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Tyler Joseph inspired outfit (alternative): kimono / tank / jeans / shoes
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I need you - Yoongi x Hoseok x Jimin
Why is it you? Why did it have to be you?
Why can’t I leave you?

Yoongi’s so good at it. Acting clueless about the glances Hoseok gives him and completely clueless about Jimin knowing it.

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proof that doflamingo is zoro’s dadda

this is dofla:

dick with green hair.png:



further proof - look at the encircled areas in doflamingo’s hair they form a ‘Z’ shape and zoro’s name starts with a ‘Z’. doflamingo’s dna assimilated into zoro’s name:

even zoro couldnt escape that rich dna:


Team Fortress 2. Compliments

No one can tell how Pyro’s so happy and relieved at that moment…

I haven’t figured out how my maskless!Pyro would actually look, so I have to apologize for still hiding his face Besides, he’s only showing it to Scout! Not to anyone else. But I’d like to think he’s got burns that deformed his face and… yeah that.

Thanks to my twin for fixing Scout’s original compliment that I was supposed to use. He gave me a better one.♥

McSwarek Appreciation Week - Favorite McSwarek Scene

They weren’t even together and he made it his mission to make her feel better. That’s love… and experience