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A commission for the (eventual, after I’m done with RADIANCE) book version of “A blackish red hue” (by my writing alter ego Nalyra), created by the insanely talented @transylvanianshipper!!

I asked for this scene and gave the link to the chapter and it turned out perfectly… I LOVE the chosen color scheme and the expressions, so very much in tune with the scene.



{haruka x michiru} + manga

“Look, it’s the violinist, Kaioh Michiru!  That’s her boygirlfriend, the F1 test driver!”
“You mean that’s Tenoh Haruka? That’s awesome!”
“But you know, they do make the perfect couple.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have any good victuuri fics to recommend? :D i love kic btw, i've read it more than i've read my thesis and that's saying a lot! (Mostly about how I definitely make good life choices shhh!)

omg fkdjfdk thank you i’m so glad you’re enjoying kic!!! here are some awesome oneshots i’ve read recently:

  • Hey, Jealousy by @rcmclachlan
    gen / 3k / yurio pov fic about russian hockey team being in love with yuuri and victor is Absolutely Fine Of Course Why Would There Be a Problem ? ?  ?  (yurio voice is srsly on point) 
  • A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by @exile-wrath
    not rated / 2k / vicyuu are hitmen, it’s victor’s birthday, yuuri gifts him the decapitated head of his longtime rival; can u say, romantic? 
  • all you’re giving me is friction by @alykapediaaa
    teen / 2k / scruffy!victor…. need i say more
  • Laundry Day by @lucycamui & @victorsporosya
    explicit / 7k / vicyuu does the do on a washing machine… seriously folks… this is not for the Delicate Cycle-hearted… this is strictly for the Auto Soak of us 👅💦😩 👏  (seriously this is spicier than the ghostiest of ghost peppers)
  • Stay the Night by @dystopiansushi
    mature / 6k / speaking of ghosts… victor is a ghost who haunts a hotel. yuuri stays the night (WARNING this GOOSED me so if u are EASILY GOOSED then… then u have to read this too ok come and suffer w me dkafdkfjaskdfj) 
  • To Wine and Dine by @kiaronna
    gen / 3k / victor is a renowned chef and yuuri is a food critic who thinks victor’s only giving him a grand dining experience because he’s figured out what yuuri’s there for and i am absolutely sobbing this was so beautiful hECK and its in paris [heavy sigh]

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Just bookmarked Descend to read later on AO3 :3 But I saw that you also wrote something on Alice isn't dead ??

omg yeah i did!! it was like… Ages ago.. after episode two came out i think?? i was really attracted to the narration style and wanted to try and recreate it, it aint that eventful but it was fun! it’s like the fourth fic in the alice isn’t dead tag lmao i’m one of the Pioneers

“how does this look?” leila let out a sigh as she averted her attention from the mirror back to the nearest person in sight. she’d been in the store for what seemed like forever, but was in reality just an hour. a perfect dress was definitely hard to find and she was slowly starting to give up. “i think it makes my ass look nice but i also feel like if i move, it’ll rip so quickly. i don’t even wanna try.”

That fic i wrote reminds me of when I fed the feral kitties and I got some of them to trust me to the point of letting me pet them or at the very least take food from my hand.

key: lots of food and lots of patience.

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So I made a pact to never talk about those alternate endings to Justified, but join me for drinks and who the hell knows what kind of stuff I’ll tell you?