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Many years have slipped by since 

             I left the path I used to tread. 

For awhile I went elsewhere, 

            but at last I have returned. 

And now that I have come back,

            my heart shall never roam again.

Poetry Series:

Homage to Korea, Kim Yuna ‎※ Twelve Songs of Tosan, Yi Hwang

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hey! i love ur writing, and do you think you could do a porn star au? i'll love you forever!

can you please write one where they do the do in a public place?

ahhhhh thank u sm!! 

Eleven hours. London to LAX. Dan is traveling to L.A. on a business trip, and as it happens, Phil is doing the same.

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  • Me before seeing "Rogue One": Well, it's not Episode VIII, but it has Darth Vader and it's still a Star Wars movie, so maybe it'll be decent enough to hold me over :/
  • Me after seeing "Rogue One": Was there a time before Rogue One and stardust and the Erso family I don't know but I will forever claim Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut & K-2SO as my precious little cinnamon roll babies who deserved so much better than what they got and I will never again think of a beach without sobbing over RebelCaptain nor can I watch the New Hope opening crawl without screaming about the unknown "rebel spies" who were galactic heroes and while we're at it, hey Lucasfilm, how bout some Rogue One references in the future Star Wars movies or maybe a cameo in the Han Solo movie actually you know what, no one really wants the Han Solo movie anyway so how about a prequel about the Rogue One crew instead...???

“Erik… you came for me.”

Fic Recs: Space Jam by @pangeasplits: (57k)

Prince Charles Xavier is Deputy Commander of the TEF Heartsteel and the newest mission they’ve been assigned starts out less than desirable and quickly goes downhill from there. It’s alright, though, he’ll cope.

It doesn’t help, though, that he’s in unrequited love with his best friend and Commander of the Heartsteel, War-Prince Erik Lehnsherr.

(an improvement of this)

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My copics just ran out of ink for the first time :c I was going to buy a refill thing but I got confused, do you have to buy a refiller for each ink? And if not, what would I buy instead?

yeahh you gotta buy those ink refills for each copic color you need

its worth it though, cause each one refills a copic fully multiple times, so its much better than buying a completely new marker. 

About the Mercy concept art

I’ve been seeing so much about it and I have to put in my two cents because its driving me up the wall.

I love the concept art. I really hope they make a new hero, one with a more likable personality than Mercy [as in my eyes, she’s a little too up herself for my liking. Doesn’t mean she’s a bad character or bad character design, just that I personally don’t enjoy that sort of thing.] I think it would be amazing to have another angelic support on the team.


There’s a lot of shit about Blizzard being cowards. That they should have done better. That there’s no black angels out there.


The most SELF-LESS character in the series. He’s the only angel that stood for humanity. 

“Oh but his human form is technically ‘fallen’” Fuck off. Diablo angels have their faces covered so you wouldn’t see until he was human the fact that he’s black. On top of that, the whole reason he fell was to save humanity. To show that the Angels were not always right in his stance.

He is the definition of Good. There are moral choices made in the game that may make you angry with him, but everything he does is with the aim of saving the most lives possible. It makes his character, and all he stands for, stronger. 

He was the Archangel of Justice. Spoilers, he’s now the Aspect of Wisdom. The top of the top of the Angel hierarchy. A black angel, in a Blizzard game.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a more diverse cast. I’m not saying that they played it safe with Mercy - because they did. However, to sit there and say Blizzard doesn’t have the balls to make a black angel is completely wrong. 100% wrong. There’s proof of that. It’s not a side project either - its Diablo. 

I get that you wouldn’t know this unless you played the games. I’d love to see more art of him about, more of Tyrael’s human form posted. I love him. But he really is one of the most well known characters from the series. 

I repeat - I really do hope they use the concept art of Mercy for a new character. I truly do. He’s absolutely stunning. But please stop saying Blizzard won’t do it - as they already have once. I really hope they do it again.

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I want to say something a bit controversial. Not everything Jack does needs to become an ego. Quality always over quantity - it's much better to have a few well-developed, multidimensional characters than a plethora of shallow ones. We've gotten 2 new egos in just a couple of days, basically, and I feel like we should concentrate on building up their character and backstories, and not jump onto opportunitites to make new egos. Sorry, I had to get this off my chest. Carry on, I love you! :3

It’s fine nonny! I think you’re totally right! :)
I always take Markiplier and his egos as examples, but the problem with his egos is that there’s so many of them that I probably couldn’t tell you about all of them, and if Mark still wants them all to be canon, there’s going to be way too many stuff to get to know about them and they may even look like one another at some point, which is kinda becoming reality, as Google’s voice and Dark’s voice sound a lot like each other now.
You’re going to say “Oh well it’s Mark of course he’s not going to hire voice actors for his egos”, but the thing is that you can recognize when Wilford talks, same for Bim Trimmer, which is simply Mark’s voice but more theatrical, where I couldn’t tell the difference now between Dark and Goog.
That’s where I like Thomas Sanders’ Sanders Sides, because they are only four, but four well-thought and well-written characters. I could tell you who is who by just seeing them or hearing them! They have their own voice, their own vocabulary, their own gestures!
Same goes for Jack, and I hope it will stay that way. I could tell if it’s Chase, Marvin or Jackaboy Man talking, without even watching.
Quantity is cool, but quality is way better. - Mod Lily

Creator’s update #2

Hey guys! I’m back with another update to keep y’all posted on what I’ve been up to (= I’m getting this up a week later than I wanted to, but hey, what can ya do. It’s still very much up to date, I just didn’t have the time to get this typed up last week, buuuut making up for that now!

Mood: Juuuuuust chillin’~

Music I’ve been digging recently:

This is basically just gonna be a looooong list of Selena Gomez, because dammit I’m into her music right now. The girl is gorgeous and I’ve always liked her music, but I used to be more into her old stuff, and now I’m just living for all the songs I didn’t listen to as much from the time she released her Stars Dance album and onwards. These are just a select few of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past week or so lol.



I finished editing an entire scene I’d been struggling with for the looooongest time (and now I’m having trouble with the next scene, sigh you just can’t win). For that scene, I had to rearrange three different scenes and combine them into one in a way which made sense, and geez it wasn’t fun. The real struggle is finding out what to keep and what to cut, right? I dunno ‘bout you guys, but I’m very reluctant to cut anything until I’m sure I don’t wanna use any of the prose somewhere else.

The light came to me late one night (as it usually does) when this random line popped in my head as I was mulling over what to name my second chapter. Okay, backtrack, I title my chapters, and ever since I started revisions and essentially condensed the first four chapters down to three, I couldn’t figure out what to name the second chapter. The other two chapters could easily just take on the titles they had previously, but the structure and overall focal point of the second chapter had changed so much that I needed to rethink the title (at least if I wanted it to be a good title lol). So chapter 2 was untitled until just recently, when this line came to me and finally made me decide on a name: The Find. A find in this sense refers to an archaeological discovery (my main characters study and work in the archaeological field), and you might see how it plays into the chapter in my excerpt later this post. But yeah, this line came to me, and along with that came the realisation that I could move a whole paragraph from the scene I was revising in chapter 3 to chapter 2, since that paragraph was oriented in a pretty similar fashion to what I was going for with that new line. Does any of this make sense? My thought process is a little strange lmao.

Anyway, so knowing what I needed to do with chapter 2 gave me the push I needed to move on with that scene I struggled with in chapter 3, and I finally managed to restructure all the bits and pieces of those scenes I had to combine. It became much easier because I’d moved an entire paragraph that didn’t really fit in that scene anyway to a place where it was much better suited lol. Since the new dialogue was already written out, it was pretty straightforward to draft new narrative to go with it after I had reassembled the pieces (though I’m sure it’s all veeeeery rough cuz I’ve not given it a proper read through yet).

It all worked out in the end, and I’m so happy I made that progress wee! And I think I know what to do with the next scene, so it’s just about kicking my ass into gear lol (special thanks to @coffeeandcalligraphy who helped me brainstorm for this scene, ugh bless my friends). I already knew the next scene needed to be edited a lot, because basically the entire thing was just filler. The first half was a way too long narrative summary with a bunch of unnecessary detail which could be condensed significantly, and the next half was a scene also way too long for the purpose it served, and to make matters worse, it also introduced a bunch of pointless characters that never show up again, so the scene just feels kinda forced. I’ve done some trimming on the narrative summary, and I’ve cut out the scene that follows, so what I need to do next is add some details that pertain to the timeline and illness change (if you read my last post, you might recall me mentioning that I was doing these revisions in the first place because I aged my characters up and changed the illness of my MC’s sister), and then I’m gonna draft a new much shorter scene that’ll serve the same purpose the previous scene did, but without so much pointless, contrived detail, and without friggin’ introducing new characters that’ll never appear again, my god Soto what were you thinking.

But you know what, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’ve made an important discovery during these edits, which I discussed with @shaelinwrites, who herself was recently stuck in revision hell with her manuscript I’m Fine, and we both agreed; it’s honestly much easier to draft new, better prose than trying to elevate very old less mature prose. As I’m revising these chapters, I sometimes get the feeling that my prose isn’t very complex or sophisticated, but then when I get to draft completely new lines or even paragraphs, I wonder how the new words seem so much better than the old ones. Then I look back at the date and remember that these chapters I’m revising were written in friggin’ 2014. It’s no wonder the prose ain’t that sophisticated lmao. It’s hard work improving something which at its core is less refined!

With that said, I think it’s time for some excerpts. I didn’t show any last time since I hadn’t been working much on my writing recently, but this time I have stuff to show!


He seemed a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered, layered deep in the crusts of his own humility and class, a rare find with all the potential it entailed – academical and monetary.

This was the line I talked about which basically solved all my problems for me lol bless this line. And bless @shaelinwrites who convinced me to get rid of an unnecessary word, THANK YOU GIRL, I WAS DUMB, YOU WERE RIGHT, THE WEASEL WORD HAD TO GO.


They arrived in Naples, grandest seaport of the Mediterranean, without incident. The capital of the Sicilies was a majestic sight when approached from the sea, rather alien with its numerous colourful structures raised on slanting green hillsides amongst sprouting palms, so very different from the grey, uniform London back across the English Channel.

Just some description; looking at pictures of Naples helped a lot for this lmao. I’m still not entirely happy with it, it needs a good clean up and stuff. Buuuuuut you know what, it’s progress, and that’s all that matters right now!

  • Chapters edited: 2/16
  • Current total word count: Around 123k (I’ll give a more precise number when I’ve gathered all my chapters in one document)
  • Current total chapter count: 16

Look at the lovely progress on chapter 3 since last update <3


So honestly I don’t have a lot of WIPs to show in the art department this time around, because a) I’ve mostly been finishing up the sketches I showed last time, and b) the new stuff I’ve started are secret projects I’d rather not reveal yet. So don’t blame it on inproductivity! d:

Like I said, I’ve finished some of the WIPs I talked about last time, and even better, I’ve posted them as well, so you can go and take a look at the final product: the Disney portraits, and my portraits of the Armstrong siblings.

And with that said, can we just marvel at this improvement?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re never getting anywhere, and that’s when it’s important to gaze back at your journey and see how far you’ve come. I’m certainly pretty happy with how my skills have developed in the past two years! I want to do more “draw it again” pieces in the future so I can track my own development n.n

The only thing I feel I can show a WIP of (that I’ve not already shown, anyway) is this character portrait I’m working on for Serena. Used my girl Selena Gomez as reference cuz she’s the best face claim for Serena I’ve come across <3 It’s actually this portrait’s fault that I got into this entire Selena Gomez groove, and oh how grateful I am for it because Selena Gomez slaaaaaays.

I’m not entirely sure I’m gonna keep the portrait like this for her official character portrait though, because I feel it’s a little risqué~ for a Victorian portrait LOL. I mean, slay that hair, Serena, you know ya sexy af, but gotta stay in character with your setting, yanno? Lmao I dunno, I need to rethink it a bit, but regardless I’m digging the sketch thus far!

I think the next thing I’m working on will be lining and colouring Owen’s portrait, and then I also have all these secret things in the works that I wanna make progress on so I can reveal them. Aside from this, I’ve been hard at work on setting up commissions, and I’ll soon make an announcement, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in getting a portrait done by me!


It’s been a month since last update, and I upload new videos every Friday, which means I’ve got new videos to announce to y’all! So if any of you like kpop, vocal covers, or speedpaints, here’s where you should look :D

I’ve actually gotten pretty good at this Youtube thing (thanks to the scheduling feature, it saves lives), so my uploads are fairly consistent. I upload every Friday; every other week it’s a vocal cover (usually kpop, but not exclusively), and the other week it’s a speedpaint, so *hint hint* you should subscribe if you haven’t already *hint hint*. I’ll soon run out of covers to upload though, so I should record some more… Ahem.

Anyway, here’s the most recent one I uploaded. The song is a bit obscure if you’re not a dedicated 4minute fan, but it’s one of my favourites!

And my second cover can’t be embedded due to copyright, but I’ll leave a link for it here so you can check it out! It’s for the song So Good by Kara. The acapella for this one was super fun to record what with all the harmonies and background vocals and stuff.

And of course, I uploaded a few speedpaints as well! There are actually four up on my channel now because one of the speedpaints was split into two parts to prevent a 45 min video lol. So if any of you are interested in seeing my process, check them out! The first one was a birthday gift I made for the amazing @juliajm15 back in March <3

And the second, split into two parts (lineart and colour), is one I find particularly interesting since it’s more elaborate. I really do like how the colouring came out for this piece!

So yaaassss, remember to subscribe if you’re into this sort of stuff!

Bonus: Fanart feature!

So you guys, I have some really amazing friends who make some really amazing fanart for me, and I must share.

Where to even begin? I seriously get all teary-eyed when someone takes the time to make something because they enjoyed my story and characters so much *cries*. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably seen me gush about all the amazing artwork @juliajm15 has done for me over the past couple years, but I wanna shine some light on two of my other good friends and loyal supporters who made some incredible and thoughtful tributes to my little labour of love!

First up are some amazing edits as well as a drawing done by Rachel over at @coffeeandcalligraphy.

This pretty thing is a fan book cover Rachel made for my first book, Memoirs! I love the aesthetic of the title so much, and there’s some actual symbolism in there with how she chose to colour coordinate the elements; green for Daniel, red for Serena. Just knowing how much thought and care she put into it makes my sentimental little heart swell <3

These two edits are just GORGEOUS. Once again done by Rachel, she made this for my birthday last year <3

For the first one, she used lyrics from Elton John’s Daniel because I’d mentioned that this song was the perfect message for Hazel to give Daniel, and the little doll reading the book is sooooo adorable because Daniel and Hazel have this thing with reading fairytales together *cries* and then it’s wearing a white nightgown too, which is basically what Hazel always wears since she’s confined to her bed!

For the edit beneath, she picked an actual quote said by Serena to Daniel, and the summer aesthetic with the greeneries and the flower in the background to symbolise the summers they spent together, bah it’s too much! The care and thought put into this makes me emotional all over again, and these edits are just so lovely!!

And last one: my darling, Daniel! Rachel actually made this for our friendship anniversary a short while ago, and I still feel bad that I didn’t think to make anything for her lmao. She used the ref I found for Daniel, and his face honestly is just so friggin’ adorable, and then she used a quote from Renaissance to go along with it! I seriously have the best and most thoughtful friends in the entire world, like wow.

Another one of my friends who’s been giving me a bunch of cute fanart lately is @sarahkelsiwrites! Just take a look at this adorable drawing she did of Hazel:

Hazel is a very beloved character, but she doesn’t get nearly as much love in terms of artwork as my other characters, so it’s always so nice when someone remembers her <3

And okay, but this one kills me:

I literally screamed when she sent me this. LOOK AT HIS TATS HAHAHAHAH. So for some context, basically @coffeeandcalligraphy has a weird fetish for angst, and we started talking about how our characters have different kinds of angst. I started calling her characters angsters, because they angst like it’s cool to angst, aka gangster, aka angster. Rachel then said that Daniel’s angst is elegant, which turned into a really lame pun, and the rest is history…

Long story short, don’t mess with E. Angst’s tea, yo. Much British, very angst.

And the last one and I DIE CUZ MY BBY LOOKS SO HANDSOME <3 <3 <3 So Sarah brooded that somehow, everytime she tries to draw a girl, it turns into Daniel, but yanno… Can’t complain.

LOOK AT THE SMOOTH LINEART THO. I couldn’t draw smooth lineart for the life of me until I’d had my graphic tablet for like two years. Ugh I love how Danny looks here, his expression is so perfect! Thank you so much @sarahkelsiwrites and @coffeeandcalligraphy for the amazing gifts, I feel so blessed to have such generous, thoughtful and talented friends! <3

So that was all for this time around; I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been working on! I’ll be back soon to summarize my progress on all my projects again, so until next time, folks!

ID #45268

Name: Magda
Age: 23
Country: UK

Something about myself is that im good at writing but im not ready yet to pursue it so i do other thing i enjoy in meantime which is cooking and baking :) i have a lot of pets and flowers and that makes me happy :) i love music of many genres but expecially R'n'B & hiphop ( Trey songz - huge fan , tory lanez, miguel, bruno mars mainly) , dont like country at all or agressive music or heavy one. :/ I like comedies, action or disaster movies :) I hate horrors, im a real wimp :o Im trying to be as far from politics as i can . I like going to small club concerts more than big areas , the whole experience is much better that way! Im not a party person at all and dont really enjoy drinking anymore . I looove travelling and meeting new people , and discovering their minds, its so amusing!
I wish i was famous so i could have a lot of money and give my family everything they need but cant have
Oh i watch a lot of ASMR. Not the eating sounds one. Those are gross. The other ones. As im always superstressed they are my daily savers to put me in peace.
Oh and i hate spicy food . Why everyone loves it ??

Preferences: Hmm any gender and maybe 17-35 ?

Ok so

Dead by daylight is a very nice game which changed my life SO MUCH!

I not only got to enjoy a new game and explore and enjoy its lore and characters, I also found SO many friends, best friends and EVEN a boyfriend through this game! I got SO far in art, improved a lot and i even got inspired by it for many schoolprojects ive done. (yes, i made dbd themed projects, those were a flash animation, motion capture animation and a poster series.)

And now, this weekend its the bloodfeast, where one can get 3x more bloodpoints. You know whats even, well, better than that? It goes through my birthday- Even though this game and its developers tend to be a tad too “mean“ to me, its a great present for my birthday. Im glad this game unintentionally made me this present- and i also got to enjoy it with my friends.

So, Thank you. for an amazing time.

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Hey dude I'm having a crappy day and idk who else to turn to bc ur just a couple years older than me, you've already been through all the junk im stressing about I graduate on thursday and it just feels like i wasted high school bc i don't have many friends and i didn't participate a lot, i don't have any scholarships, i don't even know what college i wanna go to, and its all freakin me out bc i just want to draw and be happy but idk im havin a rough time ig. I just need someone to say its okay

oh my god you’re absolutely 100% fine

If you can, start off at a community college. I’d highly recommend it. Take some art electives. It’s a FANTASTIC way to meet like-minded people who are probably close in age to you. Join the art club if there is one.

In my experience, community college is SO much better than high school. My high school experience wasn’t even That bad, and I still think it’s a million times better. It’s nice cause you can just sorta.. go at your own pace. You get to start fresh with new people, a new campus, new opportunities.

There’s no deadline to figuring your life out. Even if it takes you a while, none of that time is wasted because it’s part of what led you to your discovery, right?

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Lucas, I love your new scarf! It looks great on you!

Lucas: It’s really fluffy and warm!

Claus: …(Resist the urge. RESIST THE URGE, CLAUS.)



Sacredshipping Headcanons

(For anonymous. Thank you for requesting my favourite pairing!)

  • In the early stages of their relationship, Morty’s gengars would deliberately startle Eusine by hiding in mirrors or moving his belongings around. Years later, they still occasionally do this - Morty once put them in storage as punishment for hiding Eusine’s passport under the sofa.
  • Eusine is seven years older than Morty. The latter was only just out of university when they met.
  • Morty’s family are overbearing and obliviously embarrassing, but Eusine’s parents are uptight and unbearably middle class. Spending Christmas with either family is an ordeal. 
  • Although both of them are talented cooks, they can end up bickering if they try to cook alongside one another, simply because they have different ways of doing things. They have trivial arguments about how best to stack the dishwasher for the same reason. 
  • They separated for a couple of years after Morty became a gym leader, due to his fear of media attention and general insecurities regarding his sexuality and settling down. After a host of complications, an affair, and some ugly tabloid headlines, the two resumed their relationship. They married a few years later.
  • Morty is a night owl. Eusine is an early bird. 
  • Eusine resents the fact that, despite being an established academic and lecturer in his own right, he gained over half of his Twitter followers after his relationship with Morty was made public. Morty teases him by telling him that he’s practically a WAG now. 
  • Morty has a daughter from a previous relationship (one that occurred during his and Eusine’s separation) who stays with them regularly. Between Morty, Eusine and her mother’s new partner, she has a healthy supply of dads. 
  • Eusine’s Japanese is better than Morty’s, as he grew up hearing it, whereas Morty is still learning. Morty sometimes refuses to speak it around him, as Eusine can’t seem to resist interjecting to correct every one of his mistakes. He doesn’t realise how distracting this is.  

Happy (late) New Year! Okay so yesterday my computer decided to lose the original finished picture entirely. I had to do the lineart and colors all over again :/ But to be honest this one looks a lot better than the one before. So it was kinda a win lose situation haha. It would’ve been done a while ago but my family was leaving today and i wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. :]


Person A is an introvert who works at a desk job. Person B is an outgoing person who always hangs out at the bar A sometimes goes to. Person B is always hitting on A, but is respectful about it.
One day person A is asked to show a new employee around, only to find that they are none other than person B. Person B makes it their goal to make person A blush as much as possible and convince them to go out with them.