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Like a river flows so surely to the sea, oh my darling so it goes;
Some things are meant to be.

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hi guys!! it’s anisa, nd i haven’t changed my url since the beginning of februrary. i’ve had so many memorable moments with the url @nottoday, nd i’m more certain i’ll return to it later. but rn i just need something fresh for this blog, cause i’ve been struggling lately finding an idendity for this blog. i’ve gained a lot of follow, still i don’t know what i’m doing here.
so yeah, i’m gonna start posting more jk things too (hence the name). i still love jimin, but a part of me refreshing my blog will result in me posting less jimin.

that’s everything i have in heart. i hope u guys still stick around, nd pls like if u read this


majestically running Kim Jongdae

BTS reacting to their S/O being a manga artist

Requested by; anon

can i request a BTS reaction (as bf) of when youre a well known manga artist and youve based the main character of your best selling manga off of them, which they couldnt tell bc the character is still pretty different but when you point out its very clear? (im so sorry if this is too hard , maybe just reaction of when youre a manga artist is amazing too lol❤️)


When you tell him the character was based of him; he’ll get so happy and excited! The fact that you were a manga drawer was so special to him in general.


He wouldn’t show it really; but he’d be so happy and would feel so special because his partner made a character based off him and it was your best selling manga!


Happiest and proudest boyfriend on earth; he loved your artwork and always kept asking if you based character off of people. When you told him it was him in a manga; he’ll squeal and thank you thousands of times!


He didn’t know but once you told him; he’ll actually get so shy and would find it so cute! He’ll thank you and would often ask you what you were going to draw next.


He never knew where you got your inspiration from but once you told him; he’ll be smiling and would tease you with the fact that you based it off him.


Once he knew; he’d wished he could draw as well as you could and would want to base an entire story off of you, he finds it so cute that you’re thinking about him!


You two often draw together but he never understood how you came up with the character; when you told him he’ll smile and shower you in kisses because he loves art and he loves you!

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sodacaps  asked:

would it be weird asking for your pinterest? i rlly want to see that mcgenji board! :v

OH, sure! here it is

im really bad at pinterest and i had no idea u could delete captions/descriptions and its too much effort to clear them out so, sorry for those ,

[theory] Syaoran is the cloaked figure

I’d like to propose the most twisted reveal they could do for this series, given that it’s CLAMP we’re talking about. Musings and ramblings under cut.
Spoilers for TRC mention.

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{{I am not sorry for this sudden spike of activity. Ya’ll just going to have to deal with the wall of text @so-excited-to-be and I are reveling in because I am so excited.}}

Thing that periodically gets me really emotional in SM: Two of the purest hearts in the universe are held by lesbians.