it's so luscious~~

i just want more of everything of this series !!! (especially this guy ahhhhh)

partially inspired by this post! or else I wouldn’t have thought about the connection between his name and the flower in the op tbh lol

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Don't you think lucius and narcissa were in an arranged marriage? like i get you ship the 'we are rich, sexy and invincible' couple, but do you actually think they're in love with each other? I see them as really good partners rather than lovers, you know? but i do ship their partnership lol so idk i just wondered where you stand! love love LOVE your tumblr :)

So I definitely think they were in love with each other! Lucius follows her lead and respects her opinion so fucking much, and they’re both so committed to their family that they’ll run screaming through a deadly battle looking for their son together. I think they show love differently and are very much a “this is our business, we keep this behind closed doors” couple, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. I think Lucius adores his fierce, brilliant, powerful, gorgeous warrior of a wife who gets shit done, and Narcissa will fight to the death to defend her husband. And even if their marriage were arranged (which we don’t know), they could still truly fall in love with each other! The way that they got together doesn’t invalidate the feelings that developed between them over their years together.

And honestly, I don’t know how someone could be married to Narcissa “I’ll lie to fucking Voldemort without batting an eyelash to save my son” Malfoy and not fall in love with her. She’s a goddess and Lucius is well aware of how lucky he is to have her

but seriously can we talk about Ashton’s hair? like its so long and luscious and thick and soft and golden and it probably smells really nice too