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we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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i feel weird? knowing i have the same name as ur bird

hey, think of it this way: my bird is really really good at saying ur name, in several different ways ranging from “rrrEEoh!” (a screech) to “riiiiiiioriiiiiiiiioriiiiiiiioriiiiiiio” (sounds kinda like a police car)

It’s time to talk about Shadowfax, and how Gandalf came to have such a wonderful steed.  It’s a story about how Gandalf cons Theoden out of a damn good horse, and then proceeds to get it “given” to him as a present.

Now Gandalf and Shadowfax actually meet up early in the first book, after Gwaihir drops him off from Isengard.  When Gandalf gets to Theoden’s house he’s already under Grima’s spell, so he tells the wizard to take a horse and GET OUT.  Which Gandalf does.  

Of course he takes the ~best~ and ~fanciest~ horse possible.  Which was probably not what Theoden had in mind, tbh.  

Gandalf tames Shadowfax, and forms such a deep bond that the horse knows to come back and meet him at Fangorn forest.  He also won’t let anyone else ride him at this point, so he’s pretty much ruined.  

Now Theoden, he’s not particularly pleased with Gandalf for this whole “horse permanently borrowing” business, although some of that anger could be attributed to Grima’s workings.

Ok definitely a lot of it is Grima’s fault, since as soon as he’s free, Theoden offers Gandalf any gift he would like, save his sword.  OF COURSE Gandalf asks for Shadowfax, this time for real to own, since he plans on maybe dying with this horse later on.

Theoden….is not surprised.  Not too mad, but he definitely makes a little bit of a jab at Gandalf when he has the chance.

Of note throughout this whole business is the level of confidence Gandalf shows in the fact that the horse he “borrowed” is going to be his until the end of the earth.  Not to mention the insane amount of detail Tolkien goes into to convince us that Shadowfax is beautiful af, which Eomer only emphasizes (in true Eomer fashion)

  • Me: I love this episode it's my favorite
  • Dad: Oh really? Why?
  • Inner Me: its gay
  • Inner Me: its sad
  • Inner Me: its sad and gay
  • Me: It's like.....about a case........... but not.. about ..... the.. case....

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How can they be real when gds with kiko? I was a long time shipper too but i gave up on them

Okay so I’ve been thinking about Jiko for a while now because of Jiyong’s leaked Instagram video where he says “my dear kiko” and how that seems like a lot of proof that Jiko is real to many people. And here are my thoughts on the matter of Jiko and Gtop currently. (Let me just preface this with the fact that these are my opinions; they aren’t necessarily right, I’m just talking about what I have seen and my general opinion of the situation). I’m really sorry for writing so much but I wanted to get my thoughts out as well so I’m going to put the rest of this train wreck under the “read more”

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Why do people feel the need to list their race, gender, sexuality etc in their profile on here? Like granted its nice to know about people but I don't care about what makes you "other" I care about whether you're a good person and if we have common interests. People are so ducking obsessed with being under some kind of label and yet preach about dismantling them. It's all so convoluted and counterproductive