it's so freakin' good


screenshot redraw!!!
so like, i’ve been really obsessed with Sonic Underground the past few days and decided out of nowhere, while i was screenshotting some Manics, to do a redraw of a part i had paused on while listening to the song “Don’t be a Backstabber” from the show and after a couple days here is the result!
im actually super proud of this one omg


This is what happens when you give a legendary 2D fight animator 3D software

(Animated by @FlashJomm on twitter/youtube)

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures

  • me pointing at arrow's and legends' premieres: you’re doing amazing sweeties
  • me pointing at the other 2: you two not so much

anonymous asked:

Kel WHat do I do??!¡¿ I get tHOUSANDS of likes and reblogs on fandom stuff but zero on my original stuff even when it's honestly really pretty (im super critical of my shit but sometimes it really turns out gOOD and even I like it). it's so freakin discouraging 😣 I use tags and try to post during busy hours and have almost 1k followers but still everything non fandom goes unnoticed 😫😭

omg anon I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN IT SUCKS and I’ve seen a few tweets from friends just this week about being afraid/ discouraged to share original stuff WHICH MAKES ME RLY SAD. It’s unfortunate but people do care more about things they already know as compared to things they are unfamiliar with THAT’S NORMAL and not rly something you can change.

For me personally, I think it helps a lot when you create a story or talk about your OCs! It’s easier for people to be interested when they can get to know the characters or world rather than just having a picture with no context/ backstory. I’VE ALWAYS DRAWN MY OCS ALOT but I do feel that people only started wanting to know more after I drew short comics/ doodles with them interacting. I KNOW IT CAN FEEL DIFFICULT AT THE START, especially when it seems noone is interested/listening BUT JUST GO FOR IT!! BE ENTHUSIASTIC!! BE PROUD OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORK BC IT IS A STORY WORTH TELLING!! I really hope you don’t give up and that you find your audience!! IN THE MEANTIME i am always open to talking about your OCs/ worldbuilding stuff if you want to, just drop me a msg on tumblr chat!!!! 

Sneak peek of upcoming LOZ:BOTW Double-sided charm! ♥ ♥

Can you guys guess what it is? >v> 

Also there are so many freakin side quests in BOTW that it makes me wonder if I’ll ever get any closer to finishing the game … //lays down 

And even tho I want to finish the game, I just can’t bring myself to kill off Calamity Ganon cuz I know my man is in there somewhereee //sobs I miss him so much ya’ll don’t even know orz 

it’s kinda surreal moving blogs after having 1k+ on my old blog like i really miss all the attention i got over there but i don’t feel so much pressure to be the person everyone Expects me to be

my fav happening from two years ago was when a bunch of schoolkids(from my old school) copied my moomin fanart of Homsan Toft from my deviantart account and put it on their candytruck on penkkis day(a traditional last day of school celebration/embrace matriculation-examn-hell thing).

Like they have no idea who i am, and im guessin they googled up a pic of homsan and thought aw hell yeah this losers deviant fanart is perfect for a reference!