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I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



Shout out to those of you who have been following and supporting me for the longest time despite the fact that I haven’t followed you back. I wish I wasn’t so easily overwhelmed by too much content on my dash and could follow more people, but please know that even if I never follow you back I still love you and you can still come talk to me and share things with me and tag me in things and I appreciate every reblog and comment and lovely tag and let there be no doubt that I devour them all like the insatiable validation monster that I am.

Here is a chicken hug for all of you.

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Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison


I really wanted to participate something for mazume week…. but  i couldn’t reall decide wich prompt so i did all of them and made a super short comic (「´ー`)「 ( under the cut) 

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  • me, organizing my things: its going to be so much easier for me to find things now
  • me, 12 hours later, looking for the Thing That Was On The Floor: ??????????????????

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Majorly judging you, 14!

sitting on someone’s lap

It’s easy, sometimes, to forget that Alura’s life on Krypton was, for her, not so long ago.

It’s easy to forget that for her, her planet’s destruction was not decades ago, but so recent, so, so recent, because she’s adapted to life here to quickly, and she’s built a life in the place of her sorrow. She’s happy, too, Lucy knows that, she can see it, she sees it when Alura laughs with her sister and embraces her daughter, sees it when she watches Astra and Alex lean together like they have no troubles in the world. She sees it in Alura’s eyes when the woman kisses her. She knows that Alura is happy, because the woman spent enough of her life pretending, and hiding, and she leads this new life with an open honesty that is more refreshing than Lucy can describe.

But its the little things, really, that remind Lucy that Krypton’s influence is still very much present and alive within Alura. Things like this; the way Alura glances away when Lucy cups her face and tells her she’s beautiful, the faint crease that furrows her brow, the dusky flush high on her cheekbones.

Lucy frowns slightly in response, running her thumbs over Alura’s cheeks, and leans forward to nudge her nose against her jaw. ‘Hey’, she murmurs, kissing the defined edge, ‘you okay?’

Alura nods, her lips curving, her fingers carding through her hair. ‘Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?’

Lucy purses her lips slightly, considering her words, running her hands up and down the woman’s back. Alura’s weight is warm and familiar in her lap, their hips pressed together, and Lucy reaches for the remote to mute the television, silencing their marathon of Brooklyn Nine Nine, before she settles her hands on her hips. ‘No reason, really, just…’ she cups her face again, fingertips curling at the hinge of her jaw, ‘you sometimes look… so surprised when I say that’.

Alura blinks. Her brow furrows slightly, and she murmurs, ‘I suppose… I suppose I am’.

Lucy’s frown deepens, and she loops her arms around Alura’s neck, twisting locks of her hair around her fingers. ‘You don’t think you’re beautiful?’

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Lunar Investigations

This is from my one of my story idea in which Cinder and Cress are private investigators in the crime-ridden city of Artemisia. While there’s no space travel or moon kingdom, the story still has a futuristic setting and I love drawing the both of them in clothes that reflect it. And since they are working togther, I try to match their clothes a little bit while still retaining their personal styles.

(Read the summary of the plot here)

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Hohoho you can't fool me I know that last liverpepper post an old reply on Twitter (but I'm glad it's on liverpepper now it makes it so much easier to find lol)

GOOD EYE ANON 👀 i’m gonna be bringing back another old twitter post soon too… heh✨✨✨