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黒き歌姫 / Dark Song [NES Style]
  • 黒き歌姫 / Dark Song [NES Style]
  • Jilly Shears

~ Sing with me a song of conquest and fate,
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight.
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone

Now that the official soundtrack is released with a clean version of Azura’s dance that doesn’t have Garon’s groans of increasing discomfort, I finally had the ability to make this. This song was one of the reasons I went with Conquest first in the first place, heh….

I used the MMC5 expansion chip with this one, which basically means you get two extra pulse channels to work with. @lumen-fortuna challenged me to make this and helped with finalizing some things, so go follow that cool famidude.

Late Nights


this is a work in @reallycorking / @reallyporning‘s series of prompts for the 30 day nsfw challenge aND SHE’S DOING KAGEHINA MY ABSOLUTE FAVES and for some reason i just really adored the skype LINE messaging one because holy hot damn look at Hinata. Like same kageyama, same.

anyway, this is for you, cork. ya done fucked me up with your beautiful art :’)

“Late Nights” (also on ao3 here!)

(nsfw under the cut)

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Its probably not going to be awhile me and my boyfriend are eventually going to get a dog (and adult nether of us want a puppy) and i want to be prepared before i get him/her so i want to start collecting stuff. We are thinking of getting ether a Australian shepherd, husky, or a mutt

I’ve never had a puppy on my own! I’m convinced I would be terrible with a puppy. Rehomed adults have their challenges for sure but I just feel more comfortable for some reason. It’s silly I know.

When we got Max it was a spur of the moment-this dog needs a home now-so here he is. We weren’t prepared. So here is a list of basic things I wish I had on hand: a really good harness and leash (he came with a tiny leash meant for a yorkie). Grooming tools. Plenty of chew toys & menal stimualation toys/puzzles. Portble water bowl. A nice set of stainless steel bowls for food/water. Training books & resources. Nice dog bed. Anyone want to add on?

Here is me playing catch up for the pokemon countdown challenge! 

Feb 14- Pokemon Pair, didn’t know if it was supposed to be a positive pair but Seviper is one of my favorites so i thought it’d be perfect to draw Seviper with its sworn enemy

Feb 15- Pink/Red Pokemon, that’s Flaaffy which is also a favorite, I decided to include some moths since everyone knows moths are attracted to light. I also just wanted a reason to draw Dustox haha

Feb 16- Flower Pokemon, Lilligant is such a gorgeous pokemon that I had to draw her, she’s just so regal and gentle looking

I hope to be able to keep this up as I feel it would be wrong as a pokemon fan not to join in the celebration to the 20th anniversary. This is going to be a great year for pokemon lovers!

A dish best served anonymously.

When I was in high school, I had a particularly awful Criminal Justice teacher. Several months before I got my braces taken off, I had to have this awful metal thing in my mouth that was way too big and made rivets in my tongue. Because of its size and how it was constantly digging into my tongue, I spoke with a lisp–I couldn’t talk without my tongue hitting the contraption.

The teacher thought this was hilarious for some reason. So he’d go out of his way to make me read out loud when we were going over worksheets. It was fairly humiliating, but I’m too much of a suck-up to actually challenge a teacher on my own behalf. The metal thing got removed and replaced with one I only had to wear while I was sleeping, and everything went on as normal.

But then came the day our poster projects were due. That morning, rain was coming down unusually hard, and I was lucky that my mom was able to drop me off by a side door. Others were not so lucky. This one guy kinda seemed lazy and would sound like he was making excuses for not getting homework done. This time, though, he’d clearly done the work, but it got ruined in the rain.

My teacher said that he was just making more excuses and gave him an F. This made my blood boil.

When I was in high school, I wrote letters to people who made me upset. I would write out everything that was bothering me, take a deep breath, and then delete it.

I didn’t delete this one.

That semester, I had access to the faculty cafeteria for some reason I don’t remember, so I put the note in his mailbox.

The next time we had class, he downright exploded.

He briefly got on the guy’s case and then proceeded to spend the rest of the semester trying to figure out who put the letter in his box. No one got in trouble (other than some of the guys getting a little bit grilled about the situation), and he never suspected me even once. That is the most frustrated I’ve ever seen a teacher, and I’m positive he will never know it was me.