it's so heartbreaking yet so gorgeous

As much as I enjoy themed recs lists, sometimes just good, solid FEELS AND PORN lists are some of my favorites. Plus, there’s usually at least one thing for the majority of people, I like to think!  :)

For His Hand by Elsian, thor/loki + other marvel characters, alternate universe, 31.4k

Deception and intrigue swamp Asgard as Odin holds a tournament for Loki’s hand. Thor enters to prove himself but finds his priorites changing.Meanwhile others compete for Loki’s hand, each with their own agenda.

apples, wolf’s teeth, a weight against the fall by Isagel, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, NSFW, object insertion, 8.3k

The one thing in all the realms that his trickery cannot shift, around which his magic cannot maneuver.

dulcis amor by homoerotics, thor/loki, ~1k

Loki has a wide variety of talents. Dancing, as it turns out, is not one of them.

to the ruler and the killer, baby by miikkaa_xx, thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k

Loki knows what it feels to claim and be claimed all at once.

Untitled by katsu, thor/loki, 2.3k

The first impulsive, unplanned act of his life is also to be his last: as Loki looks into his father’s eye, hearing that one word, a disappointed, “No,” and his hand loosens of its own accord, fingers giving way.

We’ll Build Our Altar Here by gunboots, thor/loki, NSFW, teenagers, consent issues, 1.3k

It’s distressingly easy to get Loki under him. For all his cleverness, Loki is still so painfully naive, especially in matters concerning the physical.

Stranger Like Me by amberfox17, thor/loki, NSFW, disney fusion, 3.3k

Thor/Loki AU. Thor is Tarzan; Loki is the Victorian gentleman literally swept off his feet in the jungle. Basically just porn based on a Disney film…oh dear.

Murder to Excellence by miikkaa_xx, thor/loki, NSFW, character death, violence, 3.1k

Thor kills two men and takes the third as a prize. Spoilers for The Avengers.

Off the Floor by GettheSalt, thor/loki + avengers, 1.9k

Thor has a small chat with his brother after the events in Stark Tower.

delusion, mockery, snare by kyrilu, implied thor/loki + doctor who, crossover, 1.2k

The first thing that Loki thinks, when he sees the Doctor, is: Ah. A liar.

At Rest by sinemoras09, loki/natasha (possibly) + potentially implied thor/Loki, loki & natasha, fem!loki, 4.7k

What you cannot imagine, I shall be that. (Loki infiltrates SHIELD. Gen. Hinted Lady Loki/Natasha.)

Whisper by Mikkeneko, thor/loki, nsfw, 7k

Loki is hypersensitive to the slightest touch. He was in the Void for so long, and in unfriendly hands for so long, that he’s completely forgotten what good touch feels like, and he gets an extreme reaction to even a soft brush against his back or arms.

Unwelcome. by kiyala, thor/loki + other asgardians, body share, 3.4k

After a run-in with enemy spell-casters, Thor’s soul is pushed into Loki’s body and they are forced to share more space than Loki was ever willing to.

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