it's so embarrassing getting 0 notes on something

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

Boyfriend Joshua Would Include...

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  • Here we go friends, Joshua Hong, my boy
  • Joshua as your bf would be the best thing ever 
  • He’s such a gentleman, his mommy raised him right 
  • Joshua as your boyfriend would be like those really sweet relationships everybody wants, like the ones you’ll cherish even if you do find yourselves broken up in the future 
  • Most likely you would of became very acquainted with Josh before falling into a relationship
  • Josh is pretty easy going and open minded, I can practically see him with ANY one like Josh could date a little green alien and it would still be cute 
  • Josh is always, ALWAYS thinking about his significant other, and their feelings before his
  • Which is why out of all the members I would say, realistically, you would have the best time with him
  • Josh is just a good kid man like 
  • The things he would do for you 
  • He’d make sure your eating properly and dressed appropriately for the weather and stuff 
  • He’d always check up on you via text or when he can call
  • He’d ask you how your day was, what you did, who you met. and what you learned and stuff
  • If you were across town, he would go and buy you something like a coffee and meet you. just so he can see you
  • He’d jump over the moon for you 
  • Dude if Josh was your boyfriend, I’m just going to say it now, you are sooooo lucky you don’t even know man like 
  • He’s such a handsome kid too 
  • His face is very proportional and perfect, his eyes are so beautiful and captivating 
  • Josh has that natural curve of his lips which makes him look as if he’s always smiling, in like that really kind and gentle way. Like a tiny kitten 
  • His voice is so smooth and soothing, just talking to him could put you at ease 
  • He’d sing for you a lot, sweet cute songs to make you feel better, he’d strum his guitar and play soft cords 
  • Joshua is the type of kid to hold a boombox outside your window playing your favourite song
  • Josh likes to hold hands, have you seen how large his hands are though 
  • Josh likes to hold both of your hands in his and talk to you with full eye contact 
  • He’d hold your wrists a lot 
  • He’d place his hands on each of you’re shoulders to steady you when standing 
  • He’d place his head on top of yours in pictures a lot, like he’d force you to kneel, if you have to. so he could be the bigger one
  • Josh likes to wrap his arms around your shoulder and hug your from behind, he also likes to hold you by your waist and rest his forehead on yours when you’re alone 
  • He likes it when you wrap your arms around him, and squeeze him 
  • He likes it when you lean into him and listen to his steady heart beat
  • When Josh talks to you he likes to get close, he would whisper in your ear a lot 
  • He likes to kiss your ear, nose and cheek, and they can vary from sweet deep kisses to quick soft pecks
  • Okay so, I feel like Josh is the type to give hickeys like, he likes to kiss your neck and suck on your skin = o =
  • Josh is the big spoon, because he likes to feel confident and protect the one he loves 
  • He’d always lay on top of you, like you’d be laying down and to your right he’d have one arm hanging over your waist and other propped up for his head
  • He likes to cuddle no, he loves it 
  • He would pull you down where and whenever he can 
  • Josh his a deep person, who has many deep thoughts, he likes to share those thoughts with you so you can communicate more
  • He’s a very creative person with hints of logic 
  • He’s always thinking about the outcome of things. ensuring you get the best out of an experience 
  • He’s all about safety 
  • He cares a lot
  • Josh watches a lot of anime guyz and he loves movies and TV shows 
  • Dude I bet he even plays MMO’S and stuff 
  • Prob played LOL and Warcraft and anime RPG’s 
  • Josh is from America, remember that, L.A born and raised 
  • He probably understands a lot of slang and western humor so don’t worry about it
  • On that note Josh can be very embarrassing though like 
  • On dates he would take you to all you’re favourite places, like cafe’s or something, and since he has that gentleman mentality he would always offer to buy you something or split the bill 
  • He’d teach you all about his culture and he’d love it if you were to teach him about yours
  • He’d teach you some things in the languages he knows 
  • And he’d enjoy it if you were to teach him some things in your native language (if it’s not already English) 
  • During sexy time, he’d be super gentle and loving, he’d tell you things like, “you’re beautiful,” and “ I love you” 
  • Josh is all about romance 
  • His music choice is very old school R&B 
  • His hair is reallllly soft man
  • He has a clean, slightly manly scent that you love
  • He has very broad shoulders and a strong gaze 
  • But sometimes he can look high due to his half lidded face… it’s funny though 
  • You were walking down a quiet street in your city, Joshua on your right, hands intertwined. It was a cool summer afternoon, you two planned on making a quick run to your convenient store. Josh wanted candy. Heavy dark clouds rolled over your heads, covering the beaming sun, cool swifts of wind blew past your cheeks, the scent of rain was in the air  You two began to hurry you needed to at least make it to the store before the down pore, suddenly you felt droplets hit your shoulders. Cool beads of rain ran down your arms. 
  • “Hurry!” Joshua, started to lead you over to the store which was only a few meters away now
  • Laughing you scramble inside. Startling the old lady that owned the place. You apologized and stocked up on your goods
  • You ran out, and took cover in a bus shelter located only a few steps outside the store, you laughed and ate your candy, waiting for the rain to stop
  • Okay hope you enjoyed :D 

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One word prompt: sunrise (I genuinely hope you're still doing them because I crave more of your oneshots)

You’re in luck, my friend! There are plenty more of these on the way. 

Simon wasn’t a morning person. He preferred the night hours, when the world was quiet and still. Besides, he was always horribly tired in the morning, and he tried to avoid that at all costs.

This morning was different.

Simon woke slowly, at first not quite sure what had eased him from the dense fog of sleep. Instinctively he stretched an arm into the space on the opposite side of the bed, where Baz slept.

It was empty.

This realization was like a shot of espresso, snapping his heavy eyelids open, lifting him into an upright position. He scanned the room. It was dark, but not dark enough for nighttime. A glance at the clock beside their bed gave him an exact time: 4:57 am.

The room was mostly tidy, save for Simon’s clothes on the floor from yesterday. Baz was a bit of a neat freak, and Simon always tried to respect that, but there were moments when he slipped up.

Simon ran a hand through his hair, his fingers snagging on the tangled curls. Focus, he thought. He shouldn’t be thinking about keeping the bedroom tidy. Not when Baz was missing.

No, not missing, Simon reasoned. He’s fine. Probably. He’s just not…here.

Which was an oddity unto itself. Baz loved waking up next to Simon. He had said so himself. So why wasn’t he here?

Simon trailed his fingers over Baz’s empty spot on the bed, feeling the faintest traces of warmth. He must have left recently.

Simon pushed the covers aside, climbing out of bed and pulling on a jacket. He didn’t bother to change out of his pajamas. Instead, he slipped on a pair of tennis shoes. Before he left the apartment he checked each room to make sure that Baz wasn’t there—how embarrassing, that would be—taking note of the empty violin case in the living room.

Where was Baz?

Simon left, walking down the street as dawn continued to unfold, the curtain of nightfall retreating by the minute. He took a deep breath, hands in his pockets, relishing the crisp morning air. Now that he was awake, on the move, it wasn’t so bad. He could see why people liked getting up early. There was something special in the air, almost like the city was holding its breath, waiting for its inhabitants to wake up.

At this hour, anything was possible.  

At this hour, the city was shrouded in mystery, stories waiting to be told lingering like early-morning mist.

Simon had walked several blocks when he heard it—

The wavering, telltale notes coaxed from the strings of a violin.

Baz’s violin.

He walked faster, following the sound into a nearby park. Dawn was spilling forth quicker now, the trees towering on either side of him lighting up in pinks and golds. Simon didn’t stop to admire the view. He broke into a jog as the music grew louder and louder…

There he was.

A silhouette, framed by golden sunshine. He stood in the center of a small clearing, playing his violin intently, swaying with each stroke of the bow.

Simon found himself holding his breath, stock-still as he watched Baz.

All too soon the song was ending, the melody fading as the sky continued to brighten, until the greenery around them appeared to be painted in liquid sunshine.

“That was beautiful,” said Simon in hushed tones.

Baz jumped as if he’d been electrocuted, whipping around with a speed that was almost frightening. He visibly relaxed when he saw that it was Simon.

“God, Snow, you startled me,” he said, though he looked rather pleased that Simon had found him. He set his violin down softly in the bed of grass that sprouted around his feet.

Simon closed the gap and hugged him tightly.

“I was worried,” said Simon. “You didn’t leave a note or anything…”

“I’m sorry, love,” said Baz, burying his face in Simon’s curls.

They stood there for some time, in the empty, quiet park. The sun continued it’s ascent into the sky overhead, scattering shadows over the pair, illuminating them in a patchwork of dappled hues.

“Why did you come here?” said Simon at last when they pulled away from each other, though remaining close enough to touch.

Baz smiled gently, rubbing his thumb along Simon’s jawline. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“You could have woken me up.”

“You’re not a morning person,” said Baz.

“Well, I’m here anyway,” said Simon pointedly.

“I guess that’s true,” said Baz after a moment of consideration. He pressed a kiss to Simon’s cheek, soft as the verdant moss that grew around them.

“Will you play a song for me?” said Simon.

Baz regarded him in silence for a moment before nodding. He bent to pick up his violin, twirling the bow between his fingers elegantly.

“Anything for you, my dear,” he said.

Simon took a seat on the grass, leaning back on his hands as he watched Baz play, smiling wider with each and every note.

And in that moment, Simon felt brighter than a thousand sunrises.

No Thanks

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No Thanks 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader 

Prompt: I just thought of something hilarious that you could turn into a Y/NxPietro fix before they really hit if off, but breaks the ice very fantastically. When I was in British boarding school, I knew the phrase ‘fuck you’ but not ‘fuck me’ until I walked into my shared dorm to hear my little Chinese roommate say that after making a mistake. I didn’t know the context, so I said ‘no thanks.’ Imagine Pietro not knowing the context and having a different reaction. XD  ((submitted by bellona-dreamer)) 

Warnings: Curses

     The bell on top of the door rang as you entered the coffee shop. It was a Monday morning and you were still half asleep. You walked up to the cashier and told her “The usual,” before she sped off to get your coffee and breakfast ready. After a few seconds, she came back with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a bagel sandwich in the other. You thanked and paid her, also giving her a tip before sitting down at a nearby table. You reached across the table, about to grab a napkin before you knocked the coffee on your lap. You shrieked as you felt the hot coffee spill on your jeans. 

     “Fuck me.” You muttered, reaching for the napkins again. 

     “No thanks…” A voice said behind you. You spun around, finding the back of a white-blond guy’s head. 

     “What did you say?” You asked him, and the guy turned around and you were greeted with blue eyes. 

     “Pardon?” He asked you. 

     “Why did you say ‘no thanks’?” You asked. He seemed confused. 

     “Well, you did say ‘fuck me’…” He said, trailing off. He had an Eastern-European accent, which you found extremely sexy. 

     “Yeah so?” 

     “Well, you know…” He said, trailing off again. You stared at him, waiting for him to continue. Suddenly he made an ‘o’ with his index and thumb, and brought up his index finger on the other hand. He stuck his index fingers inside of the ‘o’. “You know… ‘fucking’.” He said. You finally understood. 

     “Oh my gosh! I’m sorry, I didn’t actually mean that!” You exclaimed, embarrassed. 

     “Oh, that’s a relief. Wait no, that’s not a relief. I mean you’re really pretty and stuff and I wouldn’t mind-” he stammered. You cut him off. 

     “I get it. ‘Fuck me’ is actually an expression after you do something embarrassing,’ you explained as you giggled. The guy slowly nodded his head, finally understanding. You extended your hand to him. “My name is Y/N,” you said, smiling. He smiled back and shook your hand. 

     “I’m Pietro.” he said back. 

Author’s Note: Sorry if its short loves! Special thanks to bellona-dreamer for requesting and being so patient <3  Follow for more onesets and imagines like this, and feel free to request scenarios :)

To the YOI fandom: Love on Ice controversy.

This is from the perspective of an tech/art student and someone who has to study film and do research.

Note: I dont normally get involved with this type of thing, even ship wars. But this is something I wanted to address because its popping up on FB, Instagram and Tumblr.

So… it has recently come to my attention that many people in the Yuri on Ice fandom are complaining and even attempting to boycott/petition to stop it/EVEN GOING SO FAR AS TO TELL KUBO TO SUE HALLMARK due to the announcement of a new direct to TV movie called Love On Ice.

My only answer to you is STOP.

Youre embarrassing yourselves.

Let me explain.

Yuri On Ice was in production for 4 years doing impressive amounts of research to truly appreciate ice skating in all its beauty. Their effort paid off with the beautiful series. With an anime that balanced both its romantic side and sports ice skating, gaining the praise of professional ice skaters like Johnny Weir.



If youre still confused/angry or think it was stealing or need more than just a salty college student yelling, continue to read.

Movies take a long time to make. Brave took 3 years just to get her curly hair perfectly natural. Frozen was originally thought off back during WW2 but kept getting transfered and shelved because they couldnt make it work at the time. Studio Ghibli takes its time making movies and spending hard work and time to make its animated films. Even Steven Universe takes a year to make its episodes which are usually 11 minutes long. As does family guy and the simpsons. While the media entertainment seems like it can pop out whatever it wants, there are still layers of work that go into its production and the effort that team puts into it will show when the finished product is released (just look at straight to DVD sequels from Disney movies, theyre generally pretty bad. And this is from the power house known as Disney.)

I would believe it was stealing/plagiarism/violation of copyright if there was a bigger difference in time between the release of the movie and the anime but the actors and skaters still have to ice skate (if they even do that for more than 10 minutes). Movies take time (depending on budget, writing the script, storyboarding, designing, staff, actors, choreographers, editting, etc) and its going to be released soon (in january 2017). By the time YOI came out, this was more than likely in post production. After the script was finalized, after all the acting and shit was done and really all that needed to be finished was editting and special effects. So when would they have the time to find out about YOI and insidiously plot a revenge plan to take ice skating back from the homosexuals (as some believe). Its simple. They couldnt.

The people saying its copying the plot. No, its not. The coach student romantic relationship plot is nothing new. Like seriously. Its not revolutionary. YOI is special because executed the relationship in a natural fluid way while also providing a healthy LGBT relationship, something rarely portrayed in media, much less anime. Having someone get out of something they once loved only to find a renewed interest due to someone else’s interactions in their life isnt anything new either. Ice skating is also part of various others media enterment. So no, they arent stealing.

At this point. Its the execution that matters more that its basic premise.

If you think its bad, then dont fucking give it the time of day. Stop giving it your attention. This also means let it flop on its own. Dont go writing nasty reviews because youre butt hurt. Like i said above IT IS A FUCKING HALLMARK MOVIE. Let it fade into obscurity. I bet you couldnt even name 3 hallmark movies from memory without help.

Make your memes. Say something funny. But dont give your anger because then youre just giving it attention that youre arguing it doesnt deserve. Stop that pathetic petition. Not saying you cannot be mad, just that its not worth your anger.

Support Yuri on Ice, the studio responsible for the masterful series, its creators, animators, designers and their inspirations, and buy official merch. It being dubbed by funimation (regardless of you liking the dub or not) means it will be easier for the western fans to get their hands on some form of official merchandise.
Make YOI art. Cosplay. And be glad we have a meaningful series rather than another queerbaiting show, anime no less.

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 716

/Vernon’s POV/

“Hey, I heard we’re getting a new student,” Soonyoung said, turned around to talk to me and Mingyu. “They said the new student is a girl.”

“Did you see her? Is she cute?” Mingyu asked, only for Soonyoung to shake his head no.

I shooed Mingyu’s arm off my desk. “Class is starting, sit at your desk, Hyung.” He pouted but did so anyway. I took out my notebook from my backpack and placed it on my desk, listening to the teacher talk as I do so.

“Class, I’m sure you’ve heard that we have a new student. I’d like to introduce you to Y/N,” I heard the teacher say. So we do have a new student – I heard Mingyu clear his throat – and she must be cute.

I then dropped any desire to know this girl. She was going to be taken by Mingyu anyway, there’s no point in trying now.

“…you can have a seat right there next to Vernon. Vernon,” I looked up “can you raise your hand, please?” I raised my hand, and then made eye contact with the girl walking my way.

I felt my chest tighten up. What is this? Why does it hurt suddenly? My hand fell back down to my side as she took her seat.

She turned her head and gave me a smile. I felt like someone just punched me in the gut. “Hi,” she greeted.

“H-h-h-hi,” I greeted her back.

“Pft,” Soonyoung let out, attempting to contain his laughter. I looked up at him and glared, his laughter disappearing.

“Vernon, how about you show her around after class? Take your time to make sure she fully understands the school and its system. You won’t be marked off for anything,” my teacher said. I nodded, not having any other option.


/Your POV/

Okay, so how did I manage to sit next to a hot guy? There were at least two other attractive guys but the hot one? Really?? You thought to yourself. This whole time you were trying to play it cool but now that you and him were alone you couldn’t help but think about how lucky you were.

“So, uhm, this is the library. You can go there during class as long as you get a note from your teacher that says you can,” Vernon said as you two walk past the library. You tried to quickly imbed it in your mind its location, and then looked back at Vernon. “And this is the-” You gasped when he suddenly tripped. You grabbed his arm to help him up but he pulled away from your grasp.

“Sorry,” you muttered, thinking that you did something wrong.

“It’s fine, you didn’t do anything wrong,” he said, assuring you. “God, that was so embarrassing,” he muttered under his breath. You bit your lip to suppress your laughter, but a little bit came out. He blinked at you confusedly, making you laugh even more.

“I’m sorry, you’re just really cute,” you told him. A blush came rushing up his cheeks.

“I think you’re cute too,” he said quietly. You stopped giggling.


“Nothing,” he replied immediately and continued walking, you following behind him.


You two walked in the middle of the hallway when the bell rang.

“Is school over?” you asked him, seeing people flooding out from their classrooms.

“Yeah,” he answered. “We were almost done too…”

An idea popped into your mind, not sure if it would work or not. “The campus is open tomorrow, right? Even though it’s the weekend?” He nodded. “Then, why don’t we continue tomorrow. It won’t take long, I don’t think.”


“I mean, that’s only if you want to come tomorrow. We don’t have to if you don’t want-”

He pulled out his phone from his pocket. “What’s your number? Just in case something happens tomorrow.”

Oh, you thought, and you gave him your number. It was very anticlimactic after that, despite your expectations.

You sighed to yourself as you walked out of school across a pretty empty courtyard. “I wonder if he thinks I’m weird,” you said to yourself. You looked down at your phone when you felt it vibrate. Smiling to yourself, you say, “I guess not.”

Hey so… how about making tomorrow a date instead?

-Admin Nhi

honestly it really bothers me when people do the whole “i set my suicide date to ____ for each reblog ill add on a day blah blah blah” because they are literally threatening their own lives for notes on a post. if youre doing this, you are the reason why people think that suicidal people are only doing it for attention, because you guys pull shit like this. if you were really suicidal you wouldnt come to tumblr asking for reblogs, youd go to a friend or family member for help. you’re making people who struggle with this into a joke. and trust me, i used to be suicidal and depressed myself, and i still have to deal with it, but i would never, EVER use my mental illness as an excuse to get notes and get ‘popular’ for 2 seconds on tumblr. people who truly have depression and suicidal thoughts dont talk about it, and they try their hardest not to. to people like us, its feels embarrassing to even talk about.

how DARE you use our weaknesses as something to get attention for and make us into jokes and not taken seriously when we finally find the courage to say something. YOU are the reason why we’re told that we’re doing this for attention. 

so no, i will not reblog/like your post begging for notes so you can have your internet fame for .2 seconds while the people with actual serious issues are being made fun of because of you.

In the Silence

Summary: Jude goes mute before he meets Connor and then once he meets Connor they click right away and they make signs and touches to communicate with each other and Connor never pressures Jude to talk.

A/N: Jude and Connor are sophomores in high school (also ps I’m strongly considering doing a sequel to this one shot so be on the lookout for that in a week or two)

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You know what? I'm tired of y'all reblogging y'all own gifsets and putting in the tags something like "yes I'm thirsty. It's embarrassing." Like, no. You worked hard on that gifset. You paid good money for photoshop. You spent a lot of time coloring this. People better appreciate your work. Like yasss! Reblog yourself! Be thirsty and get them notes!