it's so gay!!!!!!!!

A recent selfie from Sadachi Momoko, our new Saeko-neesan!  

She has previously been in the Sailor Moon Musicals as one of the Witches 5, and in the second One Piece Live attraction show (so not concurrently with Takato).  

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unpopular opinion: jensen ackles and misha collins are gay,,,,,,,,,,, like,,,,,,, really super gay

pFf T !??!? wHAT?? GAY, YOU SAY??? 


how any of this could ever possibly be conceived as gay, I have no idea

this is just two bros hangin out

showin each other their underwear, as bros do

just a couple bros with lots of platonic affection for each other, nothin of the homosexual nature goin on here

“this would look great on our christmas card, bro”

“for sure, bro”

lmao “gay.” boy howdy anon, idk what you’re seeing here that i’m not. just looks to me like ~two broooos sittin on con staaaage, 5 inches apart cuz they not gay~


Here’s more Hank, feat. @junkieprophet‘s OC Sam (More pics of him coming probably soon) and the Subtle ENB!

Can you tell I only use the Starlight Drive-In to take my screenshots?

my parents still don’t take me very seriously when I say that I’m a lesbian because they repetitively still refer to me getting a ‘boyfriend’“. Sexuality never has been a huge deal for me so I’m pretty much chill about it, I mainly just don’t want them to panic when they find out one day that I am an ACTUAL real life ™ farm fresh 🌽🌽🌽organic 🌽verified gay

wh o wants me 2 post ship art i did of me and trace ( @/ john-ghostytrickster-egbert) 


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao