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“nothing was said, everything was in the looks. the tension was built up so much, it was palpable. you could feel the love, fear, anxiety, the memories and history between the two.” - nina dobrev

Day6's "When You Love Someone" MV - A summary

This month’s episode of Day6’s High School drama:

  • It continues exactly where the last episode left off
  • Sungjin confesses to the heroine
  • Go Sungjin
  • The heroine’s face falls as she obviously doesn’t like him back
  • Poor Sungjin
  • He notices and quickly tells her that’s ok and that she doesn’t have to answer
  • I didn’t understand what he was saying, but that’s what I assume was happening
  • Cue Wonpil who does what he does best:
  • Being a best friend
  • Taking Sungjin out to have a romantic music date distract him
  • Giving him their friendship key chain back
  • Which Sungjin grabs like a life line
  • He seriously appreciates Wonpil and is absolutely thankful for him
  • He’s just very oblivious
  • Poor Wonpil
  • I hope Sungjin sees what he has in you
  • Anyway continuing with Jae
  • Jae is just cute af
  • Honestly
  • Jae stans, are you alive?
  • The way he was staring at his crush when he was at the cafe with the heroine?
  • The way he was smiling to himself, first shyly, hesitantly, before it turns so bright and happy?
  • So, so, so adorable
  • I have to grin just thinking about it
  • I hope his story line turns out happier
  • Also the girl is really cute, I absolutely understand you, Jae
  • Anyway
  • Dowoon
  • Dowoonie is such a cliché
  • I mean
  • A rich kid
  • Who’s intelligent and popular
  • And who’s parents are never at home to take care of him
  • That’s why he becomes cold and uncaring towards others
  • And then he falls for the rebel kid
  • A whole cliché
  • He’s cute though so that’s ok
  • But sadly there’s no BriWoon action this time :(
  • Younghyun is just as much cliché as Dowoon
  • The rebel kid
  • Who’s not really good in school
  • And needs to work part time
  • Who seems really cold
  • But is actually very nice
  • And probably saves abounded kittens from the rain
  • Please imagine wet Younghyun with a tiny kitten hidden in his jacket
  • You’re welcome
  • Anyway
  • He’s working part time and his boss comes in
  • And apparently some money is missing
  • And of course it’s Younghyun’s fault
  • Because he’s the bad rebel kid
  • But of course it happens exactly when the heroine is there to rescue him
  • Who still likes him, even after how much of an asshole he’s been towards her
  • That’s some persistence
  • Though I understand her, he’s pretty hot after all
  • And then some heroine/Younghyun bonding time happens
  • And of course he’s grateful, so he’s nice to her?
  • Maybe he’ll start falling for her as well?
  • But what about the BriWoon story line?
  • And of course that’s when Sungjin and Wonpil walk past the park and see them
  • Poor Sungjin

If they won’t continue this next month I’ll be pissed very sad.

Trust and listen to Day6

trdarkiplier  asked:

I always feel awkward when I make a request I'm sorry! But first off I absolutely love your style it's soooo cute and just ugh I love it... But I was wondering, could you possibly draw Dark in a shirt that says "Sarcastic comment loading *loading bar* please wait... " You don't have to though it was just an idea I had

Oh this is a really nice ask, thank you so much! Don’t feel bad about wanting to send in an ask, I really appreciate them and I love getting new ideas to draw!

I think he adores this shirt, he’ll probably wear it around the other ego’s. Like whenever they ask a stupid question he’ll just point to the shirt and then just walk away.

This is it! The thing that is the closest to The Lucky Flannel that I have found so far!

Mossimo brand, lightweight. It’s not thick, but it’s not too thin either. It feels like how Mark described his.

It looks like it’s made of the same material/build that Mark’s flannel was made of. If I would have found the red one, you bet your ass I would keep it for Mark. I’m keeping my eyes peeled! Hopefully I find two! :D

so I like just realized that negan had his hand on rick’s shoulder in 701

i just… omfg