it's so cute they way their clothes match

NCT as boyfriends | Yuta
  • loves cuddling
  • enjoys just watching you sounds creepy lmao
  • ”let’s start a new anime!”
  • would sing to you but purposefully make it sound bad so that he can make you laugh
  • would wanna do couple-y things like bake/cook together, get matching outfits etc.
  • would always want to be touching you doesn’t matter if its hold hands or his hand on your waist he just always wants to be touching you i mean have you seen his skinship with winwin
  • ruffles your hair
  • lets you pick the music to listen to or movie to watch even if he doesn’t like it because he knows it’ll make you happy
  • he’d slowly incorporate some japanese words into your vocabulary because he’d think it’s cute the way you speak it
  • would love to see you in his clothes 
  • would love to do aegyo together 
  • try and teach you some choreos but you’ll both just end up on the floor cuddling
  • “did you bring your nintendo?”
  • would leave trash everywhere and after a while would purposefully do it because he knows it makes you mad
  • i think he’d be the type to write lyrics about you or little poems maybe even some doodles
  • he’d love to sing you to sleep
  • he would also like to draw on you with pens at random times just because he likes to make his mark (lee)
  • okay so with soft Yuta there’s obviously hard Yuta too
  • he would mark you everywhere
  • he loves hickeys/love bites especially the thrill of you putting them in secret places 
  • he is VOCAL in bed he’ll tell you what he wants but also ask you like “who’s making you feel this way” hhh
  • would like to do it other places other than the bedroom
  • he’d like to walk around your guys place and be like “oh remember when we had sex there and there and there”
  • you either get romantic yuta or rough yuta there is no in between
  • he’s never too rough where you need a safe word though
  • always down to try new things in the bedroom
  • loves to feel in control especially when you tell him that he’s the one making you feel good and stuff
  • would definitely be the dominant one but would also love to be sub sometimes
  • loves to do it in the shower
  • always cleans you up after you guys are done
  • he likes to have sex because of the cuddling that comes after it 
  • and because it’s sex
  • he also always caters to your needs and makes sure you feel good and are satisfied too
  • I’m going to hell bye
How Would You Rate The Quality Of Your Call? (Vernon Smut)

Summary: You and Vernon have a long-distance relationship, but always manage to keep it strong, mostly thanks to Skype. But one thing you never thought you could maintain over the internet was your sex life. Smut. 

(AN: So here is the long-awaited Vernon skype smut; the one that you guys made it clear that you wanted. I hope it’s not a piece of shit?? Obviously smut warning and general warning for Vernon being a sexy piece of shit. Also normal svt antics ahead. -Tanisha<3)

Skype dates were a regular thing for you and your boyfriend, Vernon. Even though he lived on the other side of the world and the time zones constantly enjoyed screwing you both over, he always made time for you and you for him. If the two of you didn’t Skype at least once a week, than something was likely terrible wrong. In fact, it was often so that you got to see his face (however pixilated and distorted) more than three times a week.

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lilysflowershop  asked:

Hello ~! Could I have MTMTE Rung, Tailgate, Rodimus, Megatron and Drift reacting to their human s/o wearing clothes that match the bots paint jobs on purpose to show that they're dating? Let's say that the s/o and the bottom just started dating so it's like their way of telling other bots that they're taken. I don't know I just think it's cute! X3

I see what you’re getting at and I love it!!!!

-He notices you wearing a lot of orange and a set of goggles on your head and thinks it’s a wonderful outfit
-He loves it so much that he could’ve burst just looking at you in your cute outfit
-He doesn’t directly say he knows you’re dressing like him but does say that mimicking one style is a sign of flattery and respect

-He doesn’t see it at first, but then someone complimented on it and he got so flustered
-He asks Rewind to take a photo of you two together and has it hung up in his habsuite
-He is so flattered and appreciative of how you love him enough to dress like him

-He notices that color scheme you got going on, and he’s not hiding it
-He flirts with you and teases you, asking if it was intentional what you did and that if he could he’d match your color scheme too but human colors and designs don’t really work well on him anyways
-He shows you off to everyone, “look at my s/o! We match! They did it because they love me.”

-He doesn’t realize how alike you two look at first until he catches a glance of himself standing next to you
-He’s flattered but confused at the same time, why would anyone want to look like him?
-He does compliment the outfit, he wouldn’t dare say anything less considering how much time you probably took to make that jacket and those swirls on the chest

-He notices the change in your outfit and thinks it’s very nice
-He knows that it looks familiar but can’t place it anywhere until it hits him. You’re dressed like him!
-He is so in awe, he twirls you slowly taking in your little details you took and kisses you afterwards because its such a honor to have you dress like him

i know finals are coming up, so

really specific piece of advice: find your happy clothes. an outfit or an item that you feel warm and beautiful and safe in. have a few of these, for different occasions (dress code/weather, ugh). that way, if you’re ever feeling down, you know what to wear to give you comfort. for example, i have
-a large school sweatshirt that is like still being in bed and goes great with my hair color that i wear when i know its going to be a long day
-a sweater that matches me eyes that i wear when i know a friend is going through a rough time because its super soft and gives +7 to all hugs (my best mate is happy just seeing me in the halls with it its so cute)
-an entire set of clothing that i look hot af in that fits perfectly and is comfy that gives a huge self esteem boost
-a pair of pjs that compliment my skin and are a gift from God Himself they are so great and snug