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So long story short an “army” that goes by the name of Venny is pretty good at making celebrities notice bangtan. She got a retweet from wale from an old cover from namjoon and even got tinashe to notice hobi. 

But heres why you SHOULD NOT treat here as the best namjoon stan ever because she is not

*i dont want to bring up the past but a lot of people are comparing her with namjoon because VENNY IS PROBLEMATIC SHE MADE A LOT OF RACIST REMARKS AND NEVER APOLOGIZED OR OWNED UP TO THEM AND EVEN REPEATED THEM UNLIKE NAMJOON*

So basically many armys AND HER claim that the collab happened because of her WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT BECAUSE ME KNOWING NAMJOON HE WOULD OF SAID SOMETHING HIMSELF

so then venny venn diagram releases these on her twitter (WHICH IS NOW PRIVATE COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT)

Okay but e ven before i knew that this was fake I HIGHLY DOUBTED IT namjoon would of done something himself he has the full capability to dm and message intl armys he has done so before

also she sounded soooooo shady i wasnt buying it


so then seeing this beef wale assumed namjoon knows venny venn diagram not knowing the real situation



I feel really bad for her BECAUSE SHE IS SO PETTY

okay but basically i dont know what to do

the whole situation is so petty and stupid, like did this girl REALLY have to do this, being a namjoon stan since pre-debut i wouldnt be this thirsty to get namjoon to notice me, like i dont really know what to do because she already has done it and really cant take it back.

but hey im happy this happened because the twitter memes about her are so funny

peace, love, and support namjoon’s mixtape

*note* so many people are supporting namjoon remember when everyone used to fucking hate him people are giving him so much love i love armys we are amazing we need to protect namjoon 

i feel bad for namjoon bc this is affecting his career, some “armys” are no different from antis using namjoon as a fucking target for everything, i remember him mentioning that he wont feel as if his life has purpose until his music affect the lives of his fans and now when he actually gets to know an intl “army” its about something negative and false accusations against him. Imagine how hard breaking he would feel GREAT START TO HIS SECOND MIXTAPE UGH


atfirst i thought it was stupid to hate on  venny as what she did was a harmless petty joke but this can really affect namjoon’s image in his rap career as wale knows about this

imagine how ashamed he felt goddamn

More fucky things...

Where was Ben’s 20 page monologue they were so excited for during comicon? 

Where was the scene Martin was uncomfortable to film, and had to do it alone? (it wasn’t Mary’s death scene cause other actors were present)

Why was John typing into a jpg file about a baby that wasn’t born yet?

Why did Lady Smallwood’s name change from Elizabeth to Alicia? 

Why in the hell did Mycroft let his sister who he KNOWS is a manipulative genius psychopath talk to another  manipulative genius psychopath?

Why all the water imagery that was never followed up on?

Why the glowing, sometimes black, skull painting?

Why constantly build Mary up as a villain, then have a half-arsed redemption arch? 

Why WHY do that Molly Hooper?

Why think a secret sibling would be ‘history making’ when it’s an over used, soap opera level trope?

Why would Amanda say an actor playing more than one character would be ‘ground breaking’ when orphan black, vampire dairies, Tyler Perry’s movies and soooo many others do the same thing?


Something has to be up, this makes NO sense.

Edit: ALSO why this: “ Doesn’t matter who you really are” and “I know who you are” and “its about the legend and stories” When they’ve said OVER AND OVER it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective???

@abouthetwofthem added some great points, so I’ll add them here so we can see!

Also, WHY don’t we know anything about John’s letter, or Sherlock’s recurring dream yet?

WHY did they introduce Hopkins, if she only had a secondary role in the first episode?

WHY did they make a reference to Irene Adler in TLD?

WHY did they credit Henry Knight’s actor and Irene’s actress if the first didn’t appear at all and the second was just mentioned?

WHY did they spread fake rumors about Colin Morgan being in the show and fake pictures of “young Mycroft” ’s actor (don’t know if you remember this, he was thin and had big ears)?

WHY did they use Eurus’ metaphor of the “little girl on the plane” in such a twisted way? How could she be the little girl and herself at the same time?

And WHY “it’s all about the wallpaper”?

julia071499  asked:

If the red queen characters attended school,what would be their favorite subject?

I’m gonna do this by university major cause it’s so much easier. 

Cal: mechanical engineering (with a political science minor cause he doesn’t actually want to be doing that… but he’d gonna have to take over for dad some day.)

Mare: electrical engineering with a minor is ass kicking (she and cal meet in lab for the first time when she moves his project cause she wants to use the tools he’s using and she breaks the project by mistake and he literally almost cries about it) (then he sees that she took his tools and he’s like “um excuse me… thief! and she’s just like sitting there holding the tools and without looking up from her project says “obvi.”) 

Kilorn: environmental studies (he just wants to save the fish, literally has a shirt that says “save the fish” has thrown multiple rallies to save the fish, all of which only mare and shade have shown up to)

Maven: political science and psychology (wants to be pres. cause mom says so)

Farley: composition government while double majoring in anthropology while also minoring in sociology. (the ultimate try hard that shade oogles in all his classes and drools about when he day dreams)

Shade: the art of being alive. (but in all seriousness double majoring in philosophy and literature) (he may or may not have stalked Diana Farley through the library once and pretending to be reading books on anthropology for a paper (it depends if you ask him or mare))

Evangeline: art major (she’s an art hoe who wears big sweaters, and beenies everyday and just looks down on everyone)(has a strange obsession with metal welding, aspires to be an underwater welder)

Elane: art major (Concentration in drawing and painting) (Evangeline has asked her before to draw her like one of her french girls) (she and Evangeline have their own art closet that no one goes into cause someone once did and caught them making out and it was not a pretty picture what came next. 

Ptolemus: finance and management double major (with a minor in being a frat boy extraordinaire) 

I’m going to go write a college fic now. 

hear me out….

Alyabug au w/ an identity reveal

Where Alya and LB both get hit by this akuma’s ray or w.e. and it makes them completely infatuated w/ each other

But like they still think normally and logically besides that

so LB knows she can just break this spell on them w/ a kiss because hey, if it could work w/ dark cupid with her other best friend, why not now?

So they kiss and it’s great and lovely but when they break apart their minds are suddenly clearer and they’re starin at each other and Alya’s rlly blushy and in awe but LB just looks kind of surprised at herself. Seeing LB’s expression, Alya’s turns heel and runs away

LB deals w/ the akuma and things go back to normal

But she cannot get that kiss out of her head and later Mari she asks Tikki if there can ever be residual effects of being hit w/ an akuma’s power, to which the answer is “No, but they can bring things to your attention you didn’t notice before”

So she transforms and she swings her way to Alya’s place and taps on her window until she hears her groan, get up, and come by to open it

LB had like this whole speech planned out but like looking at Alya (whose eyes are a little red-rimmed because she’s not dumb she can guess that LB only kissed her to break the magic) just makes her mind go blank

so instead she’s like “Um… can I come in?”

and what’s Alya gonna do, say no? Ofc not! So she steps aside and LB comes in and sits reservedly on the corner of her bed, hands clasped together and resting on her lap

“So…” LB tries to start, and she clears her throat

“So.” Alya says, her arms are crossed and LB can tell she’s like trying to keep her emotions in check

LB rlly has no idea what to say and Alya starts to pace which in turn makes her nervous?? And she knows this convo can’t wait so she deecides to just dive in

“I think we should talk about what happened between us today.” There. She said it. It’s out. Alya pauses and then resumes her pacing, th speed quickening. “Alya please? Can we just. Sit down, here, and talk this out?”

And god, Alya can’t deny her anything, can she? She sighs and sits down next to LB, farther than LB wanted, but it’s a start.

“I just-” LB says, but gets interrupted

“Look, you don’t have to worry about it, okay? I know you did what you had to do to fix things, it’s okay” Alya says, her voice breaking a little

“No, it’s not okay. You’re hurting, and that’s the last thing I’d ever want you to feel” and she reaches out and grabs Alya’s hands in her own. 

She gives her this rlly meaningful look and god does Alya’s heart stutter and trip like Marinette used to when she talked to Adrien. She decides just then, even if she is hurting, that she wouldn’t trade her love of the heroine for the world. she smiles just a tiny bit and she does feel a little better knowing that the other cares for her so much

“Really, it’s okay. I promise.”

“But you’re still hurting” she says w/ a frown

“Well, that tends to happen when feelings aren’t reciprocated, but-”

“But they are!”

Alya’s smile falters bcause of shock. “What?”

“They are reciprocated. I literally haven’t been able to think about anything other than the kiss since it happened.”

“Really?” alya asks, kind of breathless

“I mean, except for the hurt look on your face when you ran. It kind of made me re-evaluate everything-” she squeezes her hands- “and I swear I have to be one of the most oblivious people in Paris to not have realized the feelings I had for my best friend exceeded those of just friendship”

And Alya’s heart can’t take this bcause LB did not just insinuate what she thinks she’s insinuating

but she has to ask


“I’m sorry I didn’t realize how I felt before I hurt you, Peaches”

The nickname confirmed her suspicions and she feels tears threatening to spill but rlly she doesn’t care about that because she knows Mari doesn’t care if her makeup runs or if she’s an ugly crier and suddenly she’s full-on crying

LB detransforms and suddenly mari’s there and she pulls alya into a hug, letting her cry into her chest as she holds onto her and she just. lets her cry herself out.

when it dies down alya pulls away just a little and looks up at her best damn friend and she means to say something cute but then-

“I think I ruined your shirt”

and Mari snorts and laughs and Alya joins in

but that dies out p quickly so it’s just them in the silence and dark of Alya’s room

and in a super quiet voice, Mari says, “I would love to kiss you again. It doesnt have to be now, of course, I know you’ve been through a lot toda-”

Alya doesn’t wait for her to finish before her lips crash into mari’s, and even though it’s messy and just a little rough, it’s also perfect

they accidentally fall asleep on each other, arms and legs in a tangle, marinette’s hand tangled in with alya’s hair. when they wake up, they place sleepy and slow kisses anywhere they can, be it on the cheek, neck, jaw, lips, etc., content in their shared body heat

it might take just a little while for ppl at school to figure out that they’re in a relationship because, aside from the kisses, their body language and touching is almost the exact same as it was before

That great thing about cast recordings is when people listen to them before they see a musical. They stage their own unique version of the musical all in their heads! How the characters react the dance breaks..EVERYTHING!! I don't know about you but I think it's magical that one musical can have so many different versions because of what people create in their heads. And that is what makes musical theatre magical!
That last scene with Kevin and Randall though...

I just…I can’t…I

Kevin has been freaking out about his big debut and worrying that he’s going to make a mess of the whole thing and he’s been trying to find someone to talk to this whole time and find someone who will reassure him that he’ll be great. He tries to call Kate but she’s not there, he tries to talk to Randall but Randall is clearly preoccupied with other things, he goes to see his mom and she’s not there so finally he talks to Miguel. Miguel talks to him about being like his dad and how he sees his dad in him. He tells him that he’s Jack Pearson’s son and it’s exactly what Kevin needs to hear to make him realize what’s really important. Family is important. Being there for the people you love is important.

 When Kevin visited Randall earlier in the day he could tell that he was off and that he was distracted and then he got the phone call from him saying he couldn’t make it and instead of being hurt and upset about it, he realizes it isn’t about him. Kevin realizes he had to do what his Dad would do and be there for his brother when he needs him. He bolts away from his show…this show that he has put his heart and soul into, this show that was his vehicle to show the world that he’s a serious actor…and runs all the way to his brother and sees him on the floor of his office, clearly distraught. He goes to him and he cradles him in his arms and supports him and I LOVE how this is contrasted with Kevin seeing Randall having a panic attack/nervous breakdown when they were kids and just walking away from him to his reaction to this as an adult. Kevin and Randall’s relationship has improved so much now. Kevin actually acknowledges Randall as his brother and he is there for him when he needs him. I have never been prouder of Kevin or felt more for him than I did in this scene.

 These family dynamics are where the show truly excels. This is where the show gets its gold from. This scene is the most emotionally connected and moved I’ve been in this show since it came back from the break. The stuff with Rebecca and Jack last week was great, but I feel like they’ve been floundering with Kate and Kevin for the longest time. Frankly, I don’t care too much about Kate and Kevin’s romantic relationships, but what I do care about is Kate and Kevin’s relationship and Kevin and Randall’s relationship and Randall and Kate’s relationship and all of them together as ‘The Big Three’. Their family dynamics is what drew me in in the first place so please give me more of this because honestly that last scene had me like

anonymous asked:

It breaks my heart a little every time I see someone send you the same messages you make posts about not wanting to receive, such as "update faster" or "when will it be out" along with the same questions already answered 20 times. It's very admirable how sweet you remain despite all this, but while you're a writer, a great one, it that doesn't change the fact that you're still human. You're so much more than just your stories. It'd just be nice to see a little more appreciation for your efforts.

I can’t thank you enough for this message, I’m glad someone understands. I feel like the majority of readers here understand these things and I’m very thankful for you guys. I rarely feel pressured. 

Right now, however, I’m under a lot of pressure because of my master’s thesis, I need to work on it, I need to read and analyze 8 more books and get ready for my exam and do translations, but I also just need to clear my mind sometimes and just do nothing. I love writing! I really do. I try to write whenever I have any free time and I’m updating as fast as I can.

That’s why it’s sometimes upsetting to get these messages, especially when they come right after I update. It takes a long time to write a 10k chapter and it’s kind of disheartening to get messages along the lines of “thanks but WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT CHAPTER”. It’s just discouraging - I know I’ll get the same message when I update again, and again, and again. 

I appreciate every single one of you and I can’t thank you enough for deciding to follow my blog and for interacting with me and sharing my stories with other people and for giving me feedback. I wish I could post a new chapter every day and write whatever you guys want me to and have the same amount of stories for every member out there, but it’s just not possible. Inspiration hits when it hits, and I can’t force myself to write something that I can’t plan out, even if the idea is good. That’s is why I don’t take requests, and why asks like “I know you don’t take requests, BUT” make me want to close my asks. I can’t make an exception for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

So when you send me a request, or ask me to post something earlier because that day works for you, or ask me to change something about the story because that’s what you want to read, or ask me to work on something for your bias, it puts me in a very uncomfortable situation - I have to say no to someone who reads my stories and gives me feedback and supports me, and I feel horrible about ignoring those asks or saying no to you guys. I can’t possibly write everything you want me to and I can’t force myself to write something I don’t have inspiration for. I can’t make exceptions for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the readers. 

Also, the updates post is there for a reason. If I’m close to finishing a story, I put up a date so you guys know when to expect what and you don’t have to wonder about it. There’s no point in asking about a story that is not on the updates page yet because if I knew more about it, you would know too because I would have posted about it already. 

Thank you for understanding and for being here, I really appreciate you ♡♡♡

They don’t get the attic dibs together.

They were so sure that they would.

Neither of them even batted an eyelid when Lardo gave Ford her dibs, agreeing that having a manager in the Haus was a great idea.

They were both ready to share the attic, had been making more of an effort with each other when they realised it might happen.

And once Nursey and Dex did, they realised they had so much more in common than they expected. Maybe sharing the attic would even be fun.


But they don’t get the attic dibs together.

Nursey gets them from Ransom and Holster, and he stares at them in disbelief.

“So, the Haus will be me, Ford, Bitty, and Chowder?” he clarifies before accepting.

“Yep.” Ransom says “It gets loud, and hectic, but you’ll love it man”

“Its way more fun than dorms. More like family in a way.” Holster says.

“So,” Ransom says, holding out his left hand for Nursey to shake, “Do you accept these dibs?”

Nureey nods and shakes his hand. As he does, he can’t help wondering how Dex is going to take this news, and where he’s going to stay next year.


Dex hears about it an hour later, when he comes back from class. Chowder is excitedly telling Nursey about how great it’ll be being Hausmates. But he shuts up when he sees Dex is there, and he and Nursey look almost guilty.

It takes a moment but he puts two and two together and realises whats happened while he was retaking a class he did last semester.

“So you got dibs?” Dex asks Nursey casually “Nice one man.”

Nursey nods, and Dex goes to see if Bitty had baked any cherry pie.


Nursey finishes moving his stuff into the attic, and looks around. The room is huge, and he can’t imagine having all that space after 2 years sharing a dorm.

He’s glad to be out of the dorms, but he wishes it was with Dex. He’d been looking forward to late night conversations in the attic, waking up for practice together, integrating each other’s morning routines into their own. Sharing a desk, and wardrobe, and the bunk beds for 2 years.

Instead, here he was. In a big empty room. Alone.

Just like at home.


Dex had left the job of looking for a dorm room later than usual, he’d been so sure he would be sharing the attic with Nursey. And now he was in a room far from the centre of campus, living next to some freshmen who spent all their time arguing. Loudly.

He’d been so sure he was going to he sharing the attic with Nursey. He’d started looking forward to seeing him almost all the time, helping him stay organized, while he helped Dex stay calm. Walking to and from practice and classes together, randomly running to the Murder stop n shop at 11pm for a junk food run, chirping each other’s music taste.

But now he was in a small bed, under a cheap blanket, listening to people arguing over everything.

Just like home.


“So, how are you liking the attic?” Dex asked Nursey as they walked to Annies. They were tired after their first practice of the season, and decided coffee would help.

“Good. Its good.” Nursey lied. It was not good at all. It was cold, and quiet, and lonely. “How’s the dorm?”

“Yeah, good” Dex lied. It was too dark, too empty, and too noisy for him to sleep much so far. “Better than expected.” he continued, as they joined the queue for coffee.


“Yeah.” Dex said, not able to look at Nursey as he lied again.

They were silent as they decided on orders, and when they sat down, conversation moved to discussing their summers.

It wasn’t until they were leaving Nursey said what he’d been planning to say all morning:

“You know….you could always sleep over in the attic sometime. If you wanted.”

“I could?” Dex asked in surprise. The idea hadn’t occurred to him

“Well yeah. I mean, there is an extra bed so. You could if you wanted.” Nursey explained.

“Yeah. I think that might be nice.” Dex said, and Nursey smiled at him.

“Cool. But if you are, you have to take the bottom bunk.” Nursey said.

“And let your clumsy ass on the top? You’ll fall off in ten seconds flat!” Dex chirped with a grin.

“My room, my rules!” Nursey laughed, and Dex laughed with him.

Maybe they weren’t living together, but this was a good second best.


Dex ends up sleeping at the attic more than he expected. Not that he or Nursey mind that. They have fun together, and don’t argue about room because most of Dex’s stuff is in his dorm. Dex sleeps over once a week if he can, and they talk about anything and everything, before stealing the last of the pie at 2am, and sharing it quietly.

Its fun, and once they start dating, Dex stays over more, so they can have cheap dates, by watching movies in the attic, getting food delivered, or even working on their own projects in companionable silence.

For Daddies of little boys
  • 1. Remind your little how special he is to you everyday! This is important because sometimes us daddies get caught up in caring for our littles in other ways we forget to verbalize how much they mean to us!
  • 2. Don't forget it's not all about discipline. Your little is just that , little. NOT A CHILD. They are human too and if they say "no" or you can tell something is making them uncomfortable ask your little prince what's wrong and how you can make it better rather than telling them that they're naughty, bad, ect.. because they didn't don't what you wanted.
  • 3. Tell your little man how proud you are to BE his daddy and how you'll always be there to take care of him. It might seem obvious, but it's always good to hear it.
  • 4. ALL PUNISHMENTS SHOULD BE CONSENSUAL. I cannot stress this enough! Too often I see mommies, daddies, and caregivers take away things from their littles (like phones) that your little might need. The phone may be their only connection to a friend that can help them down from an anxiety attack. And too often do I see anon messages on all sorts of blogs asking about how to tell your daddy/mommy/caregiver that something makes them upset or uncomfortable! It breaks my heart every.single.time. That is what this dynamic is all about. Respect, consent, understanding....all of those things are so important!
  • 5. Find out about everything your little likes and dislikes while in AND out of little space. The better we know our little angels the more we'll be able to tell when something is wrong! : ) :)
  • 6. Don't be afraid to join in building those block castles, pillow forts, or play dough monsters! It can be so much fun for both of you and it's a great way to bond with your little.
  • So Some notes to take away?
  • Love, play, RESPECT, care for, and watch your little. He's looking up to you. Now get out there and be a great Daddy!

the argument that the souls games should be more accessible or have a difficulty selector is one ive heard a lot and while its not entirely wrong i know for certain the games would losing something by adding it

hidetaka miyazaki, the director of the series has gone on record saying multiple times that the point of the difficulty was never to make a “hard game for hardcore gamers” but instead as an aspect that draws you into the world

the plot of dark souls 1 in a nutshell is that you’re one of maybe hundreds of faceless nobodies attempting to fulfill a prophecy that most people dont even think is real

the very first guy you talk to laughs in your face when he realizes why you’re here and recommends you just give up like he did, because hes seen so many try and fail to be “the chosen one”

if you got dropped into the first level of dark souls or bloodborne and selected Very Easy when you started the game, you’d be slaughtering everything without breaking a sweat

this clashes so heavily with the oppressive feeling the level design and world is supposed to give off 

i understand that more people want to enjoy this series but to people that truly believe its inaccessible to them i implore you to consider that this is nearly everyone’s initial thought

the difficulty of these games was latched onto by the media circa 2011 and the publisher, namco bandai saw it as a great marketing opportunity, which is where the “prepare to die” slogan comes from

its not half as hard as some would like you to believe its a learning curve, and mastering it feels like not only an accomplishment on a personal level, but like a plot point for the games as well

your character, ____ the knight is supposed to be a shitty idiot, nobody believes in you and getting your shit slapped by Zombie Enemy #2 is appropriate and expected

but when ___ the knight kills the taurus demon, the player should feel as proud as the npcs are shocked

what im getting at is that the difficulty in these games is not a gatekeeper, its an aspect of the storytelling and world, and it sounds pretentious i know but without at least some challenge these games would absolutely lose the kick that made them popular



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

Non-Fanders Key

Roman- Prince

Logan- Logic

(Anx- Anxiety)

(Mo- Morality)

Chapter One


“Anxiety! Your pizza is here!” Roman yelled from the first floor, Anxiety the side everyone hates, Roman, on the other hand, was a different story. He was the side everyone semi-loved, like a fluffy puppy with dirt and mud in his fur, “Anxiety!”

“Coming, my god!” Anxiety slammed open his door and stomped down the stairs to see Roman standing next to the front door with an irritated look on his face. The pizza was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s my pizza?” he asked irritated.

“We ate it,” Logan stated as he pushed up his glasses then crossed his arms.

“And why would you do that!?” this was the limit, first they don’t side with him in the ‘Am I Original?’ video now they eat his pizza.

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve been locked up in your room for at least 2 days not talking to anyone of us, it makes us worry. Even Thomas,” Roman’s eyes filled with sympathy that Anxiety didn’t like, he didn’t like his brothers having sympathy for him. Just because he’s anxiety, he doesn’t like people caring for him or worrying about him.

“Even Thomas, worried about me, wow that must be a new drink or something,” he tilted his head to the left, “you sure he’s not sick?” Anxiety teased.

“I’m fine Anx,” Thomas said from behind him shoving his hands into his jacket pockets lowering his posture. Anxiety rolled his eyes. This was an intervention for sure, but where was Morality?

“Are you sure ‘cu-,” Logan cut him off.

“Anxiety what is going on? You’re avoiding us more than usual and it’s worrying us. You used to fight with Roman but now you don’t even bother anymore, you’re staying in your room for the whole day. Coming out only for food, water, or to use the bathroom,”

“Is it a crime to want to be alone?” Anxiety snapped at Logan.

“The thing is Anx, YOU’RE ALWAYS ALONE!” Roman yelled, “I come home from a great adventure and you’re in your room doing whatever,”

“Why do you care where I am? Or what I’m doing?” Roman froze, Crap.

“I don’t care what you’re doing, we just think you need to get out of the house every once and awhile,” Roman stiffened up but made sure that no one noticed. Anxiety sighed.

“I’m listening to music and on Tumblr, ya happy?” at this point in time Anxiety was done with everyone, even Morality and he wasn’t even there.

“But at some point doing that can get boring, doing the same thing every single day,” Thomas reasoned. Anxiety stood there waiting for someone to say something else that he was going to ignore, but no one did. They stood there staring at him with their eyes trying to look into his soul but seemed to find nothing.

“Why do you guys care so much about me? I mean none of you like me, I’m just a forgotten piece of a puzzle that you guys made a replacement for. I’m a shadow in a dark room. I’m nothing,” Anxiety just wanted to get this over with, go back into his room and never see the light of day again.

“Is that all that we think you are?” Thomas’ voice was soft and sweet, something he only does in deep, sad conversations like this one.

“Well ya, come on I’m your anxiety, I make things worse. I break everything I touch,” Anxiety let his head fall, “Even if I did go anywhere or leave you guys wouldn’t notice,”

“We would notice, come on Anx. We can help you only if you tell us what’s the matter,” Logan shifted uneasily like something was bothering him. They wouldn’t understand what’s happening, I mean they don’t have any problems. Anxiety’s eyes dashed back and forth from one person to the other, trying to think of something to say.

“Nothing is wrong, okay. Can I not avoid people like I’m meant to do?” that was the only thing he could think of, “Can I leave now?” he pointed upstairs. He wanted to get out as fast as he could.

“Ya sure,” Roman slightly tilted his head towards the stairs. Anxiety turned around and skipped up the stairs; he got into his room, locked the door, put on his headphones and drowned the world out once more. He took a big breath of relief that it was over.

“Well he was acting weird,” Morality came out of the kitchen with a chocolate chip cookie in his hand. Logan sighed, shook his head, then went upstairs.

“Ya he was Morality,” Roman looked at Thomas who was on his computer editing a recent video. Everyone went back to their regular routine and forgot about what had just happened, Morality was still enjoying his cookie.

*3:00 a.m*

Anxiety looked at his phone’s clock it read 3:01 AM, this was at least the tenth time he’s woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning. He turned off his phone and lay back down, he rubbed his eyes then got up not knowing what he was going to do. The house was dark and silent, everyone was asleep getting a good night’s rest; Anxiety headed downstairs to see if there were any leftovers in the fridge from what Morality had made for dinner. Stairs creaked and rain pounded on the house with force, his eyes were still heavy from the 2 hours of sleep he’d gotten. He opened the fridge making the dim light come on, he scanned the fridge for anything good. Nothing. God, I’m starving! What happened to the leftovers?! What’s in the pantry?

Roman’s eyes slowly opened noticing his surroundings once again, he looked at his clock on the nightstand next to his bed. 3:05 AM. His stomach grumbled, he didn’t want to eat anything at 3 o’clock in the morning but he didn’t want to starve. He headed for the kitchen trying to be as stealthy as he could be, he noticed the pantry light was on.

“What happened to all the food?” it was Anxiety.

“You ate it,” Anxiety whipped around to see the familiar persona on the bottom of the stairs.

“What are you doing up at 3 o’clock in the morning Princey?” even though Anxiety does know his real name, Princey still stuck.

“I’m hungry,” Roman walked towards Anxiety, “what’s your excuse?”

“I’ve been waking up at 3 for the past ten days,” Anxiety looked even more ‘done with life’ in the dark room, his eyeshadow, and his personality match perfectly. A loud clap of thunder shook the house making the lights flicker.

“Find anything good to eat?” Roman gestured towards the pantry with his index finger.

“No, nothing good. Just fiber bars and canned soup,” Anxiety shrugged his shoulders saying he didn’t care about what the pantry contained, “but go ahead you’ll find nothing,” Anxiety moved out of the way to let Roman see what was in the pantry. Beets, Mac N’ Cheese, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, a box of fiber bars and cereal.

“What about the fridge?”

“Milk, tea, leftover soup that Logan made, umm… and condiments, and you wonder why I always order pizza,” Roman chuckled and closed the fridge. Anxiety yawned, any place would be nice to sleep even the cold, hard kitchen floor. The lights flickered on and off then they didn’t come on, “well isn’t that great?” sarcasm is Anxiety’s strong point.

“I’m gonna go look at the fuse,” Roman left the kitchen and went into the garage. “Okay,” he opened up the fuse box, everything looked confusing, So many switches! How can Logan know which one is which? Roman’s hand floated over the many switches when a loud scream emerged from the house. Roman forgot about the lights and ran into the house almost breaking the door off its hinges. Anxiety was crunched in a ball screaming and clenching his head.

“STOP! STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” Anxiety looked like he was going to pull his hair out of his skull. Roman had no idea what was going on or what to do, he bolted up the stairs skipped every other and ran into Logan’s room. Logan looked confused.

“What’s happening?” Logan reached for his glasses.

“It’s Anx, he’s screaming and I have no clue why!” Roman was breathing heavily, first, it was a trip to the kitchen then it turned into a scream fest.

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What if Link had a habit of cracking his knuckles, back, neck and all that and Sidon is caught off guard by the loud cracks from his small hylian. The prince would probably think Link is trying to break himself.

Oh no, poor Sidon.

He would be so confused and would freak. out. the first time he sees Link crack his neck. The poor shark legit thinks Link just broke his neck and panics. 

He’d immediately run and get all the healers, thinking his beloved is head, and when Sidon and ever Zora in the entire domain that knows anything about healing shows up, Link is just sort of chilling there. Everyone is confused, and its awkward and great.

Even after knowing that its normal for Hylains to do (again, weirdest race ever) Sidon still flinches every time Link does it.

Be Used (Jason Mccann) (Mature)

The slamming door was an usual, afternoon sound that came around whenever Jason Mccann felt angry, annoyed, aggravated or all of the above combined in one.  

The days were getting too stressful; especially with cops sniffing around, making it extremely hard to work for him and the boys. All the unfinished deals, unwanted people being killed, drugs and guns multiplied - this got to the stage, where it was simply too much to carry on an individual’s shoulders.

Y/N knew. She knew very well how emotionally drained her boyfriend was. All the signs of indisposition, both physically and mentally. He looked tired, exhausted. The bags under his eyes, messy hair, obsessed look as he constantly checked up on any news that the gang could bring in. Still, mostly it was the lack of interest he gave her.

Now, it wasn’t about what she wanted, what she needed, even though she was missing himself more than any words could ever describe. Not mentioning sex, what she craved the most was her boyfriend by her side, laughing, talking. The cuddles, the little ‘I love you’s & more. She ached for feeling him being a different Jason, a Jason that was carefree only with her.

Nevertheless, the sex part was what worried her the most. It was normal by now that Mccann was using her body as a getaway whenever he felt like he needs to. And for Y/N it was not a big deal, mainly because she was too disturbed by the fact that the love of her life could just go out and kill someone as an income of outrageous rage.

The shadow of his body has become now visible, as Jason took himself straight to kitchen, not even once looking around. His girlfriend, of good amount of time now, bit on her bottom lip, only imagining the frightening thoughts that were going through his head. The idea of all the demons he was forced to hold back inside made her really upset. And this was everytime she would see him in such condition. Once again, Y/N mentally cursed herself for overthinking the situation and finding her as a victim of it as well.

A deep, shaky sigh has left the plumpy lips of hers. She stood up, fixing her hair and clothes, just like she would be going to some formal meeting that was suppose to bring a crucial earnings. Her toes made their way to the kitchen as silently as it was physically possible, just in case. A muscular, male posture was turned back to her, focused on something below so badly that no recognition was given to an individual that just appeared.

“Jase? Can we talk?” Y/N asked silently, slightly afraid of the reaction she might receive.

This was a reminder of the days when the two were strangers to each other, when Y/N would be too embarrassed to even look at Jason, which only made him smirk and pay attention to the girl who he never thought would play a role in his future life.  

Good couple of seconds has passed, since the silence was broken down by little, non-understandable whimpers.

“Yeah, what is it?” He answered, looking back at her. There was no specific emotion hidden behind the look he was emitting, just like the two ball-shaped things inside of him lost the purpose utterly.

“Um, I-” She started, looking puzzled, just like her mind. Jason raised his eyebrows in confusion, looking at the body of his girlfriend carelessly. This never happened. Usually, he was being so nice, he was always being nice to her, unless they had a misunderstanding. But, even then. So bloody nice.
“I know how you feel. I cannot actually relate, but I understand completely. I know you hate talking about the emotions, that’s exactly why you are having cocaine on our counter, I’m not mad, like I said - I get it.” The sentence finally left her mouth, as Jason slid to the right, covering the illegal image that his girlfriend spotted. “I get it so bad, I am not here to make you talk or cry or complain or whatever. Just, um, let me help you, we both know what will help you, we can do it.” Her head nod, as the speech she gave had a more confident sound half way through.

“No, no way, I told we won’t fuck when I’m this angry.” He said almost instantly, shaking his head. “I’m all good, this baby will make me feel better and we can lay down later and watch you favourite, sappy shit, just give me time, I need that.” He mumbled, ignoring her presence by turning back around, guess it was just easier this way.

“Yes, we will, because you want it and I want it.” She said aggressively, getting annoyed with yet again - no interest she was given. Next thing she knew was her hand grabbing Jason’s one harshly, pulling it, to make him look at her and for once, be serious when it came to the stuff that came out of her mouth.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh? Fucking get off my dick!” Jason screamed out in frustration, not because of what Y/N did, but because he was just about to bend over and let the magic powder do its wizardry thing.

“You are so fucking irritating. Don’t you get it? You always fuck me when you feel angry, just because you feel extra angry doesn’t mean I can’t take it. Jason, I’m being for real, this is getting out of hand. I can’t have you slamming the door, breaking things, pretending I’m not here, I can’t do it anymore. I feel like fucking shit, you are all I care about and yet, I cannot help you. If you won’t let me be your therapist, just let me be your fucking slut.” The words came out with such great meaning behind them, showing how the struggle of one person can easily affect his closet ones.

“I don’t wanna use you.” Jason whispered, as soon as Y/N’s hands started to touch him up, scrolling through his chest, down to his pants, as she undid the belt.

The only reason he did not stop her was because of what she said, she made him feel as she is soon about to leave if the things won’t change, and that was not in his control at all. Yes, he was aware of the fact his girlfriend that he loved so dearly didn’t even come across to the thought of hurting him and it was his own, messed up thinking that made him believe in that.

“I want to be used.” She whispered back, as her shaking hands slipped down around his tight. Her chin moved up, looking at the face of the boy she loved, looking for answers. She was just too good to simply start with more without getting the permission, just like he would when he wanted to.

He looked at her with such an empty expression. Was it a yes, was it a
no? Y/N slowly, very slowly, stared going down on him, which made Jason furrow his eyebrows in such shock. As soon as he came into realisation, he grabbed her arm, pulling her little body up.

“If you wanna help me, jack me off. I didn’t have a time to do it myself.” He said firmly, sticking up to a plan he created in his mind. Mentally, he punched himself so hard, as he had a girl he adored trying to suck him off and he just declined.

“But, I-”

“No. You want to be my slut? Fucking be one. Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do. I don’t want your fucking cunt or you mouth or whatever, jack me off. Make me cum and then fuck off.” He spat, looking at her with no further feeling, which in some weird way had her turned on. She quickly just nodded, hating herself for the fact she enjoyed it. It was a first mini sexual interactions they had in so long, it felt like forever.

Y/N slipped both her hands slowly inside his boxers, massaging his length that was quick to become harder and harder, out of the total lack of touch he has been receiving recently. She looked down, licking her lips, as the tips of her fingers were making rounded moves on the tip of an impressive member, while the other hand landed on a pair of balls, caressing them intensively.

“Fuck, I’m actually close.” Whimpers hit Y/N’s sight, surprising the both of the two, as Jason was never the one to be at his pick point quickly.

“You’re so fucking big.” The moans came out, which made her boyfriend raise the corners of his lips, forming the smirk that was not welcomed on the handsome face since the start of all of his issues.

“Hurry the fuck up.” He muttered, feeling himself getting hot, as he moved his eyes onto a set of hands, satisfying him.

He regretted not fucking her now. What he would do to her. It’s probably what he wouldn’t do to her - that was a real good question. “Oh my-…Faster, harder, I want you to feel me, I want to feel my sperm landing right on your beautiful, tiny hand. Fuck, and you know what you will do later? Lick it all of so nicely, you will get what every slut is waiting for, is daddy fucking right?” He moaned out, restlessly moving his hips to signalise he needs and demands more.

She did as she was told, stroking his dick, up and down as her fingers pressed more force onto his balls, tugging them. The characteristic sound of moans fulfilled the kitchen, as the hands slipping on Jason’s dick made him ready to release and make himself feel better. He was so in the moment, so vulnerable in such state.

“Daddy, I want all of your cum, I’m so ready. I want you to see me tasting you. P-please.” She sobbed, letting out a moan in desperation, as her panties got soaked more and more with every minute.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A loud, deep groan hit all the corners of their house as the Jason’s hands tightened on the counter behind him. his head threw back and his body became tremulous, when all the juices left his body, accompanied by his moans. Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, feeling the sticky substance on her fingers, slowly taking herself out of dark blue jeans. She waited a minute for Jason to recover and look back. Gently, the tongue was pressed onto fresh skin licking and sucking of all the white cum.

“So fucking hot.” He howled, pressing his thumb on Y/N’s chin, taking the little drop of his sperm left over, as he pressed it against her soft, warm lips. He sighted quietly, annoyed with the fact that he had so much love for this girl. That he loved her and he was tied up to her. That much, that he would happily just let her in. Because, there was a trust the boy had in her.

“You deserve my attention, I will tell you all that bothers me.” He said finally, smiling gently. He now felt bad for the insults and the attitude that somehow covered up the love he was having.

The girl didn’t need apologies to read it from his face. She quickly wrapped her hands around his neck, feeling the sudden relief that both of them really needed at the end. And even through, nothing was going to be easy in any way, she could sleep calmly from now on, knowing she was being a shoulder to cry on.

Felicity is the most misogynist thing about Arrow.

Felicity has consistently, from as far back as season 1, viewed every other woman has her competition. She’s thrown every other female character under the bus to better herself and it genuinely baffles me that Felicity fans accuse those who dislike her of being misogynist, because Felicity has - since her conception - been the writers primary tool to facilitate their own misogyny.

Felicity dug into Moira’s background (granted she was enlisted to do so, however she continued even after she was specifically told to stop). Felicity then used the information she’d found on Moira (that also involved Thea) as she saw fit, with no regards for the women in question. She told Oliver, simultaneously dismissing Moira’s privacy, driving a wedge in the Queen family, viewing Oliver’s opinion as higher than either Moira or Thea (who the info ACTUALLY concerned) and faciliated the writer’s need for Queen Family Drama and more Oliver-man-pain.

Felicity made a petty remark of “What was it fantasy island?” Because she found out about Shado and Sara being present on Lian Yu. Oliver is traumatized and is hallucinating about a dead Shado, is consumed with guilt over her death and has consistently expressed that the island was too horrifying for him to talk about. And Felicity gets so jealous over the mere existence of a dead girl who was a part of Oliver’s life literal years before Felicity even knew he existed, to the point where she makes scathing comments and flippant remarks about his trauma.

Felicity needs to be reassured and explicitly told that SHE is Oliver’s ‘girl’ when Sara joins the team, because she doesn’t see Sara as an equal and is so threatened and intimdated by another woman joining the team they needed to literally specify that Felicity is The Girl ™. God forbid women work togehter and value each other without being pitted against each other.

Felicity called Oliver’s own mother diabolical AT HER FUNERAL, clearly not having any respect (if not for Moira as a person then she should have AT LEAST have respect for what she meant to Oliver), and this disgusting comment is never addressed or considered out of line in the narrative whatsoever. She also made a similar quip after Amanda Waller was shot.

Felicity is rude, dismissive, ashamed of and disrespectful to her mother near constantly. She looks down on her for not being as intelligent and slut shames her for her dress, despite the fact Donna raised Felicity single-handedly and dotes on her daughter completely.

Before I go on I’d love to point out that ALL OF THIS SO FAR (with the exception of the Waller comment) took place in Seasons 1&2, because people seem to forget that Felicity has always been awful, and they’re viewing the earlier seasons with rose-tinted glasses because seasons 3&4 were just THAT BAD.

When Season 3 started, Olicity was suddenly a thing, and they shoehorned in some flashbacks to try and make it more feasible, one of which included Felicity randomly walking into her boss’ office at QC after hours with no purpose, spying a photo of Oliver on a desk and commenting aloud to herself how cute he is and how “its a pity you’re dead”. This doesnt have anything to do with her treatment of women, but atleast her lack of respect for the dead is a consistent character trait!

Felicity continues to throw Thea under the bus, what started with Felicity telling Oliver about Thea’s true parentage, driving a wedge in the family and neglecting to tell Thea (or moira, who’s secret it was to tell), continues with Felicity outright telling Oliver not to save his sister because it might result in his death (a risk that Oliver has already stipulated that he’s willing to take).

But it gets worse!! A newly resurrected Thea is struggling with bloodlust and is too traumatized to return to her apartment because of what happened there, she moves in with Laurel, because Felicity and Oliver wanted to drive off into the sunset and play house. Months later it’s revealed that Felicity has been consulting with the team behind Oliver’s back the whole time and not once did she suggest they return and not once did either of them consider that Thea might need him. Its also never once addressed that Felicity was wrong for lying and keeping secrets, because Felicity is never wrong!!

(Also in The Flash, Felicity straight up told Eddie that it was completely fine for him to lie to Iris if it was for her own good!)

Then, when Felicity finds out Oliver fathered a child years ago that he didn’t know about, her temper tantrum caused such a distrubance in the team dynamic that they got killed and Barry had to go back in time to correct the timeline to stop it from happening. So Barry obviously knew about the kid.

William’s mother straight up tells Oliver that she doesnt trust him or his intentions and if he wants to get to know his son then it has to be a secret and strictly as a family friend until she’s convinced he’s in it for the long haul (this makes total sense given the Oliver she knew was a selfish, egotistical playboy who was NOT father material, she needs to see that he’s changed, and not overwhelm her son unnecessarily if it turns out that he hasnt).

When William is kidnapped and Felicity finds out about him as a result, she is petty and juvenile while they’re working, completely dismisses and gets snappy with Samantha when she apologizes, even when Samantha takes full responsibilty for what she asked Oliver to do, and not once does Felicity ever ask about William’s wellbeing. Felicity is surpised to discover that William - like Oliver - likes baseball, and makes YET ANOTHER SCATHING COMMENT AT OLIVERS EXPENSE by saying that they should hope the resemblence ends there, because she apparently thinks that her fiancee has absolutely no positive qualities whatsoever that might be nice to pass on.

Felicity then breaks up with Oliver for lying to her, even though he didnt want to but had to if he wanted to know his son. Even though she spent months lying to him mere weeks earlier, even though she told Eddie that lying was okay. Even though she told her mother the prior week that it was okay if Quentin kept things from her because she should trust he had a good reason.

Felicity then keeps the apartment (yknow the one that used to be Thea’s until she had to move in with Laurel to deal with her trauma), as a result Oliver slums it out in the Arrow cave, because depsite running for Mayor, Oliver is unemployed. Felicity has a CEO salary but of course she keeps the apartment. She’s Felicity. God himself shit her out and she is completely right all the fucking time even when shes a self-righteous, hypocritical piece of shit.

Felicity makes bitchy comments about the breakup when theyre trying to work even though she was the one to end it, she then tells Oliver that he will always be who he was on that island. She basically told him the most traumatic experience in his entire life is all he will amount to, and the person he is as a result of his trauma is not someone she can love and its his fault that he’s that way because apparently she’s a victim blaming piece of shit as well as a hypocrite.

Laurel dies and on her deathbed tells Oliver that Felicity is the best thing for him despite the fact she loved him too. The writers wanted to 10000000% make sure that we all know that Felicity is The Girl ™ and anyone at all that might’ve potentially maybe been competition just pales in comparison, my guy.

Diggle is traumatized by the situation with his family and Felicity makes YET ANOTHER INSULTING, DISRESPECTUL “JOKE” AT OLIVER’S EXPENSE by saying Diggle is “one illegitmate child away from a great Oliver Queen impersonation”, making another dig at William, yknow the kid that she dumped Oliver over, the one Oliver didnt know about himself until shortly before she did, the kid that Oliver had to say goodbye to, before he’d even gotten the chance to be a dad to, in order to keep him safe. (But she loves Oliver so much guys! Honest! So totally cares about his wellbeing and whats best for him, even at the detriment of herself, I swear!)

TL;DR in conclusion, Felicity is a misogynist tool that the writers have been employing from day one. Its a common trope in fiction. She’s the token female character that all other females get compared to/dismissed for. They pit women against each other at every available oppprtunity and have Felicity become this untouchable writers-pet that is never called out and can never be wrong and she’s just so great and can do everything and everyone loves her and no one seems to question any of the horrible things she does because she is so righteous in her writers-pet bubble!

And because she’s a woman they try and champion this as ground-breaking and feminist, when its actually extremely misogynist and anti-feminist, especially when you consider that if the tables were turned and OLIVER was the one doing all this shit to Felicity, then people would be out for blood and screaming misogyny from the rooftops, but because Felicity herself is a woman, they think that it makes her exempt.

But felicity isnt a woman, she’s not real, she’s a puppet being controlled by men and theyre using a female character to get away with misogyny.

The whole idea of The Girl ™ and the concept that one female character has to be the 'Alpha’ and something happens to every other female to prove that she is clearly The Best of the women, is always inherently misogynist and exists to fasciliate pitting women against each other.

Anime Recs

These are animes I’ve seen and would recommend as well as some i would like to watch, I just decided to post them and keep track of them here.

Animes I’ve watched 

Ouran High School Host Club

Anime about a normal high school girl that breaks a hella expensive vase and cross dress as a guy to pay for it.

 Attack on Titan/Attack on Titan: Junior High 

Anime about a smol angry dude and his fight against tol naked things with the help of his hot, adopted sister and rlly smart friend.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Free! Eternal Summer 

Sports anime. contains angst in Eternal Summer and will make u question ur life plans. Iwatobi Swim Club is just half naked boys messing around.

Tokyo Mew Mew 

(i watched this as a kid) Anime about girls who are named after foods and have the powers of animals. They try and fight against some demons i guess.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 

Anime about a girl’s struggle with her tol crush who turns out to be a shoujo manga artist. its just one big meme.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Anime about a girl who lied about her boyfriend so asks for help from this closeted sadist. 

Blue Spring Ride 

Honestly this one just broke my heart. a really good romance anime with hints of comedy. tho after watching this i was depressed for a week and read the manga. its great. 10/10. just watch it.

Say ‘I Love You' 

Anime about a shy girl and a popular guy. sounds cliche but has the best character development ive seen man.

My Little Monster 

(at this point u can see i had a romance anime phase) a romantic comedy about an uptight girl dealing with this basically fuckboy nerd. theres a chicken in it.

Kimi ni Todoke 

Romance anime about a shy girl who breaks out of her shell when she befriends the friendly popular guy in her class. comedy but can be angsty.


a gay, animated volleyball montage. just watch it, its already so fuckin popular.

 Kuroshitsuji (all of it)

basically sherlock but as a 10 yr old boy. a guy makes a contract with a demon in 20th century England and the story goes from there.

One Punch Man 

anime about a man who defeats villains with one punch, but since its so easy he soon gets bored of it so its mainly him trying to get to the market sales in time. theres a hot teenage cyborg and memes.

Nijiiro Days 

anime about 4 guys who struggle with romance. the sadist one is my fave <3

(currently airing)

Prince of Stride 

a gay, animated parkour/running montage. the plot can be questionable but it has great art and characters.


a fantasy anime with a cool plot but sickingly good romance. basically.


a music anime about 4 girls starting up a light music club. theres banter and cute scenes with good animation when it comes to instruments.

 Akatsuki no Yona 

a princess’ crush/cousin kills the king which leads to the princess having to go on a quest to acquire dragons and kill the cousin. theres a hot springs OVA.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi 



a comedy anime with a old yet new style of animation, a little adulty (kind of like family guy). it has an amazing voice actor lineup and is really popular in japan.

Owari no Seraph 

kids from an orphanage are taken by the vampires when a virus breaks out and kills everyone over the age of 13. it follows a child, Yuuichrou who escapes from the vamps and tries to kill them. (SO GOOD I LOVE IT MIKA IS MY FAVE AND SO IS SHINOA)


a horror anime that just fucked me up. it has an amazing plot and keeps you on your toes.

Diamond no Ace

sports anime about baseball. its hella long but its hella worth it. it follows a pitcher, Eijun Sawamura and his dream to go to nationals. (miyusawa is canon)


its about some kids solving mysteries i guess. (jk its great watch it)

Super Lovers

it only just started but its gay and about some dude and his brothers i guess?

(currently airing)

Animes I need to watch 

Akame Ga Kill! 

its about some dude who goes on a quest but gets kidnapped by a gang? (ive only seen 2 episodes)

Tokyo Ghoul 

some dude finds the most difficult way to dye his hair (its probs from twitter and ive only seen 2 episodes)

Death Note 

theres this book who kills people? and it has detectives?

Your Lie in April 

music anime which apparently fucks you up emotionally.

Snow White with the Red Hair 

apparently its like Akatsuki no Yona just without dragons?

Dagashi Kashi 

have no idea what this is about but i read somewhere that its good.

ill probably update this monthly? if i remember. also i would recommend researching these animes on MyAnimeList or smth bc im not the most reliable person with my weirdass summaries. also these are the animes I mainly reblog about as now an anime blog rather than just haikyuu, tho it’s mainly haikyuu and I will never get out of that rut.