it's so fun to draw the tbh


hashtag throwback to edgy spoonboy 

Bucky teaching Steve to dance is one of my favourite things ;-;

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve been thinking a lot about Kim and what he would do with the brooch now

I just want him to be bisexual, honestly

This is a bit of a belated post (but just in time for Suicide Squad!! ;D) for one of the most fun commissions I’ve worked on - Rule 63 Harley Quinn and Joker based on two awesome & lovely cosplayers from Melbnova! ♦️🃏


its the few, the proud, & the emotional

happy birthday to fairly local |-/



colored @wasabu‘s sketches again , this time it’s “let’s steal Jotaro’s clothes” drawings xD

hope you like it! >w<

thank you miku expo 2016 (5/28)!!! shoutout to my fav singing androids, you guys were amazing!

also, 5/20 was the day i first got into vocaloid, 7 years ago. vocaloid is really important to me, so this is a draw for that as well! 


replied to your post

“celineakayjs replied to your post “what’s the fluffy fury clan…”

hmmm… what could someone who cant draw bring to the clan?? …im interested but am artistically challenged lollllll

No problem at all! Fluffy Furry Clan is for everyone.
Non-artist is also accepted!
Hmmmm… so u are a writer *v* (TBH I read ur fic aaaasdfasdfasdf*[]*<3)

Alright! I offer this magic Item to be a welcome gift if you come to the clan…

‘OT3 Floffy Pen’ Of course, It’s TodoBakuDeku!!! lol
When you write, you’ll feel the extremely softness between the fingers. And I also add some glitter for you ;) Blink blink blink.

We, Fluffy Furry Clan, produce every item with heart. Muahh<3

aAAYYYY ITS FINALLY DONE!!! :‘DD here’s a collab that me and my sis, @olimarina, decided to work on, and it took me forever to actually color it lol

but here it is!!! She did such a lovely job drawing this precious family and they hurt my heart in the best way ;o; the way she draws Hugh and Judy in particular is absolutely precious and I love them all so much <33

I’m super happy with how the colors and shading turned out tbh ;w; it was a lot of fun to work on! :’D i’m so glad we decided to do this because it was about time we worked on a collab haha

(Please do not remove caption or repost. lineart belongs to @olimarina.)

anonymous asked:

I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.

Halloween Costumes (Sasusaku version)
Spider Queen And Demon King

Of course i’m gonna do this to my other ships too because its fun!! and sasuke as demon king….. why not his curse form looks like one but i decided not to do that because of the wings (its a freakin hand mercy! i dont wanna draw hand wings at the time)