it's so great i'm sobbing

Loaded the bullets with my blood in the round

Yeah, he’s a sweet six shooter

he knows how to get down

if Apollo had a theme this would be it

Couldn’t sleep, made a horsey for @lebazardesmondes ;w;

Wisteria star witch for ya with a foxy familiar, I hope you like ;;

(Late) Phichit week, day 4: pets

In which Phichit is a simple ham farmer toiling in his patch of homosexual dirt with his best friend, hams, and Vicchan

This is obviously a collab with my amazing frand @mangoat-s (she did Yuri, I did Phichit, no duh)


‘Too clever - that’s Morse’s trouble!’
Colin Dexter, The Remorseful Day

I rewatched Stardust and couldn’t decide which au version I liked more so I made both.