. So dark can bend and twist the reality around him right right so what if he can change his appearance even if its just for a short time, and imagine if he makes himself look like dr iplier (dark being a social manipulator would know exactly how to impersonate him) and the host comes into the doctors office and they chat for a little while and the host is all relaxed and nice and while hes vulnerable dark strikes

Okay but consider:

The Host sits in Dr. Iplier’s office, guard down and relaxed, content to chatter quietly about Wilford and Bim’s most recent tv antics. And Dr. Iplier hums here and there, fond smile adorning his face, eyes so very warm.

He’s changing his bandage, gentle hands ghosting across the Host’s cheeks, lightly brushing against his hair. The Host purrs, practically melting into his touch. The doctor ties off the fresh cloth around his eyes, wiping the old blood off his cheeks and then rinsing it off his own hands.

And then he comes back, carefully takes the Host’s chin in his hand and the sudden, terrible pain that hits him at the contact takes him by surprise. He tries to flinch away, but Dr. Iplier holds tight, his grip tightening. There’s a terrible ringing in the air and a chill courses through the Host’s spine when the temperature drops. He can’t see it, but he knows that the color in the room is bleeding away, replaced by grays and blacks.

It’s still Dr. Iplier holding onto his chin, the warmth in his eyes overtaken with something too close to mocking, and it’s Dr. Iplier, voice warped and echoing, who says,

“Oh my dear Host, if only there was someone who loved you.”

Life After YouTube


“So Joe, let’s start the ‘Family’ part of this interview off with the question everyone has been asking; why is Y/N never really featured in your videos.” Caspar asked his friend as he leaned in closer in his seat, no longer paying attention to the camera that sat in front of them. 

“She’s in vlogs but I’m assuming you mean videos on my main channel. Umm I don’t really know. I guess it’s not something that needs to happen, like I’m not that kind of Youtuber who relies on other people for views. She’s been in the ‘Girlfriend Tag’ and various Q&As and she helps out when she can, but she’s got her own thing she’s doing. She works outside of the flat so I usually film when she’s gone. I guess I feel like my videos don’t need her in them to make people laugh or smile, despite what the comment section says.” Joe paused as he laughed awkwardly at the camera.

“You say that but she’s in almost every vlog of yours.” Caspar said as she straightens back up in his chair. 

“Yeah, vlogs are different. Vlogs are snippets of my days, the better part of them anyways, and thats usually when Y/N is around. When neither of us have anything work related planned, thats when I vlog the most because we’re usually out doing vlog-worthy things. But even when were not doing anything I like to vlog then because I want to document the moments we have together so I can look back on them in a few years, or so Y/N can look at them in a few weeks,” Joe laughed again as he remembered how many times his girlfriend rewatches past vlogs of his, “We also live together now and it’s kind of hard to avoid each other, she’s there when I wake up and when I go to bed.”

“And hows that going? You guys living together, that is. I wanted to say that it was something new but she’s been here a while now.” Caspar and Joe followed the sound of Grant’s voice from behind the camera. 

“It’s been nearly a year mate, not sure where you’ve been.” Joe laughed again. 

“Its only been a year? Feels longer than that.” Caspar chimed in.

“Officially a year, she was around a lot when we were first started dating. It got to the point where she would spend weeks here, only going back to hers to collect her mail or to grab more clothes so one day I just asked if she wanted to move in. And to answer your question Grant, it’s going great. We’re still together  which is good! We haven’t had any major fights, just a few minor ones caused from one, or both, of us being stressed out but they blow over pretty quickly. And I love having her here. Even if we are in separate rooms doing separate things, its nice knowing that she’s somewhere in the flat, in out flat.”

“You’re very cute Sugg. So my final question is fulfillment.” Caspar said, closing the last topic and starting a new one for discussion.

“Awe it’s over? I was just getting warmed up!” Joe pouted to the camera. 

“Where do you see yourself in 50?” Caspar asked.

“50…well not dead. Umm married with kids hopefully.”

“With Y/N?” Caspar said cutting Joe off quickly.

“Ah, yeah. I hope so. I mean I’m nearly 26 and I don’t really want to start the dating process over again. It took me a lot of years and I met a lot of people before I met Y/N and I don’t want to so that again, so I don’t plan on letting her go.” Joe said shyly.

“Do you think you’ll stay in London?” 

“Definitely not. We’ve talked about moving closer to family, whether it’s mine or hers, when we decided to start our own family. I want to be able to have a house with a garden so our kids could run around in and explore and unfortunately thats not something that can be done in London without spending millions and even with that you aren’t getting a lot. I’d like my kids to grow up how Y/N and I grew up; ‘normal’ and not so invested in money or the newest technology. I want them to run around in the dirt and explore the outdoors instead of only seeing it on a computer screen or having to drive 30 minutes to the nearest park like you do in London. Y/N and I have talked about this a lot, and pretty much are on the same page when it comes to settling down with kids.”

“So you definitely see Y/N in your future.”

“100 percent.” Joe blushed as he peaked between his friend and the camera. 

“So what about YouTube in the future, do you see this still being your job?” 

“I think its inevitable that I won’t do this forever, but I want to try for as long as I possibly can, but I don’t know when that will be. It might be when I have kids or when my kids are older, they could take ‘ThatcherJoe’ off my hands and turn it into ‘ThatcherJoeJr’, but ultimately I have no clue. If I can still make people laugh with I’m 50, I’d love to still do this but not like how I am now. I’d have to slow it down a lot and possibly focus on other things like art or maybe going back into thatching or actually start a rock band…” Joe said causing he and the other boys to laugh.

“Alright Joe, thank you for letting me interview you. If you guys haven’t already subscribed to Joe, all his links are in the description box below. Make sure to pre-order his third book, Username: Uprising which comes out next month right?” Caspar asked looking over at Joe who nodded, “Alright guys, I’ll see you next week.” He ended the interview with a wave towards the camera.

Making the wand from Daoko's MV: Girl (the easy way)

Here’s a recent tutorial from my blog, enjoy~:

Hihihi I forgot to write a post last month but here’s another cosplay tutorial to make up for it ><!

I don’t know if any of you reading this knows but one of my first cosplans of the year is to cosplay the character from Daoko’s MV: Girl.

This time instead of making it, I decided to buy almost all of the cosplay, excluding the wand, due to time constraint.

And I had to crack my head to think of a way to make the wand, I wasn’t going to go into 3D printing or something fancy…it was difficult.
But my sudden spark of geniusness helped me create it! (Lol) here’s the tutorial:

Materials/Tools you will need:

*paper/polystyrene balls (20mm)
*bamboo skewer
*bandage (secret ingredient!!)
*masking tape
*craft(funky) foam
*acrylic gesso
*pva glue
*scissors (obvs)
*glue gun
*craft knife


1) draw a rough sketch of the base of the wand on paper, for reference, I wanted mine to be around an A4 sized paper long:

2) take the paper balls and skewer them through your bamboo skewer so it looks like this (be sure to leave space at the top of the skewer to stick the star on!):

(Btw that was the brand of paper balls I was using, you might find it at your local art store? i’m not too sure…)

3) use a roll of bandage to wrap around the balls (excluding the second ball) untill it becomes this shape:

4) then use masking tape to wrap around the parts you’ve just bandaged.

5) use newspaper to paper mache at least 3 layers, to the same two parts of the wand you’ve put masking tape on, and then, when dried, apply the gesso (which also might need more than one layer)

6) and tada~ your base for the wand is done!

(Sorry this pic has been cropped lel)

7) you can then mix up some pink paint and colour it but I decided to colour it after making the star part of the wand.


1) print and cut out the template for the star. I used the original image and made the image 20cm wide on Word and then printed it out.

2) put your template onto the craft foam, trace and cut. (Use a sharp craft knife for a sharper edges/finish, I was lazy and hence I had rough edges on the inside of my star.)

3) cut strips of the craft foam, about 1.8cm wide, and use the hot glue gun to glue the strips to the inside of one of the star, as shown:

(Careful not to put too much glue on as it will come out of the edges and give you an unclean finish, if it does happen, try pull some of it away when its warm, or, cut it away using a craft knife when cooled)

4) then take your other star, and carefully stick the inner part of the star onto strip of the other star (lol hope this makes sense), so it looks like this:

5) stick all the edges together, leaving a gap on the inner corners of one of the star to stick the skewer into. Like this:

6) and if you haven’t already, paint the base of the wand and then brush with a layer of PVA glue for a nice, shiny finish! :D

And here is your magical wand~~~

(Here’s is a picture of my cosplay taken by my cousin @kourisane (on ig) )

Feel free to comment if you have any questions~
Hope you found this tutorial helpful and happy cosplaying! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

The tattoo expo

wordcount: 2k ish

warnings: swearing

notes: slightly rushed because I really wanted to post something. ao3 here

Luke had an attraction to tattoos. It was something about the way it seemed to bring peoples skin to life, the swirls and patterns marked into their skin giving a glimpse into the heart of the person they were a part of. Whether they were well planned out or just a spur of the moment thing, they were like an open window into a part of their life. There was an intoxicating beauty to art that someone found worthy to permanently add to their body.

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Fireflies - A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Story

I think I might be out of writing block. 

I wanted to write a fluffy, kind of “angsty” story about  @shinyzango  ‘s 2D Bendy AU. Honestly, the relationship between Henry and Bendy is too adorable. I haven’t written in a while, so I apologize if this didn’t turn out the way I was intending it to.

Also the reason this is posted so late is because my sleeping schedule has made me unable to sleep until like, 2 in the morning. Dear God, I need to stop sleeping so late. 

Anyways, enjoy! Hopefully it wasn’t written to badly. 

Also, the ©2D Bendy AU by @shinyzango , Thank you for a great AU!

©Bendy and the Ink Machine by TheMeatly Games

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

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Houston we have a baby problem

I am so happy that daddy Wednesday is now a thing. Here is the first of little drabbles that I will write from suggestions and ask that are sent to @bucky-plums-barnes. Thank you love for believing in me and pushing me to write these. And a massive thanks for letting me take these asks and make them into stories. 

Side note, when proof reading isn’t your bestfriend. 

-cough-, -cough-, “Chris honey, would you be able to make me lemon green tea”.

“Anything for you, my love and I’m so sorry for getting you sick”

“Hey it’s ok, one we thought you weren’t contagious anymore, and two I can never say no your your snuggles”. “You are my cuddly NASA bear”. “And side not those NASA jumpers are so god damn comfy, whoever designed and made those needs a raise”.

After Chris makes you your tea and the two of you snuggle on the couch watching some recorded shows from nights before, your one year old son starts to get restless and clearly wants to wake up for the day.

Chris starts to get up, when you snuggle further into him. “Honey, don’t leave, you are so warm and comfy”

“Baby, I would love to, but one I have to get Mark out of his crib before he starts having a fit, he needs breakfast and two I need to go to work”.

“Can’t you just call in sick today, please for me.”

“Again I would love to, but I already took sick leave when I was sick and I am teaching today, so I can’t disappoint them.” “They all love me.”

“Sure they do Chris. Have they told you this or did you just make this up from thin air”

“Hey don’t be mean”. “I am going to get our son out and ready for the day. You just sit here and stay pretty”

“Hey there little man, did you sleep well”

Mark was the spitting image of his father. The day he came into your lives was one of the most magical day’s ever and Chris was one the surface of Mars, so thats saying something. Chris dresses Mark for the day (and of course its space themed) and packs his day bag, as he is going to work with him. While getting ready for work, Chris places one of his NASA jumpers into the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you.

Walking back into the living room, Chris spots you curled up on the couch, watching the latest episode of Arrow. “God Stephen Amell is one handsome man”

“Ouch! love, what about me.”

“Haha, hey you are my gorgeous love bug”

“Mama, mama”. Mark starts to make grabbie hands for you and you just can’t resist. He is your little boy and the light of your life. But before you could get your hands on him, you start to have a cough attack. Chris sets down Mark to rub soothing circles on your back.

“I am taking Mark to work today. You need time to get some rest and I don’t want you to worry about Mark. I would prefer you to get better. There is some chicken soup in the fridge, all it need is some heating up. I stocked up the cupboards with some of your favourite snacks and I have left one of my jumpers in the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you”.

“How did I get so lucky. I love you so much. Well I hope you have an lovely day at work and Mark be good to your daddy.”

Mark was sleeping soundly in his stroller, while Chris was running his class. Mark’s namesake decided to join the class, as he couldn’t pass a chance to be with his godson. Halfway through the class, Mark starts to cry, big Mark starts to rock little man back and forth, but he was having none of it. He just wants his dad. 

“Hey little man, can you be a good boy for daddy, please” With no sign of stopping anytime soon, Chris was left with one option. Taking the harness strap out of the stroller, Chris straps his son to his chest and starts to hop around the classroom. Within a couple of minutes Marks starts to calm down and falls back to sleep. Chris continues the class like nothing ever happen. Watney without Chris spotting him, pulls out his phone and takes a couple of snapshots and sends it to you.  

You couldn’t contain the smile that broke out on your face. This was the cutest thing ever and Stephen Amell has graced us with his presence today. Ha, let’s not tell that to Chris. Underneath the photo, Watney leaves the caption, “God my godson is the cutest thing, must get it from me, ha”.

Mark and Chris come back from work at around 5 o’clock. Chris feeds Mark his dinner and bathes him before reading one of his books and while he falls asleep. He turns on his solar system turner, before making his way to your shared room. “How was your day baby”

“It was alright, went and had a bath and then spent the rest of the day watching the TV. How was your’s, I saw what happen in class today. Let just say you make an adorable daddy.”

You show Chris the photo that Mark sent you, which also has become your phone screen background. Chris places his hand around your shoulders and you snuggle into his side. “You know I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I have two wonderful, gorgeous, handsome boys. You too just make me so happy”

“Oh, now I’m better than Stephen, baby.”

“Ha, you know I love you more honey”.

You look up towards Chris and start to lending in to kiss him. Before you could attach your lips to his, he moves slightly and kiss your forehead instead.

“Sorry baby, your sick”

You pout and give him the best puppy dog eyes ever. “Fine, come here baby”

Chris and you share a breath taking kiss. Well it’s easy too, as you are currently sick. You snuggle further into Chris and you fall asleep in a instance.

Chris couldn’t ask for a better family.

au where isak skates and even has a small (huge) crush,and he’s friends with vilde who’s friends with eva (and is also crushing on her) and eva is one of isaks best friends so even always sits with the two girls but only talked to isak like twice and it was just small talk about his skating and vilde rolls her eyes too much at even and one time she calls even like hey we’re going to the skate rink wanna join, and of course even does but when he gets there the girls arent there, actually there isnt anyone except isak who’s skating along and when he spots even he’s like whats up what are u doing here and even just stands there confused and nervous ,”the girls told me theyd be here?” and isak picks up his skateboard and walks over to even with his eyebrows raised and he chuckles, “they told me the same thing” and even is definitely going to kiLL vilde ,then isak is sitting down on the bench, “did they just. set us up” and even lets out a fake loud laugh, throwing his hands up “i have noidea why they would do that!” and isak puts his foot on the skateboard, staring at the ground grinning and even takes a deep breath and sits down next to him, “did i ,like, interrupt ur practice?” and isak looks up at him with a fond smile and evens breath stuck in his throat then isak shakes his head,then nods his chin towards even, “u ever skated?” and even snorts, “have u seen my legs, im a clumsy mess” and isak stares him down then shrugs, “u got nice legs. come on” and he’s standing up and even is pretty sure he’s like, gonna faint or smth but follows isak and then he stops in front of the skateboard and isaks like “go ahead. step on it” and even inches away from it “i really dont think thats a good idea” then isak is there next to him holding out his hand for even to grab, “i’ll help, do it” so even puts his hand in isaks (which by the way is very nice and very warm and very soft) and puts one foot on it and its all cool until he tries with his other leg too, then he’s falling forward and isak catches him and wow alright even could totally do this for hours and then isak laughs, “its alright i fell off a lot in the beginning too. here,” then he’s putting a hand on even’s waist and even succeeds to step on the board and he’s grabbing isak tightly, his shoulder and his hand, then isak starts walking slowly and even is rollin after him and he’s all “wow im so cool” and isak lets his waist go and alright even is not That cool and jumps off in time and isak is laughin so hard, even pushes at his shoulder then laughs along w him. and they stay there until its dark, isak trying to teach even, even watching isak skate, sitting on the bench just talking and smoking. then even walks isak back to his flat and they linger in front of it for a while too and evens mind is racing and he’s thinking whether he should go for a kiss. he doesnt though and he’s dyin but he just bites his lip, “see you around?” and isak nods and looks down at his lip and with a shy smile he turns around and walks inside, looking back once. even calls vilde, “im totally going to murder you but first imma tell u everything that happened” and she listens and giggles at the right parts. and since then on, when the girls and even are watching isak (and the others) skate, isak always shoots a thumbs up at even and they dont know a small talk anymore. and one night when theyve stayed there again and theres a slight breeze ,isak shivers and even offers his arms which isak accepts and theyre looking at the stars, then isak starts talking about them and even finds his face absolutely priceless as his eyes shine and theres a colour to his cheeks and he cant stop staring at his profile and then isak turns to him and whispers “what” and even just smiles and shakes his head and theyre looking at each other and their lips and isak visibly swallows and evens mouth falls slightly open and isak lifts his chin a little and even takes it as a sign and presses their lips together and after another kiss ,isak makes himself more comfortable in evens arms and they stay like that for a while before even walks isak home again and their hands brush too many times on the way and they cant stop smiling and evens cheeks are hurting SO bad but he loves it and when they stop at isaks flat, he doesnt hesitate this time to kiss isak and isaks hands bury inside the pocket of evens hoodie and its so damn adorable, he kisses him again and isak ends up inviting him in and they fall asleep kissing and cuddling, their fingers laced together, legs tangled, and well maybe after all he can let vilde live

  • Kanan: Dia, how about you sleep with us tonight?
  • Mari: Our bed is too big for the two of us~
  • Dia: That does sound nice. I was just about to turn in
  • Mari: What a coincidence, so were we
  • Kanan: You can sleep in the middle, where it's safe and warm
  • Dia: If I'm not getting in the way
  • Mari: Never!
  • Dia: (How sweet these girls are, I'm so lucky)
  • Mari, rubbing her boobs all over Dia: We want you right here, with us
  • Kanan, touching Dia's thigh: Let's have a... lovely night together
  • Dia: Could you give me a little space, it's too warm in here
  • Kanan: O-oh, yeah
  • Dia: Thanks. Good night, you two
  • Mari: (Why is it not working???)
  • Kanan: (Did she build up an immunity to us?)
  • Kanan: (You screwed up, past-us-es)
  • Mari: (Hey, leave baby Kanan alone!)

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Obi-Wan singing?

Obi-Wan was swaying to the music.

Anakin sat back in the cantina and watched his old master, Ahsoka curled against his side as she too watched the copper haired master. Obi-Wan was swaying to the music, perhaps two drinks in when he had gotten up to fiddle With the jukebox.

The song was making Obi-Wan smile and sway.

“The book of love is long and boring.”

The music was making Obi-Wan sing.

The music was making Obi-Wan smile, sway and sing.

Obi-Wan’s voice was nice, a steady, wondrous voice. Tones in high Coruscantian, warm and rich as honey as it slid of their skins, like breathing warm life into their cold souls. Patrons around the bar had quieted down, as had their troopers.

“And written very long ago. Its full flowers and heart shaped boxes and things we’re all to young to know.”

It was one thing to see Anakin Skywalker relax. It was another thing to see General Kenobi do so, a man who was usually the serious one in the field. And here he was singing, swaying and smiling.

Serenading someone who was no longer there to hear it.

“But I, I love it when you give me things. And you, you ought to give me wedding rings.”

Had he been drinking, he would have choked on it. Anakin stared at Obi-Wan, noting the bitter twist of the smile.

Obi-Wan had been in love. No one sang like that and didn’t love someone with all their hearts.

“And I love it when you give me things. And you, you ought to give me wedding rings.”

Had it been Siri Tachi? Perhaps Duchess Satine as Anakin had long suspected?

Carefully sitting up to not disturb the Togruta beside him, Anakin stared at the others back, wondering, trying to put the pin to the right heart.

Or perhaps…this heart ache was much older.

Perhaps Obi-Wan was singing for a much older heart ache?

Someone he would never again see or hold and the last memory he had was of holding a dying body.

Perhaps it was Qui-Gon Obi-Wan was singing for, in a dingy cantina, on the far side of space, after having engaged in battles.

Perhaps Anakin would never know for sure

“You ought to give me wedding rings.”

But for now he knew that Obi-Wan had loved someone and that he could sing.