it's so different wow


I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.

The only pillars of light in an otherwise dark and grim game.

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

so I’m replaying epic mickey cause it’s been fOREVER I barely remember anything



Reiner’s one of my favorites in AoT, and lol ohmygodddd, that change in art after four years. lmao

things i want to tell the signs

Aries: you don’t need to fake a smile or laugh, if you’re truly unhappy tell someone.

Taurus: Anger for taurus is a common thing, don’t think you aren’t allowed to be angry its healthy now and again.

Gemini: Wow, you are so different to who they say you are, you dont have to constantly put on a mask when you’re beautiful.

Cancer: You are not who they make you out to be, you are who you are and who you are is something fascinating.

Leo: Maybe you just need to look at your mistakes and learn because we all know you can push your feelings away.

Virgo: Take some time off, just a day for you, no worries, nothing. Mental health becomes before anything else.

Libra: Don’t try to please everyone, if they aren’t pleasing you there is no need for them to be pleased.

Scorpio: You don’t have to love someone every minute of the day. Sometimes taking breaks from loving is the right thing to do. Focus on yourself.

Sagittarius: Stop caring, if they left you then they left you. They are not good enough, you deserve so much more.

Capricorn: You are a new person from then, stop going back to what once heart you, its not helping.

Aquarius: Out of place? Trust me, when you’re older you will find someone who wants all your attention. You’ll be okay.

Pisces: You think no one knows what you’re thinking and some part if you wants them to know. I know, and it will all be better in the end, i care about you.


Okay, so, I didn’t draw anything, but you know why??? BC IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, YAAAAAAY!!<3 <3 <3
And my friends drew for me some arts with JeffMads, bc they know that it’s my OTP. On the first picture writing in Russian, it means “Happy birthday!” in English. On the second picture Jemmy and Thomas in pink clothes bc it’s my favorite color, haha <3
Also, my other friend gave me a t-shirt with Hamilton emblem, aaaaaw!! It’s perfect and I love it so much :“3 /and I finally can change my age in the description of my blog, hhhaaa/

Honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna learn languages is to get the bragging-rights that goes with them

“how many languages do you speak?”


“ :O ohmygoshthatssocool!!!”

tbh i always find myself rewatching / rereading kkm whenever it’s holidays or summer. Honestly, this animanga series just makes me feel so nostalgic lmao

A Different Song by Quartetship
Tune in every other Saturday for a new chapter!
Starring: MY BABY as Jean Kirschtein, DORK MCDORK as Marco Bott, and MY TEARS

a cool thing: playing old bring me the horizon and someone saying “that’s not bring me the horizon they don’t sound like that”

like if u a 90′s emo