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Yo could you share some of your headcanons for the deh kiddos :O ?! I'm really curious!!

*cracks knuckles* HEADCANONS UNDER THE CUT (these are generally feel-good and going off of a Connor Lived And Everything Gets Better AU set of ten [+ one extra] headcanons for the kids where they’re all friends)

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its not about the cars.
it’s never truly about the cars.

how did you get turned on to cars?
maybe your family; a gearhead dad or an older brother with a cool, fast car.
maybe a movie; James Bond, Dominic Toretto, Randall Raines… hell maybe herbie the lovebug or speed racer.
maybe you are lucky enough to live in a town that has a booming car culture and you grew up watching lowriders, muscle cars, and tuners roll down your streets every day.

but what has kept you clinging onto cars?
despite the late nights trying to finish a project so you have a vehicle to get to work in the morning.
despite the thousands of dollars you spend just to get a car on the ground let alone looking and driving the way you dream.
despite the confusion of gremlins, the heartbreak of crashes, the frustration of nothing seeming to work as it should.

if your answer isn’t ‘the friends you made along the way’ then you are missing out on the greatest part of cars and car culture.

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Warnings: None

Request: Can u do more cute imagines on stage with yn

I wasn’t sure how you wanted the imagine to go exactly but I hope this is good enough, Enjoy! 

Heavy breathing and loud screams. It’s a familiar sound now. 

I’ve been to so many of his concerts that coming just seems to be a second nature. It’s different then it was a few years ago though. Back then, I only saw him once every few years when he would put on a show, and I would usually only be seeing him from a far distance. He didn’t even know I existed. 

But now, my whole world has flipped upside down and as I stood from the wings, watching Justin and his dancers parade around on stage, I couldnt help but look at all the other screaming fans, reaching out for something so small, as simple as a graze of his shoe. 

I used to be like that, before I met him for real.

I remember it so vividly. The day it was absolutely pouring rain and I still had a good 2 miles to walk. I remember sneezing from the cold raindrops that trickled down my skin, leaving me to deal with an ongoing flu the next day. But I also remember seeing the black, tinted SUV pulling up beside me. 

At that moment my heart nearly stopped, and I was readying myself to run if needed. I really thought I was about to be kidnapped when the door to the SUV swung open, but gee was I glad stayed when I did. 

My idol stood in front of me, a concerned look on his face as he glanced at me, then up at the dark grey clouds above. Star struck, I listened to his words, so simple yet so demanding. “Need a ride? Get in! Where are you headed?” 

And from there it was a long spiral of being strangers, to acquaintances, friends, to love interests. Then finally - becoming official 3 months ago - as boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Get used to me holding you. Get used to me woeing you. Oh! get used to it…” The last line was sung. Justin’s jumping stopped as he ended in position, the crowd’s screams only just beginning to pick up.

“Thankyou all so much for coming tonight.” He announced breathlessly into the mic. “Don’t go anywhere guys, we’ll be back in 10!” 

And then he and the dancers ran off stage for a quick break. Justin immediately grabbed ahold of me, smiling like a fool under his head mic. “How am I doing?” 

After handing him his water bottle and wiping down his forehead with a towel as he gulped it down, I smiled and said, “Absolutely amazing baby. You always do great.” while rubbing his sweaty but masculine arms. It’s crazy to think that I have one of the worlds biggest popstars, as well as my dream guy, wrapped right around my finger. Just as well as I am with him.

“Let’s take a snap before you have to go back out.” I exclaimed, removing my phone from the pocket of my jeans.

“”Okay. But it’s only going to your family right?” And here we go again. Justin has been trying to keep our relationship a secret ever since we got together. At first it seemed to just be a privacy thing, so we could enjoy a little time to ourselves before going public to the world, but its been 3 months, and It honestly feels a little as if Justin is embarrassed to be seen in a relationship with me.

I mean, I’m definently not the most attractive girl, and I don’t have a model body either. I’m short, with a little belly. I can barely do my makeup for shit and not to mention, I’m not famous. In the end, I’m just a fan. 

“Oh- uh. Y-yeah. Of course.” I stutted in a failed attempt to hide my disappointment.

Justin’s face fell, eyes wondering over me in a concern. “You okay baby girl?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just forget it. Don’t worry about the snap. You gotta go out there soon and Scooter wants to talk to you.” 


“Go. Scooter’s waiting.” I pushed. I honestly just wanted to be left alone for a little bit, and pushing him away for a while was really the only way I was going to get that.

Justin hesitated and compelled but with some tugging and pushing, I got him over to Scooters side and walked away.

Justin’s POV

“Your doing great Kiddo.” Scooter began, looking down at the show plan in his hand, he hadn’t even realised that Y/N had practically dragged me over here, to busy caught up making sure everything was going according to plan.

“Yeah thanks Scoot.” I rushed. “Hey, do you know what’s up with Y/N?”

“Y/N? No. She was fine earlier.” Scooter answered, glancing up towards me. “Why?” 

“She just seemed like she was in a bit of a shit mood. Or something was making her uncomfortable.”

“Well did something happen?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No…I mean…I don’t think so?” I questioned. “I don’t know.” I sighed. “We were talking about the show, and then all of a sudden she asked if we could take a snap before I went back out. Then after that she just suddenly said she didn’t want to do it anymore and that I should talk to you before I go back out.” I explained.

“Okay…” Scooter trailed off “Did you say anything before that?”

“No, just that we could take a pic, just as long as she only sends it to her friends and family. No one else.”

That’s when Scooters face lit up in recognition, a sigh leaving his lips. 

“Justin, I honestly don’t know how so many girls love you. You are so oblivious.” Scooter joked.

“What?” I questioned. 

“Justin, did it ever occur to you that maybe Y/N’s feeling a little insecure?”

 “Insecure? About what. She’s perfect, there’s nothing to be insecure about.”

“Maybe not to you but to her…” Scooter explained. “Justin, she’s a wemon - a girl. Shes gonna need constant confident boosters and reminders that she is beautiful because otherwise after a while, the confidence she has will just wither away. And you holding back on telling everyone about your relationship is probably starting to affect her. She probably thinks you don’t want to be seen with her.”

“But that’s not true at all.” 

“But she dosen’t know that.” Scooter stated. 

“Well then…what do I do?” I ask hysterically. Scooter only shrugs and pats me on the shoulder. “That’s for you to figure out Kiddo. Your on in a minute.”

And with that, he walked over to pep up the dancers.

1 minute seconds, that gives me 60 seconds to think of something. C’mon Jay THINK!

Then, a brilliant idea pops in my head. And not only for Y/N’s sake, but i think for the crowds entertainment as well. Guess there’s gonna be one less lonely girl tonight.



I sighed, looking out at the stage. “JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN!” the crowd chanted in anticipation. He was soon to go on, and the only thing I was feeling was self-conscious. I didn’t mean to push Justin away like that but I just can’t be around him when I get like that. I don’t like him seeing me sad, it makes him sad, and he needs to be in a good mood for the remaining part of this night.


The name was smooth but rushed as he voiced it from a small distance. Quickly, I straightened up and planted a fake smile on my face, awaiting Justin’s arrival.

“Hey baby, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?”

“I need to show you something.” He ignored my question.

“Now?” I ask in confusion. Justin only nods and grabs a hold of my hand, mumbling “C’mon.” 

Scooters voice suddenly began echoing throughout the backstage arena, the dancers all running forward towards the wings of the stage. “Alright, where on in 3! 2! 1!”

And then the music began. Light strumming of a guitar. Wait? This isn’t right. the next song should of been trust. This is one less lonely girl…

“Justin, what’s going on?”

But to no avail. All he did was send a wink my way, then began to sing through his head mic, slowly making his was on stage with a firm grip on my hand.

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl, One less lonely girl, There’s gonna be one less lonely girl,One less lonely girl! How many I told you’s and start overs…”

While He progressed on stage, his grip around my hand tightened as I struggled to pull away. “What are you doing?” I whispered.

I watched as the dancers ran around on stage, planting a stool in the middle.

Justin lead me further and further until I was in sight of every screaming fan. The cheers made my head dizzy and the attention made my body weak but with Justin here, everything seemed to refocus and seem alright. 

Justin smiled and placed me on the stool in the center of the stage, continuing to sing the current verse of one less lonely girl, what in the world was the boy doing?

“Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you. Now all I see is you! No, no, Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you, And when you’re mine in the world - There’s gonna be one less lonely girl!”

He moved his body from singing towards the crowd, to directing the song towards me. Running his hand down my body and face in a sentimental way, love shining through his eyes.

He continued the lyrics to his old but popular song, half way through helping me off the stool to where he cradled me in his arms and began slow dancing with me, his arms locked around me, pushing my head into his chest.

Then the song began to come to an end, and he stopped moving. Looking me directly in the eyes with his arms stretched slightly, cupping my cheeks. Honey eyes radiating with nothing but love. 

“If you let me inside your world! There’s gonna be one less lonely girl….” Then in a raspy and low voice, he mumbled, “You shawty” Before connecting his lips to mine. 

And although we were accompanied by thousands of people screaming in shock, it was as if no one else was in the room but us. 

The kiss lasted a few seconds at least, before he finally pulled away, pulling me into his side and waving off towards the crowd with a smile.


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hc's for the paladins most memorable/passionate kiss with their s/o? when did it happen? why did it happen? how was it? how did it feel??? i must know!!! (i super love love LOVE your writing btw)

Ugh this question is an attempt on my life I swear. But thank you none the less! I am but your guys humble servant~


-It happened at night, out on a balcony with a million stars shining over head

-He had bought tickets to a swanky gala, wanting to take s/o on a romantic night out complete with dancing and getting all gussied up

-They were the best looking couple there, they had a real cinderella moment with all eyes on them as they practically floated along the dance floor

-They step outside for a breather and they are standing so close and he can count all of their eyelashes and see the moon reflected in their eyes and hes breathless and the only thing he can say is “I love you”

-Its the first time he has said it and s/o is glowing and Shiro is tingling all over and he just goes in for the kiss without another thought and its all perfect


-He didn’t even know it was going to happen, it was a spontaneous wonderful moment fueled by adrenaline 

-Keith had been training with s/o, they had been begging him for the longest time but he was hesitant cause he didn’t want them to throw themselves into battle but well maybe it was better if they were able to protect themselves

-It was a long road to getting them to his standards, a lot of sweat, tears and bruises. The ultimate goal for s/o was to be able to take him down just once

-Then one day, ONE DAY, all those hours of frustration come to a boiling point and its like the heavens opened up and they saw an opening in his stance. They didn’t think twice as they took the chance and Keith suddenly found himself flat on his back

-At first s/o thinks that he is going to be angry or at the very least come back twice at hard but instead they find him laughing. Hes grinning and before they can begin to question his sanity he pulls them in for a kiss. Its short but sweet and filled with this admiration that can’t be described in any words


-She isn’t one for casual pda so her most memorable kiss was definetly her first kiss

-She had been trying to avoid thinking about it the entire night, she had been the one to suggest going out on a real proper date and she knew that a kiss was almost inevitable but it still made her nervous

-To try and combat these nerves she tried to plan a night full of activities, a whole tour of interesting sights on a nearby planet. They actually had a lot of fun acting like completely unapologetic tourists and for awhile Pidge was able to relax

-It was so much different spending time with s/o one on one that Pidge finally actually felt like this was a real relationship and it made her chest feel tight but in a good way and she couldn’t stop smiling

-Just as the last of the suns were going down and they were enjoying food they could actually stomach on the roof of the tallest building watching all the colors melt into each other she finally did it. She leaned in and kissed s/o

-It was soft and not super involved, nothing more than a crashing of lips against each other for a few seconds but it was what really stands out in each of their minds as the moment they became a real couple


-He can probably remember each and every kiss hes had with s/o cause this boy is secretly a huge sweetheart. He is also very cheesey and has an anniversary for every small accomplishment in their relationship

-Except being a doofus he forgets his biggest anniversary, the one where they actually started dating. So he thinks that s/o is just being cute and romantic with the blanket fort and movie night. Completely oblivious to what significance this date has

-Then as s/o is stroking his hair and feeding him popcorn, making him feel pampered and loved, they ask him if this has been a good one year anniversary date and he is FREAKING OUT because how could he FORGET hes a terrible BOYFRIEND 

-He starts to promise them the entire god damn world in order to apologize. He offers to arrange the stars to spell out their names in the sky together and shut up he has a magic mechanical lion he totally can s/o just give him a chance

-S/o is just laughing so hard and its contagious and Lance realizes just how ridiculous he is actually sounding. He laughs with them and they are both in tears and cuddling and then he doesn’t realize it but they are suddenly kissing and s/o is just so warm and happy with him that it amazes him. He wants to make sure to make them this happy forever


-He totally planned the perfect night, he wanted to do something special for s/o and wanted to make it super rememorable for both of them. Not for any special occasion but just because he thought that they deserved to be swept off their feet

-And it certainly was a night to remember but mostly because everything he tried to do just ended up in total disaster. A real infamous day for the history books of their relationship
-He burned the dinner, the fancy jewelry he meant to place on the dessert plate actually got baked into the cake which ended up on his plate and made him break a tooth, he grabbed the wrong candles meaning the nice vanilla scented ones were instead Pidge’s prank candles that acted as screaming sparklers that couldnt be put out and his nice clothes got shrunk in the washer so he was left trying to squeeze in a shirt two sizes too small

-Hes so embarrassed and sulking, he just wanted this one night to be perfect and he thought he was romantic but it turns out hes nothing but a screw up. He is hiding in the kitchen, spread out on the floor and looking up at the ceiling wondering how he ever thought he could pull this off

-S/o joins him on the floor with a pint of ice cream, massaging his head and trying to talk him out of this because they still managed to have fun and the thought it what counts ect ect but Hunk is being stubborn and while he accepts the ice cream still wishes he had managed to make things special

-It is then that s/o informs him that any moment that they get to spend with him is so much more special that he could ever know. The sunshine boy is flustered and hearts are floating around his head and he can’t stop himself from pulling s/o on top of him and kissing them cause those words meant more to him than they would ever know  

Ten Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share the same pain

  • hello whos ready to suffer
  • jk i wont make another angst
  • at least this one wont be
  • shall we start
  • its funny how one moment you could be just fine and the next youre in a serious amount of pain
  • like so much pain you could barely walk
  • “y/n you should really get that checked out”
  • “what? im fine! dont worry about me doyoun-aHHH CRAP”
  • “told you so”
  • “shut up doyoung or im goin-OK I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS PLS HELP”
  • so you went to the doctors to see if it was anything you did but turn out its your soulmate who is inflicting this pain on you
  • and at first youre like ‘ok cool’ but then youre like ‘wHY HAVENT THEY GONE TO THE DOCTORS YET WTF’
  • best thing the doc could do was give you pain meds
  • so here you are, walking with doyoung when you see some street dancers
  • “damn theyre so good”
  • “theyre good but im better”
  • doyoung then proceeds to make a fool of himself
  • and the best worst part, people were staring
  • and not in the same way the people were staring at the actual dancers
  • “just to clarify, i dont know him”
  • so you just walked limped away from your embarrassing friend
  • but your limping didnt go unnoticed
  • a certain thai dancer noticed but he didnt approach
  • he instead helped the hot mess that was trying to dance
  • “hey hey bud um no lets not do that”
  • “ok fine ill stop showing my awesomeness. thank you to all my fans watching”
  • “where did y/n go???”
  • man he must have really been into it if he didnt even notice you leave
  • “your friend? they left a few minutes ago but they didnt look too good are they ok?”
  • “actually we just came from the doctors office because theyve been having knee problems”
  • “…wait why am i telling a stranger this?? Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!!”
  • he eventually caught up with you
  • “dont make a fool of yourself in public again”
  • anyways
  • ten is standing there after yall left
  • and hes like “hmm knee problems maybe i should ask them for any tips on dealing with the pain”
  • oblivious af
  • so its been a week since that day
  • if you ever meet your soulmate youre throwing fists
  • not just because theyre making you go through all this pain but for not taking proper care of themselves
  • you havent been outside in ages because of your knee
  • but doyoung thinks some exercise should benefit you
  • so he takes you out for a walk when yall see those street dancers again
  • “doyoung i s2g if you start dancing im leaving”
  • thankfully he doesnt
  • and at the end of their routine ten notices you guys
  • “ahh! youre the bad dancer!”
  • “yep thats me! wait what do you mean by bad?? im a godsend”
  • “what ever you say doyoung”
  • “y/n if i wanted to i could tickle you and you couldnt run away”
  • yeah its time to shut up
  • “y/n are you his friend that has a knee problems?”
  • “yes i am but its technically not my fault. my soulmate has a problem with taking care of themselves”
  • “wow thats a shame i was going to ask you if you could help me with my knee problem but i guess i cant ):”
  • …wait
  • doyoung reacted before you could and punches your arm
  • you and ten are both in pain now
  • thats when one and one clicked for ten
  • remember how you were going to throw fists? well thats exactly what you do
  • “pls stop hurting me ;-;”
  • “why havent you gone to the doctor?? your knee has to be killing you does anyone know about your knee? do you know how much pain youve put me through, mentally and physically? ive been worried sick about your knee and you bet your ass we’re going to the doctors right now”
  • thats when he slows you down and pulls you into a kiss
  • “im sorry about putting you through that much pain i didnt really think that much of it but lets go to the doctors now, ok?”
  • “stop being a cutie i s2g ill hit you again”
  • cue a laughing ten and a flustered y/n
  • ok im going to call it
  • this one is a lil long lmao
  • thanks for reading bebs!
  • byee

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(*) so this is a long rants, maybe dont publish it? Up to you, friend. I just need to talk to someone and I always like reading your response to anything so if you wouldn't mind.. I didn't hear the podcast, only from the transcript. And my readings probably not accurate. But, I have kinda similar experience with my job. Where sometime I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck am I doing here?? I get so frustrated, and Im not one to fume inside so I become very vocal with my bosses decision (**)

(**) concerning my job because they didn’t listen/read my report. And I’ll be embarrassed about my outburst but I couldnt stop and it brought me to tears sometime. And my peers cant understand the problem because they didn’t have to compromised professional integrity doing their job, they all have great relationship with our bosses. 1D come from TXF, a reality show in nature, so its gonna be full of fabricated dramatisation. As we know they were encouraged to act as certain character,

(***) although it could be derived from their true personality traits? Idk. Image is everything, even now 6 years later. I think Savan try to share his take on what happened, from a point of view of someone who already form an opinion and deemed they are not credible and consist of some talentless individual. At the end of the day, he come to do his job while the boys pursuing their dream. Louis got the opportunity to be in a vocal band, but got the least singing part. My point is, the boys

(****) My point is, the boys’ experience might be different from each other. They could empathise and I’m sure of it. They showed us they love and support and protect each other. Again, personality play a big roles on how yau handle hurts, disappointment and anger. So while all of the boys experience the exact same situation, it won’t affect them similarly. I feel like louis’s frustration translate into being ‘loud’ or probably argumentative. Savan’s fond memory of working with harry could also

Dear anon,

I might not have gotten last parts of this ask? If you have them, please send them.

First, thank you for understanding the complexity of the Golan/ Kotecha interview, for reading between the lines, and for articulating that in an empathetic way.

Now that we have all had time to digest it, I think it gives a lot of insight into the group dynamic.

Undoubtedly the powers-that-be have always seen One Direction as a manufactured product. Industry has never respected the band because of this background, despite the fact– the FACT not only voiced by fans but now, explicitly, by these two songwriters– that One Direction is not a typical boyband, that the talent is extraordinary, that their ambitions and their ability to learn the music business (from the creative to the business) was outsized.

And if Industry bothered to listen to pop podcasts, it would know that One Direction songs are actually, within the frame of their pop genre, quite good, considered by critics to be surprisingly good for a “manufactured product.”

I think Kotecha expressed his regret that 1. he underestimated them, 2. he let the psychological “mind fuck” –the antagonism he had with Louis– get in the way of helping them develop as artists, 3. he missed out on the biggest portion of their success, 4. he burned some bridges with them.

Kotecha is an incredible songwriter. I’m really glad he found his success with other big-name artists. He wrote my favorite AG song on Dangerous Woman, “Into You.”

The interview also revealed a lot about the band members’ state of mind through the first three albums. Kotecha states that none of the boys liked the music on Up All Night : it’s not music they are proud of, he says. If they disliked UAN, they would have recognized in the making of Take Me Home that Syco expected them to stay in this traditional boyband mode for all five albums– and perhaps they were already sensing the impetus to find a breakout solo act (Harry) so that the band wouldn’t finish their contract. They sensed it because that was the natural boyband trajectory, and had been for the last 30 years.

We talk about The Beatles being the first boyband, but of course, The Beatles were not put together on a reality talent show. No one expected the talent show band to last. No one expected them to have any creative or business talents. No one expected them to form any deep bonds with each other. No one expected them to do anything except bleat out tunes, look pretty, sell merch. No one expected these things because there was just no precedent. And now Kotecha’s interview basically confirmed all of this.

And imagine being in the boys’ shoes. Obviously they were going to sing whatever they were given in UAN: they were unknowns. They relied on industry experience to get to world-wide success. They would do whatever they were asked to do.

It was only after TMH, when their success became ever more apparent, that they had the courage to demand more. Even then, they were risking a lot to raise their voices. They could easily have been shouted down. And you’re right, anon, I think at some point, Kotecha felt like he was being attacked for doing exactly what he was hired to do. He felt an ownership for the creation of the 1D sound, and there was bloody mutiny from the bleating pretty faces– and not even from the talented one, or the singer.

And if Louis hadn’t been in the band, who knows who would have stepped into his place? Louis took a big risk (never play poker with him– his bluffs are deadly)– he could have been the one asked to leave. He was the loudest voice, but Kotecha sort of made it clear that it wasn’t only Louis who felt this way. Louis was simply the one willing to stick his neck out, to take the brunt of bad feelings. He risked his own career to make sure One Direction was in it for the long haul.

I wrote about “Strong” as a romantic song, but it could also be a song about camaraderie. “Waves try to break it”: it’s as poignant as any other reading.

Not only that, but Harry’s refusing to leave the band to be The Breakout Star also strengthened the band’s argument against management. They needed to be a united front, to argue for their creative independence. Perhaps Zayn’s willingness to give up on this united front is why bitter feelings ran so deeply during OTRA promo.

To Kotecha’s point about Harry’s songwriting chops, I think he is sincere. I think the songwriting community in pop music is a small one, and they don’t blow hot air around just for promo– the public doesn’t care if pop stars write their own songs, tbh. Indeed, it’s not the first time, second time, or even the tenth time we’ve heard from other songwriters that Harry is a pretty fucking good songwriter. I also think he and Harry are no longer in contact, at least not in any meaningful way, by the way Kotecha says “Harry probably would” [contact him]– at least, as of February 2016.

It’s weird, for me, to have this detailed, intimate snapshot of the band members circa 2011-2012. It adds to the complexity of the 1D boys as human beings, and I must say I love them more for this, for recognizing their mutual talents, for refusing to be ground down by the inevitable boyband gristmill, for having the vision to see their unknown futures and for wanting to be taken seriously as artists– risking their fame and celebrity in the process. They are a very special band.

Jurgen Klopp and his 20+ sons prt2

emre can aka the greatest human being ever born

  • model??? footballer??? both??? both is good
  • gets stick, comes thru w the best goal uve ever seen
  • invented good hair and looks
  • will fight you
  • one time he scored a overhead bicycle kick and its now been renamed TheEmreCAN
  • benzema tried it, he couldnt 
  • kloppo loves all his sons equally but he loves emre can more, its tru

loris karius aka prince charming

  • goalkeeper, model, he can do it all
  • social media hoe
  • wore socks w slippers one time, i disowned him
  • hes a good man, likes to sing and dance
  • one time he fell off an uberboard…….
  • was bleach blonde for a while
  • parties in ibiza like he owns ibiza 

dejan lovren aka he doesnt have a nickname the fuck (should be called the beeslayer cus ykno winkwink)

  • scored THAT goal v bvb,
  • will forever be a legend for it
  • is a big teddy bear  
  • a jokester, laughs alot
  • the only person to touch emres hair and not die - a miracle 
  • embarrasing dad to marko grujic
  • amazing dad to his real kids

nathaniel clyne, aka my underappreciated fave

  • U N D E R A P P R E C I A T E D 
  • underappreciated
  • underappreciated 
  • needs more love and appreciation
  • did the hip hop battle w studge, lost
  • appreciate hiiiiiimmmmmm!!!!!
  • will play every game, gets no love

simon mignolet aka saint simon

  • got stick, bossed goalkeeping and shut them up
  • angry bean
  • shot stopper
  • his defence lets him down, saves our damn ass
  • a pure 
  • opened a coffe shop in belgium; 
  • prolly to deal w the stress of his defence letting him down
  • hence the reason he needs free coffee all the time, i dont blame him

joel matip, aka he also doesnt have a nickname smh (it should will save lfc’s dumb ass even when they dont deserve it)

  • he was free, 
  • we got our best defender for free, its a dream
  • we’re so lucky to have him
  • made defending his bitch
  • he scored one time it was emotional
  • he got injured one other time, our whole team fell apart and conceded goals like they live for it
  • also a good man

shamal george aka smolkeeper

  • came on as a striker in preseason, it was so great
  • dont be fooled by his nickname hes so tollll, toller than kloppo
  • so in love w his gf, im jealous 
  • posted that ovie meme
  • got injured, i cried 
  • future best goalkeeper in the world, i dont make the rules its tru

ben woodburn aka woody

  • everyones fave child
  • made us all fall in love w him in preseason
  • made his debut and  then scored against leeds, everyone cried
  • mini stevie??? prolly 
  • kloppo will protect him to death, no media hounds are getting near him
  • trents best friend 

Trent Alexander-Arnold aka just trent aka utd are still prolly in his pocket

  • the other child we are all overly emotional over
  • started the utd game 
  • made utd his bitch
  • seriously he was so boss, it was unbelivable 
  • put that tounge away child
  • ben’s best friend, aka stuck to each other level of friendship
  • baby defender bossing defending, cries,

divock origi aka belgium babe

  • also scored v bvb
  • saved us alot in the 15/16 season then he got hurt 
  • scored a wonder goal v bournemoth
  • it was seriously so good, i cant even describe it 
  • did so much weight training he went up a shirt size-hulk is that you??? :DD
  • a child

danny ings, aka could be the best striker we’ve ever had if he didnt get hurt all the damn time 

  • the pic above is an accurate representation of his past two years 
  • got injured once, came back, got injured again
  • spends time w his dog and gf, 
  • social media hoe 2.0
  • scored v everton which makes him a tru red
  • never not injured

marko grujic aka my son

  • a tol smol; toller than kloppo
  • celebrated like stevie in preseason; made us all so freaking emotional
  • dejan’s embarrassed son
  • stays home listening to Chantaje
  • snapchats music all the time
  • lives in a fancy ass apartment but is forever in his car

alberto moreno aka spanish puppy

  • is a defender, is benched for a midfielder
  • grew a ponytail ditched it to go bleach blonde, 
  • member of the brazillian squad
  • also too young to have a child
  • i dont think anyone ever knows what he’s saying they just go w it
  • hyperactive child 

link to part 1 

anonymous asked:

Ur hufflepuff x slytherin stuff are so cute!!!! Could you do a scenario when slytherin asks puff to the prom/Yule ball? TYSM!

ok so I asked what genders they should have and we have Slytherin (male) and puff (female). off we go!

  • slytherin really wanted to go to the yule ball with puff this year
  • theyd talked in most of their classes, mainly charms and care of magical creatures (his favourite class, although he’d never admit it)
  • (puff could always tell it was his favourite but moving on)
  • and puff was just intending to go with friends
  • because she wasn’t dating anyone and the only guys that talked to her were either just friends, already in a relationship or not interested in girls
  • and she was fine with that
  • but slytherin wasn’t
  • he was confused as to why the rest of the school wasn’t hanging on to her every word
  • and smiling whenever she walked into the room
  • because he was
  • and surely everyone else would be too
  • but she had this hold over him
  • and he couldnt quite explain it
  • she smiled and laughed and was just overall beautiful
  • but not just on the outside
  • she listened to the ravenclaw that didn’t think she was good enough
  • and the Gryffindor that was afraid of public speaking
  • she brought up small snacks for the students that spent the whole of dinner in the common room studying
  • she leant books to those who she thought would enjoy them
  • and helped that slytherin look for his shoes when one of the Gryffindors had stolen them
  • she was just amazing
  • and he felt like she could see right through him
  • she knew him so well
  • always let him do most of the parenting in care of magical creatures just so he could hold the fluffy little mooncalves
  • and she noticed how when he was serious, his dark eyes grew extremely intense
  • and how when he was mad his eyes would narrow so much she feared for whoever had made him that angry
  • so he wanted to go with her
  • no one else
  • all of a sudden an apple was levitating towards the Hufflepuff table in the great hall that morning and dropped in front of her
  • and he was excited because he finally had the balls to ask her out and she wasn’t already going with anyone so shed have no reason to say no
  • the word ball? was spelt out in ink across the surface of the apple
  • and the way she was sitting allowed him to see her reaction
  • actually, everyone was able to see the reaction because everyone was looking at her
  • she picked up the able, confused 
  • she handed it to her friend that was sitting opposite her
  • the friend looked along the Hufflepuff table toward a boy who was smiling as he watched the scenario
  • the friend jumped up, screamed yes and ran into him for a hug
  • oh no
  • that was not supposed to happen
  • puff looks back down at the apple and puts it on a dirty plate, ready for clean up
  • her and her friends start heading back to their dormitories to get ready for classes
  • slytherin jumps up and dashes out of the hall, he forgot a charm he was supposed to have memorised before morning classes
  • he rounds the corner really fast and almost trips over someone tying their shoe
  • “oh fuck im so sor- hey” he stops short as the shorter girl stands up, smiling
  • “haha its ok” she crosses her arms and hunches over a little, awkwardly waiting for the conversation to end
  • “so your friend’s going to the ball with that David guy, huh?” he’s trying to sound casual
  • “yeah, but I don’t think she should have” she says, growing a little more comfortable
  • of course puff knew slytherin, they shared a few classes together
  • she remembered that time in care of magical creatures, when they took care of a demiguise together (it favoured slytherin much more, and she was only partly jealous)
  • “why? you don’t think Dave’s a nice guy?” he furrowed his brows and actually looked very cute
  • “no no its not that, Dave’s great,” she shuffled awkwardly, “its just that, writing ball? on an apple isn’t really the best way to ask someone to the ball. it kinda seemed like every one of his friends had a date and he went oh fuck better write prom on an apple cause its so romantic and give it to the first girl I see”
  • slytherin looked at her, partially embarrassed, “well what would you have wanted”
  • puff didn’t even seem to notice the flirting manner he said it and instead looked up, “I don’t know, just not that.”
  • a sly smile spread across slytherin’s face, “should I make a charm that releases fireworks to spell out your name next time?”
  • but the only part of that puff really heard was the part he said about a fireworks charm,  and she said with a hint of a smile, “don’t be ridiculous, you’re terrible at charms.”
  • his face went slack
  • how could she not notice
  • that im
  • flirting 
  • with
  • her
  • she tried to suppress a laugh at her own little joke and didn’t succeed
  • god her laugh was cute
  • she quickly looked at the clock at the end of the great hall
  • “oh I better get back to the dorm, classes will be starting soon.”
  • and she was gone
  • slytehrin stared after her
  • confused about how she didn’t notice any of his subtle flirting

  • the next morning
  • slytherin watched eagerly as the huffepuffs streamed into the hall
  • but puff wasn’t among them
  • no no no no no no
  • she has to be here
  • maybe he missed her
  • about 30 seconds later the doors flew open and a few of the other Slytherins flew in on broomsticks, throwing fireworks up with their wands
  • the same spell he had made them repeat back to him fifty times before they could sleep
  • sparks of light bounced around the great hall
  • then puff walked in
  • her nose red
  • her eyes puffy
  • she was sick, but she wanted some breakfast before she went to madam pomfrey
  • all of a sudden her headache got worse
  • it felt like bombs were going off inside her head
  • but she wasn’t the only one who felt that
  • and she looked around the room, half expecting everyone to be staring at the late newcomer
  • but everyones eyes were pointed upwards
  • so she looked
  • and she saw the most beautiful display of fireworks
  • yellows and oranges filled the hall
  • but most of all
  • a beautiful indigo lit up the room countless times
  • her favourite colour
  • it looked so beautiful
  • then her name was streaked among the clouds
  • and then a simple word
  • ball?
  • she was in awe
  • she looked around frantically
  • and there he was
  • in his green robes
  • standing on his seat at the opposite end of the hall
  • a few people sent her small smiles and the rest went back to eating, the show over
  • but she got out her wand
  • and with a quick flourish
  • streaks of entwining yellows and greens flashed in the great hall’s sky
  • yes
Boyfriend! Jaemin
  • Omg i love this boy so much
  • I cant wait until he comes back and blesses us with his smile
  • Anyways lets start :)
  • so yall are really good friends
  • you two have been going to the same school since you were little kids
  • in between class periods, jaemin would always come visit you at you classroom
  • you guys would always laugh and have a good time together
  • many thought you were already dating
  • but nope
  • although haechan swears jaemin is flirting with you
  • “y/n youre so blind just ask him out”
  • “shut up you bean head”
  • but even though you didnt know it, haechan was right
  • jaemin has actually liked you for a while now
  • but hes too afraid to tell you
  • so one day when he visited your class he was flirting with you and you were acting all cute
  • and haechan couldnt take it anymore
  • needless to say, you two started going out shortly after
  • you guys were that™ couple
  • always eating together
  • always laughing together
  • always just being sincere together
  • truth be told, jaemin would do anything to see you smile
  • if that meant embarrassing himself, he’d gladly do it
  • and haechan doesnt know if what hes done was the best thing
  • lowkey drives him nuts
  • one time haechan came over for a group project and jaemin came for fun
  • “gET A ROOM”
  • anyways
  • yall go on dates of all kinds
  • from going to amusement parks to going on little adventures in the woods
  • you guys do it all
  • and your dates never fail to make both of you happy
  • but you both know when its time to be serious
  • and when those times come, you both know that you can solve those problems
  • jaemin probably loves skinship ngl
  • he tries to hold your hand whenever possible just because he loves how your hands fit together
  • loves putting your foreheads together and giving you Eskimo kisses
  • at school, he likes to sneak up behind you and give you hugs
  • these acts never fail to make you blush madly
  • and he always laughs at you when he manages to get you flustered
  • when jaemin gets jealous, i feel like he’d be clingy
  • “jaemin pls stop following me. dont you have classes you need to go to?”
  • “yeah but…you have a class with that guy who was flirting with you earlier and i need to make sure he doesnt steal you”
  • once you get to your classroom you push jaemin out and lock the door
  • “gO TO CLASS”
  • so the entire class he looks into the room through the glass
  • he absolutely adores you
  • he gets so so happy when you tell him you love him
  • his smile stretches from ear to ear whenever he hears those three words
  • and he never fails to say those words back to you
  • “I love you too y/n”
  • so yeah
  • in conclusion, jaemin would be a cute boyfie
Boyfriend! au - Yan an

Yanan is cute and i’ve missed him this comeback :/ enjoy :)

Originally posted by mistressnicey15

(theres so many good gifs tf i couldnt decide between this one and the one where he has giant glasses & says hes never seen harry potter :/ a disgrace but he looks real good)

  • Okay yall we’re going down the cliche path again sry not sry lmao
  • So u and yanan are new neighbors
  • Hes the age to move out (this boy went crazy & went to South Korea but whatever thats another conversation)
  • & ur either doing the same thing or ur still with ur parents i dont know ur life homie
  • So u guys are neighbors and honestly you don’t notice he’s there more than half the time
  • He’s quiet and honestly the perfect neighbor
  • He even cleans up ur shit for you like if the wind knocks some of ur clothing off the line he folds them and puts them on ur welcome mat
  • And u try to thank him every time u see him but he just kinda smiles and nods at you while rushing off
  • So eventually u think hes a little weird…. A little too quiet for your liking….
  • So after a long night of thinking u conclude hes probs a serial killer & u decide to avoid him
  • That is until u see him in your Intro to Chinese class
  • And hes literally so talkative (to the chinese teacher that is but still not creepy quiet)
  • And he makes eye contact with you and just smiles
  • U just hope youre not a target and take ur seat lol
  • So ur class passes and he was a bit out of place….
  • Instead of sitting with the rest of the class he sits alongside the teacher
  • You soon realize he’s better than all yall and is helping the teacher teach Chinese
  • And you realize this is probs the reason why he doesn’t talk to you - he’s still improving in the language you speak
  • So u have a newfound admiration for this beautiful Chinese beanstalk
  • Despite this everything continues as normal, yall dont talk, just sometimes awkward glances since youre coming from the same place smh
  • Yall both weenies lets just get that out there
  • So after a month your grade in your class has continuously decreased which causes your teacher to confront you
  • Basically telling u that despite ur decent study habits, the only way to really learn the language is speaking and indulging yourself in everything Chinese
  • So while they’re being helpful and give u websites and stuff youre making plans of your own
  • Like its not an evil plan…. Just annoying….. And u should feel bad…

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dog movies

The movie ends, finally, but Rin had already been crying for at least seven minutes. Or seven and a half. Not like Maki was counting, because that’d be weird. She knows the waterworks started around the time the dog arrived home, at least.

“You alright?” Maki asks, even though Rin clearly isn’t alright. She braces herself for the inevitable crash of Rin throwing herself onto her lap, getting tears and snot all over her shirt.

“I-It was so saaaad!!” Rin wails. She hugs her tight and presses her face against Maki’s stomach, as if to muffle her own cries. Maki pats her head. “Why do dogs always have to die in these movies?!”

“Dramatic effect? It happens so often it’s sort of cliché, honestly,” Maki nonchalantly says, even though she’d fought hard to keep back her own tears. She reaches for the remote and turns the volume down, completely uninterested in the credits and its melancholy violin music.

Rin lifts her head, pouting. “No, it’s not! It’s always sad! I bet you almost cried too!”

“I did not!”

“Anyways, why can’t you pick other things for our movie nights?” Rin finally sits up, sniffling and rubbing at her face with her sleeve. “Rin does like other kinds of movies, you know…”

Easier said than done. No romance— romcoms included, horror is usually a no-go, Maki has a weird rule about not watching Christmas movies when it isn’t December, Rin doesn’t have the patience to sit through dramas or mysteries, and Maki finds action films equally dull. So Maki typically ends up picking the selection for the evening, which usually includes animal movies; coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, they’re animal movies where the beloved family pet dies in an abrupt turn to bittersweet mourning at the end of an otherwise lighthearted family film.

I think it’s fine,” Maki shrugs, and she hands Rin a packet of tissues she coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, had in her pocket this whole time. “And you like these movies too, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Also…” Almost guiltily, Maki looks away. “You’re cute when you cry.”

“That’s why?!”


“Maki-chan! You jerk!” Rin feigns hitting at her with her fists, but she’s too embarrassed to pretend to be indignant about it or put any real force behind the blows. “Is that the real reason why you always wanna watch these movies together?!”

“You can figure out that one by yourself.” Maki softly laughs at Rin’s half-hearted punches and sits sideways on the couch, offering her arms out. Because she knows Rin can’t resist a rare invitation for a hug, nor can she actually stay mad at her for more than a few seconds at a time.

And just as she expected, Rin crawls into her arms, grumbling but nonetheless snuggling up against her, wiping her snotty nose against Maki’s shirt for good measure.

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i got you fam :3 *ahem* How would the F4 companions react to Sole getting them something they really wanted for their birthday, but were pretty sure they couldnt get it anyway? maybe they were too embarrassed to ask for it or its a hard item to find?

Thanks again for resending this! It is so cute! Thank you! :)

Cait: Sole heard Cait mention one time that she needed new clothes but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. So when Cait’s birthday was near, Sole went searching and found Cait a nice new shirt along with some ripped jeans and combat boots. Cait was really ecstatic when Sole gave her the present, surprised that Sole remembered that.

Codsworth: He would always complain about how he used to be so shiny and now he’s all rusty, which prompted Sole to search long and hard for good cleaning products. Since Codsworth doesn’t have a birthday, Sole decided to surprise him on the day they got him 200 years ago. Codsworth felt really happy while Sole washed him off and scrubbed him. He was still a bit rusty, but at least he now had some shine.

Curie: She’s a simple woman, just wants some cake. Curie always tries the Port-a-Diner’s, but she never gets it. Sole finds this funny and waits til Curie’s birthday is only a few days away to get the cake. When they present it to her, she squeals and says they can have half.

Danse: He once said he wanted to paint his Power Armor, but he lacks the artistic abilities. Sole, who is a pretty decent artist, paints flames on his armor and uncovers it the day of his birthday. Danse loves it and says he “can now fight in style”.

Deacon: He literally wants a leather jacket that says “Death Bunnies”. It’s pretty hard to find sewing materials, but Sole manages. Deacon is awestruck when Sole gives him the jacket for his birthday. “No way!!” He exclaims, putting it on quickly and posing for Sole.

Dogmeat: Sole gets him a bedazzled collar for his birthday, he loves it.

Hancock: Hancock mentions that he needs new sewing supplies to keep his outfit together. Sole finds that adorable and promises secretly to get him those supplies. By the time Sole finds fresh sewing supplies, it’s Hancock’s birthday, so everything falls into place. He tells Sole their present is his favorite and gets to work on his outfit.

MacCready: All he wants is to see his son, but Sole can’t help that, so they ask Synth!Shaun to help them. Sole and Synth!Shaun draw silly little pictures of MacCready to give him on his birthday. He tears up when he’s given the pics and holds Synth!Shaun for a solid five minutes.

Nick: Nick doesn’t really think he has a birthday because he’s not the real Nick, but to please Sole, he says he just wants to have a nice memory to look back on later. Sole thinks long and hard on what to do. They decide to throw him a surprise party in Diamond City. Ellie lures Nick outside for a few hours while Sole and the rest of the companions and Diamond City dress up the city with banners and streamers. When Nick returns, he’s greeted by about 40 people shouting “Happy Birthday!!” He jokingly says he’s shortcircuiting as they give him presents and tell him how much they love having him in the city.

Piper: She always talks of a big cake for her birthday, but says she’s never met anyone who knows how to bake. Sole’s no baker, but they gather supplies and get Deacon and Hancock to help them. Nat helps them set up a table to put the cake on for when Piper comes home. When Piper comes home and sees all the companions with a huge cake, she feels extremely giddy. She starts crying a bit and hugs everyone.

Preston: Preston sometimes says he wants a pet cat. Sole’s slightly shocked that he wants a simple thing, but they still go out and get him a cat when his birthday is near. Preston is delighted that Sole got him such a cute friend and won’t stop thanking them.

Strong: Sole fills a bottle with some Brahmin milk and give it to Strong the day he says it’s his birthday. He knows it’s not the Milk of Human Kindness but still appreciates their effort.

X6-88: X6 never really says he wants anything, but Sole caught him one day muttering about wanting a tattoo. Why a tattoo, Sole didn’t know. X6 doesn’t really have a birthday, so when Sole asks him, he just tells them the date he was created. Cait tells Sole she has experience with inking people, so Sole lets her be the tattoo artist for X6. The supplies are kinda easy to find because Cait still has some left over and Sole found a rundown tattoo parlor and scavenged it. On X6’s creation day, Cait and Sole sit him down and talk about giving him a tattoo. He says he can withstand the pain, so Cait asks him what he wants. He wants a cat tattoo. Cait is not as excited as he is, but she does it anyway. Afterwards, X6 is rocking a kitty on his belly, and he thanks Sole and Cait for giving him such a cool thing.

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There is literally video footage of him making that sexist joke about Kendall and when he got shit for it James took it down. The video about him saying Sarah belongs in the back is also on video. Also Only Angel... literally exists. The gross lyrics of that song exist. How the fuck are you going to call people sad for believing in fact.

listen…….i’m only gonna talk abt this in this one ask bc its really a waste of time ppl who hate him are gonna continue to hate him regardless of what i say but i’m an aries and cant let anything go so:

  • kendall joke. was dumb, dunno if u even watched the clip but harry literally did not say one word. james made the joke n harry just sipped his drink a bit uncomfortabley. what do u really expect him to do in that situation???? be like Um Actually James and school him on why it was a bit tasteless? bc i’m 100% sure if he did do that yall would still have a problem and come at him for ‘defending’ kendall bc she’s this that and the other
  • the video about him saying sarah belongs in the back. i’m fucking screaming u cant be serious…………i litro dont even know what to tell u it was a harmless joke that has literally zero negative repercussions, he jokingly said he put her in the back because ppl scream loudly for her like????? i’m sorry i genuinely dont even understand how ppl are trying to use this against him
  • only angel. yes the lyrics ‘couldnt take u home to mother in a skirt that short’ are lazy and unimaginative and relies on tired old predominately sexist stereotypes. fair enough!! i dont like that lyric and he think he can and will write better ones in the future. but to act like one line in one song from his album is reason enough to have him down as an awful person and a misogynist is laughable, its a lazy cliche lyric at worst and if u take 1 second to look at in the context of the rest of the song he isnt even saying it like ‘look at this slut in a short skirt’ he literally follows it up with ‘but i think thats what i like about it’ like…….??? 

honestly this shit is embarrassing and its so obvious that u dont really care about the social issues behind what ur saying u just care about getting dirt on harry bc he literally gives u nothing to work with. like i’m sorry lmao. the fact that u ppl can only bring up and rehash the same 4 points over and over makes it so obvious that u just latch on to anything that can be perceived as remotely negative and use it to justify dragging someone that u dont like. like if u dont like harry then just say you dont like him!!!!! u dont have to make up all this weird shit to excuse yourself bc u just look really really bored. have a nice day lol

Vixx reaction about seing much of your skin

yumi-chan-desuhi: sorry i couldnt find the ask button on your blog so i’ll ask it here intstead VIXX reaction to seeing you in booty shorts and a belly shirt?

Reply: sure! Starlights are the best! btw ill create a button, thanks XD

(our best and beloved leader, omg send him all the blessings *fangirls and dies because, cant breath*)

He probably would be deeply embarrassed and proud, somehow. He would blush from his own dirty toughts and would fire something like, “hell nah, go back and put something on, turn around”, because he gets horny, or “Gurl, you making me gooooo wild”, because he wont admit how his heart stopped. Also, as long as others than him wont see you, he loves it! But one glimps from a member and his jealousy would be set on fire.

Originally posted by greennocturne


He acts cute all the time right? But deep down we know him as the evil Maknae. He knows how to fret others and make them mad or lose their nerves. He would do the same to you, he would eventually be a bit mean (but thats how you love him right?) Probably he would say something like “Ew, I can nearly see your panties, how gross” or “Yeah,  am I not enough as your boyfriend? Do you want other man to watch?” He would know that you wont take it too serious, and he loves you for that.

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx


We all love Ke, dont we? (what a dumb question) So, for some reason he is still some kind of a 9 years old (at least mentally) He would have a similar reaction to Hyuk and would tease you. But he would combine it with a compliment, because he is still a gentlemen. Like “Yah, how can you do this to me! Lokking so good with so much skin revealed” or “ Its disgusting…! you can get me a boner so fast. *smirks*

Originally posted by royalbins


Leo is so quiet and never really know whats going on. But, if he would be electriciced by you, being so sexy with little clothing. He would turn into Daddy-Leo. He would not be able to help himself, and would just grip you at your ass and slamm you onto your bed. No escape for you, much fun for the two of you… *wink*

Originally posted by yuu-jin


I think Hongbin is a loving Person and would glut you with compliments. “Woah, Babe you look damn hot right now” or “Can you dress like this everytime we see each other? You look gorgeous..” would be his words. Anyways, he would waste no time after the compliments, to get you out of the clothing again.

Originally posted by robochorom


Ravi with his sexy Voice and fast tongue… Jup —-> hell of a daddy. He wouldnt even waste a word and just get to the thing. Without hesitation he would start kissing you and leaving lovebites over your skin. You would have to get rid of the fabric and spend a happy time with him while you suck his marvelous D I C K.

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval

Dumb Joke for the Win!

Q: Why did God give men penises?

A: So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up.

Yeah.. Starlights are LIT!


Mixed Family

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream     her amazing idea. Hope you like it and I did it justice. Changed a few things. Thanks for requesting

You felt the music move your hips to the beat. You moved your hands over your body. You must have been doing some dirty dancing, out of the corner of your eye you saw a tall,tattooed man with a kutte starring at you. It was like you were the only girl in the room for him.
He walked over to you, placing his hands on your hips. Leaving no space between you and this mystery man you grinding on him feeling his hard on.
He whispered in your ear.“ You want to get out of here Little Girl”. You nodded
He grabbed your hand leading you to his bike. You pulled up you skirt and threw your leg over, placing your hands around his waist holding on tightly as we flew off.
Going back to his place which was a dormroom at a garage. You learned his name was Happy and he was in a motorcycle club called Samcro, you new all about Samcro but didnt tell him.
He pushed you on the bed as he jumped on top  of you. You giggled at his eagerness .
“You ready for me Girl”? He asked before pushing inside you.
“God yes, fuck your big”. You gasped at how big he was.
“Shit Y/N, your so damn tight”. He grunted
“OH Fuck Daddy.. I didn’t mean that”. You said embarrassed.
“Its cool, I like it when women call me that”. He thrusted deeper
“Son of a..”. You came gripping on to Happy for dear life.
Happy came as he rode out your orgasm. He slide off of you and pulled a cigarette out of his pants. Taking a puff and pasting it to you. You declined.
“We should do this again”. He got up and dressed.
“Yea, I had a very good time”. You laid on your side watching him
“I got to go but you can stay or I can give you a ride”.
“Um, I’ll call a cab before someone sees me”. You said trying to find your clothes.
He pulled you to him giving one last kiss before he left.

After that night you and Happy saw each other regularly, it was a friends with benefits thing Happy said".
One day,Happy came over like he always did you felt different. You were falling hard for him. You decided not to tell him,cause he didnt feel the same. So you causally stopped coming around and not answering him. Then he just went away basically he lost interest in you.

One months later.
Hey Juice, what are you doing". You walked over giving him a kiss.
“Nothin Baby, just checking on things”. He was typing on his computer.
“Sounds good, you want anything”.
“I think I want you”. He pulled you over on his lap
“I want you to meet my family Y/N”.
“I would love to Juan”. You kissed him
“Great this afternoon theres a BBQ in the works so we are going”. He said picking you up and placing you on his bike.
Arriving at the club house, flash backs came racing in your head. Happy. Juice new about Happy but never said anything to anyone. He new is was over.
“Hey Juice who’s this lovely lady”. Tig asked
“This is Y/N my girlfriend”. He said proudly smiling.
“I thought your right hand was your girlfriend”. You and Tig laughed. Juice got angry
“Calm down Baby”. You wrapped you arm around his.
“Lets go meet everyone else”. He took you to meet everyone. They were so nice to you. Gemma even started to warm up. Then you saw Happy.
Happy must have saw you cause he pushed the croweater of him, she yelled at him and he slammed the club house door.
“What was that all about”. Gemma asked.
“Umm. I kinda know Happy from another part of my life”. You said nervously
“Oh, so you dated Happy”?
“You can say that, but no”.
“I see, its over between you two”.
“Yes, we just lost contact and then I meet Juice”.
“OK, that was weird”. I dont know why he would act that way but we are leaving so nothing is said or done". Juice said taking you to his bike before anyone can object.

Few weeks later.
“Babe you ok in there”. Juice called throw the door.
“Yeah, can you get the phone ”. You said wipping your mouth
Juice came back with your phone and you called the doctors. They said to come right in. They did tests and gave you a pregnancy test.
“Juice what if.”
“Nothing, if you are then great ok”. He said taking your hand
The doctor walked in.
“Your pregnant, Congradulations”.
“How long”?
“About Two, two and a half months, maybe three”. “Its kinda hard to tell right now”.
“Umm, is there anything I need to do”? You asked nervously
“Take vitamins and get plenty of sleep, no stress and eat heathy”.
Juice held you for a long time. You couldnt believe it.
“Juice I’m sorry”.
“Why, its no ones fault”. “This baby was meant to be here”. “Just sad it aint mine”. He smiled at you cupping your face
“How am I going to tell Happy”?
“I can tell him if you want”.
“No, I have to”. “I’m going to right now”. You got up grabbing your purse.
“Alright, if you need me Im here”. He kissed you deeply

Driving to TM. Fuck you were scared. Happy is going to freak out worst than he did at the BBQ. Pulling in you saw Happy sitting on his bike.
“What are you doing here”? He snarled
“Can we talk in private”?
“Sure”. You walked behind him to his dormroom.
“What do you want”?
“Umm, I dont know how to say this”.
“Say what like how you didnt call me or come see me”. How you hooked up with Juice when you were suppose to be with me". He shouted
“Hap, you just wanted to be Fuck buddies thats all”. “I wanted more but I was scared that you would shot me down and laugh, so I stayed away. And for Juice I am so happy with him, he makes me feel something like I never felt before”.
“You thought about me like that one time”. “You should have just told me”. “I might have felt the same”.
“Did you Happy, cause everytime I called you, you were busy or something came up”. “But lord forbid that i had something planned when you called”.
“Happy I didnt come here to fight”.
“Then why did you”.
“I’m pregnant, its your”. “If you dont believe me call the doctors”. You gave him a piece of paper with a number on it.
Happy was dumb founded. It hit him hard.
“You mean that I..that your..with my kid but with Juice”.
“Yeah, Juice said that he will step up and help raise it if you didnt want to”. You looked at a heart broken Happy
“No,I’m going to be there”. “I’m not doing what my dad did to me and my mom”. He stood up
“Can I.. you know touch it”. He asked pointing to your belly
“Yeah. Juice hasnt stopped since I found out”. You laughed
“Your really happy arent you”?
“Yes, Happy I am”. You put your hand on his
Six months later
You,Happy and Juice welcomed a 8 pound 3 oz baby boy named Ransom Gage Lowman. He was the light of your life. He was mixed with the looks of his daddy but had the heart of Juice. Some how the three of you managed to get along great. Happy was the best man at yours and Juices wedding and was there to welcome yours and Juices little girl. You have a very happy mixed family


A/N: This chapter is when the truth starts to unravel… do you think you have figured out what happened? Have a good read!

P.s Loooooong chapter :)



“How do you know Olivia?”

I had just put the kids to bed and now I was sitting next to a tense Gregory awaiting his answer.

“Well about 2 years ago I sold her sister a house. She was there of course, but I didn’t know she was Finn’s Girlfriend”.

‘It was interesting to know that he could still remember his clients sisters from 2 years ago, especially on a first name basis’ I snickered to myself.

It was a simplistic reply that was used as a deflection. It was obvious he was uncomfortable talking about her, and I was curious to know why. But for right now I was exhausted beyond belief.

“Ohkay” I smiled. It wasn’t worth a fight, it was bad enough that I was dealing with Finn, I didn’t need to add Greg to the mix.

“You seem close to your ex-husband’s family” You could hear the bitterness in his voice, and internally I chucked. He didn’t really have a reason to be mad at me over that, when he’s the one lying right now.


“It was just a simple observation Rae. The man seemed very fond of you, if I must say”.

“We were very close when I was married. I cut all ties with them when I filed for divorce. It was the first time seeing Archie- Finn’s brother in years” I sighed.

“Mhm” he nodded. His hand lightly pressed against my naked thigh.

“Hon, can I stay the night?”

I was not prepared to hear that on a Wednesday night. He never stayed over when we both had work in the morning.

“What about work your work tomorrow” I said stating the obvious.

Gregory lived more towards the CBD, where traffic was lethal at anytime of the day or night. It was easier for him to get to work in the morning because he only lived a block away. It would take him a good two hours extra to drive home and get ready, then head to work for his 8am start.

“I have a later start tomorrow. So I can just leave when you drop the kids off for school” he smiled; grazing his fingers more into my inner thigh.

For some reason the intimate touch felt foreign. His hands were softer then I was use to, not as callous and rough. This was not good.

“Ugh- sure” I encouraged myself to smile.

We got off the couch and headed towards the bedroom hand in hand.

Just as we opened the door to my bedroom and saw the state it was in, I froze. Clothes littered the floor in an unattractive manner. The bed, the same bed where I let Finn take me the night before had disheveled sheets, after not sleeping a wink last night.

“You go have a shower and freshen up and I’ll give this pig-sty a little clean. You don’t really want to be smelling three day old Rae do you?” I tried to joke, I was embarrassed he had to witness this.

“Don’t worry about it to much hon” he laughed, then kissed my forehead. I didn’t watch him walk into my ensuite. I was to busy glaring at my bed. There was no way I was washing those contaminated sheets, no they to be burnt.

Anxiously, I hurried to get the last details added to the final sketch before the meeting in two hours. Chloe had organised for the board at 'Taylor industries’ to come in and confirm the sketchs before signing of on the build. The new multi-million dollar mall has been a top priority for my team and I, for the past year and a half. I was glad that we were finally having the last meeting before I could watch my work come to life.

When it was lunch time; or so my stomach reminded me. I checked mobile messages before leaving the office. I had turned it to silent, not wanting to be disrupted. Which I regretted once I saw the miss call from my children’s school.

Dialing the number on my office phone I waited for an answer.

“Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, Mary speaking, how may I help?”

“Hi my name is Rachel Nelson-Earl, I’m the mother of Ruby and Joshua Nelson. I have a missed call, and I was wondering why”.

“Hi Ms. Nelson. Yes I have a message here for you referring to your son Joshua. It seems that he has had a altercation with another student. He has been stepped down for the rest of the day. We are in need for you to collect him as soon as possible please”.

'Shit’ I thought. Joshua had never been a kid to ever get into any sort of altercation, physical or not. This was completely out of character for him.

Checking the time I noticed I had 30 minutes to til the meeting started, a meeting that could potentially sink my career if I didn’t attend it.

“I’ll have to ring his father to collect him. But someone will be there as soon as possible” I replied. It was the only other solution I could think of. I just hoped Finn wasn’t in a meeting.

“Certainly. I will let his teacher know”.

“Thank you”.

As soon as I hung up the phone to the school, I dialed Finn’s office number. I was put through to two different receptionist before i was finally directed through to Finn’s office.

“Finn Nelson’s office, Olivia speaking” the nasily voice spoke.

“Can you please put me through to Finn” I said in a rush and slightly paniced. I was not in the mood to talk to this bitch, time was against my side and I wasn’t going to let her waste it.

“And who’s speaking?” Her cheerful demeanor forgotten. No wonder why Finn couldnt get any other pussy, she was the ultimate cock block.

Clearing my throat, I continued speaking. “Its Rae, now can you put me through to f-”.

“Rae? Why would you possibly need to talk to Finn?” Olivia barked- like the true dog she was.

“Olivia I don’t have time for this! I need to talk to Finn about Joshua!”

“I’m sure this is something that can be discussed outside of office hours-”

“But y-”

“- unlike some Ms. Earl, Finn is a busy Man and I can’t possibly interrupt him!”


“Good day Rachel!”


That donkey nose airhead, wannabe-fucking-heiress, man-stealing bitch!

I quickly dialed Finn’s mobile, praying to God he actually turned it on for once. One thing Finn and I had in common was that we hated being disturbed from our work. No mobile, no hassle.


“Finn! You need to put a fucking leash on that crackhead girlfriend of yours! I tri-”

“Calm down Rae!” Finn sighed, I could only imagine him raking his hand through his hair.

“Tell me what’s going on? Slowly. And calmly”.

“I called your office to talk to you but your lovely assistant hung up on me! But that’s not the point, the point is I rang you about Josh”.

“Why? What happened? Is he alright?” Finn rattled off questions.

“He’s fine, but he has been in a fight with another student. He’s been stood down for the rest of the day.. Finn I need you to pick him up, please. I have a meeting in 15 minutes and my career depends on it. I know your busy bu-”.

“Of course I’ll pick him up Rae. You don’t need to explain yourself, he’s my son too. I need to take responsibility for him too. But really, fighting?” I could hear the disbelief in his husky voice.

“I know Finn. I don’t know what’s going on with him? He’s never gotten into a fight before” My voice broke, but I managed to pull myself together. This was not the time to do this, especially whilst on the phone to my ex-husband.

“Rae it will be Ohkay, I’ll pick him up and take the rest of the day off. I’ll get Archie to pick Ruby up for me when she finishes”.

“Ohkay” I breathe. “Thank you”.

“I’ll talk to you tonight”.

For the second time today, I was hung up on. My phone was still pressed snuggly pressed against my ear when Chloe pranced in, smile beaming, and excitement lighting her eyes.

“Are you ready?” She came around the desk to stand beside me. Her eyes flicking over the mountain of blueprints and sketches I had rolled up in a neat pile. “Is this all of them?”.

“Yes, there is a detailed plan of every floor, shop location, public area, toilets and even parking. Name a room and and I am certain it’s here” I smiled at my friend.

“This is why I love you Rae” Chloe beamed. Collecting a stack of scrolls, she took off towards the board room. I had a lot of people’s jobs in my hand in this moment and all I had to do is impress 4 billionaires. Easier said then done, taming one was hard enough.


I saw red the moment I ended the call with Rae. To whom my anger was directed towards was a mystery, because i couldn’t narrow it down to just one person. Multiple people where now on my radar. Including a women only metres away from me.

Grabbing my jacket, wallet and keys I threw the door open in a haste. I didn’t even care about the looks that were directed towards me. Not that my floor was full of people, it was only a handful. But those select people obviously found my fury more interesting then their work at this moment.

“Cancel the rest of the day, direct all my calls to the front desk with a note saying I’m away for the rest of the day and send sorry notes with chocolates to whoever I’m cancelling on” I spoke as I walked. I didn’t even look in Olivia’s direction, my main goal was getting to the elevator as quickly as possible.

“But Finn where are you going? You can’t just cancel ev-”

“Do not tell me what to do Olivia! I am your boss and you are my employee. Start acting like it for Christ sake” I hissed, my voice was raised and no doubt our audience were enjoying the show. By the look Liv’s face was portraying she was livid. Not that I cared.

“Will you at least tell me where your going?” She asked, grabbing my arm just as I reached the elevator.

“I’m going to collect Joshua from school” I said keeping all conversation to a minimum.

Olivia snorted. “Really Finn? Your leaving work for that? It’s only 1 o'clock, why on earth would you be picking him up now for? I bet you Rae is only doing this to trick you into some stupid pla-”

Not being able to take her rant anymore. I closed my palm over her mouth, stopping the bullshit.

“Enough! Enough for once Olivia! My son needs me, and not you or anyone else is going to stop me getting to him. Im his father first and foremost. So next time when Rae rings do not hang up on her. Do you understand me?” She nodded, my hand still firmly clasped over her sticky lips.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, you have work to get back too and I have a son I have to see. And maybe you should go see your sister after work for a bit. I need some alone time with my children”.

I didn’t wait for her reply. Stepping into the elevator I immediately pressed the ground floor button. And just like in the movies the elevator doors closed that two seconds, too slow.


Joshua had remained quite when I spoke to the principle in his office.

Mr. Horne was a rapacious man. When he needed money, I was his life line. When the music program needs to upgrade out of season instruments they come to me. In order to keep his bulging budget, he needed to keep me happy.

Joshua had gotten away with barely a slap on the hand and a day off school. Nothing was going on his permanent file, and after much hesitation on Mr. Horne’s behalf the name of the other student was given to me. I knew his parents, they had been an acquaintance of my company for some time, due to my shares in theirs. The matter will get sorted, quietly.

We had been home for the past 20 minutes and still Joshua had barely looked my way, only nodding and shaking his head when I spoke. This sort of behavior was unusual for my 8 year old boy. He was never one to fight, or act up. Unless it was against his sister. But after being fly tackled by a pigtail wearing 6 year old, you would get mad too.

The silence finally got the best of me, when I found myself sitting across from Joshua.

“What happened?” My tone demanding, but I felt desperate.

“He pushed me, so I hit him”.

Joshua would have to be kidding if he thought he was getting away with an answer like that.

Raising an eyebrow. “You expect me to take that for an answer son”.

“I don’t know” he shrugged.

“Why did he push you?”


“Oh come on Joshua just tell me!”

My son slammed his hand down on the couch and stood abruptly. His face was glowing red, tears threatened to spill. Something was wrong.

“You want to know why dad! It’s because he was talking about you and mom and I told him to get a life. He pushed me and I just hit him… I don’t know why” he cried. “I just couldn’t help myself”.

“Son” I stood, walking towards Josh and sat him back on the couch, with me right next to him. “What did he say about your mother and I? You know you can tell me right?”

Nodding, Joshua pulled his knees up against his chest. “He was saying that mom wasn’t good enough. That- that’s why you left us”.

My heart shattered. I knew kids could be cruel these days, but this was nothing that I would of expected.

I didn’t know how I was going to explain myself to Joshua. How do you tell your son that it wasn’t me to walk away, but it was her? You don’t.

“Josh.. Josh look at me please” cupping his chin I turned his face towards me. “Your mother was never 'not good enough’ for me. She is the most lovely and courageous women I know. We didn’t break up because I got sick of her son”.

“Then why did you break up?”


“We just grew apart, but I will always love your mother”.

“Then why are you mean to her dad? Why does she still cry at night?”

It was my turn to start tearing up. I couldn’t beleive I was having an adult conversation with my 8 year old son. My heart hurt more the longer he spoke.

I never knew he could hear Rae and I’s conversations. He heard me when i stupidly degraded his mother, everytime i opened my mouth. Did that mean Ruby could hear too?

I felt like a monster, but i was hurt. Rae had broken me to the point where hate started seeping in, leaving me with fragments of my old self that I reserved for my kids.

“I’m sorry Joshua. I should never of talked to your mother like that. Please promise me you wont ever speak to your mother like that”.

“I wouldn’t. I actually love her” he declared.

“Josh. Don’t talk to me like that! You are not your mother so I don’t have to explain anything to you, alright? We are getting off topic and I want to talk about you hitting another student Joshua”.

“Colton said that his dad got to touch mom” Joshua softly spoke. My heart skipped a beat with his words, then plummeted to the pit of my stomach.

“What? When?”

If I wasn’t sitting my knees would’ve already buckled by now. He was talking about Mr. Davis and Rae. How many other men has she fucked while being with Gregory, or better yet me.

“He said a few years ago his dad saw mom coming out of the bathroom of this big fancy ball… And touched her. The- then he said. He said his friends laughed when Mr. Davis said mom was fighting him. What does he mean dad?”

I tried to remember the last ball he had attended with Rae. It had to of been at least 3 years ago. I remember vaguely the lacey number she wore. The neckline plunged deeper then usual, teasing my eyes, and many men around him.

After thinking about it, I do remember how she had been the perfect plus one. Floating around from person to person, saying her hellos. Between dancing and chatting she was spreading her happiness.

Well until half way through, when she insisted they went home early. Her mood sombre, but she insisted she was due for her menstrual cycle.

Unless… Something happened between Mr. Davis and Rae. Something sinister, and degrading.

That son of a bitch!

“Joshua. Promise me you won’t tell your mother. I want to be the one to speak to her about this. And I will tonight, Ohkay?”

Nodding, Joshua leaned into me as my arm draped across his shoulders. My son was hurt and it was all my fault. I didn’t help Rae, but I didn’t know. If something happened during that ball without my knowledge I don’t think i could forgive myself. I pray that the kid was feeding Josh bullshit, but somewhere in the back of my mind I felt like something did happen.

The door softly opened to reveal my beautiful daughter and brother, walking through the entrance still unnoticed to Josh and I’s presence. Until Ruby looked up and make eye contact with me.

“Daddy!” The click of her polished leather shoes echoed the foyer.

“Hi princess, did you have fun at school?”

“I did! I did! We learnt our 4 times tables today daddy. They so easy, but Mike said that I was just a smarty pants. I told him that my daddy always said I should have my nose within a book, then a boy on a hook” she declared proudly.

My glorious daughter reminded me so much of her mother. The light in her eyes shone brightly, just like Rae’s.

“Well done baby girl. Did you have fun with Uncle Archie?” I asked. Looking towards Archie I smiled, mouthing 'thank you’. I had phoned him the moment I jumped in the car to pick up Josh. He, of course agreed. Our work was close to Ruby’s school, plus Archie had informed me that Ben is quite able to pick up Sophie daycare.

“Yes we organised a play date for Mommy and Uncle Archie. He said he wants mommy, Joshua and I to come see them. It’s going to be fun!”

Archie and Rae must have rekindled their relationship after we interrupted her dinner. With Gregory.

“That sounds great sweetheart. How about you and Josh go to your rooms for a second whilst I talk to Archie, ohkay”.

“Ohkay daddy! Come on Josh, I can show you what I did today in art class with Crissy” she pulled on her brother arm in a haste. Finally, when they went to their rooms I turned to my Brother.

“What happened with Josh?” he asked, moving towards the love seat next to me.

“He got into a fight with John Davis’ son today. He punch him when Colton started to talk about Rae and I’s relationship”.

Sighing, I ran my hand through my thick hair. I knew I could trust my brother with my life, so I knew what I was about to tell him will be kept confidential.

“What about your relationship?” Quizativley he moved forward.

“Apparently she wasn’t good enough for me so I left. But that’s not all…”

“How could a kid say something like that! How would he know what was going on with your family? Hang on there’s more?”

I told him everything that Josh had just told me, down to what I remembered about the night. I could see the empathy in Archie’s eyes. The more I talked, the more my throat constricted. The words left a bitter taste in my mouth, if only I had been there. I could of done something.

“Finn you don’t know for sure if anything happened that night. John could of been telling a bullshit story to a punch of people. Don’t beat yourself up about it”.

“Archie, you don’t understand. After that night Rae started to become slightly distant, I didn’t notice it until she left though. She didn’t seem like herself, but originally I thought it was because of the kids. Then 6 months later, she fucking left me with divorce papers”.


“What if this was the reason. She couldn’t bare to look at me after I let my work associate molest her!”

“You didn’t know!”

“I should of asked her what was wrong. I should of followed her or something. I can’t stop thinking what if…”

“Talk to her. Finn, you need to go around and talk to her. What time are you meant to drop Joshua and Ruby back off?”

“7..” I breathed.

“Its now 4pm, go talk to her now. I’ll stay here with the kids and if your not back by 6.30pm then I’ll drop them of there. That gives you 2 and a half hours to work out what the fuck happened, Ohkay?”

Nodding like a scolded child I got up of the couch.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was unsure about leaving the kids with him, but I needed to talk to Rae immediately. I couldn’t wait til i dropped Ruby and Joshua off tonight.

“Of course Finn. I’m your brother, I’ll do anything for you”.

“Thank you”.

I pulled Archie in for a hug, then ran out the door. I hope Rae is ready for me.

As quickly as I could I drove to Rae’s house. When I arrived, I threw the gear into parked and hurried to her front door. After knocking I waited very patiently for a very confused but equally beautiful Rae to open the door.

“Finn?.. What are you doing here? Where are the kids?”

“We need to talk Rae. Josh and Ruby are fine, they are with Archie” I said.

The truth will be revived tonight. What really happened the night she walked away… No more waiting.

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• your first impression of him was to kinda steer clear bc he looks so intimidating and scary (;_;;
• i don’t think he thought much of you when he first met you, at first he saw you occasionally whenever you came to hang out with the other members but you two never talked. then you two got pre close and it was cute yalls
• freKinf jeon wonwoo didn’t want to admit to himself that he had a crush on you bc !! crushes are trouble !!
• and even the members saw the way he looked at you and started to pester him about it.
• then one day he just finally admits it to the members and they’re so happy and start bombarding him w questions like when he was gonna ask u out bc they already know you like him a lot too
• and when the day finally came, he was a bundle of neves oml. constantly stuttering after and before and between every sentence and he looked like he COULDNT BREATH. plus he was so nervous that he brought you 3 flavours of chocolate, and like 10000 types of flowers bc HE DIDNT KNOW WHAT U LIKED SO HE BROUGHT IT ALL
• “you… me, together? uh…”
• and you just laughed and said yes bc this cutie…
• for your first date, wonwoo took to an amusement park. you pigged out on candy, scoffed down on street food and nearly puked on the rides aw so cute
• he saw you staring at this huge teddy bear prize at one stall and like coolly said ‘I got this’ and gave money in for the game where you have to shoot the target and if you do you win. BUT HE DIDNT WIN IN THE FIRST SHOT SO HE DID IT AGAIN BUT KEPT FAILING AND HE NEARLY WASTED ALL HIS MONEY
• “wonwoo… its just a teddy bear, it’s fine.”
• “sHHH just give me a few more tries.”
• he eventually wins and he’s the happiest boy in the world and proudly gives you the bear awawawawaw
• “pfft, told you I got this.”
• and when you guys were on the top of Ferris wheel, you saw the amazing view before you and you just was breath taken.
• “it’s beautiful..”
• “yeah, it is”
• nicknames with wonwoo would mainly consist of cool as nicknames bc he wants to sound really flash and swag in front of the members by calling you babe, b, bae, baby and things like that. but the members secretly know that he really calls you the most sickening sweet names like sweetie and cutie but they don’t want to embarrass their friend lol
• your first kiss with him was on a cold and you two were freezing outside and it was horrible tbh but he beckons you closer and holds your face in his hands bc his hands were toasty warm and it made you blush bc his face was SO CLOSE and wonwoo saw it to9 and then you got closer until BAAAAAM
• it was a really soft and delicate kiss but it made you all warm inside ;;_;;
• although wonwoo gives off a cold persona, hES NOT AT ALL HE LOVES SKINSHIP AND CUDDLING ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY
• he would want to have contact with you at all times if possible , like cling onto your hand until people have to physically pull him away from you lololol
• wonwoo has a habit of cleaning anything that’s out of order. his dorm is literally so clean that it would be impossible to find something not folded neatly or put away properly, you often catch him scolding members bc they’re always so messy
• sometimes you like to tease him and purposely leave a huge mess on the floor but he refrains himself from picking it up and putting it in a tidy place bc he knows what your doing YOU MEANY
• his favourite kisses are Eskimo kisses bc jeon wonwoo LOVES THE IDEA OF DOING SOMETHING SO NICE AND CUDDLY
• like he’d grab your cheeks out of nowhere and give you an Eskimo kiss just coz he felt like it.
• he likes to hug you really tight and pick you up off the ground and spin you in circles aw cutie
• wonwoo would be kinda demanding when he wants attention, he’d give you a serious glare as if he was saying HUG ME OR ILL BE IN THIS MOOD FOREVER
• he lives for sweater weather, like he’s got a whole separate wardrobe filled with sweaters just waiting for the time he’s able to wear them and he turns into the happiest boy on earth when he knows tHAT ITS FINALLY TIME FOR SWEATERS
• but he gets really upset bc he doesn’t know which sweater to wear
• he HATES aegyo, it makes him cringe and want to crawl into a hole. but ofc he’ll let it slide when it comes to you bc your cute in whatever you do
• he also doesn’t like dogs, but he pretends he’s fine with it just to put on a brave face but this one time a small dog barked at him and he started to cry into your hair and you laughed bc YOU LOVE THIS BOY
• wonwoo secretly slips some of his sweaters in your wardrobe just so he can see you wear it bc he loves it when you wear his big sweaters. your always left wondering where all these sweaters are coming from and keep telling wonwoo how your positive the sweater fairy exists
• has an addiction to the movie ‘miracle in cell no. 7’ he watches it at least once a week and cries everytime no joke, you have to always be there to hold him when he sobs
• “nooooo”
• wonwoo HATES couple clothes like even if you beg and plead with him he will just deny deny deny bc COUPLE CLOTHES ARE SO CRINGE
• but one time you convinced him to buy matching couple socks and he gave in bc you looked like you were gonna cry, besides, nobody would see it anyway.
• jealous wonwoo = cold wonwoo
• he will not be happy if he sees anyone flirting with you and would get v protective. he’s not the type to get aggressive, he’s more of the quiet mad type like he’ll give the person flirting with you a death glare and they would know not to mess with you OR him.
• then when they like run away your so confused bc you were just talking ??
• “hey, why did he just walk away?”
• “i don’t know.. i guess he’s got somewhere to be”
• his phone background is of you sleeping in one of his sweaters, he thought you were the cutest thing in the world and just HAD to take a photo and just HAD to make it his background
• and you were like ?? ????? was it necessary to make it his background
• and he was like, yes, yes it was.
• your phone background was a photo of him laughing, it was one of those laughs where he scrunches his nose like little cutie and you just so happened to capture it and use it as your background despite his complaints bc happy wonwoo is best wonwoo
• the first time you saw his aegyo come out was during this one night when you two were bickering over who had to run to the convenience store a few blocks away to get some more ramen bc you were running out lol. he did the good old sweater paw and spoke in the highest voice he could muster and batted his eyelashes at you aND YOU JUST HAD TO SAY YES BC THIS MOMENT WAS PRECIOUS JEON WONWOO WAS SHOWING YOU HIS AEGYO
• but when you were about to leave the door he decided to come with you and gave you his jacket bc it was cold.
• “i wasn’t just gonna let you go by yourself at night, are you insane?”
• this one time he saw you wear his clothes for the first time and he just froze on the spot bc you just came out of the bathroom wearing his sweatpants and his shirt AND his sweater ?? and you thought it would mean NOTHING to him ?????. um nO wearing his clothes was like a whOLE NEW STAGE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP BC HIS CLOTHES ESPECIALLY HIS SWEATERS R V PRECIOUS TO HIM
• he acted like he it didn’t bother him but inside he was squealing bc YOU LOOKED SO CUTE AND SMOL IN HIS SAGGY SWEATPANTS AND BAGGY SWEATER
• his role as a rapper in seventeen tends to put lots of pressure on him, especially since he has to write his rap lyrics. he’s usually up late writing lyrics and practicing until he’s lost his voice. sometime you see him passed out on his work table and you sigh bc he’s working so hard and u worry for his health
• he always assures you he’s doing fine but the bags under his eyes say otherwise and you turn into such a worry wart
• “I don’t know why your stressing about this jagiya”
• which leads me to your first fight. one day you got upset with him because he was working himself too hard and you barely got to see him anymore. it just turned out that wonwoo was really stressed that day and your words didn’t help at all and he just snapped and said that you were being selfish and said that his music was way more important. the argument ended with you storming out.
• a few days later wonwoo returned to you with tears in his eyes and a pout on his face. he brought a massive teddy bear with him and an even bigger I’m sorry card. he was dressed in the most cringe worthy couple clothes with a shirt that said I’m sorry. he didn’t let you say anything as he started to rap a rap he had spent the past few days writing, it was about how much he loved you and how you were the most precious thing in the world.
• “jagi.. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me that day. you are just as important as music is to me, like music, without you, I don’t think I’d be able to function. please forgive me..”
• ofc u forgive him bc u love him
• wonwoo sends you to sleep by hugging you as tight as he can, as if protecting you and just lays there until you sleep.
• your always the one to wake him up bc jeon wonwoo treasures his sleep k. like he’s always so reluctant to get up but he eventually will if you promise him pomegranates and unlimited kisses
• and lemme tell you this, morning wonwoo is so sexy omg. his already low voice gOES EVEN LOWER LIKE HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE LIKE ITS ALL RASPY AND BEAUTIFUL. he’s also completely cuddly in the mornings and wants nothing but hugs and kisses bc he just wants love
• “babeee stop making food, and come love me”
• jeon wonwoo may come off as scary and closed off, but you know he’s anything but that. he loves you with all his heart and would do anything for you, he’s such a big sweetheart and people often fail to see it. he’s forever loyal to you, and you to him. you bring out the best in him and is genuinely a good positive influence to him.
• “When you leave me I have no energy to cheer
But when you’re close to me
I have no choice but to smile (That’s right)” -WONWOO XOXOXOXOX

Imagine Joji, Ian, Max// college au part 4!

you walk along the isles of the Barnes and noble, scanning the books for inventory while the day winds down to and end, you can smell the fresh air every time the door opens in the back. you want to leave, but there are a few stragglers in the store, mindlessly trailing fingers over the hardbacks of textbooks and such. you hear footsteps approaching you and look up to see your store manager Aubrey with a smirk.

“There are three gorgeous specimens asking for you at the front of the store.” she says, almost teasing you, honestly you’re at a loss.

“what…? really?” you ask, she nods.

“one dark haired and mysterious, one tall and gorgeous, and one cute little puppy of a thing. which ones yours and which one can i have?” she says confidently, you realize shes talking about the guys and you laugh. you look towards the front of the store, but you dont see them. you walk over with aubrey and see them towards the children’s area, Ian and max are hovered over a large pop up book. Max reaches over to feel the fur, Ian slaps his hand away.

“ow! cunt…” max says pouting, Ian feels the fur and Aubrey huffs a laugh.

“so they’re both big puppies…” she says, you look over at a small couch where Joji is sitting leisurely flipping through “The Hungry Caterpillar”, you smile softly. you look up at Aubrey and give her a pleading look, she rolls her eyes and takes the scanner from you.

“you have to cover for me on Tuesday then, my little brother gets out of school early” she says, her deep red hair swishing as she speaks. you walk over to the small couch and plop down next to Joji, he looks up and smiles.

“ I loved that book when i was little” you say he puts an arm around you, all of those small touches are instantaneous with him now. Sometimes you dont even think about it, and find yourself holding onto his sweater, or softly gliding your hand up from his knee to mid thigh. It’s almost like a nervous tick, its just comfortable.

“So I was thinking we could catch that movie, the scary one you have no interest in watching” Joji says, closing the book softly.

“oooo a movie sounds great! right guys?” you throw a stuffed animal at them and hit Ian in the face, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“hell yea!” Max says, always down for anything remotely fun. you smile up at Joji and he seems completely amused. 

you walk up to the movie theater entrance and smell the popcorn instantly, you soak it in, with the cold air, you’re preference in fun has changed so drastically. you smile up at Joji and he huffs a laugh.

“whats so funny?” you ask, he shrugs.

“you never know when im asking you on a date” he says, you tilt your head and suck in a breath.

“oh god… really?” you ask, he chuckles and shrugs.

“It’s fine, ill just have to be more blunt next time” Joji says. you shake your head.

“im sorry joji” you say he smiles and opens the door

“I’ll let you make it up to me” he says, you nod.

“I’ll buy the popcorn!” you say jogging ahead to get the tickets, Ian and max follow, and you all get tickets to see some scary movie, you have a love-hate relationship with scary movies, they make you feel like a pussy, but you love the rush. you wind up buying three large popcorn bags and m&m’s and slurpees all around.

“are you ready… ot be scared out of your mind” Ian asks, trying to act scary as you walk into the theater, you roll your eyes at him and he smiles satisfied with your reaction. you choose seats in the very back row, and sit by Joji, max and Ian file next to him. you like movie theaters, they get so dark, but the volume is uncontrollable. scary movies always have jump scares, and it can get loud. you feel Joji intertwine his fingers with yours and smooth his thumb across your hand. you live for these small touches… There was a couple days when you ddint know where it was going with Joji, he pulled back after that night. You consider that the worst night, but you never tell him that, it wouldnt do any good. You couldnt believe how afraid you were, you felt kind of badly when he left early in the morning but you knew he needed his medication. you sat on your couch instead of studying, and you watched romantic movies with tragic endings, and you cried. you didnt expect Joji to come back, so you were tear stained and fidgety when you opened the door. Joji just hugged you and apologized more, you didnt want his apologies though. ever since then he has been distant, so when you realized this was a date, you were so relieved. you watch as the movie starts, and you anticipate the jump scare, but you fall for it anyway, unintentionally squeezing Joji’s hand. you glance up and see him smiling, amused with your fear. he smooths his hand over your thigh and you relax a bit. the gore in the movie is terrible, you wince alot, and youre embarrassed about it.  you look over at the guys and see that Ian and Max seem to be in some Slurpee contest, seeing who can finish theirs first. you smile as max puts a hand over his throat, it must feel frozen. The popcorn is gone, and you offer to get a refill for walk out into the lobby, you need to adjust to the light. you get the refills and head back to the theater trying to balance them, you set them on a counter by the arcade to readjust. 

“need some help?” you hear, you look up and see some guy, youve never met. he is wearing one of those fake Letterman jackets and torn skinny jeans, his beanie sagging a bit.

“uh no thanks though” you say grabbing the popcorn bags by the paper, but the grease makes them slide.

“you sure?” he says, smiling flirtatiously. you nod.

“positive thanks” you say again.

“im not trying to be a douche, you just look like you could honestly use the help” he chuckles, you smile relieved he isnt hitting on you..

“oh uh.. well thanks for that” you smile.

“what are you watching?” he asks, you tell him which title and he shrugs.

“im not much for scary movies” he says, you huff a laugh.

“,e either” you say, admitting.

“then why are you watching it?” he asks, you shrug.

“im here with some uh…” you dont know what to consider Joji… “some friends, and uh” you just avoid it all together figuring it will be better that way. 

“ahh nice, peer pressure is a bitch huh?” he says you chuckle.

“its not like that… theyre great” you say feeling ike maybe you made them seem like assholes that drug you here.

“well thats good, if you ever wanna maybe-” you see him look up as someone places a hand on the small of your back.

“hey babe, you were  taking a bit, i came to see f you needed help” Joji says, you blush deeply at that word looking up at the guy in front of you. hes giving you a look you assume means ‘i thought you said just friend?’ so you hand Joji a bag.

“thanks for offering to help” you say, walking towards the theater.

“you know him?” Joji asks, a low voice, un-entertained.

“no he just offered to help” you say Joji removes his hand from you and walks beside you, almost coldly. you sit in the soft theater chair, Joji doesnt try to hold your hand or anything. when the movie ends you all walk out together.

“i have to pee so badly!” max says, heading for the bathroom, Ian follows

“fucking Slurpee” he mumbles. you look up at Joji, hes scrolling on his phone.

“are you okay?” you adk, he glances up and nods.

“fine” he says, you tilt your head.

“really?” you ask he looks up at you then over your shoulder, sighing and tensing up a bit. you look over and see that guy and some other guys messing around by the arcade games.

“seriously?” you say looking back at Joji, he looks down at you, there is no soft look on his face. 

“youre jealous?” you ask, he seems uneasy.

“im not jealous, i just dont like seeing you flirt with random dudes” Joji says, you already dont like this, an argument? no…

“i wasnt flirting with him!” you say defending yourself, why are you making it worse? why do you sound so angry?

“thats not what it looked like, its fine i mean why cant you flirt with people when youre just out with friends” Joji says you swallow hard, so he did hear you.

“well what do you expect? you’ve been really distant how am i supposed to know what you want when you dont tell me? ever since that night, its like you dont wanna… be with me…it made me feel like shit but i still wanna be around you, because i actually like you” you say accusingly. Joji looks behind you and you see Ian and max show up again. you walk outside ahead of everyone, the ride is quiet mostly, besides Ian and max’s commentary about the movie. you open the door pretty quickly when they drop you off at your place.

“night” you say shortly, closing he door. you hear another door shut and roll your eyes. you try to ignore the annoyance in yourself as you walk towards the stairs and get up to your door. you unlock it and open it, Joji grabs the door and shuts it quickly grabbing your hand.

“I like you, and i think thats obvious, that was a cheap play” he says, you roll your eyes and dont reply staring at the floor expecting a lecture.

“second of all, im allowed to be jealous, that douche-bag was hitting on you and i ddint like it. I dont wanna see you with anyone else, i dont even wanna think about that, get me?” he says. you feel like youre in trouble, he makes alot of sense.

“well i didnt do anything you didnt have to punish me like that” you say quietly.

“i was upset, you called me your friend, so i acted like a friend. you want me to act like more?” Joji says, you still dont look up at him.

“of course i do..” you say. you dont even see it coming. Jojis lips are against yours almost instantly. he pulling at your shirt and unbuttoning your jeans, all while pushing you back into the couch. youre so surprised you dont even protest as he rips his hoodie off and goes at you again, nibbling your neck and biting a little hard at you. you give off small gasps as he grabs your hips, pulling you up against him.he kisses you deeply, feel his hands all over you, gripping and grabbing at your ass. he turns you around and pushes you over the end of the couch, you feel him separate your legs and hes in you quicker than you can let out a strangled moan into the couch. and your hands grip the fabric.

“joji..!” you manage as he smooths a hand over your back and down to your ass, grabbing you. you dont object, youre actually turned on…hes thrusting into you, and its hitting new spots, you moan out loud as he pulls you by your hips against him. you arch your back and push back against him involuntarily, it just feels so good. the way he moves into you feels incredible.

“mm… thats it… show me you want me baby” he groans you moan louder and match his movements. Joji grips your shoulder, pulling you back into him more and more, he raises you up to bite your neck more. he slides out of you, and you watch as he sits on the couch, pulling your arm towards him, he moves you so your straddling him.

“show me” he says against your ear as you hover over grip his shoulders nervously, but your need is more lower yourself onto him, and moan, he’s so deep into you now you dont know if you can handle it.

“fuck… joji…” you whimper. he grabs your hips hard and you grind against him.

“fuck…!” you moan, he growls against your ear.

“ride me.” he says, demanding it. you lift up a but and he pulls you down hard, gaining another tortured groan from wrap your arms around his neck and lift up a bit, he slams you back down every time.

“i cant… joji please” you whimper, its all too much, and too good. you feel him lift you a bit and easily let you fall against the couch, he pushes into you roughly and bites your neck, lightly now. leaving little red marks everywhere he wrap your legs around him and bite your lip.

“stop holding back” he says, driving into you harder making you moan didnt even realize you were griping his hair, you arch your back as your orgasm builds up.

“yes… oh god…joji..!” you moan screaming his name as you come. he doesnt let up though he continues mercilessly and you feel him relaxing all your tightened muscles. you hear him start to groan with every thrust and start to grunt with one hard thrust, he pulls out of you quickly and you watch as powerful spurts slide across your belly. Joji bites down on your neck and you soak in the light sting, the pleasure over powers it so much. Joji breathes deep, and youre exhausted. you open your tightly shut eyes and look at him hazily. he lifts off of you entirely and you wonder if he really is mad. you close your eyes again and feel him lift your legs, sitting down under them, wiping something soft over your belly gently. you hear a swish of a trash bag and then his warmth is against your side.

“you okay…?” he asks lightly after a little while. you nod lightly. he wraps his arms around your waist and pushes an arm under your head supporting it.

“was i too rough?” he asks in a whisper. you dont respond though, you’re half asleep, the exhaustion taking over. there was so much pleasure it burned through you. Joji studies your face, peaceful as you sleep. you’re strangely lucid, and feel his fingers tracing up and down the center of your torso, and around your hips. then something soft covers you, and you turn in your sleep, facing the warmth, hitching a leg over him.

you start to wake slowly, but you dont want to, youre still sleepy. you smell something sweet, vanilla? you open your eyes and youre staring at the back of the couch, clutching a soft blanket against your chest. you stretch and roll overlooking over at the kitchen, Joji is standing over the counter in a long sleeve shirt and his joggers. you watch as he sets something light brown onto a sit up and rub your eyes, walking over to the counter beside him. Joji looks down at you expressionless.

“morning” he says, you take a deep breath and look down at the waffles.

“im starving, that smells amazing” you grumble, he turns to you and looks you over,you watch his dark eyes study you. he reaches forward and grabs your waist pushing the blanket around you tightly. he leans down and kisses your forehead. down to your neck.

“yea im hungry too” he says, you flush with butterflies everywhere, blushing deeply. you kiss his cheek lightly.

“your cold” he says feeling your arms and shoulders.

“little bit” you mumble.

“go get dressed ill finish up then we can eat” he says, you nod and break away from him. you walk into your bedroom and rummage through your drawers, nothing looks comfortable. you look over at the bed and see Joji’s sweater laying there. you walk out into the kitchen and Joji looks up, smiling when he sees his sweater on you, and some sweatpants. he likes you in his hoodie. you slide into the tall chair in front of the cupboard and he pushes a plate of waffles towards you.he leans against the counter across from you and cuts into a waffle, you dig in and sigh, relieved. the sugary syrup and butter blend nicely.

“you really are starving huh” Joji says, you swallow.

“yea, had quite a work out” you say, still sleepy, must be giving you courage. Joji smirks, satisfied. you drink the last bit of your milk and push the plate away so you can lay against the counter on your arms. you look up at Joji as he rounds the counter to you.

“I’m still hungry” he says biting your neck, your clit throbs at his words, his low voice and his hot breath down your neck, you smile and huff a laugh. you swivel on the chair and Jojis pulls at your sweat pants, lifting you onto the counter, its cold against your ass. joji pulls his joggers down a bit and pushes against your already wet entrance, you wince a bit and suck in a breath, he stops.

“sorry… just a little sore” you say Joji looks a bit sorry. you watch as he lowers himself down between your legs and pushes you back softly, you push the plates away and feel him kiss down your belly, reaching your center. you let a long satisfied sigh out as he swirls his tongue around your clit. your nervous to be displayed like this, but it feels really good, and gentle. he kisses you lightly and continues flicking his tongue over your clit, building you up quickly, you moan and grip onto his hair, you unravel quickly, moaning his name… he lets up and looks up at you.

“already?” he asks, you blink and blush, he smiles proudly. raising up and sliding a finger down your slit, making sure your wet. he slides into you gently and you arch your back hes so gentle now, caressing your breasts and holding onto you lightly while he prolongs each thrust until his breathing quickens and hes pushing harder, but cautiously. you feel him twitch and watch as his lips part when he pulls out, covering your lower belly with his cum. Joji likes the view, his sweatshirt pulled up to your chest, sweats around your ankles, his cum on you. he reaches over for a paper towel.

“ever thought about birth control?” he asks, gently wiping your belly. you shrug and sit up sliding off the counter and pulling up your sweats.

“i should probably do that” you say he leans down and kisses your lips softly.

“im sorry if i hurt you” he says you shake your head.

“it was really good… i liked it alot” you admit. Joji  pulls you against him and you look up.

“alright, so if any other guys approach you, lets agree that you’re taken” Joji says, you blush and nod.

“id love to” you say with a slight smile breaking through. he leans down and kisses you again, you feel the smile on his lips.