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“One of the best things of being a father or mother is to witness these amazing questions 🤣” - Neymar via Instagram | 28.10.17

The Misadventures of Prince Kim - chapter 39

me: I should update some of the fics I haven’t updated for ages, not this one


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Title: Summer Words

Genre: Fluff/Au

Word Count: 4,357

Rating: G

Warnings: none!!

Summary: teenage! phan au in which Dan only writes in the summer and Phil has an overwhelming curiosity about what lies in the pages of that notebook Dan can’t seem to put down. Phil also has a little blue car with crappy speakers, but that’s less important.  

Author’s Note, yay: guess who’s back. Back again. Whitney’s back. Tell a friend!! OH MY GOODNESS, it’s been literally 2 months since I posted a fic, i will never stop apologizing for taking forever to upload!! Summer has been BUSY for me my friends, oh my word, but!! I come crawling back into the fic world with this smol gem that I am actually very pleased with so I hope you all enjoy it!! :DDDD <3333

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Summer is Phil’s favourite season because it’s a time that makes Dan’s cheeks blush light rosebud and 8:30 at night looks like 4:00 in the afternoon.

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Deh, I’ve been working on this for too many hours and I don’t think I can make it any better. I’m still getting used to the tablet but hey, it could have come out waaay worse :D and at least is finished! Sort of… so YAY for me :D

Also: Markiplier ‘cause this guy is awesome and I’ve been going through a bad time lately but his videos always cheer me up, at least for a while :)
So a poorly-made/attempted portrait is my way to thank him I guess xD
(he’ll probably never even see it but hey, I did it!)