it's so beautiful this way


That was probably the wrong answer…


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

  • me: im fine
  • me: rey keeps a straight face until leia hugs her and then she starts crying like you just see her face collapse and then the camera goes to leia's face and she looks so calm and at peace (with her RING right in the centre of the shot) despite the love of her life being killed by their son only a few hours ago max and then she says 'may the force be with you' to rey and looks so sad watching her go like?? what does that all mean?? why do we have to wait nearly two years to find out??

Got a decent snapshot of this memelord.

a thing i love about this community is that MINUTES after jack plays a new game theres already awesome fanart of that game with him in it and so many gifs and i dont???? understand????? how are you all so talented??? how tf do y'all manage to post gifs of something that happens 15 minutes into the video when the actually video itself only came out three minutes ago??? how?!?!?!? magic, you are all magicians and have superpowers, and to all you artists: you are RAD you are TALENTED and you make me ANGRY in the BEST way because its all so fucking BEAUTIFUL and i LOVE you

OKAY but HOW is spring awakening SO BEAUTIFUL??? the MUSIC sounds like ANGELS cleansing me of my SINS