it's so much better with the way they animated it

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Name: Ann

Gender: Female

Star sign: Pisces (which i was for 15 years and fits me way better than Aquarius, fight me NASA)

Height: 5 feet ;-;

Hogwarts House: Probably a hufflepuff ^^

Favourite Colours: Any shade of blue!

Favourite Animals: Im not even sure? Red foxes are beautiful

Time right now: 5:51, CST 

Average hours of sleep: Seven to Eight. I get the best sleep out of my friends.

Cat person or dog person: Ajghfavjgsajjafdalkh this is HARD? I like both but have a dog, so probably dog person.

Favourite fictional characters: hA okay um Riza Hawkeye, Roy, Edward, Al, Winry, Allura and Shiro (and Hunk who I feel is under appreciated) and Hinata from Haikyuu!! and Killua Zoldyck and …

Number of blankets I sleep with: Hmm well there’s my sheet and comforter, and sometimes a fluffy blanket

Favourite musicians: Oh heck. I’ve got no idea bc I listen to 1 song from about 50 different artists. bUT I will mention Gio- @the-musical-alchemist- and Blythe- @mustangsgloves- because they are absolutely amazing!

Dream Trip: Visiting Paris, then driving around the  french countryside. Oh wow. Or somewhere in Thailand, or India- all I’ve seen is Europe & Japan and I want that to change.

Dream Job: I have no idea, but if I can travel and do something with molecular biology, I’d be very happy.

When was this blog created: Hmmm… I had to check my blog’s archives, but it was December 2nd of 2015.

Current number of followers: 118?!?! Im yelling omg thank y’all honestly

What do you post: Almost entirely royai. But this is my personal and only blog (which says a lot about me) so other things that catch my interest and life help stuff…

When did your blog last reach it’s peak: I almost feel like I can’t answer this, bc when do I know i’m in decline? Is that even possible? But this hamilton text post is my most popular post ever and recently i’ve been gaining many new followers, which is very rewarding. 

Who made you join Tumblr: Nobody specifically, but I wanted to keep up with some of my fave royai authors, and met some awesome people in the process.

Why did you choose your url?: Ha. because I thought it sounded pretty and mentioned stardust and I was watching miraculous ladybug. that’s the simple truth lmaoo

Thanks, Leah, for tagging me ^^ I’m not sure which of my mutuals have already done this or even want to, so i’ll just leave it open.

I understand the urge to protect yourself above others. The human race couldn’t have survived without it. Stealing fires and sharing caves and killing animals and the list goes on. What I don’t understand is the urge to take revenge. Surely, our fellow homo-sapiens had better things to worry about like surviving the harsh winter or something.

But I can feel it snaking its way up my ribs, trying so hard to break down the already crumbling wall of my heart. What actually puzzles me more is how much I welcome it with open arms.

“Come,” I say. “Come and destroy me.”

—  idontgiveaneffie, An excerpt from the book I want to write

I always liked how with dogs like mastiffs, you could give them big excited enthusiastic attention. Big pets on the rump, scruffing their shoulders, and they have all that bone and muscle and they handle it just fine. But I like just as much when you have a tiny finch and you can barely touch it to give it scritches, and you have to be so careful and focused - but if you do it right, you can see it canting into the tip of your finger and it’s eyes do that sleepy-happy thing.

I feel like how we treat our friends is a lot like this in some ways. Bear with me - but I’m not a ‘mastiff’ friend. You can’t roughhouse with me. You can’t whack me on the shoulder or do a bunch of things you might be able to do with your ‘mastiff’ friends. If you pet me (metaphorically) with the same force as you pet a mastiff, you’re going to crush me, and if you blame me for that - well, dude, the world is filled with tons of different natured people and if you can understand that you can do things with a giant mastiff that you can’t do with a tiny finch (and see that both still have immense value) - maybe you could learn it’s the same for friends as well. 

The world is meant to be filled with different kinds of animals, different kinds of people. Finches aren’t for everyone, but neither are mastiffs. But you can crush a finch, if you treat it like a mastiff. And a mastiff is going to be bored, if you treat it like a finch. (I’m just imagining someone tickling like three mastiff hairs with a tiny scritching motion and it’s like yeah - no dice). 

Look, theres different reasons why people won’t be vegans.

I am 100% with vegans and the way they see life, but I am more a protector of animals and humans too, and some people LITERALLY can’t be vegans, vegan food its expensive, some illnesses makes the body require a BIG AMOUNT of protein that its easier to find on meat and some protein alternatives (like pills) can be super expensive (money is a serious problem). 

On the other hand, we, as an specie, are omnivorous, so its ok if you don’t wanna eat meat or animal products, thats super neato, but understand that others just… don’t find the opportunity appealing. Also, a good way to fight against animal abuse on factories its NOT buying animal food that are produced on there, because… lets be honest we all know that they treat their animals like nothing. 

A good alternative (and the one I follow) its buying meat or products that comes from FARMS and not factories, they taste waaay much better and they treat the animals with way more dignity (I’ve seen those places, they even look happy), and even tho I do it, its not something EVERYONE can since farm products are more expensive. Its not “monstrous” eating animal products, animals eat other animals, we are, in part, animals after all.

So… yeah, don’t be a mean bean! 

…the value of a utopian form lies less in its prescription for what to want, imagine, or will than in its insistence that we want, imagine, and will. Miguel Abensour argues that the role of utopias should be understood in terms of the education of desire–not as moral education but, as E.P. Thompson explains Abensour’s view, to ‘teach desire to desire, to desire better, to desire more, and above all to desire in a different way’. In this sense, the utopian form’s power lies in its capacity to provoke more than prescribe, to animate more than to prefigure. Jameson too afirms utopias less as artifact than as praxis, less for their content than their form; the utopian form, as he describes it, 'is not the representation of radical alternatives; it is rather simply the imperative to imagine them’. By this account, a utopia offers not so much the content of a political alternative as an incitement of political will.
—  Kathi Weeks, The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries