it's so deep and nice

does anyone else have this feeling where, like

the first two seasons of downton abbey are perfectly preserved in your memory

and then after that

it’s this vague jumble of indistinct guest stars and weird lackluster haps and a general sense of “?!?!?!??!” that you’re not quite sure actually occurred because you might as well have just made it up in a fever dream

like, not in a bad way even, necessarily

just in a … way

anonymous asked:

What college are you applying to? And what do you plan on studying after high school?

I’ve been accepted to a couple, but I’ll be taking the offer from UCL (University College London) for neuroscience! In the UK offers are conditional on what grades we get in our final exams this summer. UCL has asked for 3 As which I’m pretty certain I can achieve but it’s obviously not guaranteed and that STRESSES me tf out.

I've been thinking about Zoro's lyrics from chapter 778.

“Over the nine mountains
across the eight seas
there is nothing I can’t cut.”

Eight seas?

We got the two halves of the Grand line: “New World" & ”Paradise

then we have East blue. North Blue. South Blue. West Blue and the White White Sea.

so unless the ”Underworld of the Sea“ counts as a separate ocean; That’s only seven

Unless Zoro is counting in All Blue?