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tell us about your crushes?

  1.  he doesmt care wht any1 thinks of him hes just himself,, he makes a lot of funny jokes amd we both have a dark sense of humour.. hes (fetish???)goth but he used to b rlly juggalo so hes like ¾ goth ¼ juggalo lol,,he givs rlly good hugs and hes rlly warm.. he calls me Baby Boy………………… one time he said if i were older he would date me..(hes not much older than me dw !!!) its nice i lov him
  2.  hes goth too but more victorian goth.. he likes vampire stuff and hes a witch like me!! (i introduced him to witchcraft!!) we both like horror movies amd we cuddle and sumtimes we get together on the full moon n run around n do rituals !!
  3.  this is gonna be Odd.. but like….. hes an theatre kid……… he rlly likes musicals n 70′s sunshine pop !! sumtimes he does like dramatic stuff like if he was on stage n its rlly cute..!!!!!!!…. when i c his face i blush so much !!! hes rlly tall so his hugs r so good n nice….!!!…

there are… som others but sum of them r on here or know the person so… they would know Whom im talkin abt !!! tht would embarrass me !!!!! 

First Kiss | Jungkook

Masterlist |

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: ~4,5k

Synopsis: “I love oreos, but you know that thing after you eat them and your teeth are black and it looks like you’re on some crazy drugs and your teeth are rotting or something?” You snickered at your own explanation and the way Jungkook’s mouth was open agape, eyes squinted as he tried to picture the image you were so unskillfully painting. “It’s annoying, but you still like them. It’s the same for you.

A/N: I’m a bit rusty. I hope it’s not terrible. For @maroukimarouki

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It was Saturday night, just one of many you had spent with them. The setting of your friendly reunion was nothing special, just the chaotic living room of their dorm. The feast you were enjoying was not expensive wine or exotic cheeses, but coke, chips and gummy worms; and you could have not been happier, stuffing doritos in your mouth until you were about to choke, to perfectly recite the lines of Cypher Killer without stuttering —at least if you did not want to carry a penalty out.

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  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP

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you know what's fun? uncalled for hatred. getting it because of the shit with mark. but you're community seems to stay so goddamn positive it's wonderful. don't mind me slipping back in here for a bit. wowie it's all nice and warm and cozy. what did you do here to make it so nice?

I have so much love for this community. You all are so nice and welcoming. It’s not me that makes this community great, it’s all of you. So thank YOU for making it so wonderful!

Hugs for Padparadscha must be so amazing 

‘Cause she’s permanently fixed in her own timeline, almost? Like she knows she’s behind but that doesn’t matter to her- she just wants to help and take care of her friends. And they’re all talking around her and she knows it’ll come to her eventually, all she has to do is be patient, when suddenly it’s quiet. Why is it quiet?

And it slowly hits that she’s been asked for permission and hugs? Yes, hugs. Of course she would like a hug. Hugs are nice. 

And then she’s off the ground and she feels it but she trusts them to hold her until she can see it too. It’s warm and comfy and it feels like forever, and even when she’s been set down she still feels like she’s being hugged.

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I had... a TERRIBLE THOUGHT. So dark can bend and twist the reality around him right right so what if he can change his appearance even if its just for a short time, and imagine if he makes himself look like dr iplier (dark being a social manipulator would know exactly how to impersonate him) and the host comes into the doctors office and they chat for a little while and the host is all relaxed and nice and while hes vulnerable dark strikes

Okay but consider:

The Host sits in Dr. Iplier’s office, guard down and relaxed, content to chatter quietly about Wilford and Bim’s most recent tv antics. And Dr. Iplier hums here and there, fond smile adorning his face, eyes so very warm.

He’s changing his bandage, gentle hands ghosting across the Host’s cheeks, lightly brushing against his hair. The Host purrs, practically melting into his touch. The doctor ties off the fresh cloth around his eyes, wiping the old blood off his cheeks and then rinsing it off his own hands.

And then he comes back, carefully takes the Host’s chin in his hand and the sudden, terrible pain that hits him at the contact takes him by surprise. He tries to flinch away, but Dr. Iplier holds tight, his grip tightening. There’s a terrible ringing in the air and a chill courses through the Host’s spine when the temperature drops. He can’t see it, but he knows that the color in the room is bleeding away, replaced by grays and blacks.

It’s still Dr. Iplier holding onto his chin, the warmth in his eyes overtaken with something too close to mocking, and it’s Dr. Iplier, voice warped and echoing, who says,

“Oh my dear Host, if only there was someone who loved you.”

  • Kanan: Dia, how about you sleep with us tonight?
  • Mari: Our bed is too big for the two of us~
  • Dia: That does sound nice. I was just about to turn in
  • Mari: What a coincidence, so were we
  • Kanan: You can sleep in the middle, where it's safe and warm
  • Dia: If I'm not getting in the way
  • Mari: Never!
  • Dia: (How sweet these girls are, I'm so lucky)
  • Mari, rubbing her boobs all over Dia: We want you right here, with us
  • Kanan, touching Dia's thigh: Let's have a... lovely night together
  • Dia: Could you give me a little space, it's too warm in here
  • Kanan: O-oh, yeah
  • Dia: Thanks. Good night, you two
  • Mari: (Why is it not working???)
  • Kanan: (Did she build up an immunity to us?)
  • Kanan: (You screwed up, past-us-es)
  • Mari: (Hey, leave baby Kanan alone!)
The tattoo expo

wordcount: 2k ish

warnings: swearing

notes: slightly rushed because I really wanted to post something. ao3 here

Luke had an attraction to tattoos. It was something about the way it seemed to bring peoples skin to life, the swirls and patterns marked into their skin giving a glimpse into the heart of the person they were a part of. Whether they were well planned out or just a spur of the moment thing, they were like an open window into a part of their life. There was an intoxicating beauty to art that someone found worthy to permanently add to their body.

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just in case I need a point of referral, I’m documenting my exact positions in accordance to the quote-unquote “Chocobro Hells™️”


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  • having a sleepover with @blindbae since she dragged me here in the first place
  • there’s sugary snacks and stuffed animals
  • something smells like teen spirit like fresh laundry and happiness
  • @blindbae tries to convince me to move in and we can go splitsies on the rent but I already own a place and pay board on another dwelling
  • end up staying for breakfast, “omg we should do this again!” and the next time I visit there’s double the stuffed animals and she tries to tie me up and lock me in the basement


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  • you know how some people have like, a cottage or cabin away from home that they sometimes just visit for a weekend or so?
  • my home away from home; none of my important shit is there but I keep the heat on, the bills paid and fresh sheets on the bed cause I’m always dtf
  • actually used to be my primary residence; first place of address when I moved into town. Moved out to find some place bigGER-
  • only things in the fridge are stale wine, mustard and a single soya sauce packet
  • even if I don’t visit in a long time I keep paying the bills cause I know I’ll be back someday, eventually


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  • UGH
  • that really fucking nifty, pretty local airbnb with a five star rating
  • reviews are all glowing and drawing you in and “next to a hot spring and FREE WIFI?!”
  • @xnoctits bombards me with links and texts of the place “GIRL JUST GETAWAY FOR A WEEKEND, I’LL JOIN YA”
  • lets me know when they’re having a discounted rate and that they’re dog friendly FUCK-
  • in the end can’t justify the cost when I’m already paying mortgage and board on two places
  • @xnoctits kidnaps me and I wake up in a prepaid Uber en route to the place with a suitcase packed full of condoms. I tie condoms into an escape rope, lasso a lampost and free myself


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  • S’ALL GOOD HERE. There’s wine on-tap and always a blanket that just came out of the dryer and it’s so nice and warm and surrounding, just like Gladio himself
  • love to invite my pals @itshaejinju @chocobruh-art @insomniascure and @louisvuittontrashbags over for yummy snacks that are eaten off Gladio’s abs, this is mandatory
  • @blindbae hasn’t RSVP’d yet, but I’ll send her some follow-up texts to make sure she got the invite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • smells like men’s shower gel and steel
  • fridge is cram-packed with pineapple
  • reinforced bedframe
Houston we have a baby problem

I am so happy that daddy Wednesday is now a thing. Here is the first of little drabbles that I will write from suggestions and ask that are sent to @bucky-plums-barnes. Thank you love for believing in me and pushing me to write these. And a massive thanks for letting me take these asks and make them into stories. 

Side note, when proof reading isn’t your bestfriend. 

-cough-, -cough-, “Chris honey, would you be able to make me lemon green tea”.

“Anything for you, my love and I’m so sorry for getting you sick”

“Hey it’s ok, one we thought you weren’t contagious anymore, and two I can never say no your your snuggles”. “You are my cuddly NASA bear”. “And side not those NASA jumpers are so god damn comfy, whoever designed and made those needs a raise”.

After Chris makes you your tea and the two of you snuggle on the couch watching some recorded shows from nights before, your one year old son starts to get restless and clearly wants to wake up for the day.

Chris starts to get up, when you snuggle further into him. “Honey, don’t leave, you are so warm and comfy”

“Baby, I would love to, but one I have to get Mark out of his crib before he starts having a fit, he needs breakfast and two I need to go to work”.

“Can’t you just call in sick today, please for me.”

“Again I would love to, but I already took sick leave when I was sick and I am teaching today, so I can’t disappoint them.” “They all love me.”

“Sure they do Chris. Have they told you this or did you just make this up from thin air”

“Hey don’t be mean”. “I am going to get our son out and ready for the day. You just sit here and stay pretty”

“Hey there little man, did you sleep well”

Mark was the spitting image of his father. The day he came into your lives was one of the most magical day’s ever and Chris was one the surface of Mars, so thats saying something. Chris dresses Mark for the day (and of course its space themed) and packs his day bag, as he is going to work with him. While getting ready for work, Chris places one of his NASA jumpers into the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you.

Walking back into the living room, Chris spots you curled up on the couch, watching the latest episode of Arrow. “God Stephen Amell is one handsome man”

“Ouch! love, what about me.”

“Haha, hey you are my gorgeous love bug”

“Mama, mama”. Mark starts to make grabbie hands for you and you just can’t resist. He is your little boy and the light of your life. But before you could get your hands on him, you start to have a cough attack. Chris sets down Mark to rub soothing circles on your back.

“I am taking Mark to work today. You need time to get some rest and I don’t want you to worry about Mark. I would prefer you to get better. There is some chicken soup in the fridge, all it need is some heating up. I stocked up the cupboards with some of your favourite snacks and I have left one of my jumpers in the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you”.

“How did I get so lucky. I love you so much. Well I hope you have an lovely day at work and Mark be good to your daddy.”

Mark was sleeping soundly in his stroller, while Chris was running his class. Mark’s namesake decided to join the class, as he couldn’t pass a chance to be with his godson. Halfway through the class, Mark starts to cry, big Mark starts to rock little man back and forth, but he was having none of it. He just wants his dad. 

“Hey little man, can you be a good boy for daddy, please” With no sign of stopping anytime soon, Chris was left with one option. Taking the harness strap out of the stroller, Chris straps his son to his chest and starts to hop around the classroom. Within a couple of minutes Marks starts to calm down and falls back to sleep. Chris continues the class like nothing ever happen. Watney without Chris spotting him, pulls out his phone and takes a couple of snapshots and sends it to you.  

You couldn’t contain the smile that broke out on your face. This was the cutest thing ever and Stephen Amell has graced us with his presence today. Ha, let’s not tell that to Chris. Underneath the photo, Watney leaves the caption, “God my godson is the cutest thing, must get it from me, ha”.

Mark and Chris come back from work at around 5 o’clock. Chris feeds Mark his dinner and bathes him before reading one of his books and while he falls asleep. He turns on his solar system turner, before making his way to your shared room. “How was your day baby”

“It was alright, went and had a bath and then spent the rest of the day watching the TV. How was your’s, I saw what happen in class today. Let just say you make an adorable daddy.”

You show Chris the photo that Mark sent you, which also has become your phone screen background. Chris places his hand around your shoulders and you snuggle into his side. “You know I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I have two wonderful, gorgeous, handsome boys. You too just make me so happy”

“Oh, now I’m better than Stephen, baby.”

“Ha, you know I love you more honey”.

You look up towards Chris and start to lending in to kiss him. Before you could attach your lips to his, he moves slightly and kiss your forehead instead.

“Sorry baby, your sick”

You pout and give him the best puppy dog eyes ever. “Fine, come here baby”

Chris and you share a breath taking kiss. Well it’s easy too, as you are currently sick. You snuggle further into Chris and you fall asleep in a instance.

Chris couldn’t ask for a better family.

Party girl-Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Justin meets Y/N at a party.

Y/N POV-  

“Y/N, Y/N!” the loud chants of my name can be heard throughout the room, above the loud music. I decided to let loose and go to my best friend’s brother’s birthday party. Tessa, whom i’ve known for over 5 years, assisted we went to her older brother’s 21st birthday party, saying it was party ‘we could not miss.’ 

I continue to move hips to the beat, dirty dancing on the kitchen counter top, not giving a care who was filming. I move my hips, shaking my ass to the fast beats, my mini shorts clinging tight to my curves. After my 5th shot of the stinging vodka, I went crazy, my mind not stable to think anymore. I close my eyes, feeling the hype run down my body, I continue to dance, raising my arms in the air. I open my hazy eyes, glancing down at the crowd. I spot a cute boy. He wore a tank top, that exposed his perfect structured arms that I wanted to touch so badly. 

He focused on me, his eyes staring looking up at me as he leans down to sip from the red cup in his hand. I stand there, lost and dazed from my dancing. I couldn’t focus anymore. 

“Y/N, that was so good!” I hear Tessa cheer from below. I jump down the counter top. 

“I got it all on video!” She continues to cheer for me, telling me how good my dancing skills were. 

I nod lazily, my mind on able to comprehend what she was saying, her words going straight through my left ear and out of my right. I feel unable to stand up, my legs suddenly feeling weak, as if any moment i’ll collapse. I clutch onto Tessa’s shoulder, leaning my weight onto her. She quickly notices something wrong. She turns her attention to me, holding me with two arms, slowing walking me into a quiet corner. 

My mind begins to fuzz, a blur suddenly taking over my vision.  Out of the blue, my eyes began to spin, the blur slightly easing my sight. I look around, confusion striking me. I didn’t know where I was. 

The bed sheets were soft, white and thick. The room, oddly tidy, clean and crisp, not an object out of place. A slightly familiar scent floats around the room, a woody earthy but warm and slightly rosey scent, travels to my scenes. The scent smelt so nice and welcoming. 

“Y/N” A deep voice, still and captivating rang in my ears, signaling my head to turn to its direction. 

I see him standing there, with the same red cup and with a hand in his pockets. He looks handsome as ever, his hair brown and soft, making me want to run my fingers through it, his smirk so confident making me suddenly fall into a nervous pit. 

“Uh,” I awkwardly begin, “What am I doing here?” 

“Well, I saw the way you looked at me the entire night” He replies with a half grin, “and the way you move your body is a sight to see.” 

He begins to walk closer to me, moving closer to the side of the bed. The insides of my body starts to tear apart, struggling to breathe, my mind still boozed from the large amount of alcohol I consumed the last hour. I sit there, unable to move, my eyes large and scared for what’s about to happen. He sits his cup on the bed side table before climbing on the bed. He hovers above me, slipping off his expensive slide ons as he gazes into my eyes, his eyes raking over my face intensly. He closes his body around me, supporting himself with his left hand against the headboard. His face so close to mine, I could smell his scent starting to blur my vision.

My body falls apart under him, suddenly I forgot how to breathe. I hold in my breath, eyes wide as he leans beside my ear, “let’s have some fun.” 

His voice making me melt instantly, “What do you say baby?” 

My tongue suddenly ties in a knot, not being able to reply. He suddenly rubs his thumb inside my inner thighs, making me squirm under his body. I close my eyes, my body not responding anymore. I raise my hips at his touch, wanting more, wanting him to touch me further. 

“More,” I breathlessly moan. I didn’t even know his name but it was ridiculous how much I wanted him. I feel myself becoming wetter every second. He continues to tease me, lightly grazing his thumb in my inner thighs, close to where I wanted him to touch. I quickly unbuttoned my denim shorts, signaling him where I needed him most. I clutch the sheets at the side of me, waiting for him to feel me up. I notice his actions suddenly stopping. I open my eyes to see his brown eyes full of lust. My eyes lace in confusion. 

“You’re drunk Y/N, I don’t think I should go any further,” he spoke seriously. 

“Please, I need you,” I whine breathlessly as I grip his large wrist in a tight grip, wanting him to penetrate me already. 

“God, you’re making this so hard,” He groans. 

I stare at his face. Eyebrows creased and bottom lip taken between his teeth, looking as if he was trying to control himself. I lunge at him, kissing him forcefully, pouring out my lust and want into the kiss. He slides two fingers against my slick folds. I moan into the kiss before I quickly pull away from his lips, instantly forgetting how to breathe. I begin to let out little pants, breathless as he begins to rub against my core with his large fingers.

“You’re so wet,” He growls deeply. I shut my eyes, loving the way he was making me feel. 

“Moan Justin’s name babygirl,” he demands with a warning tone, his warm breath blowing directly in my left ear. His voice edging me closer, making me want to let go already. 

A boy I just meet only less than a couple of hours ago has his fingers between my legs. He had a dangerous look on his face the first time i laid eyes on him, already knowing that he was trouble. His arms, decorated with ink and perfectly displayed through his baggy basketball singlet. The way his eyes would follow, indicating me he wanted me right there and then. 

Suddenly he plunges two fingers into my heat, feeling myself stretch with his digits. I yelp at his rough actions, my eyes opening wide. 

“Say my name Y/N,” he demands once again. 

He roughly penetrates me at a fast pace making me go crazy, my body not able to take it any longer. I feel his digits rubbing intensely against my walls, the pleasure so overwhelming. I stare back at him with lazy eyes, my lips not being able to form a sentence anymore, my tongue tying itself in a knot. He gazes right back at me with an intense stare before quickly flicking his eyes down at his fingers disappearing into my heat. 

“Come on, baby,” He whispers as he leans in beside my ear, “Am i doing you good?”

He harshly tugs at my left thigh, forcing my legs apart. He continues to plunge his two fingers into my walls. The feeling in my lower stomach becoming so intensely sore, beginning to tighten up.

“Justi-n,” I whine, my voice sounding more high pitched than normal. 

I glance down to see his hand deep in my shorts, moving at a fast pace. I feel my stomach tighten to the max, the sudden buildup letting go. I shut my eyes close as I grip the sheets tightly, letting my orgasm wash over me. I peer open my eyes to see Justin’s pupils looking straight into my face. 

“I love it when you let go for me,” he says as he licks over his plump bottom lip, his eyes examining my after sex phase. 

He keeps his harsh stare as he brings his two fingers between his pink lips, that I wanted to kiss so badly. His fingers dripped with my juices. He cleans them up, taking his time before taking them out. The sight so memorising but also the feeling strangely hitting straight to my core.

I smile hazily at him, barely able to keep my eyes open. My eyes begin to drift off too sleep all to sudden for me. My presence finally giving up on me.

Justin POV-

She was breathtaking. I saw her when she first walked through that door. The way she would smile and greet the birthday boy with such an innocent smile. She came along with Tessa. She did look slightly lost, as if she did not really knowing her way around parties. But the way her hips would move made me think otherwise. 

The clothes she wore gave me more than enough skin to tease me, for my eyes to touch as her soft glowy skin shone when she danced. God she did look sexy. The way her body responded to my fingers made me instantly want to pleasure her to the max, to she show her what i’m really made of. But I knew I couldn’t continue it because of her drunken state and didn’t want her to wake up and regret it. 

The high pitched moans from her sweet lips and the noises she would make every time I thrusted my fingers into her made my mind go crazy. The feeling of her wet tight core clenching my fingers nearly made me want to flip her over and fuck her continuously with my shaft deep inside her heat. 

“Justin,” a voice awakes me from my daydream, “are you ok bro?” 

I shot open my eyes to realise Darren still next to me as we sat on the couch. 

“Sorry,” I mutter, stretching my arms from the back of my head and bringing them to rub my tired eyes. 

“what time is it?” I mumble, my mouth feeling a bit dry. 

The air seems almost dark, despite all of the lights still on. I spin my head around to find no one present, the crowd of teenagers all gone. The only thing left as a reminder of this lame ass party was the mess they left behind. The whole house looked like a pigsty, cups and rubbish thrown around. God, why did I even let Darren host his birthday party at my house. 

I raise my hands to roughly rub the sides of my head. A headache racing into the insides of my brain. The stinging making my head want to explode into a million of pieces. I groan angrily, the pain taking me by surprise. I force myself off the couch, slumping my way up the stairs to my room. Every step was a struggle. I finally push my way into my room. I hastily grab the pills off my bedside table, popping two in my mouth and swallowing once. The relief instantly taking over me, calming my state. 

My eyes spot a red cup from last night. My eyes linger on the cup for a moment. The flashbacks of last night hitting me straight in the face like a bullet train. The moments so vividly clear, almost knocking me off my feet. 

I sit back onto the perfectly made bed. Y/N was here, it wasn’t a dream.

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It's 3 am and here's my head canon: During those late nights when Hanzo and McCree can't sleep they become soft boys™ McCree just lays himself across Hanzo and murmurs out random thoughts and Hanzo runs his hands through his hair. He thinks the thoughts are dumb but since it's McCree's thoughts he loves them. They're just nice and warm and soft™ and eventually they fall asleep and have good dreams.

*starts tearing up* SWEET HEADCANON ANON this is so good. i also see them having really detailed highly intelligent -because they are both prodigies- conversations this way. talking about past or planning future missions together, or maybe they’re just talking shit and cracking jokes or reading a book out loud in the hazy afternoon or early twilight curled up in the comfort and safety of each other until they drift off to sleep.
….yeah. mchanzo cuddles are where it’s at.

Uni AU: 1st meeting

You were the bookworm in your family. You were drawn to words and saw everything in a very logical and collected manner. This was why no one was surprised when you got a scholar ship to go to the college of your dreams. You studied litteratur and every day for you was a new exciting day.
But it was more of a rutine by now. You woke up in your dorm room, you had a roommate, a nice girl that didn’t stay in her room too often. Obviously because her boyfriend had bought himself an apartment off campus. And after getting ready in the morning you liked to go out a little before the class would start just go get some fresh air and enjoy the nice weather. It was still summer and the hot and sunny days continued to make everyone around you happy.
For some it sucked to be caged in the class room while the sun was at its highest, but for people like you, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
So here you were - in midst of your morning ritual. Walking down the path that would lead you to your first class. Surprisingly a lot of people were outside already probably because the warm weather was that inviting. But you didn’t really focus on any them, you continued to walk along the path.
But how you wish you had been a bit more observant, because out of the blue something hit you.

“Ow!” You groaned, you had fell to the ground and the hit had left few scratch marks on your arms. Right beside you a white football was rolling around, it was obviously the culprit here. Or more precisely the tool of the culprit. The real culprit was making his way towards you. “I am so sorry.”

Shawn Mendes. That one name on campus that anyone knew. It wasn’t that hard to remember either, but his boy-like features and constant way of making himself known to other people, that was the way he was remembered by you. Shawn was something every boy in high school probably wanted to become. A real frat boy. Sure he wasn’t the leader or anything, but he was pretty popular. The reason behind his popularity was that he was so confident in himself, even when doing embarrassing things he didn’t feel stupid. To top it all of he barely ever went outside without his sunglasses. They were always on him, nobody was sure if they had ever seen him out without them.
And with those sunglasses on, he gave you a cheeky smile and held his hand out for you. “Really sorry darling, my friend is a bit bad at aiming.” You took ahold of his hand and he helped you up.

“A bit? Try a lot… And don’t call me that.” You snapped at him, and then noticed your books laying all over the ground. Quickly you started to gather them, really wanting to get away from him. While every other girl he would practically fall at his feet, he didn’t really attract you. Of course you didn’t know any personal things about him, and maybe that was it. He didn’t seem like that guy that had any real thoughts to share.

None the less he chuckled at your words and nodded in admiration. “Alright, what do you want me to call you then?” And there it was. His smile, the one charming thing about him that you couldn’t even admit you liked. He had a really nice smile. But you would never say that out loud. “How about sweetheart? Or love? Or-“

“No thanks. My name is (y/n) and if you ever, I hope not, have to call me anything then that will be my name.”  you huffed and were about to grab the last book, but before you could another hand grabbed the book at the same time. Your hand was covered by his. “Relax sweetheart.”

“Don’t!” “Actually yes, sweetheart. It suits you … Sweetheart.” You couldn’t see his eyes but you were sure, that the smirk on his face surely had just as cunning eyes with it. In a rush to get away from him, you snatched the book from the ground and got up to hurry away. You didn’t turn around but you could feel his eyes on you. And then his voice followed.

“See you around sweetheart!”

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imagine young dennor in a human AU, talking about space, existence, aliens, sharing conspiracy theories and things like that. and then norway says 'imagine an alternative universe where we're not in love'. and then they just stare at each other in a reaaaally awkward silence, proably also blushing. if it's not too hard, can you write it for you drabble requests?

Here you are! It might have turned out a bit different than what you were asking for, but I hope you’ll still like it.

It’s funny because I actually had a conversation like this last week. Sadly, it was not with someone I have a crush on, it was with my dad. Oh well, it was a nice memory anyway.

The cicadas made a comfortable droning sound and the summer air was so thick and warm Lukas could have fallen asleep.

Comfortable was the perfect word for how he felt. It still amazed him sometimes just how at ease he felt around Mathias.

Social interaction, well, was never his forte. Speaking, even existing within the world with other people was a minefield.

Other people held secret judgments and false kindness, their eyes darting quickly, making calculations and criticisms. There were times when he had felt sure he could read minds, as the ugly whisper of “What a weirdo” seemed to echo inside his head in a voice that didn’t belong to him.

It had been so much easier, to just disengage with a world that was fundamentally wrong for him. To feign indifference towards those who didn’t understand him and didn’t care to.

And then there was Mathias. Perpetually optimistic, sweet-natured, goofy Mathias who wanted so badly to rip those prickly, sarcastic walls down he must have done it just by sheer power of will.

Lukas had, in the blue glow of night, wondered if he had made the right choice. Should he just cut his losses, assume he would only hurt Mathias and himself in the end? Push Mathias away at all costs to save them from future heartbreak.

But it was times like these, sitting on Mathias’ back porch under the cloudy night sky together, that Lukas could hardly believe he had thought of throwing this relationship away.

“You know what I mean? Hey, are you listening to me?”

Lukas whipped his head to the left, worried. Did he think Lukas didn’t care? He’d been accused of it by past flames. Truthfully, they were right most of the time. But not Mathias. Not ever Mathias.

“I’m sorry, I was just-”

But Mathias didn’t seem even slightly irked. He just gave Lukas a soft smile and said, “It’s okay, I’m just kidding.”

“What, um, what were you saying?”

Mathias faced forward again and relaxed against the rocking chair.

“Oh, I was just thinking, you know, do you ever think about,like, parallel dimensions and stuff like that? Like, why do you think they exist? And what happens in them? I mean, there’s supposed to be eleven of them, right? And different things are happening in them all. Does that mean there’s one original dimension and timeline and all the rest are working off it like a template?

I mean, can you even imagine all the possible combinations of events that could be happening in those dimensions? And what’s the function of those other dimensions? Is one of them like an afterlife? Is that where we go when we die?

Oh! What if our consciousness gets saved to, like, some kind of metaphysical flash drive and then we get plugged back into another dimension? Or what if that’s what other solar systems are for? Do you think there’s conscious life outside Earth? What if they know about us but we don’t know about them? Do you think they’re trying to contact us and we don’t understand? Or are they ignoring us on purpose because they’ve seen our lives and aren’t impressed?”

Mathias’ voice kept rising in pitch and speed proportionate to his enthusiasm. As his mind bounced from topic to topic, Lukas’ stayed fixed on one particular thought. The silent rushing of his blood seemed to urge him on, telling him if he didn’t take a chance and speak his mind, everything he had worked so carefully to build with Mathias would come crashing down.

“When you put it like that…”

Mathias paused mid-thought, turning to listen to his friend.

“You’re right, the odds are practically impossible. To think, you and I. We ended up in the same dimension, in the same solar system, the same planet, and in the same neighborhood.

Mathias only blinked. Lukas took this as a sign to continue.

“Can you imagine it? A dimension where we’re not in love.”

Lukas’ breath was stuck in his throat. There was complete silence. All the nocturnal sounds had stopped, as if nature itself was eager to hear Mathias’ response as well.

Mathias cocked his head to the side and glanced up at one of the only stars currently visible. His face betrayed no apparent emotion.

Lukas felt sick. Had he destroyed the very thing he was trying to save? What if Mathias was disgusted or horrified? He had made a terrible mistake…

But then, Mathias looked back down at Lukas. And he smiled that same, gentle smile he seemed to reserve just for Lukas. His cheeks and ears were red. Was he getting overheated? It was rather balmy out.

“Sounds like a crappy place, if you ask me.”

Mathias rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and took Lukas’ in the other. He stroked the back of Lukas’ hand with his thumb and Lukas wondered if Mathias could feel how blushy and warm he was. He wasn’t used to such romantic, sentimental action but he fought his instinct to run or say something snarky.

It was several minutes before either moved or said anything. But in fact, neither boy minded. It was enough to simply exist together.

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You probably hear this a lot but I'm always so happy to see your art, you have such a recognisable and vibrant style! Also I know it's a weird thing to say but Sniper's messy hair in the Sweet Nothings comic is really cute >w< Anyway, I look forward to updates, you're a blessing to this fandom. Have a nice day! ^^

Oh my, oh my… ಥ‿ಥ I don’t know what to say…aaah, thanks a lot! You’re so kind, it really warms my heart I’m always happy to hear when people enjoy my work, thank you so much again and I wish you a nice day as well! :D