it's so flippin' cute

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Carrie, I just read "made from the heart" and it's so flippin cute I just had to vomit reader's joy on you. Thank you!

ahhh thank you! i had a lot of fun writing this holiday fic and stiles and derek are such nerds in it hehe. <3 <3 <3

  • made from the heart (g, 3k) Derek has been crushing on Stiles for awhile, and thinks maybe this Christmas season he’ll tell him how he feels. He’s got a great present too, except when Stiles gives him a thoughtful handmade present, Derek is pretty much screwed. ~ Stiles smiles at Derek. “It was just a nice thought, you know? I just think gifts that people take their time to make are just so sweet.” “Handmade,” Derek says faintly.

[►] I’m sick as crud right now and want to do nothing more than to just go back to sleep, but I got out of bed and forced myself to make these gifs because HIGHT DIFFERENCE FEELS! Ian stands up on his tiptoes to say something to Anthony over the loud music which is ADORABLE, but what really put it over the top is when Anthony realised Ian’s struggle and BENT DOWN TO HIS HEIGHT! IT’S SOOOO FREAKING CUTE and the fact that you can only see their silhouettes makes it EVEN BETTER! Their height difference is so amazingly beautiful and gives me so much life! <3

Fangirling done. I’m going back to bed now. :P

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When Barry was like "Do you think it's a sign that we shouldn't--!" and Iris was like "NO!", I was dying. Even though it was unintentional, she was pretty loud. So for the haters that say Iris doesn't think of Barry as more than a friend can suck it. Both Barry and Iris want to try out their relationship and it's already a go.


I’m calling it now, engaged by the end of the season. Barry’s already talking like they are married. “My powers are your powers, Iris” Like. COME ON.