it's so hard to come up with something to make you laugh at!

The signs (Based on people I know)


-aries are the sweetest people you will ever meet

-They’re really artistic and passionate 

-easily amused 

-can laugh about something stupid for like 10 minutes 


- Incredibly silly, will laugh at literally anything. 

-Has a great heart.

-Always keeps up with the new “trend” 

-Talented with computers and technology 


-Super outgoing 

-Talks to everyone, so as a result is pretty popular

-A bit bipolar 

-Super enthusiastic about small things, gets you hype when you dont feel like it 


-Not actually a crybaby 

-Passive aggressive as hell, rarely shows outside emotion 

-Great style and taste in music

-Hard to understand/read unless they want you to


-Super intelligent 

-Comes in clutch when you need homework answers

-Can always make you laugh 

-Is always reallllly nice 



-Argues like crazy when they don’t get their way 

-if something isnt done their way its the “wrong” way

-But can be really sweet when they want to be


-Control freak

-Takes the best selfiessss

-Always stressed out about something

-Rarely goes to social gatherings because they’re a turtle 

-resting bitch face but is actually a sweet person 


-Creative and artistic 

-Their taste in music is literally better than everyone else's 

-fashionable, but their style is different than the people around them.

-When they crush they crush HARDD

-has resting bitch face 24/7 


-Huge romantic 

-When they care about something, they care about it so much its almost unhealthy 


- Usually chill unless they see something they like then they go a little crazy 


-Super graceful 

-sweet as fucking pie 

-can turn anything into a joke 

-has the patience of a mom in a Walmart checkout lane 


-Hates everyone and their momma

-always has the dankest memes

-easy to talk to once you actually get to know them 

-is sort of a baby and has to be reminded to do normal day to day activity such as eat. 



-Is either a trendy person or a super nerd, there is no in between 

-can be super laid back and chill

-can also get super mad when they reach their limit