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Video Games Soundtracks I Like

People keep asking for the soundtracks I like or am inspired by so here are the ones I can remember. If it’s not on this list I either forgot it, haven’t played it, or it’s too obvious (mario/zelda).

If you’re a video game music enthusiast you might enjoy looking up soundtracks you haven’t heard of before.

This list isn’t complete. Not sure if I’ll update it though.

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Give peace a chance...

First let me apologize for the delay in responding to the article written by Bernadette Giacomazzo. As some of you may have read on my blog, today was spent with a dear friend who suddenly lost her sister while speaking with her on the phone two days ago. I’m sure you can all understand that while responding to this as I said I would is important, my friend came first.
Earlier today, Bernadette and I engaged in a very civil, courteous conversation via Twitter. Some of you may have followed along, but for those that didn’t, let me fill you in. Last week an email claiming to be from a private investigator was sent to my former employer alleging that I had engaged in targeted harassment of Bernadette while on company time. The email said I had sent an email to Bernadette’s employer asking for her to be fired for writing an article regarding Sam and Cait. Let me state that I have not, nor would I ever, do such a thing. On my parents’ graves I did not write that email. I think doing such a thing reaches incredibly far over the line and is abhorrent. This was why I challenged Bernadette and her friend Vince DeMello, who was involved in this email being sent, about it. Both know my feelings and the facts regarding this email, so I don’t think rehashing it here serves any further purpose.
Over the course of many months it’s been clear that the relationship between myself and Bernadette has been contentious at best. At its worst, it was horrid. Today for some fortunate reason, we were able to put aside our differences and tempers and actually hear each other. Bernadette shared some very personal things, not just with me, but with the Twitterverse. I think it showed courage and strength. It gave me insight that I didn’t have before. That insight has allowed me to see that I have added to her pain and for that I am truly sorry. As Bernadette stated in her article, she has hit back hard at shippers many times, and some of us have hit just as hard in return. Myself included. We are human beings first, fans second, and while I can’t speak for anyone but myself, I know that I often forgot that. I reacted to attacks, mocking, and tattling. And while I may have felt I was doing right at the time, I now see I was part of the problem and not part of the solution. That’s not a feeling I enjoy. I doubt many of us do.
Bernadette and I reached an agreement today that we both will refrain from speaking about each other in any manner but peace. No more personal attacks, no more mocking or ridiculing the way either of us fan. Bernadette has agreed that she will allow shippers to fan the way they choose, and to let us ship Sam and Cait in peace. She is free to report about the Outlander show and Sam and Cait, or other cast members. But she will not write anymore articles discussing or defaming shippers for how they fan. Nor will she engage in or agree with anyone who does so. In short, that is off limits. I have agreed that I will refrain from attacks or mocking of non-shippers as well.
We both ask that our followers follow this example and cease these things immediately. I also ask any accounts engaging, either on Twitter or Instagram, in harassment of Sam, Cait, or anyone in their circle of friends to stop. It’s wrong and hurtful. As a gesture of goodwill, I ask that, in turn, all Twitter or Instagram accounts created to name and shame shippers be closed. This type of inflammatory online policing only serves to create dissension and contention. It serves no other purpose.
Now, I must clarify a comment made by Bernadette in her article. In her apology to myself, Sherri, Kim, and Nipuna, Bernadette stated that we are her mother’s age. Actually, we are very close in age to Bernadette. None of us are over 50. At the end of the day, all any of us wants and deserves is to feel that somehow, we matter to someone. We all have the right to be heard but we don’t always have to be screaming at one another. Sometimes we need to stop screaming so we can be heard. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we need to give a little to gain a lot. My hope, and I think it’s Bernadette’s as well, is that we realize this and going forward, we learn to coexist with respect for each other and ourselves.

黒き歌姫 / Dark Song [NES Style]
Jilly Shears
黒き歌姫 / Dark Song [NES Style]

~ Sing with me a song of conquest and fate,
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight.
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone

Now that the official soundtrack is released with a clean version of Azura’s dance that doesn’t have Garon’s groans of increasing discomfort, I finally had the ability to make this. This song was one of the reasons I went with Conquest first in the first place, heh….

I used the MMC5 expansion chip with this one, which basically means you get two extra pulse channels to work with. @lumen-fortuna challenged me to make this and helped with finalizing some things, so go follow that cool famidude.

The struggle of wanting a new icon but knowing you’ll never get around to actually making one. For some reason making an original icon has always been super challenging for me like?? It’s just a mini picture on your page??? Why are you making this so difficult??

octobig  asked:

for the writing meme: 1 & 4!

1. What are some writing tics that persist in your work but that you dislike?

I rely way too heavily on the Rule of Three; there’s a reason why it’s so satisfying, but the rhythm can turn dull and lose its effectiveness if I overuse it. I like the results I get, but it’s a good challenge for me to go back and try to cut down on how often I use it. 

I also tend to get locked into patterns of movement for my characters – part of my issue with the latest chapter of A Lesson in Drowning is that I kept trying to write a scene where Fenris and Hawke are talking in their room, but they’ve already spent so much time there that I need to ask myself: can they have this conversation somewhere else, or can I skip it entirely and have them in another location?

Certain words or phrases show up over and over again in my writing: there are several iterations of “erratic thrusts” in a bunch of smutty fics that I’ve written; Fenris, Donnie, and Garrus have all (figuratively speaking) tried not to swallow their tongues when they’re aggravated; I overuse “little” whenever I write Rhyssa Hawke’s POV. 

…and I abuse both italics and semi-colons. 

4. How much do you trust the reader?

I think this is something I do pretty well with, in spite of writing dense, mythology- and introspection-driven stories. I trust my readers to follow along, though I run into trouble sometimes when I have a bunch of narrative threads running and people are getting tangled in them (and that is a very overwrought metaphor, oops). But I think it’s better to trust your readers, and to give them something to anticipate – it builds tension and energy in your work, and that draws people along. 


Therapy day was rough today. But I was feeling really good beforehand. I had a productive morning and even felt brave enough to try to figure out how to wear my new jacket. 

It turns out the answer is ‘like I normally wear everything, just its a jacket’. For some reason I always think I have to radically change my look to incorporate new things, when in reality, my look just absorbs the new things. 

A dish best served anonymously.

When I was in high school, I had a particularly awful Criminal Justice teacher. Several months before I got my braces taken off, I had to have this awful metal thing in my mouth that was way too big and made rivets in my tongue. Because of its size and how it was constantly digging into my tongue, I spoke with a lisp–I couldn’t talk without my tongue hitting the contraption.

The teacher thought this was hilarious for some reason. So he’d go out of his way to make me read out loud when we were going over worksheets. It was fairly humiliating, but I’m too much of a suck-up to actually challenge a teacher on my own behalf. The metal thing got removed and replaced with one I only had to wear while I was sleeping, and everything went on as normal.

But then came the day our poster projects were due. That morning, rain was coming down unusually hard, and I was lucky that my mom was able to drop me off by a side door. Others were not so lucky. This one guy kinda seemed lazy and would sound like he was making excuses for not getting homework done. This time, though, he’d clearly done the work, but it got ruined in the rain.

My teacher said that he was just making more excuses and gave him an F. This made my blood boil.

When I was in high school, I wrote letters to people who made me upset. I would write out everything that was bothering me, take a deep breath, and then delete it.

I didn’t delete this one.

That semester, I had access to the faculty cafeteria for some reason I don’t remember, so I put the note in his mailbox.

The next time we had class, he downright exploded.

He briefly got on the guy’s case and then proceeded to spend the rest of the semester trying to figure out who put the letter in his box. No one got in trouble (other than some of the guys getting a little bit grilled about the situation), and he never suspected me even once. That is the most frustrated I’ve ever seen a teacher, and I’m positive he will never know it was me.

Here is me playing catch up for the pokemon countdown challenge! 

Feb 14- Pokemon Pair, didn’t know if it was supposed to be a positive pair but Seviper is one of my favorites so i thought it’d be perfect to draw Seviper with its sworn enemy

Feb 15- Pink/Red Pokemon, that’s Flaaffy which is also a favorite, I decided to include some moths since everyone knows moths are attracted to light. I also just wanted a reason to draw Dustox haha

Feb 16- Flower Pokemon, Lilligant is such a gorgeous pokemon that I had to draw her, she’s just so regal and gentle looking

I hope to be able to keep this up as I feel it would be wrong as a pokemon fan not to join in the celebration to the 20th anniversary. This is going to be a great year for pokemon lovers!


SHIt this was time-consuming, and its not even how I really wanted it in the end, but I thought ‘fuck it’ cause I was hungry.

Anyway day 2 of the art challenge was for something we loved or liked like a celebrity, or crush or something. 

I don’t get crushes [and they never work out from me to begin with] and although I do love some celebrities, none of them I wanted to try this kind of animation for.

So I did what any reasonable person would do; realize that my soul mates are angels and draw that.

Anyway,other than this being A FUCKING BITCH to animate it was a good learning experience for this kinda of animation.

Now may I never do this again cause if I do I will scream

nerosgundam  asked:

You seem to know a lot about Onepunch Man so I wanted to ask. I read 20 chapters this morning because people's posts made it look interesting. I love shonen, but to me this one has been boring so far. If I don't like it by now, should I even keep reading, or is there some awesomeness coming up soon that will make me love it?

I’ll tell you this from the start the whole premise behind One Punch Man  Its the anti shonen by excellence. 

In regular Shonen the hero must become stronger by training to defeat each incoming enemy

Originally posted by controversialdb

. In OPM, you expect that in the coming enemies one will raise to Saitama standards an offer him a little bit of challenge because he’s so OP 

, he doesn’t need training anymore

.The manga that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I think that’s a big reason why it’s just so awesome and funny

. And asking who would win between Saitama and anyone in any universe, when it comes to pure strength, ofc Saitama would always 100% defeat anyone with just one punch. I mean that’s what the manga is all about. XD Comparing his strength to anyone else’s doesn’t really make much sense since his power is supposed to be more of a joke anyway.

But his character who is so Laid back and chill and just wants to read manga, play video games and be a good person saving people is what is fun to watch. 

Also if you have not gotten to the Boros Fight yet in the Manga 



5x09 - Trying to see the light in the darkness

I haven’t written anything since 5x02 and for very relevant reasons. I slowly lost my trust in the writers and even lost track of where the show was heading. I become a casual viewer and stopped writing about the show as inspiration and energy left me.

However, I feel like there are a few things to keep from this mid season finale and positive ones. These will not be revolutionary but I feel like they can open on a much better second half of the season. Maybe it’s only the marvelous work of Antonio Negret. Maybe it’s me willing to see hope after an almost disastrous S5B. There’s no answer – but surely a true need to see my show back.

1. Relationships first

The strength of the mid season finale came mainly from the fact that the show put the relationships between the characters at the center of the narrative. The relationships between Curtis and Paul, Oliver and Felicity, Oliver and John, Oliver and Susan (yes… I know… Don’t get me started) or Billy and Felicity.

I hear you. These relationships are not always ideal and they are sometimes more painful than enjoyable. But I felt like tonight, introducing new characters or forcing comic canon down our throats was not the main point. We got to see interactions we haven’t seen in forever – Paul being back for example – and it felt right. It felt like Arrow.

2. True Olicity emotions

I grew bored of the relationship between Oliver and Felicity this season. It was really uneven, sometimes friendly, sometimes indifferent, never feeling truly organic. If I really didn’t like their interaction during the holiday party (ugh), the way Emily and Stephen delivered the Billy death scene was brilliant. In the way they acted, I could see the chemistry and sincerity I missed so much for so many months. Just two characters, honest to each other. Nothing over the top. Nothing overly dramatic. Just right.

This, once more, might be the power of Antonio but this scene gave me hope that this Olicity – the relationship that can move me, that can make me believe that Arrow is at its best when focusing on its core characters – this Olicity is not dead. Here, I’m not even talking about Olicity being together. It’s about two people who are honest to each other (for the rant… scroll down…) during probably one of their hardest moments.

3. Some true challenges for the main characters

One of the main reasons I struggle with S5A is that I can’t read what they want to do with the main characters. Lack of clear storylines, stagnant ones, sidelining, “back to basics”… it’s been tricky to get excited for any of the main characters.

Now… We have Curtis struggling to conciliate being a husband and a hero, John arrested by the police, Felicity hurt once more in her life. There’s humongous potential for character growth here. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen. I’m saying there’s something happening to the characters, something that is not only them going on the field or fighting the big villain.

This potential only is enough for me to get my hopes up for S5B. The writers have delivered in the past when they focused on the characters, on the essence of the characters. But where there’s hope, there can be disappointment. It wouldn’t be the first time.

So this is where I kinda talk about the disappointment… because this episode had pretty much everything to get Arrow bounce back from the stagnant weakness it’s been hiding in.

But… because this is Arrow… They decided to screw it all with the last minute of the show. (This is the moment you can stop reading if you want to stay on the positive side.)

Dear Writers,

When you have such a strong episode in your hands, please, next time, avoid

-          The character regression – Oliver going for a quickie with Susan when the ENTIRE team confirmed a few SECONDS before that they had Oliver’s back. They proved their loyalty and friendship to him. Felicity FORGAVE him. She told him it was Prometheus’ fault. not his. Do not make me believe that Oliver got nothing of that and decided he had no one else that Susan to support him… sexually. Great.

-          Felicity’s loneliness – I kinda get that Felicity may want to stay alone as she mourns the loss of Billy but can the writers send her someone over for support? Like a friend or something? Her mum maybe? Anyone? It’s not like she’s a great person who dedicated her life to others, you know. It would be nice to get a bit of that love back…

-          Black Siren/ Laurel Lance – Like.. seriously?! Guys… I can’t even… For someone who’s dead, she surely knows how to be the center of attention in two episodes in a row. Looks like not all audiences are being catered for the same way…

This is why I decided to ignore the last minute of this episode. Because it ruined it all. And I want to believe that there’s more to Arrow than destroying my babies. Because I still care for my characters, the actors who play them and all the crew that works hard. I hope we can come back and build on these strengths we saw today. Even if it means having individual character growths outside of the relationships we learn to love through the years.  

DAY 2307

         Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug 9,  2014            Sat  11:41 pm

An auspicious day tomorrow : RAKSHA BANDHAN ! the day for the sister to tie that band and thread of protection to the brother and the pledge from him of his love and care ..

…. just to give a personal touch to the moment .. its Nandi tying one on my wrist at the KBC shoot .. pranaam !!

Kunal … happy birthday and love from all the Ef .. have a great day !

They tell me to slow down .. ! They ask me where I get this energy from .. ! They inform me that excessive work and no rest is not advisable ..!! They question me first on my health wherever and whenever they meet me .. !!

Yet .. they are the first to come over with a project a job a work that needs immediate attention, that is of concern and that were it not to be done with some immediacy it would have reverse repercussions .. !!

I listen with some intent, for listening is rare in times of speed and quick repartee. I also weigh their concerns in the silence of my silence. And I give due conduct and consideration to the voice of the Lords ! The voice that quivers and echoes constantly in loud reverberation, must have some divinity attached permanently to it ..

I have no justifiable excuse or answers, retorts or riposte to what they express, but I do have my sense of that renowned Libran balance, a balance that holds me together I hope and one that shall assist me in making the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons ..

I do believe that if there is some enjoyment, one that

[Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Various research groups, including positive psychology, endeavor to apply the scientific method to answer questions about what “happiness” is, and how it might be attained.]

, brings happiness in our work and habitat, in our environs of profession, in the intricacies of the challenges that we provoke ourselves, then the proclaimed wretchedness of exertion, time, condition and so many other ‘tions’ remains dormant and more importantly silent … 

I do not for once wish to put away as some unwanted gibberish, the elements of deep care and concern expressed by those that love and share this loveliness with me - I value it beyond what they express - but the ultimate reasons and motives for such acts of mine must be felt and understood from the viewing glass that takes its name from a certain Amitabh Bachchan ..

I work yes, because I enjoy it and that that is all that I know. I work for the commitment given to one or many ones in the spirit of what I deem to be professional - it may vary though with others - and I work because there is a need .. a need to be existent, a need to be … just to be .. !!

And so … there is despite the work and effort required for an episode of KBC, a few words to be spoken for radio, one of the largest communicators in the country today, for Red Fm and the beautiful Sangeeta. There is preparation and discussions on how we will tackle my role in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s next directed by Bijoy Nambiar, a director of merit, who assisted the great Mani Ratnam .. there are questions and answers and practical deliberations to be conducted on my mobility in the film, my code of dress and the times needed for my rehearsals prior to arriving on set ..

And soon after, as I continue to glance at the App., of Star Tv Sports on my iPhone, keeping in cheering touch with Abhishek’s Kabaddi team the #JaipurPinkPanthers, playing Telugu Titans for Vizag in Patna, I do, look- tests for Shoojit Sarkar’s 'Piku’, going on the floor on the 14th ..

And then the Panthers WIN … ! and India looses devastatingly to England in the 4th Test Cricket .. and the little one wishes for a pink marker to draw her nondescript etchings on sheets of 'POST’ , you know those square note pages that have the quality of being stuck so effectively on any document that requires a remark on them … and there is connect to be given on three different platforms, to various responses, to followers who get edgy when they do not hear from me, who make the most aesthetic drawings and paintings of mine, which I post immediately gaining tremendous accreditation ..

I mean there is so much to be done before the pillow …

Yet … !! Can I ever do without all this ..

NO !!

Why ?

Because  …

Good night dear ones and my love to all … near and far …

and a chance and sudden meeting with Aamir Khan in the Atrium of YRF, as I stride rapidly towards the floor of KBC ..

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

anonymous asked:

it's so amazing to me that you've written 334 short stories and kept up a consistent level of sheer brilliance with your writing. i don't have the patience, imagination or writing ability to even consider this challenge, but you are clearly an absolutely incredible writer. from comedy to horror your stories are always entertaining and well-written and i'll be genuinely sad when you finish the challenge.

Thank you! I really appreciate it. Your words are incredibly kind and motivating for me. Let me give you (and everyone else) some reasons to get excited for after the year is out. 

Writing Contests

I love writing contests. After getting a spot in Arkham Bazaar’s convention magazine I did a quick search to find more contests to enter into. I have a small-ish list of ones I think I could submit to and I plan on writing entries for as many as possible. 


I love the videos that Artifexian made of my stories, I really hope we can work together again sometime in the future. My friends are working on making a small LLC dedicated to making short videos and I have approached them about turning a story into a live-action short. They said yes. So we’ll see how that goes. ;)

And Beyond!

I want to write more and more. What you see above is my first stab at an outline for a longer (shooting for 75k) piece I intend to start working on before the end of 2015. I have zero idea how long this will take to write, or even if it will be good, but I want to give it a shot. 

Writing has become something important in my life and all the positivity I have been getting from everyone following this blog and in my personal life has been downright heartwarming. 

The 30 Second Fantasy challenge will be done on 9/14, but Eric Lange will not be done with writing. 

- Eric 

P.S. 30Sec(insert genre here) is totally open to everyone and I started 30secfantasy about a few weeks before 30secsf​ finished up. Now’s a good time to start. :)