it's so great and i love it so much!

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So.... hello I've be following your blog for almost 2 years and finally worked up the nerve to say it's beautiful, uplifting, humour and very inspirational (makes me want to try playing the Sims again). Love your characters and the way your brain works. And also wanted to ask what ever happened to Freddy and what is he up to? Is even more known now for his work now? Sorry if this is long but I love getting to know more about your characters.

omg dsdskah first of all ilyyyyy for sending nice things like this but most importantly how haven’t you blocked me yet ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;..

seconddddd zsdkjhsdkf.. i love you even more for asking me about Freddy and that you even care about him when i’ve only showed him like twice. he’s still my precious pure babyyyyy. the only thing stopping me from posting him is finding a home/world for him and Benji because they’re suppose to be roommates. realistically they should already be settled in somewhere or at the very least in the process of looking for something that can accommodate both of their needs. 

right now they’re in Angel City but that world has become increasingly laggy for me so i have to find another “city-type” environment for them. i lowkey want them to be based in NY though because they each spend time back and forth between there and LA, Brooklyn is Freddy’s hometown and there’s nothing really keeping Benji in Cali anymore that he can’t do elsewhere or hop on a flight real fast if he needs to visit. Freddy is actually subletting his studio in NY to one of his friends, however, the lease will be up soon so he’s gonna have to figure out additional living arrangements anyway and Benji feels it’s time to move out of Wes’ home soooo yeah i’m thinking NY ^_^

as far as Freddy’s line of work.. he’s pretty popular behind the lens at this point but genuinely didn’t start coming into his own success until about age 23, he’s 26 now. he’s a street life/fashion photographer and his preferred specialty is working with musicians as their personal photojournalist. he’ll often travel on the road with the artist and photograph them, their entourage and any behind the scenes and/or onstage work they might do. this usually will last ongoing for about a month or two or however long the artist is on tour for and then he’s back home working on his other side jobs which include various publications, still life and other personal projects he might be experimenting with.

Legends of tomorrow is like really really good like????? Great hilarious characters and strong female characters???? Awesome actors and amazing villains??? The heroes are not 100% good but that ok because they don’t have to be???? Beautiful characters developments??? Cool storylines and super smart plot twists????? Iconic films references??? It has it all and it keeps getting better I love it so much?????

as a child I wasn’t so much foreign as I was very small     my soul
still unsmogged by its station     I walked learning
the names of things each new title a tiny seizure
of joy     paleontologist tarpaper marshmallow     I polished them like trophies
eager in delight and colorblind     though I still loved crayons
for their names cerulean gunmetal and corn-
more than making up for the hues I couldn’t tell apart     even
our great-grandparents saw different blues owing
to the rapid evolution of rods and cones     now I resist
acknowledging the riches I’ve inherited     hard bones and a mind full
of names     it’s so much easier to catalog hunger to atomize
absence and carry each bit like ants taking home a meal

I am insatiable     every grievance levied against me
amounts to ingratitude     I need to be broken like an unruly mustang
like bitten skin     supposedly people hymned before names     their mouths
were zeroes little pleasure portals for taking in grape
leaves cloudberries the fingers of lovers     today words fly
in all directions     I don’t know how anyone does
anything     I miss my mouth sipping coffee and spend
the day explaining the dribble to strangers who patiently
endure my argle-bargle before returning
to their appetites     I am not a slow learner     I am a quick forgetter
such erasing makes one voracious     if you teach me something
beautiful     I will name it quickly before it floats away

Kaveh Akbar, “Desunt Nonnulla,” Portrait of the Alcoholic (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017)

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Hi uh I just wanted to let you know that I love your comic a lot and it consistently inspires me to work on mine, maybe some day get it to the quality yours is :) thank you!

thank you so much!! honestly the best kind of feedback to get for me is that other people get inspiration from me to do their own thing so im real glad to hear it! Q w Q keep going with your comic!! i’m sure its great and i know it’ll just get better and better the more you work on it! ( ` v ` )// best of luck my dude!

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Thank you very much for NLL ch. 5, I love both parts. Seems like it took a lot of effort, so I really appreciate your work! The posing in the funeral chapter is great and Isabella is a very genuine and likeable character. I am glad to see that you show the perspective of all parties involved in this unfortunate love triangle. Would you mind if I keep leaving messages like this? Still no tumblr account (not the social media type), but I would like to comment on NLL. Have a nice day!

Thank u so much for reading & sending this sweet message!!!! Its no secret i love isabella so i wanted to give her a proper, hot send off this chpt eps bc we wont be seeing her again for like. 200 years. Since this is a prequel and we all kno how pat & con r gonna go i knew from the start even tho isabellas role was going to b small id try to make her more than someone “getting in the way of the main ship” and like someone that it’d be realistic for pat to be into/end up with so im v v glad to hear u liked that choice :D id write more about it but im in class ugh so thank u again and ofc i dont mind ppl leaving me messages/comments, i love hearing what u guys think ❤

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Ah I love Australia, even tho I've never been there but I wish i could go there one day. Do you like living there? :) (here we go again with the great question - but i'm honestly interested haha) Yes and its not that bad, but it is still not your bed, so you never really sleep as good as you would at home. Also the kids can be annoying shits and keep you awake the whole night :DD haha

Lmao I think kids secretly want to piss people who are older than them and they know they’re being annoying lol (but I love lil kids omg, they’re adorable). I’ve lived in Australia pretty much my entire life so I’m kinda destined to like it? I think so anyway haha, it’s pretty cool. Ah, it’d be really cool if you came here though! If you do decide coming one day, do yourself a favour and come during winter lmfao. Summer will burn you into a puddle honestly.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


“The first draft of my vows - which I wrote the day after we got engaged - clocked in at around seventy pages. But I don’t have them with me today… Here’s what I’ll say, then. The things you have done for me - to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy - go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.” 
“I love you and I like you.” 


“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]