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kegstand jared is all over my dash OBVIOUSLY and honestly i am struggling not to hit the reblog button every single time i see it

why, lord


“Hello, people of Tumblr! (and possibly future campers) My name is David, feel free to ask any questions you would like about our wonderful Camp Campbell!”

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IDK man considering how sheith is considered a bad word by some (antis) I can hardly blame them for not bringing it up in a room stacked with possible haters, particularly after all the threats that have been thrown about whenever staff mentions/defends sheith ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ

oh ya no im not mad they didn’t talk about sheith or anything!! honestly i don’t think ships should’ve been mentioned at all, considering how some people get. Like the staff has suffered enough. I’m just surprised they didn’t ask about some of the other popular ones, that’s all 

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Congratulations! You’ve been nominated in the Klaroline awards in the following Categories: Best Manip Maker, Most Underrated Fanfic Poster, Best Fanfic Poster Maker. Links to vote will be available on 22nd; you are free to provide the link to your followers then. Congratulations again and please do remember that you are not allowed to ask/bribe for votes or you will be disqualified. – KA

holy shit I was not expecting this at all because I was on a Tumblr break for like the past 5 months and consequently have not made things recently YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL KC NERDS THANK YOU SO MUCH 

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how do you feel about having your art posted on things like instagram? bc ur art is so lovely and i run a new 17775 account and id really love to repost some of your work (with credit ofc) but only if youre okay with it!!

im totally okay w/ that!!! you can repost my drawings wherever you want as long as you put a link to the original post or my blog somewhere in there. so yeah, go for it!


“nothing was said, everything was in the looks. the tension was built up so much, it was palpable. you could feel the love, fear, anxiety, the memories and history between the two.” - nina dobrev


here’s our baby with his new baby, shabu shabu