it's so embarrassing to stan you rn

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what are your model!Stan hcs?:)

ok this is (shameless self promo) based off the model au ill be uploading soon

  • 100% an instagram model first and foremost
  • does OOTDs and his aesthetic is just. on point
  • bev + ben are his model buddies
  • they tend to do photo shoots together
  • even though stan is primarily an insta model he does shoots for feminist/lgbt zines etc
  • hes everyones go to for that bc he LOVES wearing skirts and dresses and is unafraid of really dramatic makeup
  • super friendly on set to crew members like ???? is he even a model ???
  • always asks about makeup that looks good on him bc some of his insta is dedicated to trying out new looks bc the bitch has many talents
  • he may be tiny but his legs ??? go on for days ?????????
  • theyre his best asset so 90% of the time ppl ask him to wear shorts or skirts
  • he loves it so its fine
  • if you go way back to his early career youll find some embarrassing shit that bev + ben found first
  • they were fucking delighted
  • honestly who the fuck decided he should be a model for hot topic
  • does a lot of throwback thursdays on his account to his embarrassing sense of style when he was younger
  • (polo shirts tucked into beige shorts…….A Look)
  • every photographer falls in love w him bc hes so graceful n doesnt get offended when they ask him to change his pose slightly
  • I ACTUALLY CANT THINK OF MANY RN ill add to this when the inspiration comes