it's so freakin' good


This is what happens when you give a legendary 2D fight animator 3D software

(Animated by @FlashJomm on twitter/youtube)


StopRewind -NateWantsToBattle

yall please watch this, my emo ass is freakin out its so good

if we’re being honest sims bustin’ out for gameboy doesnt get the recognition it STILL deserves

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i'd be fascinated to hear your take on 3 ways solas has changed since you started his account? and 3 ways your views on the character have changed since you first encountered him?

These are two really good questions, and I’m super happy that you decided to ask them on your own! It makes me feel really nice. Thank you!

I should begin by saying that when I made Solas, it was on a whim. I didn’t really know what I was doing ( this is my first indie ), or how to do it. I didn’t even think I’d have the guts or the ability to write Solas, let alone do it well. But I wanted to try because I really did love his character, though, at the time, most of my love was for Solavellan. That’s changed now; I just really love Solas. He may not be wholly mine, but he’s still my child.

One way he’s changed, branching off that confession, is that he has more depth to him. At first, I just wrote Solas for the fun of it and there was hardly any conflict. I didn’t really focus so much on any of his layers, but seemed to remain on his mask. He was basically just the Solas we all experience at the start of the game. I couldn’t really tell or understand why he did what he did because I never took the time to really write it out. That’s partially because I am really terrible at thinking up ideas and then writing it out in a way people can understand. So, yeah. One way he’s changed is that he has more depth. I try to explain everything he does and why he does it. I feel like I know why he makes each choice. He’s a man molded by guilt. It controls everything he does.

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I think ???? That for a short period in time I was going to a “"counselor”“ who was actually like,, the head religious person of the kids section of the church (if that makes sense sorry lol) and like,,, I just feel rlly icky abt having someone who worked in the church basically be my ”“therapist”“ when I was a kid,, and like,, I only have 2 memories from that,, but i KNOW i didn’t trust her,,

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures

Here’s 7th Year Scorpius (aka the punkest Head Boy since Teddy Lupin) just for fun!


[MESSAGE] SEVENTEEN Japan official site open!!