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don’t drink that, that’s dangerous 


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Very small update/part I know I’m sorry I’ve been very busy and stressed lately working on other projects so I kinda forgot how to draw the two (ಥ﹏ಥ). Please forgive me. 

Oooo but spring break is coming so I will be able to post the next part in two weeks (hopefully) it will be longer, I promise. 

Part: 1 | 2 | 3

Headcanon: @coredesignixandnekonee

By the way I named this comic, “Not Funny”. Get it? Cuz I’m not funny. (._.) 


Alice’s vision was clear. Renesmee would have a future. But Edward and I wouldn’t be a part of it.

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ღ if you are still doing this :3 PS: get well soon :D

a crush giorno has: I’m crushing on the idea of my own success

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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps drawing bodies is a pain–

@normalize95 I just like that you talk to your dad about leather flags tbh

@lesbidar it was actually the opposite for me! I used to overly embrace femininity, even though it was never natural for me and I never liked it, because I thought if I preformed it well enough than my orientation would just fall into place, or at least I could hide it. So rejecting it as an adult is freedom to me, you know? Like it’s powerful for me to not hide behind that stuff anymore so I just feel weird about the lesbian flag reminding me of all the pink and glitter that I used to decorate my internalized homophobia with, but again, it’s not that deep at all, just something I was thinking about

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Karasuno + Kuroo (+Oikawa?) and nationalities? I know they're japanese but..uuh it's a bit complicated isn't it? Ahah sorry i'm so bad >.< (ex. hinata>american) thank you~

Lemmie take a crack at this.

- Admin Megumi

Sawamura Daichi –> Now I honestly see him as full Japanese but an islander Japanese. Like, Islander Japanese tend to have naturally darker skin. 

Sugawara Koushi –> Hokkaido derived. His mother is native from the northern tribes that are originally Russian nomads.

Azumane Asahi –> Polynesian/Japanese mix Australian. 

Nishinoya Yuu –> Half Japanese / Half Korean - His mother is Korean from JeonJu. Noya’s dad was traveling Korea when he met his wife. And she was a farmers daughter. His father was a hitch hiker and he worked on the farm for some time and fell in love with her. So he moved back to Japan with her and got a stable job. Then had a kid in Sendai. 

 Tanaka Ryuunosuke –> American born full Japanese. Born in San Francisco, CA. When he was born, his mother sent him and Saeko to live with his grandmother in Sendai so they grew up in Sendai. 

Ennoshita Chikara –> An old regal family settled in Kyoto (Father) and Mother is Korean from Busan

Hinata Shouyou –> Father is Japanese born in Ireland and Mother is Irish descendant from British Isles. 

Kageyama Tobio –> Father is Japanese/Korean and Mother is Taiwanese. 

Tsukishima Kei –> Lithuanian adopted into Japan. 

Yamaguchi Tadashi –> New Zealand mother and Japanese father 

 Tetsurou Kuroo –> Indonesian mother and Japanese/Taiwanese father. Kuroo was born in Indonesia then moved to Tokyo at the age of 2.

Oikawa Toru –> Korean Father and Japanese mother. He was born in Korea under the name (Kang TaeJun) with his Older brother (Kang MinGuk) then his mother, older sister and him left their father behind to move back to her home city of Saitama where she temporarily kept the two kids to processed their immigration papers under her maiden name of Oikawa. Then she moved in with her Aunt (Emiko Okuyama) the Mayor of Sendai. 


I don’t know. I’m worried he’ll end up trashing this one, too. That maybe he did resent me for everything that happened in our lives, and this was just one of those things he could use as ammunition someday. Part of me feels like I’d deserve it, crappy as that is to think… But I’ve got to believe in him. I gotta believe in my brother. And fuck, I’m just happy that he’s not trying to smash my head in, alright? I’m just happy to have my brother back. Not a demon or a corpse or an empty seat next to me… 

I just… want to fix things. I know I can’t completely let go of what he did to me all those months ago. And I know I screwed up too much in the past to ever make things how they were when we were happiest, but god — This is better. This is… something, after all that, right? We’ve been okay. Dean could have thrown this one away, too. It’s just a little crappy clay replica. He could have thrown it away.

It’s got to mean something, in the end.


Something I think is nice about the character designs for most Tales of games is that for every female character who likes to show some skin you have a male character who shows just as much (if not more) skin, so in the end you have an equal proportion of bare skin from both genders.

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I saw a post (it might have been a confession?) saying that Jess was the only one of Rory's boyfriends to treat Paris like a real person. I think about that sometimes.

It was a confession. One of my own.

I end up thinking about that a lot too. In a strange sense, I feel as if Jess was the only person in the entire series (excluding her boyfriends from the discussion), who really *saw* Paris.

It’s hard to explain what I mean by that. He didn’t see her first as a type or a caricature. He saw her first as a *person.* Not as an irritation, not as an intimidation, not as a kid who needed help, not as a rival, not as a bag of neuroses, not as a harpy, not as an enigma, not as a means to an end……….but as a fellow mind, heart, and body…and an intriguing and agreeable one, at that. He *appreciated* her as an individual. He talked to her because she was interesting to talk to. And, conversely, because she didn’t judge him–because she extended him the same courtesy. She may have made assumptions about him, based on the fact that he was male; but even those she was willing to alter, given conclusive contrary data.

I guess that’s it. They saw one another, defense mechanisms and all, at first glance, or very close to it. And it wasn’t about attraction. It was about recognition.