it's so freakin' good


This is what happens when you give a legendary 2D fight animator 3D software

(Animated by @FlashJomm on twitter/youtube)

if we’re being honest sims bustin’ out for gameboy doesnt get the recognition it STILL deserves


StopRewind -NateWantsToBattle

yall please watch this, my emo ass is freakin out its so good

I think ???? That for a short period in time I was going to a “"counselor”“ who was actually like,, the head religious person of the kids section of the church (if that makes sense sorry lol) and like,,, I just feel rlly icky abt having someone who worked in the church basically be my ”“therapist”“ when I was a kid,, and like,, I only have 2 memories from that,, but i KNOW i didn’t trust her,,

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures

Here’s 7th Year Scorpius (aka the punkest Head Boy since Teddy Lupin) just for fun!


[MESSAGE] SEVENTEEN Japan official site open!!