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When Quiet Is Violent - Part 2

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Summary: You’re retired, living a quiet and secure life when your ex, Steve Rogers, turns up on your doorstep with his best friend, seeking refuge. (bucky x reader, enhanced reader)

Prompt(s): Okay I know I already wrote Night Walks with these prompts but I really wasn’t happy with it, so here is attempt #2. @pandarositarequest: 93 and 94… but Reader being upset rather than Bucky?

93.“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
Plus anon request: 64 “Here, take my blanket.”

Warnings: swearing, nightmare, that’s about it. :)

Word Count: 5168 (woops…)

Author’s Note: Okay team, enjoy the fluff while you can… 

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The next morning you’d woken early, it was bright and damn cold. Snowing again. But Bucky was warm, and breathing slowly and softly and you didn’t want to move, wishing you could stay there where you’d fallen asleep, tucked close to his side long into the morning. But there were three people to whom you certainly did not want to explain this situation so you dragged yourself as quietly and gently as you could away from Bucky’s sleeping body beside you.

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I know requests are closed but could you possible do a little blurb where y/n is Harry's current gf and she gets a little jealous that Carolina is about someone else and Harry's wondering why she doesn't like the song cause every time he asked her about it she shuts down and they fight and h gets mad cause y/n is "hindering his creativity" and they fight but then make up? Thanks love id really appreciate it

I hated that I’d become this person.  Jealousy was not in my repertoire.  I knew the deal when I’d started dating Harry Styles.  He was committed to his art.  He wrote about experiences he’d had which could range from things he’d done to people he’d hung out with.  I was lucky enough to become one of those experiences though he’d never written a song about it.

And maybe that’s where I was stuck.

We’d been dating for a year.  I resisted him at first, I didn’t want the spotlight that came with dating someone like him.  I’m not a girl who walks around in Gucci everywhere I go.  In fact, most weekends I look homeless while I run around LA in workout clothes and not a stitch of makeup.  But he’d persisted.  And he’d finally won me over.  A combination of his kindness and undeniable charm and I fell fast.  He told me daily that I was the one who inspired him.  I was his home.

But yet, he’d never written a song about me.

When he’d come home from Jamaica with new songs burning a hole in his pocket, I was almost as excited as he was to hear them.  We’d been apart for two months with limited communication at his request.  I understood, I didn’t get upset.  But I also wouldn’t say it had been easy.  Missing Harry, whether he was a thousand miles away or two miles away, was just part of my day now.  It went with the territory.

And I was blown away.  I was.  The songs were other worldly.  They were a perfect mix of every artist we listened to together.  They were Harry.  He gave me a little rundown of each song.  What had inspired him, what parts he’d written versus the parts other people had written, how the arrangement came about.  He knew I liked hearing about how the songs were built so he indulged me.  Just one more reason why I loved him so much.

He saved Carolina for last.  He said it was the song that got them out of their funk in the studio when they felt like everything they were coming up with was crap.  I liked it.  A lot.  It was fun and infectious and the kind of song I’d enjoy blasting while driving down the highway.

However, when he launched into the explanation for the song, my love for it dwindled until it was gone.

And that’s where I was stuck.

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Good afternoon folks - and welcome to our first odds map of Eurovision 2017. Every year, I take odds from as many bookmakers as I can - of songs winning, reaching the top 10 or qualifying from the semi-finals - and aggregate them. I then convert their odds to the percentage of probability they imply: decimal odds of 5 or fractional odds of 4/1 imply a 20% chance, for example. Today, we’re going to have a look at the current odds given for songs to win Eurovision 2017.

At the minute, the bookies seem pretty confident about the prospect of our first Big 5 win since Lena’s: according to them, Italy have a mammoth possibility of getting a third victory, the first since Toto’s in 1990 - with 39.7% chance of winning the contest, three times as much as any other country. Lagging behind them, but still able to join a rarefied group of only 4 countries given more than 10% chance of a win, are the perennially highly-rated Sweden (12.6%), along with a country that made a huge splash on their return, Bulgaria (13.1%) and, given their third strong year in the odds, something of a nascent powerhouse in Belgium (10.4%). 

Three more countries join the select group of 8 whose songs have a 1/20 (5%) chance or better of winning. Australia (5.1%) has been consistently highly rated by oddmakers since joining the contest, and Armenia (6.1%) with 9/10 qualifications and 7/10 top 10 finishes are seldom underestimated, but the biggest - and for me, most pleasant - surprise of this year is to see Portugal (8.1%), with its nigh 60 year history of being underesteemed at the contest, up there as the song with the fifth best odds of winning. (I will make a little confession - in 30 years’ viewership, I’ve never felt so close to being “done” with the contest as I was last year. My hopes for Portugal’s timeless and moving song are a big part of what have kept me interested in 2017.) The top 10 is rounded off by the stylish effort by Azerbaijan (4.8%) and Russia (4.9%) - because, even though it seems that they will not send another singer, bookies don’t want to take the risk of them having to pay out if they do.

There are some remarkable geographic divisions when it comes to odds of winning - which I’ve tried to make stand out even further in a second map, where we divide this year’s songs into three categories. At the top of the pack, we have songs that are considered to have more chance of winning than the average song this year (the sum of probabilities calculated by bookies always exceeds 100% - because of this overrounding, our 43 songs this year have a total probability of winning of 160.5%, thus 3.73% average.) The second category are countries that do not pass the average song’s odds, but do have a higher chance of winning than the purely mathematical average of 1/43 (2.33%). The last category are countries that have a lower chance than that average. 

From this, we see an exceptionally poor showing from central Europe, with Poland (2.4%) being the only country narrowly rated above the purely statistical average. Years of dubious selections and underperformance have taken the shine off the once much-vaunted Nordic superpowers - these days, it feels like Sweden et al, and indeed, only Denmark (and if one includes them in both this and the Baltic branch, Estonia) exceed the statistical average (2.6% each). The Baltic countries, whose collective star has been in the ascendant for the past two years, seem to be slipping too - whilst the biggest contiguous group of countries tipped for the top this year are in the east of the Balkan peninsula - where we find not just 2nd placed Bulgaria, but also Serbia, Romania (3.9% each), Macedonia (3.4%) and Greece (3.1%) amongst those with better than statistical average odds. You can check a full list of current odds below.

We will come back to look at the odds at regular intervals before Eurovision - one can only wonder how much they will change in the next few weeks, especially as pre-parties and other opportunities to hear the songs live can make a big impact. Will our winner this year be one of the current top 5? 

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a/n: I skipped all my classes today because of a migraine. I think my body was just so over life, and it was literally like, nope you’re not going anywhere. But I don’t mind, and on the bright side, this imagine happened. 

Your name: submit What is this?


Shawn, of course, likes to go to the gym every single morning without fail no matter where he is. Since you’ve been tagging along while he travels for work this past week, you thought you’d wake up early every morning to work out with him. Today is your fourth morning in a row of waking up at 6am to head over to whatever gym is closely accessible. Shawn has his whole complicated workout, but you stick to what you know, which is usually a couple of miles on the treadmill and then some ab and core workouts. 

After your workout this morning, you find that you’re not feeling as great as you would have liked and as great as you normally do following a good workout. While walking down the hotel hallway, you start to see white spots in your vision, almost like someone had just flashed a camera in your face, although no one did. You try to ignore it as you walk down to the lobby with Shawn to get some breakfast. While eating, you begin to feel progressively worse and worse as time passes. You find yourself having a difficult time even thinking of the words you want to say or how to describe the things you’re trying to talk to Shawn about. You don’t want to tell him how badly you’re feeling, so you just hope he thinks you are simply tired from waking up so early and working out. 

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Aw shucks, Mitsuntsun, you’re making me blush with the compliments. I also don’t think you know this, but you being a prolific reader is a huuuuge turn on. Don’t even get me starte–


Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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Ok so I did my best and tumblr is being an ass, so just open in new tab. sorry for the problem, but I hope its still good!


Ok so I was listening to the song on a friend’s video and I finally decided to draw this idea I’ve had in my head for a whiiilllee now and this was the little mini comic that was 3 panels turned 14…lmfao
So, I didn’t really develop much more than the comic. That’s why there is no background. The situation is after a case where somehow Shinichi was dragged into. Near the end, the spasms return, but this antidote’s time was halved, therefore he he had little to no time before he could get away safely. Thankfully, only Ran trailed him this time. They were already tired from whatever this case when they went off alone. He tried to get away, but obviously that was out of the question! Stay Tuned for the next part! 

Part one!
Part two
Part three
Part four -coming soon
Part five -coming soon
Part six -coming soon

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What would have happened if Sonja hadn't interrupted Even and Isak in the apartment for pres?

u mean in ep2?? bc if so, i think isak wouldve stayed until it was dark outside and theyd both have been like “oh shit, its already that late?” and it wouldv just felt amazing bc neither of them even bothered to check the clock while being together,,,they probably wouldve finished that rap (”wow youre so great isak” “are u making fun of me” “what. no waY”) and then even wouldve showed him a few video edits he’s done and isak wouldve been just. listening and staring in awe and trying to soak up all the information about even he’s learning….and there wouldve been a moment where they were too close and they didnt move away but didnt lean in either, they just. enjoyed being so close that their hearts almost gave out and it was hard to swallow….and when isak was leaving, they wouldve just stood in the door for long minutes, saying their goodbyes but always bringing up another topic and it took forever for isak to finally turn on his heels and when he did, and even closed the door, they both leaned against it with their backs and tried to regain their breathing

Monsta X reaction to them being mad at their S/O but their S/O does something cute and they just can’t stay mad at them

Request - A scenario where they are really mad but their gf looks super cute and they just cant stay mad

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The Gate to Paradise was underwater so that the Blob could not enter it, but the boys let it in through other means, bypassing the Horizon Guardian, who was meant to stop all evils from passing into Paradise.

It is both fortunate and unfortunate, for many different reasons. The Saint (Ball) was meant to inherit Paradise and thus finish it, using parts of the world it had seen to create a wonderland of all the world’s greatest features… but arrived at its gates in a broken state from the trauma of being forced through the Three Paths and being so close to the Blob for so long. Paradise was likewise shattered, for there was no one to finish it. GOD, in sadness, tried to pass the Saint into Paradise, but it failed.

The boys entered into Shattered Paradise, finding only trees and a section of road, the only features that the Saint had seen in its brief life in the world, the most familiar and the most wonderful time it had. Paradise rejected them. GOD could do nothing. All was ruined, and the Devil, the Blob, was rapidly approaching.

GOD closed the Second Path, having no other choice but to do so. GOD elected the vehicle which had walked all three paths as the Jailor. GOD turned the boys into Beam N and G, the bars which crossed over the Second Path to lock it away so the Devil could never pass through. The Jailor was the key to this lock, for if it were ever destroyed, Beam NG would drift apart and the seal would come undone.

And the Saint? It was broken. It could never be unbroken. Paradise rejected it, condemning it to the Time Ring with Beam NG and the Jailor. A fate it did not deserve, and could not be rescued from.

The Devil is contained, but the cost is mighty. Paradise can never be completed, the Three Paths can never be walked along again, and the Saint, Beam NG, and the Jailor have lost the right to exist as anything but a set of locks and keys. Perhaps it was worth it, perhaps it was not. We’ll never know what could have happened.

The fact that Bastille is already answering questions about the 3rd album and Dan has to stop himself before he says too much, MAKES ME SO EXCITED?? Like it’s nowhere close to being finished but I’m already hyped up for album 3!!

I swear I am going to end up in Radley after this show is finished

I’m not sure if I’m slightly upset we didn’t get to see the dialogue between Aria and Nicole, only because its been so dragged out with Ezra being gone for the most of 7B. Why has Ezra been missing this whole time? I mean it’s so confusing since Nicole is NOT in NY but close enough for Aria to have driven to the clinic, yet he doesn’t even come home to change his clothes and have some rest? Shady Ezra, shady. 

So do all members of the A team have keys to all the liars’ houses just like Mona? The idea of people creeping in and out of a house is so frustrating. You’ve been doing this for how many years? Since you were 16? Why are there no cameras anywhere near your damn houses? SERIOUSLY?! 

Aria is being shady. Honestly no wonder Ezria is a couple, they are both shady. I think I have been completely desensitized to their “shock faces”, all I keep thinking is “I know you’re part of this”. 

Okay so this episode was awesome and the fact that some answers are smacking me straight in the face is amazing. However I have a couple questions because I am genuinely confused after watching it. So now, I am re watching this. Because it’s not like I have 2 essays due *cough cough* - moving on. 

Here we go:

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B.A.P Daehyun - Debut Story

“In my second year of high school, Someone saw me practicing and asked if I was interested in joining a youth club, so it was a time where we uploaded practice videos on the internet. At the time, I had friends who did bboying so I learned dancing too.”

With one of his friends seeing the amount of efforts he put in, he asked him if he’d like to go to an academy with him and that was then, at this time when Daehyun met his teacher who will become his life mentor, stacking his skills slowly, one by one.

“Our academy teacher poured everything of his for me, giving his all. It was my first time being anticipated by someone so to return that anticipation, I did my best.
With the mindset of working hard till death, I even cut off my cell phone plan to keep on practicing and stayed at the academy practicing till they closed. For about a year, I was crazy for singing and dancing.”

There’s the saying that even compliments make dolphins dance and thus the more compliments Daehyun heard from those around him, while receiving official music lessons, the more his singing skills improved day by day.

Soon enough, his efforts met its result as he successfully finished his first solo stage at the concert that his academy held.

“Our academy held a recital and that was the first time I performed in front of my parents.
With the thought of performing for my parents, I practiced to the point of having vocal nodules.
Fatefully I was able to have a solo stage and I saw my mother in the audience. I cried then and so did my mother. When I got off the stage, I cried again in seeing my teacher’s face. It was my first time being on such a big stage and the song I happened to sing then was “A Dream of a Goose. I couldn’t hold back the tears in thinking of the effort I put in all that time.”

With Daehyun stacking his skills to a higher level slowly, a fateful opportunity approached him and that was when he found out that his current company, TS Entertainment, was holding auditions in Busan.

“When I heard the news of TS Entertainment holding auditions in Busan, at the same time I had another opportunity to stand on a different stage to perform.
I gave up the auditions to stand on that stage in which I placed second. After the performance, I got a phone call from TS Entertainment to know if I was interested in the auditions still.”

Daehyun, who had wanted to try a diverse range of music, continued to reject the offers of auditioning but when he began to think about his future, he eventually came up to Seoul.

“I went to go audition and I didn’t even know how to take the subway. With much difficulty, I was finally able to arrive at the company and take my auditions.
However, the response was very cold and even I, thought I did horrible at the auditions. I thought, "If they smile, then that means you passed,” so I brushed it off when I was going back down to Busan.”

However, his luck didn’t end there as he received news of qualifying when he was on the train heading back to Busan.

“I boarded the train to go back to Busan and I got a phone call from my teacher. I doubted it, but it was none other than the phone call telling me that I passed.
My teacher was a parental figure to me and I cried in seeing him happier than anyone else would be. As soon as I went back home, I hugged my teacher and shared my happiness with him.”

“I was sad to part with someone I liked and in seeing my teacher’s face again, I cried. All I could tell him was to wait a little longer in that I’ll return the favor to him. It was heartbreaking in having to leave my peers behind, who had the same dreams as I did.”

And Daehyun trained for roughly six months before he made his debut with B.A.P. Although his trainee days were short, his skills were acknowledged and earned the title of the team’s powerful vocalist.

Queen of Hearts

Well hello there, I am Jervis trash and this is the result of it.  This loosely based on a post I made and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  Enjoy! 

Jervis Tetch x Reader 

Originally posted by itberice

Jervis Tetch always had a problem with respecting other peoples’ privacy.  So, when he found himself following a young woman by the name of Y/N around the dreary streets of Gotham, it was just a typical Tuesday for him. She worked at the local bookstore he frequented and the two would make small talk during her break while he sipped his tea.  Jervis was smitten in no time with her and soon found himself resorting back to his stalker tendencies.  

There were many reasons why he enjoyed her.  Y/N was beautiful no doubt, but he also loved her sense of humor and the way she had no filter around the people she was comfortable with.  She intrigued him and Jervis realized he needed to make her his.

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Becca/Cadagon Spec

This post is purely speculative and I am aware that it is highly unlikely to happen but I did want to share the results of a massive Crowdfunding Meta:

I was discussing the discovery of the “Season Save” for each Season and when it occurred and we realized that the answer to the Season’s problem is never put into play until the Season Finale, but the way to save the Season is typically hinted at/foreshadowed episodes before:

In S1, they used hydrazine to create a Ring of Fire in Episode 113, but hydrazine and it’s explosive capabilities are first introduced in 109.

In S2, they irradiated Mt. Weather with Clarke and Bellamy pulling the lever, but Clarke pulling a lever (and introducing radiation to the Mountain) is foreshadowed in 201, Clarke put her hand on a lever and Jasper said if she pulled the lever everyone would die. 

In S3, Clarke unites the Flame and the City of Light chip to destroy ALIE and the CoL, but ALIE 2.0 (the Flame) is hinted at in 306 with Raven asking ALIE why there’s a second version of her code and Murphy’s discovering of the wall art detailing Becca’s return to Earth. 

In trying to find the Season Save for S3, however, I actually hit on a conversation between Jaha and Murphy in episode 301:

Murphy: “She’s the one who ended the world!”

Jaha: “Wrong. She didn’t end the world, she saved it.“

Jaha also says later: "With the added power, A.L.I.E. Was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hundred years ago.”

Which made me think: 

Was the City of Light always the plan? Because the above sentence from Jaha clearly states that ALIE completed work, so perhaps when Jaha says ALIE saved the world maybe he meant it literally? She saved the world? In digital form?

And that ^^^ made me think about ALIE’s original purpose. What was it? We know her core command was to “Make Life Better”. But what was the actual problem she was trying to solve? ALIE identified the problem as “too many people”, but this is obviously not what Becca intended. So then I began to think was Becca using ALIE to create a map of the world (i.e. the City of Light) that could be used as what was essentially the Matrix, and if so why did she even think that was necessary? 

Because Becca and ALIE had almost completed their work on the City of Light before Becca locked her away and she didn’t expect ALIE to launch the nuclear missiles when the began working on the City of Light. 

So Sam raised the question of when creation of the City of Light began. And that’s when Cadogen entered the equation.

We already know that Becca and Cadogen were connected. Maybe Becca was a part of his doomsday cult? We know that The 100 has a fascination with the numbers “13″ and “12″, with 13 typically being an unlucky number, 12 Space Stations-One blown out of the sky, 12 Clans-Arkadia being the 13th, etc. What if there is a “13th” level to Cadogan’s cult.

What if that 13th level is where the Cryo Chambers (this speculation was original @rosymamacita‘s) are located, and what if the the 13th level isn’t just Cryo chambers, it’s Cryo Chambers AND the City of Light chip combined. Therefore when people were in the Cryo Chambers and sleeping they could still interact with one another in the City of Light. 

I hit a brief roadblock when thinking about the fact that Cadogen seemed to be anti-tech in the Second Dawn video Bellamy, Jaha and Clarke watched in 403, but that doesn’t really seem to be possible when one considers that his symbol is found on Becca’s microscope in her lab and even in the bunker that serves as her crypt. 

Which led me to the idea that perhaps Cadogen was “anti-tech” for the purpose of raising money. He used fear-mongering to create the anti-tech hype in order to get more money to fund Becca’s work, in the articles Sam and Gina pulled from 403 people were paying up to 10,000,000 dollars to unlock the 12th seal.

And that thought led to another thought: 

What if Abby’s line about Becca using the radiation chamber to test cures for cancer wasn’t a throwaway line? Remember, in the City of Light you can get rid of all of your deformities? Why build that into its programming without a reason? What if the Cryo/CoL situation was initially being used to save cancer patients who might have been getting close to death?

Which prompted the following in Sam: Maybe the City of Light was the original “make life better” plan, because it was a place to go to get rid of deformities and pain. When Becca asks ALIE how she plans to fix the root problem, she’s EXPECTING her to say virtual reality, instead she says “too many people”    and so the CoL never gets finished because Becca locks ALIE away.

Perhaps  it was meant to be “make life better for people suffering from ailments" not just “make life better”.

More from Sam on this line of thinking: What if the CoL was originally something you could visit? Like if you had loved ones stored in there, you could spend a couple hours with them before returning to the real world? But ALIE decided that the CoL was better than the real world so when she developed it without Becca, she made the chip unremovable. 

Chris (Becca’s boyfriend) had to have been working with Becca and Cadogen. When his friends find him (the ones who were there when ALIE showed Becca her new avatar coincidentally) they say: “I knew it. The news was wrong. It wasn’t China. The stupid son of a bitch let A.L.I.E. out.” What if Cadogen’s followers were getting antsy because they were funneling money and not seeing any results? Cadogen gave his anti-tech speech only 2 weeks before ALIE launched the nukes, what if Cadogen released ALIE and only planned to launch one nuke to show his followers that the threat was real and so they should keep paying? 

Either way I know we haven’t seen the end of Cadogen and I suspect we’re going to be seeing more of Becca as well

So…..lots of thoughts here, compiled with the help of @forgivenessishardforus @ginalou16 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all

Feel free to add on, comment with yay or nay, etc!!!

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I meant to ask for the number 13 and I love what you've already written ♡. But, if you don't mind and you would like another prompt then Hartwin + 8. Anyway, thank you Rebecca, your ficlets always brighten my day!

Thank you so much! <3 Here is your prompt, holding hands

The row of hedges prickles at his back. Next to him, Harry stands perfectly still, utterly quiet. Eggsy wishes he could do the same. Instead he bounces lightly on the balls of his feet, hating this. 

It’s the worst part of a mission, when it’s nearly complete, when there’s nothing left to do but wait for the finish. The trackers have all been placed, the bugs and tiny cameras, the equipment Merlin needs to hack into their target’s computer network. All that’s left to do now is evade the ridiculously complex security measures and make their escape.

Five minutes they’ve got to wait in the dark of night. Five minutes and twenty-three seconds, to be exact. Waiting for a path to clear among the security guards walking their erratic beat, and the cameras sweeping the grounds. Then it will be a mad dash to the outer wall so discreetly covered in ivy, a scramble to the top, the long fall to the ground below, and then they will have made it. Another successful mission. 

Failure means being hauled back to their target’s manor, tasered into submission, cuffed and beaten. Then interrogated, and not in a nice way, either. For himself Eggsy could deal with it, although he’d really rather not. But he can’t bear to think of those burly guards laying hands on Harry, making him hurt, making him bleed. 

Without thinking, he reaches out. His left hand brushes Harry’s sleeve, and then he has hold of Harry’s hand. 

Harry looks over at him in surprise. This is hardly the time or the place, after all. But he does not let go. 

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Can you share your omegaverse SuFin headcanons please??? SUFIN is my LIFE and i'm writing one fanfic about them too. (I mean, it's supposed to be omegaverse the fic that im writin, lol)

I’m also writing a SuFin omegaverse fanfic too lmao but it probably won’t be finished for another few years (if you think I’m kidding, I’m not. It will genuinely take me a few more years to finish)

  • Finland is an omega
  • Sweden is an alpha
  • Sweden sometimes gets jealous of Estonia (beta), Latvia (omega) and Lithuania (beta) for being so close to Finland, and he gets really mad whenever one of them accidentally scents Finland
  • Finland is probably the one who asks if Sweden wants to bond with him, because even though Sweden REALLY REALLY wants to, he’s kept quiet about it so Finland doesn’t feel uncomfortable
  • Sweden doesn’t worry about Finland being attracted to Denmark, but he does sometimes worry about Norway, even though he knows that if Finland ever did go for Norway, he’d get turned down
  • Finland gets very nervous whenever he loses weight, because he thinks that what makes an omega an omega is all their curves and softness, so when his country is in trouble or he goes to war and he begins to deteriorate (or if you’re doing a human AU, he just loses some weight due to stress), he’ll start to panic and think that Sweden won’t like him anymore
  • Sweden is very embarrassed of his scars, especially a long, thin one on his back that cuts across the scent gland on his left shoulder, because it makes it very obvious and shiny
  • Finland barely even reacts to going into heat, he can just power on through them like they’re nothing
  • Sweden, however, reacts a lot to Finland’s heats
    • Like jesus man keep it in your trousers
  • Sweden wants to scent Finland a lot, but he stops himself from doing it because he’s worried Finland will feel uncomfortable. It’s a while before Finland manages to expressly tell him that he doesn’t mind, and sometimes actually wants Sweden to scent him
  • Sometimes, Sweden builds Finland’s nest for him
Just Fiction

“What?! No!” Joe splutters, grabbing the computer from Jack’s hands as the younger man leans back, laughing loudly. Joe quickly scrolls back a bit, his eyes darting across the screen, his cheeks reddening the more he reads.

“Gotta give them credit for being creative,” Jack manages to get out between bursts of giggles.

“This is more than creative!”

“You’re right, this is closer to erotic.”


“What?!” He laughs again, Joe’s shocked expression proving to be too much.

“Can we please move on?” Joe mumbles, thrusting the computer back towards Jack, avoiding the studying gaze of the still giggling man.

“Alright, I’ll find something with a little less…interaction.”

“Way to make it sound weird.”

“Fine, I’ll find something with less sex.”

“Just stop talking!”

The two were currently sat on the edge of Joe’s guest bed, cameras and lights set up, recording them while they did their newest video collaboration.

Jack had had the idea to read fan fiction for his video, and he had quickly been inspired to look up stories that involved the two of them.

It hadn’t taken him long to find the more adult themed stories, and Joe knew that there was a good chunk of the video that would have to be cut, the words Jack had been reading out loud not suitable for his broad audience.

They had been filming for nearly a half hour, Jack finding story after story involving the two of them, and Joe was shocked.

He didn’t realize so many people out there were imagining the two of them together. And in such….creative ways.

Honestly, he wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or creeped out.

“Here we go,” Jack’s voice drags Joe out of his thoughts, and he glances over at the screen, “This ones a little more subdued.” He shoots Joe a quick smile before beginning to read.

The story describes their relationship as they shift from friends to lovers, but its woven beautifully, and Joe finds himself captivated by the words coming from Jack’s lips, watching as they move.

Somehow, the author has captured them so perfectly, that for a moment, Joe forgets it’s only a story, convinced that its actually his life being read back to him.

But then Jack finishes, and reality comes crashing down on him, Joe is suddenly very confused.

Between the story just read, and the more risky ones from before, there is quite a few emotions swirling around in Joe’s mind and body, and he’s not entirely sure how to react.

He sits there silently, offering the camera a smile, as Jack closes out the video.

Once the camera is no longer recording, the two remain sat there, Jack tapping his fingers against the laptop, the various words from before still hanging around them.

“Do you…” Joe jumps slightly at the words, and Jack clears his throat before continuing, “Do you wonder what would happen if those stories were real?”

“Oh,” Joe’s eyes drop down to the lips he had been staring at before for a moment, meeting Jack’s intense stare, “Never thought about it before.”

“Me either. But then, reading them now…” Joe watches as he shifts slightly in his seat, the laptop still resting on his lap, different tabs open to the stories they had read, “Well, you can’t help but wonder, can you?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“Which one was your favourite?” Jack suddenly asks, clicking through the different stories. “The one where we move from friends to lovers? Or the one where it opens with us in the midst of mad, passionate sex?”

Joe blushes, remembering the story clearly, and also remembering how the words had made him feel, the images painted perfectly in his head. Images he realized he was not totally opposed to seeing.

“They were all pretty well written…I can’t choose. What about you?”

“Definitely the one we’re having sex,” Jack grins over at him, “I mean, obviously we were having a great time!”

“You’re obsessed with sex,” Joe rolls his eyes, grabbing the computer from him to flick through some of the other stories.

“Nothing wrong with sex, Joe, especially when you have an attractive partner.” The grip on the computer tightens as Jack’s words wash over him, but he keeps his eyes locked on the screen, ignoring the feeling of the warm body against his when Jack leans in to look at the stories.

Maybe reading these hadn’t been the best idea.

“And if you ever want to try anything from any of these stories,” This time Jack’s words are breathed against Joe’s ear, “Let me know.”

He can’t stop the small gasp that slips past his lips, his head turning quickly to meet Jack’s stare, noticing just how close the younger man had gotten.


“You heard me.”

“They were just fiction,” Joe’s voice is barely a whisper, but he makes no move to get away from Jack, remaining just as close.

“And they could become reality.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I’ll admit I’m curious. Aren’t you?”

Joe wants to say the word yes so desperately, because he is, after reading these stories, but the word is caught in his throat.

So he speaks with actions instead, leaning forward to press his lips hesitantly against Jack’s, pulling back only a moment later.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Jack mumbles, his one hand moving to the back of Joe’s neck as he tugs him back in for another kiss, this one lasting much longer, the stories forgotten as the two decide to write their own.

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