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can we talk about skam’s presentation of friendship? because like. firstly its representation of friendship in general was incredible. it showed how important friends are, and how much people love their friends, and how empowering friendship is. it made it clear that friends are as important to people as relationships. some of the most moving scenes in this show were between friends, and that’s accurate, it’s good. because that’s how life is. it was so lovely to see. and then it also focused on a female group of friends? all of them are such strong, developed characters? and their friendship isn’t generic or fake or shallow like it is in some shows, where they just talk about boys and bitch about each other. the girl gang show this deep love and support, and they developed and grew together. and they also showed boys supporting each other? and learning to show emotion with each other? and to share and be open with each other? this all seems so obvious but it’s never shown in this realistic, raw way. the deepness and realness of skam’s friendships is important and something that will be remembered


@carsfandom, I don’t know if you guys like Bendy and the Ink Machine or not but please just click play because RED ALERT: THIS IS GOLD.

Fic Writers: Do you ever just?

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I just went through my drafts and found one with only 3 sentences that I wrote at least a year ago.  I have no idea where I was intending to go with said sentences, but like I’m really intrigued?! WTH Past self?!  


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Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for the support I’ve gotten the past three days. It’s been long and hard and I’m still as heartbroken as ever. I will get to peoples’ inboxes as well eventually, I think I just need a few more days or so to get back on my feet.

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Y'know what makes me nervous as hell? Hearing ppl scream in the neighborhood at night. Because, like, well most of the time it’s just some ppl getting rowdy y'know? Some kids playing around and whatnot.

But I just get so scared at the possibility of someone getting kidnapped. Especially now when most schools are on summer break. I’ll look out my window and strain to hear other voices that will assure me everything is alright. It’s just so unnerving.

One of the reasons why I want to pass the Bar Exam on my first try? To get a job easier and thus have money to shove at all my friends who have patreon. 

so. something that’s been bothering me recently about my blog is that. both ck and eliot (as apparent by ck’s choice to actively bring his appreciation and love of the culture into his portrayal) have cherokee roots and i haven’t really touched on it. mostly because i’m scared i’ll get it wrong even though i’m actively researching and trying. because i’m not a part of the culture or anything and i know that eliot is respectful and loving when it comes to his native american heritage. so. idk. i feel like it’s important to eliot and to my portrayal of him and i just don’t even really know where to start in bringing that more into how i write him. and it’s lowkey stressful. i mean it’s not something that would effect every single thread just. there are occasions where it would be brought up and i don’t want to fuck it up.

Reminder that it doesn’t matter how big it was.  It doesn’t matter how much you accomplished. It doesn’t matter how it turned out.  It doesn’t matter how you felt about it.  It doesn’t matter what other people think about it.  If you put in any time or effort into something…

give yourself credit.

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that