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“I love Kirito and Lis together, and I ship them so hard. I really think she loves him much more than the other girls. I think the most wonderful proof of love is when you let the person who you loved be happy with another person. [I think that if she confessed her love for him before Asuna, it would’ve been reciprocal. I think Lis is a bit more tsundere and Asuna just isn’t. Lis and her love for Kirito is an inspiration for everyone. I love Lis’s character and I think she can support him better than Asuna.]

fic: Imperceptible

the metacrisis wasn’t possible, in one extreme or the other; both their minds would burn sooner or later. tentoo x rose. 3211 words, oneshot. angst af.

i am a firm believer they’re happy in PW and grow old together and everything’s peachy. but this idea attacked me so i’m squeezing it for all it’s worth. i regret this already.

content warnings: memory loss (implied short-term, long-term, alzheimer’s, senility, its effects on the people around, medication messes, etc.) and implied character death. 

They realized something was wrong at different times. For her, it happened during one morning shower that should’ve had nothing out of the ordinary, but the steam had spread throughout their flat like a thick winter fog and he was curled up under the nearly boiling water, holding his head with an iron grip. He refused to reveal when it happened for him, through a heavy silence that only made her firsts clench. They had what could’ve been their greatest fight yet, if it weren’t for him not saying a word back. She stormed out, only to come back before the windows had cleared from the remaining drops to dry her own against his neck. His hug left bruises and she couldn’t help but hurt herself with the thought of them lasting longer than him. 

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“I know your type,” he says, all white-suit and his father’s smile, all sprawled out on your mother’s couch, “You’re the doe-eyed, soft-palmed little girl who thinks streetlights look like stars and the ocean is somehow talking back to her. You think forests want you to get lost in them, that the trees are calling your name. Your feet itch at the mention of lost, at the mention of disappearing. 

You’re the type who will kiss me by the end of the night and cry about it later. The type to love something that hurt her. You spend most of the party getting lost in a clear red cup before getting lost in someone else’s body. You hate dancing because it makes you look weird. You hate dancing because you hide yourself too well. You hate dancing because your feet feel heavy and you’re plastered to the ground and everyone around you looks so ethereal.

The type who watches beautiful things but never becomes them. You hang other people’s self portraits in your room and wish you’d wake up to find that they’d moved. You stand half-naked in clear daylight and stare at yourself in the mirror, try to find the places of you that you love, the places of you that you could turn into roadmaps for boys to get lost in.

I know your type.” he says, “You want to turn yourself into a story, into a record, into a painting, something you will find hanging in a museum years from now marveled at by strangers.”

—  Reena B.| The type to turn into art but never to an artist.

If you guys want to know what inspired Vernon to write “Lizzie Velasquez,” watch this video.

Out of all the TedTalks I watched, this is seriously one of my favorites. (I encourage you to watch the whole thing!)


Oh man, I’ve had this idea for quite sometime, but never got it down on paper

I’ve never done a lyrics-based thing before so this was interesting to make. The lyrics’ perspectives are from both Mika and Yuu, respectively. I kind of just went with the most emotional parts of the song and skipped around a little :-)

Based off of this amazing song