it's so low quality i'm sorry


I lie, this was not for my pride.
I know this was my time.

I was listening to Handshake by Two Door Cinema Club and I can only think of Taco talking to Mic tbh
also!! my marker ran out halfway through colouring Soap, so I’m sorry if it’s uneven!


“No one here emotes in a normal way.”

(4x08, 3x06, 3x21, 1x16, 6x15, 2x10)

#thank god for Coach otherwise this gifset would have been uneven

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Nowi 1D?

i love her!! nowi is the best and i love her hair

(my computer’s not letting me save the file properly? sorry its so low quality i had to find a loop hole;;)


I love this moment because in this moment Taylor stands back and just let’s Rachel go all out. Taylor watches Rachel get lost in her own lyrics, as she’s belting them out to a crowd of 50,000, probably the largest crowd she’s ever been in front of. Taylor does not try and steal her light or join her, Taylor gives this moment to Rachel. And I think it’s so beautiful.

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Hey, i know this might be too elaborate, but i just recently read a very good komanami fanfic on ao3 (it's "Wish" by user julie4697) and LOVED it, so i was hoping you would like the idea of drawing prince!nagito and mermaid!chiaki? Alternatively, just a komanami doodle would be definitely cool! As you can see, i'm a bit of a fan haha ;u; thx your art is amazing!

I like drawing scene from fics. I hope you like it, komanami anon! I’m sorry it’s a lil low quality, i only use my phone camera. And yea… I am aware that i’m not shoujo manga artist material too ahaha//bricked. 

Piano Medley
Piano Medley

My friends. I had to squash this down to a pretty low quality cause it’s uh a little long,

         so,, sorry, about that.

also my mom sneezed while I was recording isn’t she cute

this is mainly for @acadjonne and @blinded-by-fairy-lights because they liked the last one and implicitly encouraged me to do another so yeh. but if you’re reading this you can consider this a custom, specially made, handcrafted medley just for you.