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Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison

Some more fluff…cos…I think I’m falling in love with his beauty @plaidstiel-wormstache…urgh…he’s so adorable!! Also for @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation Day.

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Smile For The Camera

“Ok! Now, we need a smoulder!”

You took picture after picture of Chris, looking into the camera as though he was going to take it out for dinner, sweet talk it into bed, and give it the night of its life.


Chris was always so easy to work with.

He listened to instructions easily. Made all the expressions you asked, without hesitation. And he always did it so naturally.

Not to mention that he was smoking hot.

So there was literally no way he could ever look bad.

“Ok-now-how about a cheeky tongue?”

He sniggered, shaking his head at you, before sticking his tongue out like a child.

You smirked, biting your lip as you took over a dozen pictures of the same pose, the lights just making his tongue glisten.

You gulped, wanting that tongue in your mouth, all over your body, and inside you.

Shaking the thoughts away, you looked back up, wondering what else he could do.

“Uh-how about-act cute?”

“Cute? Like-how?”

You shrugged, looking back through the viewfinder and waiting for whatever pose he did.

“I don’t know. You’re naturally cute. Do whatever comes to you”.

Chris smiled shyly at your praise, his heart fluttering, before he got back to work, trying to act cute.

First, it was his palms on his chin, fingers cradling his cheeks-like a flower.

You giggled, just wanting to pinch his cheeks.

The next was lying on his stomach, feet crossed in the air as he moved them around, holding himself up on his elbows, face resting in his hands.

“Look, y/n. Don’t I look adorable?”

You nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

“You sure do, cutie. Last one?”

He got up, staring right at you.

Not the camera, but you.

Pushing his index fingers into his dimples, he smiled, making him look like the world’s cutest man.

You took the pictures, before calling him over.

You leaned down to the laptop, Chris leaning with you, an arm draping across your back and holding your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“You are too adorable”, you commented, looking through the pictures and smiling.

“Is that why you married me? Just for my looks?” he asked, feigning offence.

You chuckled, nodding.

“Yep. Your hotness. That’s all I want from you”.

He shook his head, smiling as he kissed your cheek lightly.

“Sure. I know you love me”, he mumbled, resting his cheek against yours, his scent surrounding you.

You turned your head, smiling softly at him.

“I know I do. My perfectly beautiful, amazing, sweet, loving hubby”.

You kissed his lips softly, cradling his face in your hands.

Pulling away, his forehead against yours, you turned back to the laptop, getting back to work.

“Anyway, time to pick which ones you like best. And I think I want a few more cute pictures. Just for me”, you added, wanting to have a reminder of the adorable man you’d married with you at all times.

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