it's so intimate i understand nothing at all

Hey sorry guys but I think I’m real close to taking back my thoughts on Os and Sofia. 

I think they’re going to do it. I just watched a new interview with Robin and I’ve read some of the episode synopsis and it seems to heavily imply that there really is some sort of… “”Romance”” between Sofia and Oswald. 

NOW IM FINGERS CROSSED EVEN that the person that “finds their way” into Oswald’s heart is Ed given there has also been tease toward their relationship deepening this season and I want yall to know Its not much better bc I really dont approve much Nygmobblepot nowadays but I am willing to give it a shot depending on how its done and it is, for the sake of not being explicitly homophobic garbage, preferential over Sofia


At least two of the synopsis talk about Sofia trying to “win” Oswald over. Now there also seems to be evidence that her interest in him isn’t genuine but it does seem to imply that she starts out trying to… Seduce him for lack of a better way to put it and perhaps succeeds. 

Like now I’m still a little on the fence and I wasn’t worried until this interview where Robin admits someone will find their way into Oswald’s heart. It seems to imply that this person is completely new ( As opposed to Ed, who I think it would be more accurate to say is ALREADY in Oswald’s heart )  and I cant help but think about the way he described Sofia and Oswalds relationship and the fact he also said that she “Unlocks” things about Oswald and just.

Basically it seems like its Oswalds turn to be “”Cured”” of his gayness just like Ed was last season with Isabella. Hes given a woman to play his “perfect mate” who is very “similar to him”. Their relationship is implied to be uh,, more…. shall we say “canonly established” than Eds and Os was even if it turns out to be a manipulation Sofia’s behalf.

Which a huge part of the problem. They bent over backwards to ensure they would never have to show Ed and Os being too close but I know for a fact they wouldn’t have a problem showing intimacy between Os and Sofia if that really is a thing because its heterosexual in nature which just goes on to add insult to the injury of it. 

& like.. Ok with Ed loving a woman made more sense there was a GOOD chance of Ed being bi but with Oswald… Hes never shown interest in women before. This is not bisexuality its BLATANT homophobia. The only thing more blatantly homophobic then inserting a random unexplained female character into a budding romance between two men to derail it is to take the man who has NEVER Shown interest in women before and suddenly thrust him into a hetero relationship himself. 

And I say this as I feel like its already starting to mirror Ed and Kristen + Ed and Isabella in the ugly undertones and subtext. You see when they spoke about the relationship between Ed and Kristen as something that uh, literally “”[Made Ed a man]”” bc before Ed was a male virgin who lost his virginity to Kristen. They often cite Ed and Kristen as the ‘change’ for Ed, directly linked to the sexual relationship they had. 

They keep going on about Oswald becoming darker this season Robin talks about “unlocking” parts of him and I’m just yeah I’m starting to think the Sofia x Os thing is really gonna happen. Like … 

& real quick again back to the Nygmobblepot thing I’d have some hope but lmao fool me once Gotham. Like…  … . They’ve shown an outstanding aversion to gay ( possibly bi with Ed ) men on the show & piss poor treatment of lesbian & bi women  in general (Emphasis Babs and Tabs) indeed, they continually treat sga as childish and flippant as though irrelevant at best & toxic and deviant as though corrupt at worst usually simultaneously. 

So the deepening of Ed and Os’s relationship, at this point, I wont be surprised if its literally just them becoming friends again related to the fact Oswald has finally experienced the “intimate love of a woman” thus curing him of his feelings ( all including hurt) for Ed fuck. off. Gotham. 

Lastly.. On top of all this…. I do not understand why Robin would say all the things he said for it all to mean nothing. The “victorian flirtation” saying sofia “unlocks parts of him” we havent seen before ect + saying that someone will find their way into his heart is uh…. Yeah. Its actually startin to get really worrying because theres a lot of easy and simple ways to word this kind of stuff & a relationship between the two that doesn’t hint to romance if romance isn’t what it is but Robin has instead chose to imply something (on the romantic side) instead & now hes pretty much confirmed there is another “love interest” for Os this season. So yeah.

Im not happy. Trying not to worry about it and stick to my logic for why not but this has shaken me on it a little and I can’t help but think how long I supported Nygmobblepot thinking Gotham would NEVER do something that ugly and how foolish I felt afterwards because I got that feeling but I wanted to ignore it and hope for the best and I’ve got it again so I’m less inclined to ignore it this time. 

I guess I’ll be watching the next two eps or so because it seems we will have a better idea of whats going to happen between the two of them in said eps. but yeah. ugh. fucking christ the worst shit.