it's so easy and important please just do it!

look me in the eyes and tell me that Sasha Velour isn’t talented. The way that she paints herself, how she uses drag to express herself and creativity is amazing. Drag is about being yourself, putting the art that you want to put into the world out there. Sasha is such a breath of fresh air from the typical “pretty girls”. She’s so unique and different.

Seems like I see a lot of hate because she talks about queer issues. This doesn’t make sense at all, why wouldn’t you want someone to talk about this? Sasha is a queer person, trying to educate other queer people about the past. She’s breaking walls down between what is seen as male and female, pushing the gender binary up to its limit. It’s so important to have this, especially in this society. Sasha is incredibly smart too, I mean she’s a Fullbright Scholar. That isn’t easy to do. She knows what she’s talking about, that doesn’t make her pretentious and full of herself. Just because she considers herself a “brainy queen” doesn’t mean that she is narcissistic. So many other girls call themselves the pretty one, but when Sasha calls herself the smart one it’s bad? Someone that doesn’t like Sasha please tell me why you don’t like her because I don’t get it.

Cooking Cantrip! Simple pie crust!

Hi there, folks! It’s me, the world’s greatest detective and now also up and coming chef Angus McDonald, here with a new blog segment: cooking cantrips! A Blog Bit About Baking Basics. 

This bit started because Taako was explaining a recipe, and he told me to ‘take a pie crust.’ And when I asked him how to make pie crust he just said ‘it's pie crust, little man, git good’. So I…. got good! And learned how to make pie crust (which was, surprisingly, way easier than learning mage hand, a real cantrip!) And now I’m going to share it with you, because pie crust is an important staple to all kinds of recipes!

(Taako…doesn’t actually know I’m doing this but I don’t think he’ll actually notice unless someone tells him…please don’t tell on me)

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anonymous asked:

You feel like you have an obligation here. And you do. Its letting your followers be at peace knowing that you're not suffering badly to try and make us happy. We would be happy if we know you're doing ok. We care about you and please don't hurt yourself trying to make art for us please your health is more important <3

This is really sweet, thank you so so much, but I really do want to pump out tons of art for you all!! I’ll be alright. It’s just my knuckles anyway, it’ll heal.

I promise I’ll post something tonight. Our homework is easy anyway. <33